Query For Marriage

Query on 12th March 2014 21-01-45 hrs Delhi. The chart is below.Esha

Panchang Parameters.

Day is Thursday.

Tithi KP-7 .

Karna Vishti Nakshatra Anuradha .

Yoga Vajr

DBA Planets  Sat-Rahu-Venus  All afflicted.


Marriage Parameters.

Early marriage is defined when Moon is placed in the 2nd house or a upchaya house and aspected by Jupiter, here this condition is fulfilled but Moon is debilitated and afflicted by Stationary Saturn . In the birth chart Saturn is the Lagna Lord and Moon is the 7th Lord . There will be no fructification till Saturn ingresses in Sagitarius on the 28th Jan   2017.

Saturn posited in even house for a female is denial for Marriage.

There are combinations for Early marriage also but all such Parameters are afflicted.

Moon has ithasala with Mars see the degrees , Moon is behind Mars.

Lagna Lord and 7th lord have just separated before both were in the 6th house in Rahu-Ketu axis is clear case that there has been cancelation of some marriage event in the near past.

Lagna Lord and the 7th lord of the birth chart are also together and in both cases in the Prashna chart and the birth chart at the time of query are badly afflicted and show no marriage.

Lagna is not in female dreshkanne to give immediate marriage , although Libra sign and Venus in the 7th house is a combination of early marriage , Moon is also placed in the 2nd house and aspected by Jupiter but under affliction in both cases, hence even if some marriage is fixed it may break again.

7th Lord in the 6th house in Rahu-Ketu axis and also aspected by Retrpgrade Jupiter from the 10th house is a strong Negative for marriage fructification.

Who should Negotiate for Marriage.

Since Jupiter is connected to 2nd house and 7th lord , and Jupiter is the Lord of the 3rd house younger Brother should negotiate for marriage . Also Jupiter signifies A Learned person and a preacher should intervene for marriage only then it will go through else break again.

Hinderances in Marriage.

As 8th Lord Venus placed in the 7th house and also Karka for marriage is Karko bhav nashaya . 7th lord is badly afflicted in Rahu-Ketu axis in the 6th house and also aspected by retrograde Jupiter the 6th lord indicates disputes, diseases, misunderstandings . Venus was also under the influence of the 6th lord till date.


Malefics are also placed in the 8th house from Venus is not good and signifies longevity of the spouse is under question.

Prosperity after marriage.

When ever 7th Lord and Venus are placed in 3,6,10, 11 house it signifies prosperity after marriage , here venus has just shifted in the 7th house and 7th Lord is afflicted in the 6th house , Mars is also 2nd Lord is not good for prosperity for marriage . Hence there are no indications for any fortune after Marriage.

Appearance , Caste and Complexion.

7th house indicates the spouse and since Venus is placed the spouse will be good looking 7th Lord indicates qualities since afflicted and a fiery planet will be of high stung nature though may look calm. Characteristics of the spouse are also seen from the Arudha Lagna Lord Mercury and may be of lower caste.

Relation between Husband and wife.

Since in 2/12 axis they will have difference of opinion always and there will be conflict between them always . Husband will always dominate , since 7th lord is malefic sign.

Karka for Spouse is placed in the 10th house is also not well placed in the 10th house of the natural zodiac gets debilitated and is not good also Lagna Lord venus is in gandantha is strong negative.

Direction from where Spouse will hail, Since 7th Lord is in gandantha he may be from the west direction and at the boarder of Delhi.

No Marriage combinations.

Moon Deblitated and in KP in even sign and with Stationary Saturn hence no marriage till 28th Jan. 2017.

Malefics in the 8th house from Venus in the 7th house , lead to unnatural death of the spouse , it could be due to drowning or by fire.

Lagna lord and 7th lord separation on the day of Query and in 2/12 axis, 7th Lord mars in rahu-Ketu axis and aspected by 6th Lord Retrograde Jupiter is bad for marriage.

Lagna Lord , 8th Lord and also Karka for Marriage is in Gandantha at 00.04 degrees.

8th house aspected by Deblitated planet and Stationary Saturn. , 8th Lord in gandantha.

Jupiter Exhalted in queries related to marriage is not good Venus placed in 6/8 axis with Saturn and Moon ends in divorce. Husband can leave the wife after marriage as per planetary positions . Vigil on the girl should be put since Saturn and Moon debilitated in the 8th from Venus the 7th house , hence the girl can go in acute depression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Analysis by Krishneeyam.

Saturn in the 2nd house the spouse will be vocitarious, will bring poverty due to his instability.

Sun in the 5th house childless and Mars ahead of 5th house , there will be problems post pregnancy.

Jupiter in 10th house poor and Poverty.

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 30th March 2015