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Is Pakistan Heading for A Disaster ?

This is with Reference to my earlier article “Red Planet Mars, Saturn and Ketu afflict Watery Signs , Earthy signs Near Eclipses :What it Foretells” link Please Read this —

Pakistan Stationary Saturn at almost degrees on Ketu in the 8th house between the 27th July and 7th August 2015 and activating the planets Mercury, Jupiter and Venus at exact degrees on the 6th August 2015 is the most crucial parameter for Pakistan since Saturn is transitting in the 8th house ,  hence untoward happening regarding masses .Terrorism, War with in the country or getting involved with neighbor India

Read my article “Analysing the Role of Major Planets For the Present and Near Future” link Read this Para  I have found the Following Parameters which are most sensitive according to the Dates mentioned below.

  1. Affliction to Sagitarius , Libra and Taurus including the Lords of the signs Jupiter and Venus is a matter of Concern . The basic parameter is the  8th house/Lord/Navamsha sign of the 8th Lord and the Lords of these Signs for India . In the present Scenerio Venus is Fallen and is in conjunction with  Debilitated Mars till 15th Sept. 2015. There was degree conjunction of Mars and Venus on the 1st Sept. 2015. Venus will be stationary on the 6th Sept. 2015 when it will become Direct and join back Jupiter in Leo and then aspected by Saturn . Saturn had already activated   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in very close on the 6th August 2015 in Stationary motion is a Crucial Parameter till Saturn is in Leo Navamsha till 28th Sept. 2015 for Untoward happenings with dimension.
  2. Leo, Aquarius affliction in Transit have been special parameters for war with Pakistan  . unfortunately, Saturn aspects the Leo sign and Saturn is in Leo Navamsha and Sun joined the Leo navamsha on the 31st August and remain there till 4th Sept. 2015. Saturn remains in this Navamsha till 28th Sept. 2015 as explained above . Jupiter 8th Lord will join the  Leo Navamsha  on the 15th Sept. 2015 when Mars will also ingress in Leo . Mars will remain in this sign till 3rd Nov. 2015. Mars Transit in the 3rd, 5th, 7th , 9th Navamsha will be crucial , since these signs are supposed to be malefic for India Independence chart. This Parameter is most Crucial in the Present Transit and Pakistan aggressively  taking a stand on the Boarder issues and making Provocative Speeches . India should take it seriously.Moon dasha starting from 10th Sept. 2015 will focus all attention of the govt on the Travel by Rail, Air, Communication, Boarder issues, Matters concerning the Educational Institutions, Courts, Embassies, Justice, Religion  will be the main Focus in the dasha of Moon . there will also be some achievements in respect to Space. and Communications. the dates mentioned above are prone to Terrorism, Pakistan Aggression, Earthquake specially when Earthy signs 2,6,10 are afflicted and influened by Rahu-ketu, mars and Saturn in Rashi or navamsha Transit. The worst Parameter is the Saturn and Mars over the natal Ketu of India in the 7th house and the 8th house of Pakistan after 20th Feb. 2016. In Navamsha they will be in Samsaptak Position and Mars in Debilitation and Saturn in own house.
  3. Asper my article “Saturn Stationary in Transit: What it Foretells” link I have mentioned that Saturn activating Mercury, Jupiter and Venus Fallen at exact degrees on the 6th August 2015 is critical Parameter the the significations of these planets will suffer when these planets join Satun in navamsha .
  4. As per my article “Planetary Realignments of Planets in Sept. 2015: Boon or Bane”  link dated 22nd August 2015. I am reproducing the same here . Please read the Following ParasIt is well known in Astrology that the two malefics Mars and Saturn can bring havocs, specially when they are Square to each other or Conjunct and influence the Strong Rashis like Taurus, Leo , Libra and Scorpio. In mundane astrology there are dangerous signs and Transit of malefics in these sign often bring natural and unnatural disasters. Mars will Transit Leo on the 15th Sept. 2015 in the nakshatra of Magha  and in the first navamsha if Aries. and thus will have return aspect of Saturn , since both will be in Square position which in the Present context is most Crucial for Terrorism, War, Natural and Unnatural activities.In the Present Context Saturn in Scorpio on the 14th March went into Retrogression  at 10.56 degrees in the nakshatra of anuradha. Saturn became Stationary on the 28th July to 7th August at 4.13 degrees in the same nakshatra  but over the natal Ketu of  India independence chart in the 7th house of Wars and Foreign affairs at extremely close degrees. In the case of Pakistan it was the same Parameter in the 8th house of mass happenings , Terrorism and Permanent Losses. .Mars ingress in the Sign of Leo will activate the natal Ketu in both cases of India and Pakistan on the 21st Sept. 2015  at 3.21 degrees and in the same navamsha till 27th Sept . 2015 Saturn at this Point will also be in the same Navamsha  till 27th Sept. 2015 . On the 27th-28th Sept. 2015  Mars and Saturn will also have a return aspect in the navamsha since mars will be in Gemini and Saturn in Virgo with Ketu is most crucial Parameter for both the countries  as per the signification explained in this article and explained above as well.We all know that the Lunar Eclipse is taking place on the 28th Sept. 2015 which is also most crucial for the Reason that Mars and Saturn both at very close degrees and having return aspect and Mars activating the Eclipse point immedaitely at the time of Eclipse, The eclipse is taking place  in the 11th house of the Foundation chart of India and 9th from Moon and the 12th house of the Foundation chart of Pakistan and in the 10th from Moon.At this point India will be running the dasha of Moon which will start from the 9th of Sept. 2015. in case of India it is the 3rd Lord and focus on the Relations of the Neighboring countries and the boarder issues and communications Air and Travel By Rail will also be issues  which may be the head lines and some constructive steps taken by the Rail and Aviation Industry.Pakistan Dasha is Venus-Rahu and dispositor of Rahu is also Venus and Rahu is placed in the 2nd house. Venus in the chart of Pakistan is in Planetary war and also combust , When ever dispositor of Rahu is afflicted and placed in the 2nd house  then it shows the Person or the Country can break the trust it has formed, hence in the Dasha of Venus-Rahu of Pakistan and Venus being the Lord of the 7th house of Wars and under affliction  will create war like situations in the country . We all know the tensions between the 2 countries in the Present context and therefore since 7th house in Transit of India will also be under affliction, there could be Tensions in the country due to Terrorism and  in relation to the neighboring Countries specially Pakistan and China. . The tensions could aggravate when Mars joins Scorpio and will remain there for 211 days from 20th Feb 2016 . It is also the time when Nawaz Sharif may have to step down from its Position as the Prime Minister  for the reasons best known there may be a military coup  since Mars and Saturn will be in the 8th house of the chart  and 6th from natal Moon . The Combination of Mars and Saturn also indicated terrorism with in the country for Pakistan and could become crucial for the Prime Minister to step down from the Position .Rahu ingressing in Leo will further aggravate the situations in Pakistan  from the 9th Jan 2016.

