What Stars Foretell : IAS Officer DK Ravikumar’s Death Mystery

As per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._K._Ravi  Doddakoppalu Kariyappa Ravi (10 June 1979 – 16 March 2015), commonly known as D. K. Ravi, was an Indian Civil Servant and an Indian Administrative Service officer of Karnataka cadre, from the 2009 batch. He first came into limelight as a Deputy Commissioner of the kolar Distt.ater launching an official crackdown against the encroachment of government lands and rampant illegal sand mining in the district. Following fourteen months of service, he was transferred to Bangalore by the Govt. of Karnataka as Additional Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Enforcement) in October 2014. After his five months tenure as Additional Commissioner which involved tax raids on major tax evading real estate firms, he was found dead at his residence in Bangalore on 16 March 2015, under suspicious circumstances.

On 16 March 2015 the ill fated day, Ravi was found hanging at his Residence in Koramangala Bangalore. He had gone to office from Nagarbhavi Bangalore, on 16 March 2015, the house of his in-laws and returned to his residential apartment in Bangalore’s Tavarekere Locality around 11:30 a.m. His family found him hanging by the ceiling fan in his bedroom of their apartment at 6:30 p.m., when they rushed home after he would not return phone calls made during the day. Following the news reaching the Bangalore police, Police Commissioner M. N. Reddi said that forensic and medical evidence hinted the death was prima facie a case of suicide. It has been reported that Ravi made 44 phone calls to a female Indian Administrative Services batch mate, within an hour, on the morning of his death.

Ravi was born on 10 June 1979 in Tumkur district of south west Indian state of Karnataka, into an agricultural family of Kariyappa and Gowramma. He had two siblings; brother Ramesh and sister Bharathi. He graduated from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore with an undergraduate degree in agriculture and pursued his post-graduation course in nematology from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Prior to his entry into civil service, he worked as a Sub Inspector of Excise with the Karnataka state Excise Department for over a year and a half. He cleared the 2008 UPSC Civil Services Examination with an all-India rank of 34   Opting for Indian Administrative Service, he trained at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, for a probation period of two years between August 2009 to August 2011 and was allotted his home state cadre of Karnataka.

Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi, who rushed to the spot, told reporters that “prima facie, it appears to be a case of suicide and we see no room for foul play”. He also said Mr Ravi was found hanging from the ceiling fan. No suicide note was found, he said. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/senior-ias-officer-found-dead-in-apartment/article7000048.ece   When Ms. Kusuma failed to reach Mr Ravi on his mobile phone, she called the driver around 4.30 p.m. When he did not receive any response, she and her father Hanumantharayappa headed to the flat. She found his body hanging from the ceiling fan in their bedroom.  http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/no-domestic-issues-says-relative/article7001229.ece

How the fateful day unfolded Some more details.

9:30 am:D.K. Ravi leaves his father-in-law Hanumantharayappa’s house in Nagarabhavi, where he spent the weekend with wife Kusuma.

10:20 am: Reaches office in his official car.

11:15 am: Reaches flat in Prestige St. John’s Woods, Chikka Adugodi.

4:30 pm: Kusuma, who is still in Nagarabhavi, calls driver to ask about Ravi’s whereabouts after failing to reach him on his number.

6:00-6.30 PM: Kusuma and her father reach Koramangala flat. She uses her spare key, opens the door and finds Mr. Ravi hanging from the ceiling fan in the bedroom. They then inform the Police.

Let us see what we can analyse with the Parameters available.

1. Date of birth 10th June 1979 Karnataka  Tumkur distt. But no birth time , we will take up this latter on but can use Moon sign Scorpio on this day.

2. 10.20 AM he reaches office . According to Mook Prashna at 10.34 AM Even Lagna and 4th Navamsha for a Jeeva query and the last stage of chinta , he decided to go back home.

3.  At 1034 hrs. The Taurus Lagna at 10-03 degrees is aspected by Saturn retrograde and Stationary at 10.52 degrees from the 7th house Scorpio. Prishtodato Lagna and Prishtodayo planet who is Retrograde and Stationary aspecting the Lagna  is most malefic and shows the Event Crystal clear. It is also showing some split in Relationship . Lagna Lord Venus and 7th Lord Mars Separating on the 12th March 2015 and Sun ingressing on the 15th March 2015. King Like person intervening in the split. Sun, Mars and Ketu in the 11th house is volatile combination. Shows opponent( Female IAS Batchmate) refused some proposal offered by Ravi.

