The Concept of Stock and Speculative Markets By Vedic Astrology

                                                                                          FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY



I am writing in regard to Financial Astrology  to introduce a harmonic nature  of significiant astrological dispositions with the Stock markets so called speculative markets. There is no magic wand or tool which can make a person Billionaire over night  .

Person dealing with stock market should have benefic combinations in his birth chart to achieve success. Each one of us wants to provide  for the future  by building a nest . Generally the investments arte made in Real Estate, Gold, Bonds, Bank Deposits or Stock market . As compared to other investments , the investment in stock markets is a risky one . it is seen in the real life and practice that only a few people can succeed  in making money  on the stock market trading. The question that will arise is that astrologically who will be sound in dealing in Stock Markets. Here is the Answer to this query.

The 2nd house in the natal chart indicates the money and wealth that will be made by own efforts. The Trinal houses  5th and the 9th  are indicative of money which is made through speculative deals  like dealing in Stock markets. The 11th house gives information for the gains that are likely to be made . hence to achieve success in the stock market , one  should have the above wealth giving  houses strong by placement of benefics in these houses .

  1. The best placement is the 5th Lord Placed in the 5th house  and placement of the 9th lord in the 9th house .
  2. The other good position is the Moon and Jupiter placed in Mutually trine position, with each being placed in own sign.

 There are several combinations in the natal chart, which are condusive for good cash flow through speculative deals  from the Classics

  1. Moon , Jupiter, lords of the 2,4,9 and 11 are well placed in the Rashi and Navamshas
  2. Lord of 2,4,and 9 houses are well placed and aspected by Moon
  3. Lords of 2nd and 9 are posited in 11th house along with Moon and Jupiter .
  4. Lord of 2nd house placed in the 11th house and lord of 11th placed in the 2nd house , this is a Parivartan yoga
  5. Jupiter strongly placed in the Asc. And aspected by Lord of 2,5 and 9th
  6. Lord of the 2nd house Exhalted  and placed in the 5th along with the Asc.
  7. Both the lords of the 2nd and 5th placed in the 11th
  8. Mutual exchange of houses between  2nd and 11th  Lords or   5th and the 11th  or lords of the 2nd and the 5th
  9. In Sarvashtaka chart the 11th house  should have large  number of Bindoos and the 12th house should have the least number of bindoos

Native who has these combinations can be successful in the Stock and the speculative Market.

Let us start Astrologically the Planetary positions and signs important for Stock market

 Let me first write the Important Parameters regarding the analysis of the Stock market at any given time

  1. Bullish and Bearish Signs
  2. Effects of the Slow Moving Planets Jupiter, Saturn Rahu and Ketu in the 12 zodical signs.
  3. The Foundation chart of the country and Stock Exchange
  4. Hindu Pieces New Moon chart
  5. Solar ingress charts in the 12 zodical signs
  6. 24 Lunation charts
  7. Eclipses Charts
  8. Combustion , Accelleration and Retrogression of Planets
  9. Conjunction of Planets in a sign (Specially Slow Moving)
  10. Multiple Conjunctions
  11. Nakshatras of the Lunation charts
  12. 60 Hindu Years and the situations that are likely in these years as stated in the vedic Astrological classics . For Example the year 2015 is ManMatha The Year 2015 is likely to bring uncertainities in every thing while they will also enjoy the Prosperity
  13. The year 2016 is a Durmukhi year and likely to be a bad year
  14. Evaluating the Short term and the Long Term Analysis
  15. Evaluation Based on Mercury .Mercury has a marked effects on the market . when ever Mercury becomes Retrograde, markets either become volatile or bearish, similar effects are noticed when Mercury becomes Combust. The markets are likely to be bullish when Mercury is conjunct with Rahu or is in trine from Rahu. And markets are likely to be bearish when it conjuncts Ketu or in Trines to Ketu. It has been observed that when mercury changes navamsha the Market fluctuates
  16. Navamsha Charts Evaluation
  17. Venus is also important for the Stock market and when Mercury and Venus are conjunct the stock market are bearish and when wide apart then Bullish
  18. Evaluation of the Ashtaka Varga charts for the Planets Mercury and Venus
  19. Evaluation based on the Panchak Phenomenon
  20. Evaluation of Buying and Selling Opportunity
  21. Using SB Chakra
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