“Fate of Malaysian Plane MH 370”

by anil aggarwala

Malaysain Plane MH370 take off on the  8th March 2014  00-41 hrs from Kualalumpor for Beijang  has been missing since 01-07 to 01-37 hrs Local time  Kualalumpor.  The northeast-bound jet now took a northwestern route from Kota Bahru in eastern Malaysia to Penang Island. It was last detected on military radar around 200 miles northwest of Penang. At some point between 1.07 am and 1.37 am, investigators believe someone switched off another system called ACARS designed to transmit maintenance data back to the ground.There are several objectives being analysed  for the same , the most recent news Missing Malaysain Plane Mh370 must have been flown to Taliban controlled areas. Read this on the link http://ibnlive.in.com/news/missing-malaysian-jet-may-have-been-flown-to-taliban-controlled-areas/458487-2.html.

The most baffling mystery in aviation history continues as search for the missing Malaysian Airliner moves into the 11th day on Tuesday. This even as independent reports have said that the plane was flown towards Taliban controlled areas deliberately. These reports come a day after Malaysian Newspaper New Straits Times quoted investigators saying that the plane dropped to a height as low as 5,000 feet to avoid radar detection and also kept to commercial paths to avoid raising suspicion. Investigators believe the plane might have flown over three countries.

The unprecedented hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet expanded northwest to Kazakhstan and south into the desolate reaches of the Indian Ocean after Malaysian authorities.concluded the plane was deliberately diverted

 Panchang of the Day.

Day is Friday   Lord is Venus Travel to south west is not considered good.

Tithi is SP-7.

Nakshatra  is Rohini  is not conducive to give good results for west direction.

Hence both Friday and Rohini nakshatra  are not good to travel to South west  and West respectively.

Friday and SP-7 is  Kakracha yoga.

Yoga is Vishkumbh    Malefic.

Dasha in the Muhurat chart Moon-Rahu-Sun.

Moon MD is 64 Navamsha lord, Rahu in the 12th and in the sign of 22Dk   Sun is 10th lord , in navamsha and D3 chart all in adverse position.   In the D3 chart  Sun, Jup, Mars and Rahu in the 22DK sign.  Between the Lagna and the 7th house there are 2 Planets and in Kendra , hence the work of the 2 people on Board.   One is of young age and other one around 60 plus minus 3 yrs.

Some Special Parameters at the time of Event.

Lagna Lord Mars Retrograde and at the mouth of Rahu in the 12th house , who is in Adverse forward motion with Saturn lord of the 3rd and 4th house in Stationary motion, Jupiter in Stationary motion concentration in the houses they are placed are the crucial parameters. Rahu, Saturn , Jupiter Ketu and Mars are the main parameters in the chart placed in Trik bhavas and connected by Jupiterplaced in stationary motion in the 8th house is extremely malefic . Ketu for the Electronic Circuit stationary in the 6th house . As per Mathematical navamsha  the Lagna is scorpio 3.38 degrees and the Lord is Saturn and Placed in the 12th house of the Muhurat Chart and Stationary. In the navamsha chart it is in the 8th house of Black hole.Airy  signs Libra and Gemini having Planets in affliction and Stationary  to cause AIR DISASTERS.  Mars Lagna Lord will fall in the Arudha Lagna on the 26th March 2014, can be key to give the whereabouts of the Missing plane, through , other parameters are adverse for the same .The chart is below.MH 370



Parigha –Danda or Obstructing force    to see the obstructions in Travel   Krittika to Ashlesh ——–East.

Anuradha to Shravan——–West,

Dhanistha to Bharini——North,

Magha to Vishaka ——– South.

An obstruction  , when Moon is transiting in nakshatra Dhanistha to Aslesha and since in the Rohini nakshatra , it is good for Journey towards the East or North, since there is some untoward happening it has traveled to South or  West . Hence the Plane has taken the direction of South or South West.

