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Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015: What it Foretells for Ahmedabad

This is in continution to my Article “Lunar Eclipse of 28th Sept. 2015: Enigma of Mars Igniting Eclipse Point” dated 17th Jul 2015. link

Let us first see the Lunar Eclipse chart of 28th Sept. 2015 of 08-20 hrs below.

According to the Theory propounded by Mr. K . N Rao as per the Book “The Nehru Dynasty by Vani Publications” when Eclipses fall  in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna, Sun, Moon , it is supposed to be a malefic stance . I have also observed if this Eclipse falls in the 2/8 axis it can also bring havoc, specially when there is major  Dasha or Sub Dasha of  Rahu or Ketu connected to Trik Bhavas  or a planet influenced by these nodes., When Mars reaches  or aspects the Eclipse point then it would mean an ammunition dump, which is only possible by Mars to ignite this point.

A Solar Eclipse will occur on the 13th Sept. 2015 . It is a Partial  Solar Eclipse. It is not visible in india and is confined to  Indian Ocean, Antartica and South Africa.

The  Total Lunar Eclipse  on the 28th Sept. 2015 which will be witnessed  worldwide will be visible in some parts of India.  This Eclipse shall be specially visible in Ahmedabad.

The Total lunar Eclipse induced by Ketu , since on the Full Moon day Ketu is Eclipsing Moon   is called a Ketu Grahasta Chander Grahana.

The Lunar eclipse is taking place in a watery sign of Pieces and the 12th house of the natural zodiac in the constellation of U Bhadrapad in the 3rd Pada whose Lord is Saturn

Lunar eclipses look approximately the same all over the world and happen at the same time.

The times displayed might be a minute or two off actual times.

Event UTC Time Time in New Delhi* Visible in New Delhi
Penumbral Eclipse begins 28 Sep, 00:11 28 Sep, 05:41 Yes
Partial Eclipse begins 28 Sep, 01:07 28 Sep, 06:37 No, below horizon
Full Eclipse begins 28 Sep, 02:11 28 Sep, 07:41 No, below horizon
Maximum Eclipse 28 Sep, 02:47 28 Sep, 08:17 No, below horizon
Full Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 03:23 28 Sep, 08:53 No, below horizon
Partial Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 04:27 28 Sep, 09:57 No, below horizon
Penumbral Eclipse ends 28 Sep, 05:22 28 Sep, 10:52 No, below horizon

* The Moon is below the horizon in New Delhi some of the time, so that part of the eclipse is not visible.


100% visible (start to end). Pink and BlueMore than 75% of the event is visible. Purple and BlueLess than 75% of the event is visible. Light Blue and PurpleEclipse is not visible at all Light Blue and whiteNote: Percentage values (%) are of the overall eclipse event. Lighter shadings left (West) of center will experience the eclipse after moonrise/sunset. Shadings right (East) will experience until moonset/sunrise. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon.28 September 2015 — Total Lunar Eclipse

This Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from most of North America, South America, Europe, west Asia and parts of Africa will be able to see the eclipse.

The Eclipse will last for 5 hrs and 11 mins from beginning to end. The Moon will be totally eclipsed (totality) for about 1 hr and 12 mins. Hence the Minimum Effect of the Eclipse will be for  5 weeks. Effects of the Lunar Eclipse are also felt immedaitely.

In case of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th Sept. 2015 08-20 am. Mars will activate the eclipse point at the Time of the Eclipse by its strong 8th aspect from the Royal and dangerous sign  Leo.

