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Can Astrology Predict Earthquakes ? Indonesian Earthquake Reveals the Secret.

This is with reference to my earlier Article “Red Planet Mars, Saturn and Ketu afflict Watery Signs , Earthy signs Near Eclipses :What it Foretells” dated 9th Sept. 2015 link I had mentioned the Parameters for the countries prone to Earthquakes specially with Earthy signs in the 1/7 and the 4/10 axis and the Earthy signs 2,6, 10 afflicted . I had also mentioned that during the time Moon with be with Rahu and Mercury or Exchange of their nakshatras there will be a strong Earthquake.

Amazingly all the Parameters are satisfying in the Earthquake of Indonesia 6.3 magnitude earthquake 140 km from Bitung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia link

Let us analyse the Foundation chart of Indonesia of 27th Dec 1949 09-22 hrs GMT Jakarta  of Taurus Lagna and Gemini navamsha as below.


The Lagna is Taurus an  Earthy sign   and the Signs  Virgo and Capricorn are also  afflicted  as above .

Some special features of the Horoscope why it is Prone to Earthquakes Astrologically.

  1. Lagna in the nakshatra of Moon , who is placed in Pieces sign with Rahu and Ketu in forward motion. Both Moon and Rahu aspect the sign Virgo and Ketu aspects the 9th house by 9th aspect .
  2. Virgo Sign has mars and Ketu and Capricorn has the 8th Lord Jupiter Debilitated , Saturn is aspecting the Taurus Sign.
  3. Navamsha Mars aspects the sign Virgo  Saturn aspects Capricorn and Taurus
  4.  Signs Earthy in the 1/7 axis and afflicted
  5. Trshamsha Lords of the 6th Lord Venus and 8th Lord jupiter are Saturn and Jupiter itself.

The Country is running the dasha of Mars-Rahu-Venus needless to explain this since is crystal clear for the happenings  Mars Afflicted, Rahu in Forward motion and Venus Fallen

Let us see the Transit Chart on the 16th Sept. 2015 13-10 hrs as per IST

Transit Earthquake

1. At the time of the Earthquake the 8th house Sagitarius was rising in Transit

2. As mentioned by me in my article mentioned above  Earthquake Prone dates are from 15th to 22nd Sept. and then 25th to 29th Sept. 2015 as mentioned in my articles   due to Rahu in Virgo an Earthy sign in Forward motion

3. All Earthy signs are afflicted in Rashi as well as the navamsha

4. Moon and Mercury relation  both in Virgo and in the nakshatra of  Mars and Moon Respectively Moon has just crossed its nakshatra

5.Natal Mars is 7.18 degrees  and in Transit Rahu is over natal Mars and Ketu at 6.53 degrees and the same navamsha .

6. Natal Rahu is in Forward motion and so is the Transit Rahu and Rahu Ketu Over Ketu  Rahu.

7. In Transit Mercury at 21,44 degrees almost at the Natal Degrees of Ketu at 19.38. This Parameter is very important since in transit when mercury ingresed in Virgo on the 23rd August 2015 Rahu was in Forward Motion , hence Mercury is badly afflicted .

8. The Natal Saturn is in Leo and navamsha Saturn is in Scorpio, in Transit Saturn is in Scorpio and in the navamsha of Leo  activating Natal Saturn  100%.

9. Mars ingressed in Leo over Natal Saturn and afflicted the Natal and Transit Saturn

10. Fallen Venus in the sign Cancer activated the Natal Venus  at almost same degrees . Natal Venus in Capricorn is 21.51 and Transit Venus is  22.07 degrees . Natal Venus is in Cancer and Transit Venus is in Capricorn, hence activating Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord 100%

11.  Transit Saturn aspecting the 8th Lord Jupiter  in the Natal chart at 12.19 degrees  and Aries navamsha , which has Mars in Trsnsit after 15th Sept. 2015. Saturn is also aspecting Jupiter in Transit at 13.41 degrees and both Saturn and Jupiter are in Leo navamsha

12. Transit Sun is over Natal Saturn in Leo  and Saturn is in Leo navamsha

Trishamsha Lords of the 6th and 8th house are Saturn and Jupiter and both are afflicted in Transit to give the untoward happening

Similair Earthquakes could be experienced by other countries as per the Parameters mentioned by me .  the countries prone are India Himalayan Terrian , China, Japan, Mexico,  i have already mentioned the Countries Prone in my other articles on my webpage specially around the Eclipse of the 28th Sept.2015 to 9th Oct. 2016

Now read this Earthquake off Banda Aceh in Indonesia sparks tsunami alert link see the Features Image 6 people going on a motorcycle to go to higher platforms to save themselves .  The watery signs are also afflicted as I have mentioned in the the earlier article also that there can be Tsunami like an event also but only till Rahu is in forward motion till 22nd Sept. 2015  and when ever Rahu is adverse as per the dates mentioned by me .

Astrology is amazing .

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  16th Sept. 2015  22.00hrs 

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