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Will The Image of NDA Govt. Suffer For 211 days When Red Planet Squares Sun and Nodes ?

This is in continution to my earlier Articles on the Political Scenerio of the Country on this webpage  . Dasha of Moon Started from 9th Sept. 2015 and a period for 10 years ,. Ever since start of the Dasha the Country is reeling in Political Turmoils , Tug of War with the Skelton  like opposition by the Congress and the Specially the Provocating Speeches by  Rahul Gandhi and other Opposition leaders. Mars as mentioned in all my articles will be squaring Sun and nodes on the 20th Feb.2016 . Mars will be ingressing in the 7th house of the natal chart for 211 days ,its Prolonged stay period as mentioned by me after every 2 years and 2 months specially when it squares Sun at the time of Ingress in any sign.

Foundation chart of India


The Dasha of Moon who is connected to 4 more Planets and aspect the 9th house along with Mars and specially the Saturn and Mars aspect on the 9th house is Crucial more so since Mars and Saturn in Transit  in the 7th house of the Foundation chart could make the Ruling Govt. lose its Popularity , what it gained at the time of a clean sweep in the General Elections. The country will reel in one Problems after another  as we have already been experiencing the same , Needless to mention about the issues. JNU Row, Rift between Political Parties. Congress Provocative Speeches , Untoward happenings In Court and many more .

Let me eloborate the Parameters which could be responsible for the same

  1. Saturn has Activated the Ketu at 5.44 degrees  in the 7th house of the Foundation chart of india between  27th July to 7th August in Stationary condition at very close Degrees of Ketu and in the same Navamsha , Now Mars ingress in Scorpio will activate the same Point on the 29th Feb. 2016 and will be in the same navamsha in Transit till 9th March 2016, could Prove detrimental . Mars is the 12th and the 7th Lord  and Placed in the 2nd House aspects the 8th house and 9th house in the natal chart. The Crucial Parameter is the Long Stay in the 7th house for 211 days, More so the Transit Nodes and the Natal nodes will be in Square Position and Transitting in the 4/10 axis.
  2.  In Mundane 4th house is mines and Minerals, Landed interests , Real Estate, weather conditions, Volcanic Eruptions, Mining disasters,, Earthquakes, , Floods, Schools, Colleges  and Educational Institutions , Home land, Patriotism, Opposition parties , Throne of the King, General happiness of the Country, Trade and Agriculture. Now Rahu has Ingressed in this house over Stationary Jupiter on the 9th Jan 2016 and aspected by Saturn from the 7th house of the Chart is crucial for all the activities happening since the rise of the year 2016.  Jupiter is the 8th and the 11th Lord  of the natal chart and 9th and 12th lord of the  Natural Zodiac under affliction , Jupiter is a Planet of Expansion, since  afflicted badly and own 2 Bad houses as mentioned above it will give bad results of the Bad houses and weak to give the results of the Good houses since afflicted . Jupiter Governs the Banks, Finance, Revenues, Prosperity, Buisness in General, Lawyers, Religion and Judiciary, Since afflicted badly the JNU Row is bound to escalate , since all the Parameters are getting afflicted  and what ever is happening is clearly seen due to the Planetary Positions. The Opposition will leave no Stone unturned to Damage the Image of the Ruling Govt. . This is also indicative that the Budget on the 29th Feb. 2016 will  not be having any relaxation and as expected by the Population and Opposition will make a issue  of the same as well. Shall will write a Detailed article on this as well.
  3. The Eclipses in this axis will further aggravate the situations after 9th March 2016. Also Jupiter is Retrograde hence it is Liable to meet Rahu in degree conjunction again  on the 4-5th June 2016 and also have almost degree aspect from Saturn Retrograde. Mars aspecting the Eclipse Point 3 times in Transit during the 2 Solar Eclipses on the 9th March 2016 and 1st Sept. 2016 will be crucial, since Mars will aspect the Eclipse point of March 2016 ans Saturn aspect on the Eclipse point of 1st Sept. 2016 will be most crucial Parameters and since in the 4/10 axis , Untoward happenings, Earthquakes, Opposition Creating all sorts of Tricks to damage the Image of the ruling Govt. with magnitude and Political image damaged due to a Minister of Rank being Exposed in a Scandal .
  4. 7th July  2016 Dasha of Moon-Mars will be in operation and at that point Mars will be over the Natal Jupiter in the 6th house at very close degrees , Mars will then be in fallen state in the 6th house over the 8th Lord Jupiter is definitely an Explosive situation .
  5.  As per Manu Smriti Progression chart the year starting from March -April 2016 will be full of troubles of all sorts, Terrorism, Strikes, Political Turmoils, Financial Stagnation, Untoward happenings Natural and unnatural, Boarder Issues and Fights,Strikes with magnitude , Arson cannot be ruled out , Espoinage By Foreign Elements.
  6. Mars gives maximum effect with in 10 degrees and hence till 3rd Navamsha , 1st navamsha Debilitation worst from 20th Feb. 2016 then Leo navamsha Fire and Blasts, 3rd Navamsha Virgo the 6th house of the natural Zodiac and Rog, Rin , Ripe will sprout . Hence till 10 degrees till 19th March 2016 when Saturn will also be stationary in Scorpio Most Crucial for the above 


