Prashna Jyotish

Amazing Predictions for a Missing Person Through Prashna Jyotish

Prashna Jyotish is most amazing and I have experienced that the results through it are very accurate and reliable.Today Morning 9th July 2015 at 08-33 hrs  I got a call from a client that one of his Relative is missing since yesterday Evening the 8th July 2015. . I immediately opened the Prashna chart and Found Moon in the 8th house in Pieces in the last degrees   aspected by the dispositor Jupiter from the 12th house . I immediately told him that the above combinations are indicating that  the Missing Person will return soon . Also the Nakshatra is Revati number 28th and indicates that the missing person may return in 3 days .

Surprising the Client visited me in the Morning hours around 11.00 am and told me that the Missing Person had left  after a tiff with his father on the 8th July  he had contacted the Security Gaurd at home  at 09-00 am in the Morning   and seemed safe.  Latter he also contacted his Mother on Phone.

Now Let us see what the Planetary Positions indicate at the time of Prashna .

missing person

Panchang of the day

Day is Thursday and the lord is Jupiter

Tithi  KP-8

Nakshatra Revati Andha in 3 days the missing person can be located  or can come back on 12-13th July

Sun Mar Jup
Rah 2nd Yama
Moon Sat Ven

Karna  Taitila

Hora  Sun Good for fight

SunRise  5.29.58

Yama 2nd Yama

Hora just changed

Lagna Represents the Missing Person

4th house his happiness and Saturn is placed

7th house indicates its path and difficulties . Lagna is fixed  and has just changed ,  But since the Lagna has just changed from Movable  it is  more of Movable sign  ,

Shirshodayo sign rising is good for Benefic results more so a Benefic Placed in Lagna and Venus . Lagna is Leo and  Lagna Lord is Sun in inimical sign and in the nakshatra of Punarvasu who is placed in the 12th house is comfortable even if away from home .

Moon is Placed in the 8th house in a benefic sign aspected by Jupiter  and Malefic in the 4th house indicates there will be journey and the Missing Person who has left home will come back in 3-4 days +ive

Moon in the nakshatra of Mercury in own housein the 11th    +ive

Mercury, Sun in the 11th house and Jupiter in the 12th house the missing person will return back. Jupiter in the 12th house the missing person is happy state

Lagna in the nakshatra of Ketu   and placed in the 8th , but again aspected by Jupiter  mixed Results

Lagna Lord in the Nakshatra of Jupiter  +ive

Karyesh 7th lord Saturn is Retrograde and in own nakshatra  in the 4th house , hence when Saturn will become Direct there is possibility that the missing Person will return back., hence 2nd August 2015 .

Malefic is Positied in the 4th house indicates journey more so since it aspects the Lagna in close degrees   +ive

7th lord is not in the 2nd half of the sign rather Retrograde  hence when it becomes direct can be the time for  safe return

Moon is not in the movable navamsha and is afflicted in navamsha  by Mars and Saturn .The Native is under stress.

Condition of the Traveller Saturn is Retrograde and placed in the 4th house is not good but aspected by Jupiter  mixed results.

Saturn aspects the 6th house from the 4th house hence the traveller is ill and not safe , but aspect of Jupiter will be good on it .

If the Person has gone of his own accord or Kidnapped           

3rd Lord in Lagna and close degrees the person has gone on his own accord and may be this is the 3rd time he has gone, since Retrograde Saturn is aspecting it .  Jupiter is aspecting the Moon sign and its sign the person may have been induced to leave after a fight .It was confirmed that this is the third time he has left in such circumstances.

 Safe Retrun

The only condition is the Moon is posited in the 8th house shows completion of the Task  and returns safely after his desires are fullfilled

Sun and Mercury in the 11th house show safe return. Lagna towards Movable and Venus in Lagna , Navamsha Lagna is also Movable having Venus in Lagna , Moon is in Dual sign . Karyesh is aspected by Jupiter

Moon in the 8th house aspected by Exh Jupiter from the 12th house safe return.