In war and disputes related to journey and missing Persons , the attacker is represented by Moon and the attacked are represented by Sun.

Rahu nakshatra  is very important in the journey specially when there are wars hijacking , untoward happenings , forced travel.

Rahu in any nakshatra is called Kartari, here it is in Chitra nakshatra ,15th nakshatra  from this nakshatra is called Grasta and is Ashvini. 13th nak from Rahu nak. is U Bhadra and is called Jeeva Praksha.       13th nakshatra  ahead is Bharini and called Mrita Paksha , Moon is placed in the Mrita paksha.

Here in the Muhurat chart Moon the attacker is in the Mrita Paksha and Sun in the Jeevan Paksha , hence the attacker is destroyed.

For Journeys the Lagna is most  important, here the Lagna is Scorpio and signifies  North direction hence any travel to South will be harmful specially when there is an attacker Moon in Exhaltation sign and aspecting the Lagna degree wise  Lagna is 13.44 and Moon is 13.14 influencing the Lagna strongly.  In navamsha both the attacker and the Victims Sun and Moon  are placed in the 6th house aspected by Vargottam Lagna Lord and 6th lord Mars . The navamsha Lagna is afflicted by Rahu-Ketu . From Lagna to 7th house   all planets are in Trik bhavas .Lagna Lord mars in the 12th house, 2nd Lord Jupiter in the 8th house, 3rd and 4th lord Saturn Stationary and placed in the 12th house afflicted badly, 5th lord Jupiter in the 8th house, again mars in the 12th house and 7th Lord having exchange with Saturn who is in the 12th house . Lagnesh mars is having connection of the 6, 8 and in the 12th house , this parameter alone is most crucial along with mathematical navamsha  Lagna Nakshatra Lord Saturn.

UL is scorpio, AL is Virgo, CR is Leo and aspected by Sun is not good . In Missing Persons Prashna the Arudha is of most importance  and is Virgo and its lord is placed in the 3rd house aspected by Mars from the 12th house and the dispositor of Mercury is again Saturn and placed in the 12th house.

Lagna is the missing Persons , Lagna is having Gulika  and Gulika lord is vargottam, from the aspect on Moon we can tell the culprit  and Mars the gulika Lord is aspecting it.  Lagna Lord is placed in the 12th house at the mouth of Rahu who is in Forward motion and adverse in the 12th house , since 12thhouse is the house of kidnapping and some espionage  for some ransom.  And aspected by 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter who is placed in the 8th house.

4th house is the welfare of the Travellers and having Sun  and dispositor in the 12th house in stationary motion. 6,8 and 12th house are connected by Jupiter and Mars . For Air travel the significators are 9th house and 12th house  and Venus . Rahu is every thing connected to foreign, Kidnapping. , Malefic influence caused by Mars, Ketu  and Lords of the 6,8 and 12th house on Lagna /Lagnesh , Since LagnaLord Mars is placed with Rahu and Saturn who are in adverse motion  will forced kidnapping and Hijacking.  Lords of the 5, 3, 7th  and 12th house may cause voulantary disappearance as well. Lagnesh has relation with Moon who is placed in the 7th house, the pilot has deliberately taken the Plane of his own accord and is wholely involved in it. Moon is Exhalted , Hence the Pilot has been induced.

No Return combinations.

1. Lagna is Fixed sign and Prishtodayo , no return. The Moon is in Fixed sign and Prishtodayo  sign Taurus.

2. Mars and Saturn posited in the 12th house  with Rahu Saturn and Rahu in adverse motion .   Saturn is the Planet of Captivity and in Stationary motion and Lagna and Navamsha Lagna along with Moon in Fixed Lagna  are strong Negatives for Return safely. Saturn is also aspecting the 6th , 2nd and the 9th house , will not permit any journey and will be status quo.

3. 4,10 or 11th house in fixed signs, here the 4th house is fixed sign and its lord is placed in the 12th house in Stationary motion.

