Bumpy Rides in AAP after Thumping Majority: What Stars Foretell

Now As per Media Reports on the AAP meeting on the 28thMarch  the meeting Took place at 10-55 am  regarding decisions on Yogender Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

. Lagna is Gemini having Moon in the Lagna inPunarvasu nakshatra and Lagna Lord Deblitated in the 10th house in weak condition. , as per Yama chart the day lord is Placed in Lagna , and Gemini Sign has no connection with 8th Lord and 8th house , hence it is good but since the dispositor of Saturn in the Event chart is deblitated it is not good , Here the 7th Lord is stronger than Lagna Lord in D1, D9 In concerned Varga chart Mercury is exhalted , , in yama chart it is deblitated . Jupiter is Strong in D1,D9 In concerned Varga chart in friends sign and in Yama chart in the sign of the Saturn a friend . Hence 7th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord, Hence the members who have been thrown out will certainly damage the image of AAP.

Lagna Lord Deblitated in 10th house with Sun and Ketu and Mercury also dispositor of Day Lord Saturn and Deblitated in Yam chart is indicative of a catastrophic situation in the near future for AAP The Chart of 28th March 2015 is below. AAP Meeting

  Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 29th March 2015