    The moment Mars goes in Leo on nthe 15th Sept. 2015 will be a period  which could put Pakistan in doldrums and aggressiveness of the Military interference will start  and when Mars and Saturn join 8th house of Pakistan and the Lagna of Nawaz Sharif  as explained below  on the 20th Feb. 2016 and will be Period when Navaz  will be put into Trouble and may have to step down Mercury Transit in Virgo could also act as a fuel to the fire against him  from 23rd August 2015 till 29th Oct. 2015 and will be a crucial  period for Nawaz Sharif.   Nawaz Sharif  Position as a Prime Minister is at stake since Saturn in the Scorpio sign and the Lagna of the Muhurat chart after the 2nd Nov . 2014. Jupiter could save him for some time till Jupiter aspects the Lagna ,but after Jupiter transit in Leo and getting afflicted bt Rahu-ketu on the 9th Jan 2016  could bring a Period for a Down fall. Jupiter is  also influenced by Saturn and is in the sign of Mercury in the yama chart and will not be able to give the required Protection. Saturn in the Lagna will then be in the 8th from the Muhurat Moon and Chaitra Rashi  . Hence the Nawaz Sharif is bound to get into trouble soon. The Country it seems is heading for Disaster and The Prime Minister  Nawaz Sharif may have to step down due to military interventions/Terrorism /US withdrawing Financial asistance .  Till Mars is there in the Scorpio sign for 211 days  from 20th Feb. 2016 could bring the downfall of Navaz Shariff in the Present context. The period therefore from 23rd  August to 29th Oct. 2016 and then from 15th Sept. 2016 to 3rd Nov. 2016   In fact the Country will also be in Economic stagnation and encircled with Problems with greatest dimensions .                                                                                                         

    Also as per the Principles of Mr. K . N Rao Mars Placed in the 3rd house is making the country war prone and getting involved in war like situations with neighbors or a civil war or Terrorism with in the country it self  and hence Mass happenings.The conjunction of Mars and Saturn over Ketu in the 8th house for Pakistan will Put Pakistan in real trouble for time to come , Saturn effect is long term and not less then 5 years. Mars will have an exceptional stay in Scorpio for 211 days and will activate the eclipse point 3 times after the 9th March 2016 eclipse most crucial and   will be worst  . A strong Earthquake in Pakistan cannot be ruled out since the Himalaya Terrain is a sensitive zone . . India hes the North Eastern zone sensitive for an Earthquake in the Dates mentioned in the Article 

    India has to keep a strict vigil for any espoinage from Foreign elements , since Mars is the 12th and the 7th lord in the Chart and Next Dasha of Moon-Mars  will start from 10-7-2016 till  8-2-2017 Mars is also 7th lord of Wars.  The conjunction of Mars and Saturn over Ketu in the house of War is not good  and specially Mars being the 12th and 7th Lord there could be a strong espoinage against India from the Foreign Elements

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  6. Disclaimer : This is Astrological analysis of the Planetary positions and not my personal opinion and the writer is not responsible for the effects if any in any respect thereof.