4. Lagna is Fixed and Navamsha is also fixed and in Rahu-Ketu axis who are in forward motion and most crucial factor.

5. If we consider equal number of Planets in the 6th and the 8th house then Ketu in forward Motion in the 6th and Jupiter in the 8th will form Bandhan yoga.

6.  8th Lord Mercury has ithasal with Retrograde and Stationary Saturn , see the difference  Saturn 29.14 and Mercury 26.31 both are approaching each other . Moon has connection with Retrograde Planet 6th Lord Mars . 4th house has Sun and aspected by Jupiter from the 8th house who is also in Stationary motion.   7. The possibility of Return is only when Venus enters the 4th house on the 1st April or the 29th April 2014, but the pity is the dispositors are both Stationary, unless the dispositors change signs we cannot expect any change and the status may be same . Hence 20th June 2014 when Jupiter changes sign and aspects the Lagna then we can expect some news , but the chances are very less.

Whether The Plane is hijacked  or the Pilot has taken it deliberately.

1. There is malefic influence of Rahu-Ketu on the Lagnesh, Mars on the mouth of Rahu who is in forward motion and with Saturn who is Stationary., this can result in forced disappearance.

2. While involvement of Rahu, 3rd Lord Saturn, 7th Lord Venus exchange with Saturn  and involvement in the 12th house is delibrately voluntary disappearance , which could only be done by the Pilot himself, Since Lagnesh Mars is at the mouth of Rahu in very close degrees and  Mars is vargottam and placed in the 12th house of the navamsha and Rahu in forward motion in the Lagna of navamsha.

3. Lagnesh is related with Moon in the 7th house by 8th aspect , the native and the Pilot has taken the plane of his own choice and has  done the hijacking himself.

4.  Moon is also in Exhaltation sign , this is further authenticated.

5.  Lagna is a female sign the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and represents  Watery area , underground and hidden places  and represented by a Male since Mars is placed in a male sign and initial degrees and is a young Male, the planet is  aspecting Moon is also Mars hence the Pilot or the Person who has done it delibrately and the pilot will  have the significations of the planet Mars , could be wearing a Red shirt or some clothes having color whhich have red lines or some eye catching Red color.  The Article missing is also signified by Planet aspecting Moon and Since Mars, The Plane has to have Red color  some way or the other  and Malaysian Air lines has redlines across it .

Location and Direction of the Plane                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1. Moon is posited in Kendra, but , Lagnesh and 7th Lord are not posited in the Kendra, hence the Plane and missing Persons are not in the same city

2. Moon, 7th lord and Lagnesh are not in the 2,5,8 or 11th house , hence the Plane is not near the Take of city.

3. Moon in the 7th house is afflicted by Mars , In navamsha also aspected by Mars and placed in the 6th house , the Plane may not be traced at all.                                                                                      4. The strongest Planet in the Kendra , indicates the direction of the Plane. Moon is at the MEP and in own nak. and in Exh. sign hence the direction the Plane has taken is Northwest.

5. The sign Rising in the Lagna and the navamsha is Scorpio which is West .

6. The Plane may not go to the desired direction when  Saturn,Mercury and Jupiter connected to Mars, here it is true , hence the plane will not move in the scheduled direction.

7. As per Prashna marg  , from Sun rise at 07-25 hrs the Flight took place after 17 hours, hence counting from Taurus the Arudhea Lagna comes out to be Virgo, which is also the Arudha Lagna in the chart, now since there is no planet in this house , we have to see its lord is placed in which direction in the Yama chart. Day Lord Venus is placed in the 6th Yama, therefore Mercury is placed in the sign of Scorpio and the direction is West.

8. Lord of the 7th house represents the direction and Venus the 7th Lord is placed in the sign of Capricorn, which is South West Direction.

