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Analysis of Query for Marriage by Prashna Jyotish

According to my Experience day to day query are better answered by Prashna Jyotish and Specially as per the Classics mentioned by me on my webpage of Tamil and not as per Parashar Principles in Prashna Jyotish. The Friendship of Planets are different as per Tamil Classics.Prashna Jyotish is most amazing .

In this article I am taking up the analysis if  Marriage of a couple would take place or not ?

I have the permission of the Client who raised the query. to put it on my webpage .

A close Friend raised a query on the 13th Sept. 2015 at 11.46 hrs. regarding the same . The Prashna Chart is below.

At the first instant I told the querist to cancel the Prashna, since the planetary positions were not good and once the analysis is made the Planets are activated to give the results. Since the friend insisted  , I did the Analysis . The chart is below.


Lagna is Scorpio  the 8th house of the natural Zodiac and query regarding marriage there is certainly some secretive relations  the Boy and Girl have , since the lord of Scorpio Mars is Debilitated and the 7th Lord Venus is fallen and both in the Sign of Cancer the 9th house of the chart.

Lagna has Saturn a Prishtodayo planet and very close to Lagna Degrees  aspecting Moon Moon Sign Lord , along with Jupiter the 2nd and the 5th Lord . Connection of Saturn with Lagna , Moon and Moon sign Lord indicates negative result. Mars is about to join the 10th house and would also be aspected by Saturn, makes the chart weak for marriage . Saturn in the Lagna also shows the Spouse is not Progressive  and there will be loss of childrens . The couple will become Poor after Marriage .

Ketu in the 5th house  loss of childrens, abortions

9th house talks about mixture  and composition  of 2 different elements  , 9th house also shows how the couple will be successful in life . Mars and Venus Both weak, hence not good also  Mars also shows the Couple will be childless.

11th house has Mercury and Rahu, all Planets are good here but Mercury transitted in this house when rahu was forward hence there will be tides of bad happenings

Mars the Lagna Lord is about to shift in Leo and since the Lagna Lord is separating from the 7th Lord is not good shows difference of opinion till 30th Sept. 2015 and not good since at the time of the Query with in 2 days both the Lagnesh and the Saptmesh are separating. Mars acquires a special dimension and in the 10th house  gives widowhood , Sun Placed there is good  , but Jupiter again is not good placed in the 10th house  and the couple will become poor after marriage  .

The Query is regarding a Love Relationship, Since the Lord of Scorpio is with Venus .  Yama Dispositor of the Day Lord Sun  is Mercury and in Rahu-Ketu axis and Mercury is aspecting 5th house.

Saturn is in the Lagna and aspects the 5th Lord Jupiter and since in the Lagna and and a slow moving planet is of vital importance . In Navamsha the Saturn is placed in Leo at 20.14 degrees hence the Acquintance between the Boy and the Girl took Place on the 20th Sept. 2008 when Saturn was in Leo at 20.03 degrees in Transit and in the Libra Navamsha  . Amazingly on the 20th Sept. 2008 Saturn is in Leo sign at 20.03 degrees  and has just entered the Libra Navamsha. Mars and Venus were also in Virgo sign till 19th Sept. 2008. . Another Parameter which is amazing is the Lagnesh and Saptmesh also separating from each other  when they met and now also at the time of the query. Now Looking at the boys Natal chart with Libra Lagna  Mars and Venus placed in the 12th house of the chart and both planets wide apart in the 12th house . The parameter of piya milan was also activated at the time of First meeting along with Bhav Siddhi Kaal in case of the Boy. Mars and Venus in Transit over the natal Mars and Venus and the lagna Lord comes in Lagna and moon the Activator of the events in the 7th house  and about to go in the 8th house  Astrology is most amazing if applied with research and hardwork.The querist has confirmed that the Relationship started around 2007-2008, but the exact date has to be confirmed .

Venus Karka for Marriage is Fallen and with Debilitated Mars  and hence both are weak , more so the dispositor of Venus is in 2/12 axis and the dispositors dispositor is also in 2/12 with Venus , hence Venus is weak in the chart.  Although there is a future ithasla of the Lagnesh and the saptmesh, which indicates early Marriage are weak in the chart. Moon placed in the 10th house and with Jupiter is also a good combination for early marriage, but again aspected by Saturn and Mars about to join Moon on the 15th Sept. 2015, if there is no settlement before `15th Sept. 2015 then there will be lot of disputes . There are also combinations for early fixation but also cancellation as well.

