Conjunction of Mars and Venus :Foretells the Enigma of Rapes and Atrocities Against Women

Ever since the start of the Year 2015 there have been several cases of Rape and Atrocities against women. I was  just thinking astrologically the reasons for the same and thought of appraising the Astrology lovers by writting an article for the same

Let me write the Combination of the Planets which are responsible for Rape and Atrocities against women and the Combination for High Sex Drive in Men

Planets  Mars, Venus, Moon , Mercury and Rahu

Let me first give the Conjunctions of the Planets which attribute these Results

Mars and Venus Conjunction 

When Mars and Venus cojoin, the native is fond of betting , Gambling or Speculation.  He may be a strong wrestler and very capable person, but he is attached to other  peoples wife . The Person will have a scheming nature and will have a cunning disposition. Person will be rash and under the influence of opposite Sex. . It has been observed that when Mars and Venus conjunction in a nativity makes the sex life unsatisfactory.. Mars represents the urge of erotic  passions and  Venus the symbol of Lust , when these planets combine they make the sex life abnormal.

Mars in Cancer and in the houses mentioned below, will also take chance  to have extra sex in life , since Debilitated mars gives fickle mindedness.

Rahu, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini and Scorpio in the houses 3,5,7,8 and 12th house give high sex drive . Mercury and Venus in Gemini in these houses all type of vices

When Ever Mars Transits over Rahu, the Person sexual emotions are activated  and specially those who have afflicted  Venus . Dispositor of Venus should not be in 2/12 or 6/8 axis with Venus and Dispositors dispositor should also be well placed from Venus. 4,8 and 12th from Venus should also not be afflicted ..In the Present Context after 3rd Nov. 2015 there will be exchange of Mercury and Venus also , the Debilitation also gets cancelled but first there will be ill effect also.

Moon Represents the mind  and in these signs and these houses , can trigger the high Sex Drive.

Mars and Venus combination, conjunction in the signs Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio and in the houses mentioned above  makes the sex life abnormal. If a male has Mars in Leo or any specific Sign  and the female has Venus in Leo or same sign as Mars for Male  or vice versa then there is natural attraction between the Male and Female

Houses  5th, 7th, 8th and the 12th house

Signs  Gemini , Scorpio, Cancer  Described as above

Beeja Sputha  for male and Kshetra Sputha for Female  are sensitive Points for the male and the female  for determining the Sex drive , If  Beeja Spuths is in Gemini for males and Kshetra Sputhsa for Female in Scorpio then also the Sex drive is high

Example  was the Brutal Rape of Damini  on the 16th Dec. 2012 at 21-30 hrs  in the Capital  New Delhi

See the chart below

Rape of 16th Dec 2012

Day is Sunday and ill placed from Lagna and Lagna Lord

Day Lord is Placed with Mars in the 6th house and aspected by Saturn the 7th and 8th Lord, Lagna is aspected by 8th Lord. Day lord is aspected by Saturn and with Mars.

5th house is Scorpio and has Rahu, Mercury and  Venus the most critical Factor  for Rape and the persons taking a risk and Mars about to Go in Exhaltataion and aspecting the Lagna  giving courage to take a Step to Rape the Girl , House and House Lords connected to 5th, 7th , 8th and 12th , Sign Scorpio afflicted and in Paap Kartari yoga.

Navamsha 8th house rising and 8th Lord placed in Lagna and aspecting Venus in Leo in the 7th house , Moon goes in Gemini, Rahu in Cancer and Mercury in Scorpio in navamsha . Moon is also aspected by Mars.  Rape Victim died on the 28th Dec. 2012 in Singapore Hospital.

 Transit since Jan. 2015 for the Present Scenerio

The Conjunction of Mars and Venus was there till 6th Jan 2015 and then  again Took place on the 23rd Jan 2015 when Mars was at 14.00 degrees in Aquarius till 13th Feb. 2015, when Mars ingressed in Pieces. Venus and Mars were again conjunct in Pieces on the 17th Feb. 2015 and there was degree conjunction between the 2 at 6.00 degrees on the 21st Feb 2015, in fact Planetary war . We all know Mars is always the winner in the Planetary war . Venus left Pieces on the 13th March 2015 . On the 24th March they were again conjunct in the Aries sign the Lagna of the Natural Zodiac till 7th. April 2015 .Then there was no conjunction , Since Venus is a fast moving planet as compared to Mars . on the 25th july Venus went in retrogression at 6.42 degrees in Leo and again met Mars in Cancer in Fallen state on the 15th August 2015 , they were degree conjunct on the 1st Sept. 2015 at 21 degrees . The Conjunction was there till 16th Sept. 2015 . Venus and Mars Conjunction again took place on the 1st Oct. 2015 and they have been together the entire month of Oct. 2015 and both will ingress in Virgo where Rahu is posited on the 3rd Nov. 2015 is most critical for Atrocities against Women and Similair events of molestation and Rape, Venus will then be in the sign of Debilitation as well and lose in Planetary war as well . Mars will be exhalted in navamsha then , hence most malefic parameters in the present Scenerio . Mars will also activate the Eclipse point of the 28th Sept. 2015 on the 20-21 st Nov. 2015 . Hence Most crucial period for Women for Atrocities against women. The Combination of Venus, mars and rahu in virgo will be most damaging and Explosive . Mars and Rahu signify Chemicals being used. Torture against womwn will be the headlines in the news  till they are both conjunct in Virgo till 30th Nov. 2015

Drunken Driving , Rapes, Eves Teasing , Molestation will be on the Increase around  3rd Nov. 2015. There will be maximum cases where The car owners will be caught around Diwali. Women have to be alert not to go out in the Dark hours of the Day. Many Placed will also be Raided by the Police teams

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 22nd Oct 3015 20-30 hrs