Timing of Return

When Saturn aspects the Lagna the return is delayed .

The Planet from Lagna to 4th house Saturn is Retrograde in the 4th house hence minimum 4 days to come back from 9th July 13th July the Missing person can come back according to Saturn since Retrograde else it would have been 12×4=48 days

 7th Lord will turn Direct on the 2nd August 2015 Intervening Period is 24 days hence 24×2=48 days  or 22nd August 2015, Will be the Date if he does not return early.

Moon enters the 11th house on the 27th July 2015 is good for return .

Lagnesh  Sun will transit in Lagna on the 18th August 2015 the missing person can come back , then if he does not return by other  parameters ,

Moon will transit in Lagna on the 19th July 2015.

4th house is the House of residence of the Missing person, Saturn is there the journey will take place but Jupiter is aspecting it also and Benefic in Lagna  he would return back.

Venus in the 1st and Mercury in the 11th the Missing Person  will return soon . Benefics in the 4th or the 12th a Letter from the Traveller will come soon, here in the chart Jupiter in the 12th aspecting the 4th  is Good and a Message has already come and the Native has discussed with her Mother. , Jupiter also aspecting the Moon in the 8th house. Fixed Lagna and Venus in Lagna the Native will return back.

Benefic Placed in the lagna the Missing person will arrive when his desires will be fulfilled, since benefic Moon is placed in the 8th house he will only achieve his desires when he goes out on Journey . Venus is in the enemy house hence , the missing Person will arrive when he receives Money from the Lady. Sun is placed in the inimical sign hence trouble from Father

Strongest planet in the chart is Jupiter on the 14th July it comes in Lagna

As Per Shatpanchasika  Adhaya V  sloka 3- Moon in the 8th house and Malefics in the Kendra , absentee returns home safely, since Venus is also in the Lagna he will return after his desires are fulfilled

Timing   of Return The First Sign has a Planet which is also not Retrograde hence 1×12=12 days he will be back= 21st July 2015 he will be back , Since Retrograde Planet is placed in the 4th from Lagna he can also join back the family on the 12th -13th July 2015

Thumb Rule Tithi+Day+Nak.+yoga+ Lagna =  8+5+27+6+5= 51 Multiplied by 3= 153    add 6 a constant=159 and divided by 9  Remainder is 6 , Person has already arrived it so seems

Direction  South East as 3 hrs complete and 3rd from Taurus is cancer and Jupiter is placed there and in the yama chart it is placed in the South East Direction . Mercury in own house the Direction denoted by Gemini is South East.

Nakshatra by the Asc is Magha and 7th Lord is Saturn in Anuradha , now counting from Magha to Anuradha it is 8 and since the Lagna is fixed in 8 days he will be back, hence 16th July he will be back  and his desires will be fulfilled by the Lady.

Distance and Place  with in 13 km of the Place of missing last seen , since lagna in the 1st navamsha .  7th lord is in the Kendra, The Missing person is with in the city. The strongest Planet is Sun. The Sign is Gemini. Near a Cinema Hall Gambling Dens, Pleasure houses , Music Ballet Rooms Parks Guest House , Hotel.

From the above it is clear that all maximum parameters are indicative of his safe Return around the 12th-13th July may be till 14th July else he may return after 2nd August 2015 and a safe return .

As per the Time of leaving on the 8th July 2015 around 18-00 hrs  Moon was in Pieces and the Lagna was Sagitarius, it is possible when Moon Goes in Cancer the 8th house of the time of leaving he may come back on the 17th July 2015. The maximum period the Native vcan be away is one month and Retrun before 4th August 2015, But in all probabilities  he would return on the 12-13th July 2015

Updating the Results: The Missing person has come on the 10th July 12-00 hrs. when Moon has just shifted in the 9th house from the 8th house , which is also the Navasha Lagna of Aries if the Prashna Navamsha Lagna . Astrology is amazing

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala   9th July 2015 11.30 am  Updated the Prediction Results on 11th July 12-00Hrs.