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Astrology Predicts Last Bubble In Stock and Financial Markets As Tensions Rise Between US-China US-Iran Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Mars Mercury Transit in Gemini and then in Cancer , Saturn, Ketu, Pluto, and Jupiter connected to Sagitarius sign and Changing Navamsha to Capricorn can be Venomous for Stock and Financial Markets and North Node Rahu adding Fuel to the Fire between the 2nd July to 19th July 2019 can Prove to be Venomous

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Mars In Debilitation May Put US-Iran, US-China Crisis Hanging Fire Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Mars will be in Debiliattion from the 22nd June to 8th August 2019. It will pass through Nakshatrs of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. The transit Through Mercury nakshatra and when In Gandantha may pose most difficult results , since it will be ingressing in Fiery sign from Watery sign.
May be responsible For Tsunami’s during this Transit for the Prone Countries Indonesia, Japan, China, Philippines

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