Moon is afflicted and in KP   . Prashna Moon and Yama Moon are in 6/8 axis , hence there are negatives in the chart and hence there will not be early fixation of marriage and there will be lot of disputes which may arise after 15th Sept. 2015 and the dates mentioned below.

Navamsha  The Navamsha is the 11th house of the Prashna chart showing vriddhi of the things and the 1/7 axis is having Rahu-Ketu and the Lagna Lord Mars is also in the Rahu-Ketu axis in the 7th house. Moon is Debilitated in navamsha and shows weakness in the strength of the Mind and hence marriage rerlations.

Saptamsha  The Lagna Lord of the Prashna Chart is Mars and Debilitated in the Lagna of the Saptamsha chart, Mars is also 5th Lord of the Saptamasha chart. the 5th Lord of the Prashna Chart  Saturn is placed in the 12th house of the Saptamsha chart and is the 8th house of the Prashna chart .  After Rahu has Transitted in Virgo after 14th July 2014 , some event has taken place and is self explainatory.

 The Day Lord Sun is placed in the 2nd Yama of Gemini , which is the 8th house of the Prashna chart  and the Lord is in Rahu -Ketu axis and aspecting the 5th house of love Relationship and a Secretive affair, The Dispositor of Sun in the yam chart is Mercury and is ill placed from Sun, although Exhalted, 17th Sept. Mercury will turn Retrograde and will start to approach Rahu .There has been controversoy after 23rd August 2015 and things are not getting settled. Mercury approaching Rahu degreewise on the 9th Oct. 2015 is extremely Bad fore the outcome of the Marriage.

Uday Lagna has Saturn negative, Arudha Lagna is Pieces  having Ketu and Chaitra sign is Sagitarius, which is 2/12 from Lagna and 6/8 from Arudha Lagna , it has also aspect of Jupiter which is only  50 %. Sagitrrius sign is also Prishtodayo  is not good. If marriage takes place then there will be difference in the opinion between the Boy and the Girl.

In a Nut shell the Query chart is not condusive to give good results. There is cancellation of the event it appears so. Day lord placed in the 8th house of the chart and the Dispositor Mercury ingressing on the 23rd August 2015 is most critical for the relationships between the Boy and the Girl. Mercury and Rahu will be in Degree conjunction on the 9th Oct 2015. Prashna Moon and the Yama Moon are in 6/8 axis is strong to give negative results  as per dates below.

If Marriage takes place then there will be tidal  disturbances as and when Mars and Venus are afflicted in Transit along with Rahu in forward motion

Timing of the events

After 15th Sept. 2015 there will be difference of Opinion between the Boy and the Girl 

When Moon goes in the Lagna on the 19-20 th Sept. 2015

Mars is the Planet which acquires a special dimension and normally takes one Paksha to deliver its results since in the 9th Navamsha it will take  from 15 days to 135 dyas to deliver the results hence 28th Sept. 2015 the day of Eclipse and 26th Jan. 2016 are most important days for the results of Mars

When Mercury and Rahu are in Conjunction on the 9th Oct. 2015, most crucial

Rahu-Ketu change Navamsha on the 26th Oct. 2015 is most crucial.

Saturn Reaches Lagna Degrees on the 24th Oct. 2015

When Mercury Joins the Lagna on the 17th Nov. 2015.

Marriage may not take place till 9th Jan 2016

Navamsha Lord of the Chart is Mercury and takes 2 months and since in the 7th Navamsha it will give the results after 14 months from the day of query and is 12th Jan 2017 . The Marriage may take Place after 12th Jan . 2016 and on the 15th Jan 2016 it so seems  as per placement of Moon. 

One of the most important Parameter is the Lagnesh and Saptmesh are together and according to Prashna Principles Mars or Venus has to activate the Lagna . Venus will activate the Lagna on the 25th Dec. 2015 and Mars on the 20th Feb 2016, Hence marriage will take Place after 24th Dec. 2015 and around the 20th Feb 2016

The over all Planetary positions are not very condusive to give a happy and good Married life.

 Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 15th Sept. 2015 13-00 hrs.