From the chart above of  16th March 2015 10-34 hrs it is crystal clear of the facts written above. The Chart is Below.16-3-2015

4. 11.15 AM he reaches home and gave 44 calls to his Lady batchmate and last message at 11.35 hrs. I have used 11.23 AM as per Mook Prashna since only then it will be a query and time related to Jeeva Query and the last stage of Chinta , when Ravi opened his mind to his Female Batchmate.

5. 4.30 PM Kusma calls driver to ask about Ravis whereabouts and failing to reach him.

6. 6-00 PM Kusma and her Father reach home and discover Ravi dead and hanging from a celling fan.

My observation as far as Astrology goes is the time when there are clues leading to the event are most important and if we use Prashna Jyotish and Mook Prashna we are able to reach the exact reasons for the occurance . Here the most important Parameters are the last contact of Ravi Kumar contact with the Lady batchmate on 16th March 2015 11,35 am from his residence and then his wife discovering that he was hanging by a celling fan in his bedroom.  The Chart therefore of 18-00 hrs. become most important to give clues of the happenings . Since the matter is of death.

I would first take the chart of the time of the last message sent to her Batch mate at 11.30 hrs.I am taking 11.23 am since this time was most crucial as per Mook Prashna and explained above. The Chart is below.11-23 hrs                                            Panchang.

Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon.

Tithi KP-11

Yoga Parigah Inauspicious and Lord is Saturn.

Karna Bava .

Special Parameters for the analysis of Death for the Native native.

1. Saturn Stationary from 10th March 2015 and Retrograde only 2 days before . at 10.34 Hrs Saturn aspecting the Lagna at Lagna degrees from the 7th house dreadful combination.

2. Sun changed sign from the 10th house to 11th house in Pieces and with Rahu-Ketu on 15th March 2015 .

3. Eclipse on the 20th March 2015 .

4. Rahu in forward motion till 14th March 2015 .

5. Monday and KP-11 is Dagdha yoga   From the above it is clear that these parameters will also be responsible for adversity in the birth chart.

6. Mars and Venus Combination till 12th March 2015 .As per Horasara the person for whom this query will be raised will be rash, under the influence of his wife or some one of opposite sex. For the sake of Astrology I am writing this , since they are also Lagna Lord and 7th Lord , this combination makes the sex life unsatisfactory. Mars represents the urge of erotic passions in a female and Venus is responsible for the lust in a male , since they have separated , it is clear that the relationship got split on the 12th March 2015 due to some proposal made by Ravi Kumar and differences in opinion . They are in 2/12 axis.

7. Jup, Saturn and Mars are in Sarp Dreshkanne.

I have taken the chart of 11.23 hrs , Reason is after 11.28 hrs the navamsha changes and then the query will not pertain to Jeeva and Human being, From 11.18 to 11,28 hrs is query pertaining to human being. In Mook Prasha a Blind Query for a Jeeva Query a human being for Even Lagna the navamsha has to be in 1,4 or 7th . As Per The Time of 11.18 hrs to 11.28 hrs. the navamsha is of the 7th satisfying the query for a human being and a Jeeva query and the last stage of the chinta. This time is most crucial for Mr. Ravi Kumar opening his mind with the Female Batch mate   since Saturn in the 7th house is stationary and Retrograde . Saturn aspecting the Lagna is indicative of query pertaining to an old man / Lady.. Since the 7th sign is female and Lord Mars is placed in the female sign, it represents a Female , since Saturn is placed in the 7th house the query is pertaining a women of lower caste .   It is also indicative that since in the Chart Venus and Mars Lagna Lord and 7th Lord have separated on the 12th March 2015, there was difference in opinion between the two. They were both also in Rahu-Ketu axis and a unconventional relationship expected by the native which ended up in a break Between Ravi Kumar since this combination in the 11th house isa volatile one .. Saturn is also representing that the query is pertaining to some enemies. Saturn is the yogkarka for this chart shows that the Native image was stimulated till Saturn was in Libra till 5th Nov. 2014, but now not able to perform due to ememies who are a constant threat on his life.

As per Mook Prashna the Lagna nakshatra is Rohini , as per Prashna Marg the query is pertaining to his Karma and performance.

Moon is in Uttra shadha Nakshatra and Sun has just entered the Sign of Pieces and also in Rahu-Ketu axis on the 15th March 2015. Sun is representd by a King in his field and Sun with Rahu-Ketu and Mars could be a Volatile combination and King of some high Organised group in his field as well.

Yama consideration At this time the Day lord is placed in the 2nd Yama of Gemini and Lord is Mercury and Placed in the 10th house as a planetin kendra with minimum degrees , Mercury and hence since Mercury in Rahu nakshatra he is not able to perform He treated his batch mate as a perceptor.