See the Chart below

Eclipse Sept. 2015


Read this Para Specifically of the article “Maximum View of the Eclipse is in Ahmedabad  and as per the Foundation chart of Ahmedabad of Sagitarius Lagna   The Eclipse is taking place in a Common sign and a watery sign  will adversely influence Ahmedabad by Hurricans, Stroms, Earthquake, Crime, Conflicts, Political unrest concerning Religon, Reservations , Normally Eclipse taking place in Pieces gives death due to drowning  of masses .In the Present Scenerio could be similair situations and around Saturn crossing the Retrogression degrees of 10.56 on the 3rd Nov. 2015″

Let us foundation chart of Ahmedabad of 1st May 1960 00.00 hrs Ahmedabad 


The Chart is of Sagitarius Lagna 24 .00 degrees  having Saturn Stationary at 25.07 degrees very close to the MEP. In Navamsha also Saturn in in Lagna of Scorpio, making the placement of Saturn as the 2nd and 3rd Lord extremely powerful. Saturn Debilitates in the Lagna of the natiral Zodiac , hence even if Saturn is strong in the Lagna it lacks the digbal Saturn is with the Lagna Lord Jupiter who is Retrograde.

Coming to the main parameters in the P{resent scenerio the State is running the Dasha of Mer-Mars -mars till 3rd Oct 2015 and then Mer-Mars-Rahu.

The Foundation chart is seen with respect to the Political transformations and the Public in general

As per the Paksha Kundali and the Lunar Eclipse which is visible in Ahmedabad, the Planetary positions are not condusive to give good Results as already pointed out by me in the article related to the Lunar Eclipse.

Saturn has been activated in the natal chart by Transit Saturn in Scorpio and in the Navamsha Lagna of the chart

Saturn also aspects Mars in the 3rd house  and Transit Mars now has activated the Natal Mars from Leo and also the Transit Saturn who have return aspect.  Dasha of Mercury who is Debilitated and in Rahu-Ketu axis  is also activated by Transit Mercury in the 10th house . Rahu and Ketu have also been activated

Now My Research Principles applied for the 8th house/8th Lord/Navamsha Sign of the 8th Lord, 8th house of Navamsha and 8th Lord of Navamsha , when these parameters are afflicted then there is untoward happenings  and the magnitude depends upon the number of these parameters activated

Now 8th house is Cancer and Lord is Moon and in the Paksha Kundlai afflicted badly

Navamsha sign of 8th Lord is Capricorn and is aspected by Saturn and Saturn is also afflicted by Return aspect of Mars

8th house of Navamsha is Gemini in the foundation chart and has Mars in Navamsha in the eclipse chart.

8th Lord Mercury is in Rahu-Ketu axis in the Lunar Eclipse and Retrograde till 9th -10th Oct. 2015 when it will be stationary and with Rahu in adverse motion will be critical factor for the City in question .

Since the 4/10 axis is afflicted in the Paksha Kundali and the Lunar Eclipse Kundali there is every posiibility of  untoward happenings concerning Political disturbances ,Religon, Reservations, Espoinage by Terrorist and infiltration take a route from the Rivers , since Pieces sign is a Totally Watery sign and afflicted in the natal chart and the Transit . Pakistan, ISIS could be instrumental in these type of activities  till about 45 days  and more so for  a Period of 5 months and 5 Days since the Eclipse duration total is 5 hours and 11 minutes . A strong Earthquake cannot be ruled out.

At the time of Bhuj Earthquake . on the 26th Jan 2001  0846 hrs . All the above Parameters relating to the 8th house of mass happenings were activated . Rahu-Ketu were then in the 1/7 axis of the natal chart

One of the Common factor at the time of Earthquake on the 26th Jan 2001 and the Paksha kundali and the Lunar Eclipse is connection of Moon and Mercury. apart from the above parameters of the 8th house .

Dates which are crucial are 1st to 2nd Oct. 2015 and till mars actiovates the Eclipse Point of 10. 35 degrees first from Leo by 8th aspect and then again  by 7th aspecrt  after 3rd Nov. 2015  around 20-21st Nov. 2015 could be crucial for the above mentioned untoward happenings since mars will activate the Eclipse point on these dates and Crucial. God Bless

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 30th Sept. 11-00 hrs 

Disclaimer: This is only astrological prediction and not my personal opinion . The writer does not hold himself responsible for the effects of the Article in any case , in case any events takes place as explained above . This is a message to the Astrology lovers that there is replication is astrology and we can forecast the Future