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Rudramsha Chart and Pratyantara Dasha of Ketu : Enigmatic Period for India

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Please refer to my article “Using Rudramsha in Present Scenerio ” link I am reproducing the Contents again here The 11th house in the Chart is gains  and hence the Varga chart concerning is called the Labhamsha and also called the Rudramsha  as there are 11 Rudras and each sign is divided into 11 equal […]

Prashna Jyotish

Solving Murder Mistery of Sheena Bora By Prashna Jyotish Part 2

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This is in continution to my article “Solving Murder Mistery of Sheena Bora by Prashna Jyotish” link Family Tree and People Involeved with Indrani 1) Indrani Mukherjia – Main accused 2) Siddharth Das – Indrani’s first Husband 3) Sheena Bora – Siddharth and Indrani’s daughter 4) Mikhil Bora – Siddharth and Indrani’s son 5) Sanjeev […]