Modern Principles Lagna has aspect of Saturn and Moon is Placed in the 9th house and its Nakshatra is placed in the 11th house in Rahu-Ketu axis. We are again boiling down to Native is not able to perform as explained above and a constant threat to his life .   Lagna Lord and Tajik Relationship. Lagna Lord Venus and Moon have Poorna ithasla . Moon also has ithasla with Saturn retrograde and Saturn also has Poorna ithasla with Mercury, Lagna Lord placed in the 12th house and ithasla with Moon shows the current event , together with Saturn.


Rahu is in the nakshatra of Moon and Ketu in the nakshatra of Saturn are not condusive to give good results. Specially when Saturn is aspecting Moon.

As per Media Reports The native reached home and he gave 44 calls to tne female batchmate , at that time the Lagna was also Taurus in the 4th navamsha and aspected by Saturn at almost degrees on the Lagna . Hence The Basic Chinta was life threatining , because of Saturn and also aspected by Gulika Navamsha Lord Jupiter . Between 11.18 to 11.28 he expressed his mind at 11.23 hrs and was refuted. Yama Explanation Yama Moon and Query Moon in Gemini and Query Moon is in Capricorn are in 6/8 axis and crystal clear that what ever he expressed was not acceptable to the Batch mate and adverse for him. , In such cases there is failure of Prashna , Mercury is placed in the Rahu nakshatra and as per Prashna Marg and Krishneeyam this is not supposed to give benefic results, specially when Rahu is Placed in the 5th house of thought process, gets afflicted and other constraints. Saturn is also Karka for Enemies , adversities   and Threats . The Famale Batch matemay have told him if he does not mend his way , she may register an FIR against him. Since Sun has just ingressed in the 11th house . ( Volatile combination of Sun, ketu and Mars). He made 44 calls to the female batch mate who was friendly with him regarding this chinta and a constant emotional Stress. 44 total is 8 and again mysterious number.

Uday Lagna is Taurus, Arudha Lagna is Pieces and Chaitra Rashi is Cancer. The Present from Taurus, Past from Arudha Lagna Pieces and Future from Cancer sign. The Cancer sign has Gulika and Jupiter at same degrees and Lord of Gulika is Moon aspecting both shows the future of the native is deadly , specially when the Cancer sign is rising in the navamsha is crystal clear of the event . Lagna is Taurus a Prishtodayo sign and aspected by a stationary and Retrograde Prishtodayo Planet Saturn from the 7th house . Lagna is also in the nakshatra of Rohini whose lord is Moon and Gulika Lord . The case is crystal clear of some complications of self immolation , Since Saturn is Karka for Longevity as well . Saturn is placed in the 7th house. The Native was under constant thought ever since saturn ingressed in Scorpio on the 5th Nov. 2014. In Oct. 2014 also his Job was changed . There was a constant fear also in his mind regarding his Profession of Raiding the Big Guns . Saturn is also enemy in the 7th house and a dreaded enemy.

Now Let us take the chart of 18-22 hrs till 18-34 hrs is for Virgo 1st Navamsha , when he was found hanging with a celling fan .This time the query is for a Jeeva and a Human being . This time is given by Wikipedia as 18-30 hrs. Chart is below.18-30 hrs

Chathuri Sundari as Per Krishnaeeyam  supplements that Rahu in Lagna and Mars in the 7th house , Person dies due to fear of weapons. Hence there is every possibility that he had a Un caused fear the Ldy Batch mate may take on his life.

When a Person Dies in his bedroom then Chaitra Rashi has a Planet in own sign or  Exhalted planet then he dies before the King .  In order to find this we have to reach time of death.         Sun Rise 06-29  Hrs and Sun Set  18-26 hrs   The Death has been discovered at the time of Din Ratri Sandhi and Sun acquires a special dimension ,  specially when Sun has just changed sign to Pieces and joining Rahu-Ketu axis. Another Parameter is that at 16.30 hrs Kusama called and there was no reponse, hinted that Death may have already taken place. Hence Death in all Probablities has taken place between 15-26 hrs to 16-30 hrs.

Yama Consideration In fact  we can see it for ourselves that the Death may have taken place in the 4th Yama as per time mentioned above , since only 1 minute has passed over 12 hrs. In such a case Moon the day Lord will be in the Yama of Virgo and the sign is in Rahu-Ketu axis and aspected by Mars 8th Lord is a crystal case  of the event . Hence Death has taken place in a span of 3 hrs and upto  time of Sun Set hence between 15-26hrs to 18-26 hrs and Precisely between 15-26 to 16-30 hrs. as per Prashna Marg   The time of Death should be ascertained  on the basis of Prashna . The position of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Moon  are most important.