9.  As per the nakshatra Lord of the Asendant Anuradha and the Mathematical navamsha the Lord is Saturn and signifies West direction    . Hence strong possibility of it being discovered in the west direction, also all the parameters are pointing West and south West direction.

10. If we construct the yama chart at the time of take of of 8th march 00.41 hrs Kaula Lumpor, the Day lord Venus, karka for Aircraft and the 7th lord Venus, Karyesh for return and Path is placed in the 6th Yama in the sign of Sagitarius and its Lord is Placed in the sign of Geminithe 8th house and in Yama chart it is the south west Direction, In the Yama chart Rahu is placed in the East direction and was in forward motion and its dispositor is again Venus and Placed in the sign of Aquarius , whose lord Saturn is stationary and placed with Rahu and Lagnesh in the 12th house of the Take off chart. Hence strong possibility of the Aircraft in the South West direction.

Hence it could be Maldives, Madagasker etc being an Islamic country signified by Rahu.The countries could be at a distance of 500-1500Km from Kualalumpor  In Islamic countries.        When can the Plane and Missing Person on board be traced.

1. The Karkas for information are Moon, Mercury and 3rd lord, here the 3rd lord has exchange with 12th lord is clear that it is a sabotage and some secretive plane by the neighbouring country as well.

2. When Lagnesh transit in Lagna will be on the  5th September  2014, before that, on the 26th March 2014 it will fall in Virgo the 6th sign of the natural zodiac, it can change its position as well and some news can be expected then.

3. 19th June 7th lord reaches 7th house for some information on the missing Plane .

4.  Moon will transit Libra sign the 12th house on the 19th March and Lagna on the 22nd there could be some information which we can get . On the 21st March Moon will be in Scorpio in the  Nakshatra of the Ascendant at 3.20 degrees Anuradha at 19-00 hrs Kualalumpor Time and at exact degrees of the Lagna 13.44 degrees on the 22nd March 2014 at 13-28 hrs . Hence we can get the News From 20th Marchto 22nd March about the Missing plane and to more fine tune it Between the 21st March 1900 hrs to 22nd March 13.28 hrs Kualalumpor time.

5.  As per shatpanchasika, the Strongest planet in kendra, be counted from Lagna  and Multiplied by 12 hence 7×12= 84 days , if we take Sun then 48 days  from the take off day.

6. Thumb Rule Tithi is 7 day is 6,  Nak is 4th and Lagna is scorpio total= 25 dividing by 9 the remainder is 7 hence it may take one year and hence the Plane may not be traceble at all .

7.    Using the nakshatra  of Sun at the time of the event and counting upto the the Lagna Nakshatra is 20  and asper the table in Varoius Prashna shastras   it will take 3 months hence 3rd June  2014 some authentis News can be received. Alternatively the Longitude revealed by substracting  the Longitude of Sun from that of Moon  which is 2s 20 degree 16 minutes , the star is Punarvasu now adding one is = 7+1= 8 and as per the Table B the time of Fructification is   again 90 days , which is matching with the Table A.

The Date of Fructification of any event Planned  / Information on the Plane will be 3rd June 2014, although the time and date mentioned by me when Moon will be in Libra and Scorpio will be condusive along with Moon in Aquarius   , where Sun is Placed.   Distance of the Missing Plane.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         From the rising Lagna being Fixed and hence not moved away, Arudha Lagna is Virgo  a dual sign hence it is not  near to the place of taking off but also not very far.  The Lagna is in the 5th navamsha, hence distance could be 5 multiplied by the speed of the aircraft.This could be ranging from  multiples of 5 and 500-1500Km in the south west Direction,  Since the Lagna is scorpio the Plane could be located near Cremation Grounds, Cave, Hollow ground  near a watery place. , Since Moon is aspecting the lagna it could also be near water tanks and could also fall in the sea.                                                                            Appearance,, Caste, Sex of the Culprit.

