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Transit Of Jupiter in Scorpio From 11th Oct. 2018 to 5th Nov. 2019: What It Foretells ?

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Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system and is considered an auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology. This divine planet gives benefic results and is the only planet which is 100% benefic . Transit of Jupiter from one sign to other sign is very significant in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter has the 5th,7th and the 9th aspect and the 9th aspect of Jupiter is considered the most powerful one. Generally […]

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Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear For Venus Affliction In Natal and Transit From 1st Sept. to 1st Jan 2019 : Venomous

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  I wrote in the morning on my facebook page Astrologer-astrodocanil- at 07-00 hrs  Regarding the Sex Scandles coming out of the bags of Celebrities and Bollywood actors  due to affliction to Venus in the kendra and kona  by Malefics in Transit  and if the same is there in the natal chart person will be […]