1. Saturn should be connected to  Gulika Navamsha Rashi .

2. Jupiter in Lagna Navamsha Rashi 3. Sun in Arudha Rashi, Moon connection to Gulika Rashi.

As per the above The Lagna turns out to be Cancer 18.03 degrees a  Prishtodato sign having Gulika at Lagna degrees.

The Lagna Lord Moon is and Gulika Lord is placed in the 7th house  influenced by Saturn Stationary Retrograde Karka for self immolation .  Now Uday Lagna and Arudha Lagna is Cancer . Sun in Navamsha is also in the .rudha Lagna All the above principles are satisfied .   Chaitra rashi is Cancer and aspected by own Lord Moon  hence death in own house .Hence from the above it is evident that the native died ,  When the 6th navamsha rose  at 15-22 to 15.27 hrs.15-27

Let us see the chart of 15-27 hrs of 16th March 2015 above.This chart totally satisfies the conditions at death by Prashna Marg. As per the time calculated for death 15-27 hrs. chart above, Mercury is placed in the 8th house and 8th Lord is Saturn a malefic and Stationary and Karka for longevity is also aspecting Moon in the 7th house who is also Gulika Lord . Mercury is also in the nakshatra of Rahu who is placed in the 5th house of thought process. The chart  of 15-27 also  shows combinations of death.

1.Yama considerations as explained above .

2. Moon in the Kendra and aspected by Malefic and 8th lord Saturn .

3. Saturn and Mercury have poorna ithasla and a malefic one ,see the degrees  are same . 4. Saturn connection with Mercury and Moon.                                                                                                       Cause of Death      As per Dreshkanne.

1.  Lagna in the 2nd dreshkanne of Scorpio influenced by a female

2.  Aristic and Possessed by Virtues.

3.  Sarpa and Krura .

4.  Serpent coiled around her body.

5.  Body appearance like a Turtle  or fat pot Body having sign of a snake .

6.  Fond of places of pleasure .

7. Golden complexion , Good looks  enjoying others wealth . The reason is evident and Purely died due to suicide.

Detail of Influence of the person on the native.

1.  Caste By the Lagna Lord   Moon hence  a Vaish , Since at the time of Event it was Virgo sign , hence either a Vaish or Shudra.

2. As per shatpanchasika the the person influencing is assessed from the Navamsha Lord rising in Lagna , since an Odd sign it is a male .

3.   Age is Determined by the strongest planet or the 7th lord Saturn is very strong since stationary , It could be a Servant also, lean man over 70 years.  As per position of Sun the age could be  25 years As per Jupiter it is a Person of age is over 30 years , which is most likely ..  Cloths worn Since Jupiter more Prominent , Yellow.

Appearance  The Varaha Mihra in his Brihat  Jatka  has indicated  in detail  the appearance of the Peron influencing the event based on Rising Dreshkanne  and I have already mentioned about it above a fat female with golden complexion. Since the Lagna is Movable the the native influencing is an outsider .  Since Jupiter is aspecting the 7th lord  , the culprit is well known to the Native who has died .  Location of the person where death has taken place , Since the Lagna is in 2nd dreshkanne the death has taken place in the middle portion of the house , Since the person died  and Moon is aspected by Jupiter death will take place at a higher place then ground. , The native was found hanging by celling Fan .  As per Planets in the 4th house or 4th lord is aspecting its own house , hence place of death Bedroom.  Prishtodayo sign in lagna and as mentioned and explained above death giving combinations . Whether the Native influencing will be caught   since Saturn is Stationary the status will be same till Saturn enters Sagitarius on the 28th Jan 2017, but after that the cat may come out of the bag and the real story can come to light .  But since 7th Lord is Retrograde the culprit may go scott free , since not directly involved .

Lagnesh in the 7th house and aspected by Saturn from the 5th house of thought process  and other activities .

As Per the birth details of Mr Ravi of 10th June 1979 Moon is Deblitated and Transit Saturn over it . The Natal Moon in Scorpio, Transit Moon in Capricorn are aspected by Saturn Transit . Transit Saturn is also aspecting the natal Saturn in Leo..  The nut shell is the native has committed a suicide due to emotional involvement , there does not seem to be any foul play in his death..   My Predictions Proved 100 % True much in advance and written on Facebook Group ASTRODOC anil aggarwala .                                              Jyotish Acharaya  anil aggarwala    anil_aggarwala@hotmail.com Date 22st March 2015 (written on Facebook much before the actual findings)

Disclaimer: The analysis is Purely astrological and there is no intention to damage the Image of any Individual. The analysis is based on the Various events which took place on the 16th March the ill fated day. The writer does not hold himself responsible in any respect. :