As per Dreshkon Swarup  and Navamsha Lagna   2nd Dreshkon of Scorpio is rising which is also the Lagna of the Navamsha  . It signifies a female on Board, Artistic possessing virtues,  Body appearacne like a Turtle or a Fat pot, Good looks and complexion, body having sign of snake.


Lagna Lord and Navamsha Lagna Lord is Mars hence the caste is  Kshatriya.

Sex of the culprit.

7th Lord is always the culprit and is a female sign and a female placed in it, 7th Lord is also placed in the female sign, but Aspected by Mars who is in own nakshatra , The involvement of female in the act cannot be ignored, although it is the Work of the male only , could be with the help of a female .  Lagna is fixed along with Navamsha Lagna , the act is done by the crew team only and the Pilot, Moon aspect on the Lagna degree wise is crystal clear of the Crew members of the Aircraft, Moon is Exhalted therefore can be a Male only.

Cloths worn by the culprit    7th Lord is Venus hence the cloths worn are bright  colorful and good quality.

The Value of the Plane from Prashna Lagna and Lagna Lord both Vargottam, the article is Expensive and Solid.

As Per Krishneeyam      Lagna Scorpio and Moon aspecting the Lagna  Some abduction has taken place.  A Planet in Exhaltation in the 7th house indicates a Women accomplice with the culprit who has high social status, since Lagna and Lagna Lord both are vargottam it is strongly reccomened that it is out of the crew team and Pilot only.

As per the Planets in the 4th house Sun is placed hence the Plane is under the control of the master behind the Secretive plan.  Identity of the culprit Moon in the 7th house , Young Attractive , intelligent, Round body,attractive eyes and effective in sweet conversation . some consider him old. Sun is Placed in the 4th house hence the Attacker is of age of 58-60 yrs  could be the Pilot himself.   The Plane could be located at places in the south West Direction from Kualalumpor with in distance of multiples of 5  of the speed of the Air Craft and may be  multiples of 5  Ranging from 1000-2500 km . The areas may be as  Maldives, Madagaskar etc in southern side  since they are Islamic countries and not very far and will be as mentioned above.

Trishamsha Chart D30.

The Trishamsha Lord of the 6th House is Mars itself and Placed in the 2nd house of Miseries due to own self, hence the Pilot himself has created problems . Trishamsha Lord of the 8th house is also Mars , hence it is crystal clear of the involvement of the pilot  and 6th Lord ids placed in the 4th house  Venus the Karka for the aircraft is Deblitated and placed in the 7th house , Venus is also the 7th Lord of the Query chart. , Saturn Stationary and its placement indicates permanent miseriesand is also aspecting Mars the Lagna lord and the 6th lord of the Muhurat chart.  The Planet which is most crucial is Moon since in the Rashi chart and Trishamsha chart both Moon is influencing  and is the attacker in this case  and is worst. Hence the Pilot himself has created the Problems and there is very little room for the aircraft to be located.  Mars and Mercury being the 6th and the 8th lord of the Rashi chart acquire a dimension in this chart and Mars is as mentioned in own and 2nd house and Mercury in the 9th house in inimical sign, shows disrespect of the religon, Hence the involvement of anti Religious Islamic Body could be in the espoinage and sabotage along with the Pilot.  12th house has Rahu and Ketu who are stationary, gives Confinement and miseries in Foreign Land.

D8  Ashtamasha  I am adding  this chart on the 20th March 2014 , since I see that the 8th Lord of the event chart Mercury and 8th lord Venus of the Ashtamsha  are both badly afflicted  Mercury is with Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th house , the main culprit and Venus is with Rahu- Ketu in Taurus. This gives serious Physical Accidents  as per Mercury Placement and Failure of the undertakings as per Venus. moon is placed in the Lagna here .  The dasha Moon-Rahu-Venus is making things crystal clear that the Plane has met with an Accident  and may be in the Sea or under water as per the combination of planets and Moon exhalted in  the 7th house.

