Cricket Match Between India and Australia 26th March 2015 in Sydney

Cricket Match 26th March 2015 India VS Australia Sydney 14.30 Hrs. The Chart is below.Cricket

There are no classical texts for Cricket in Prashna but I am trying my Luck at this . Lagna Gemini is Represented by a Team playing in homeland, hence Australia as per Deepak Kapoor Book on Prashna .

1. Lagna Lord is stronger then 7th lord since Retrograde , hence 7th house is weaker than Lagna Lord , in navamsha both are in their houses

2. In Yama Chart Mercury is Exhalted 7th Lord in Friendly sign but aspected by Mercury, which shows gain of the Lagna .

3. As per Varga charts to be seen for Mercury and Jupiter Mercury is stronger. Mercury is strong in 3 Varga charts and also Exhalted in Yama chart . Jupiter is Exhalted. but retrograde, In own sign in Navamsha in sign of Mercury in repective varga chart and in Friends house in Yama chart , hence between the 2 Mercury is stronger and well placed in the 9th house . Jupiter is placed in the 8th house from its house . For the Lagna the house 9th to 2nd have benefics where as for 7th lord 3rd to 8th house have no benefics and only malefics , hence with the above principles India may loose the Match though i am feeling bad about it and want my predictions to go wrong. I wrote this on facebook  link  . Australia 181/1 at 11-10 Am India Time is Proving the beneficiance Australia is getting from Moon, Venus,Jupiter,Mercury and 2 planets Exhalted from 9th to 2nd house . 2 Players will play amazingly well. I am not happy at making the Predictions my Analysis has been put before the match yesterday.

Prediction Proved 100%  God bless.

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 30th March 2015