Using Chakras .

Trishul chakra The nakshatra of Moon is on the Trishul Tip hence malefic stance.

Chandra  Kanal chakra  The Lagna nakshatra, 8th Lord Mercury nakshatra and Sun Nakshatra are in malefic stance .

Sarvatobhadra chakra  Sun Mars Lagna Lord and 8th Lord in malefic stance.

Kota chakra Kot Pala Sun is in good condition, But Kot swami Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter ,  Rahu and Ketu in worst condition.

Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra.

Now see the Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra on the 8th March 2014. Rahu and Mars creating Vedha to Mercury the 8th Lord and Saturn to Venus and 3rd house in deep affliction Lords of 8th, 11th 12th and 7th afflicted by Mars, Rahu and Saturn is most vunerable for the event .

From the above it is crystal clear that the plane was taken by the Pilot himself in the direction South or South West and not as per the stipulated schedule and is not in a city close to the Take off country. There are poor chances of the missing plane be discovered .There could be anti Religious group involved in the sabotage and connected to Rahu like countries and hence Islam. The role of the neighbouring country in the sabotage cannot be ruled out. The 7th lord is Stronger than the Lagna Lord and has connection with Saturn who is in the 12th house and 12th lord in the 3rd is the prominent exchange in the chart for espoinage  and secretive planning. The role of Rahu is also very important since in Adverse and Forward motion and the countries responsible for the event and Sabotage can be Islamic since Signifies Islam and Taliban areas cannot be ruled out . The planets Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter are the main Parammeters placed in adverse houses and in adverse motion responsible for the event. The Pilot is the main parameter who has delibrately taken it to unscheduled area South or South West direction.The dates mentioned in the article are important for the clue.  As per the News Malaysia Airlines: Who ever turned the Transponder did so at a vunerable point. Read this link http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/malaysia-airlines-whoever-turned-transponder-off-did-so-at-a-vulnerable-point-496879?pfrom=home-lateststories and this Para By signing off from Malaysian airspace at 1.19 a.m. on March 8 (1719 GMT March 7) with a casual “all right, good night,” rather than the crisp radio drill advocated in pilot training, a person now believed to be the co-pilot gave no hint of anything unusual.Two minutes later, at 1.21 a.m. local time, the transponder – a device identifying jets to ground controllers – was turned off in a move that experts say could reveal a careful sequence.

Now constructing the chart of the 01-21 hrs chart with Scorpio Lagna with Asc. 23.01 in the nakshatra of Jyestha and Gulika at 23.45 degrees . The nakshatra lord of Gulika is Mercury and Lord Mars, Now in the navamsha Moon has become Vargottam and gone with Ketu in navamsha the Karka for Electronic control . It is crystal clear that the Moon Representative of  the attacker Switched off the Transponder . a device identifying jets to ground controllers – was turned off in a move that experts say could reveal a careful sequence.“Every action taken by the person who was piloting the aircraft appears to be a deliberate one. It is almost like a pilot’s checklist,” said one senior captain from an Asian carrier with experience of jets, including the Boeing 777. My observations match with the findings of the experts.

I would like to use my Prashna on the 15th March 2014 at 08-51 hrs for the timing  The Lagna is in the navamsha of Virgo in the 6th navamsha , from 8th March to 15th March 5 navamsha have completed The 5th Navamsha completes at  16.40 degrees and lagna is 17.03, hence 5.115 navamsha are over in 7 days there for 9 navamsha will be over by in 12.3 days hence 20th March 2014 , there could be some News Coming . Rahu will again be in adverse motion from the 20th to 25th March 2014  As per my Prashna Chart of Aries Lagna on the 15th March  also shows adversity.God Bless.

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala written on http://www.mundaneastro.org/?p=4181  16th March 2014 and reproduced here on 30th March 2015




anil aggarwala    16th March      2014                    

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