  1. Let us also have a Look at the  Pieces New Moon chart of the 7th April 2016 Below

Hindu new moon Pieces chart

The Lagna is Virgo the 6th house of the natural Zodiac in the nakshatra of Sun who is also the 12th Lord and has Exchange with Jupiter the 7th Lord who is afflicted badly by Rahu and aspected by Saturn forming a Guru Chandal Yoga in the 12th house and a malefic one.

Lagna Lord Mercury and the 10th Lord  for Virgo Lagna  is in the 8th house  and 6th and the 8th Lord  Saturn and Mars placed in the 3rd house aspecting the 9th house, Lumanaries are in the Pieces sign in the 7th house and with 9th and 2nd Lord Venus  in Exhaltation, The Dispositor of the 7th house is in the 12th house afflicted  and in Retrogression as explained above .

This Chart is most critical, since for Dual Lagnas , Benefics as  Kendra Lords forget the beneficiance and take the character of the Planets they are placed with and aspected by . Here Jupiter and Mercury the Kendra Lords are Placed in Trik bhavas and Jupiter is afflicted badly.

Lagna Lord Mercury and 10th Lord  Placed in the 8th house and the Lord is Mars and is placed in the 8th house from Mercury, which is the 8th from 8th is badly afflicted by Mars and Saturn for 211  Long days is an Explosive Parameter in the Hindu New Moon Pieces Chart for the Year 2016. It is conveying a Loud  Message for the Head of the Country, States and the General Condition of the Country.

Let me also give a Global Prediction here . all those Countries with Virgo Lagna, Moon and Sun Signs  and Specially Russia will sail in the same boat since Virgo Lagna.   

8th Lord is Mars and its ingress in Scorpio on the 20th Feb. 2016 is Crucial asper the Paksha Kundalis . Mars

1. Retrogression.

2. Afflicted by Rahu when it was in Stationary position and Saturn  in close degrees .  Saturn is also  aspecting Jupiter in navamsha aswell.

3. Jupiter is also Bhadak as the 7th Lord .

4. Jupiter is Marak and Becomes a First rate Killer for the chart. Jupiter can be compared to an Elephant in animals and when this Elephant is Mad it has the Capacity to Ruin the Jungle, Since in the Chart the Jupiter is afflicted badly, it will behave as a First rate killer in the 12th house, since it also has Exchange with Sun the 12th Lord who is Placed in the 7th house . Espoinage by Foriegn Element with magnitude cannot be ruled out. the Image of the Ruling Party thus will be afflicted badly. Foreign Realtions, Trade will suffer.

Jupiter also rules the 9th and the 12th house of the natural Zodiac, Placed in the 12th house  afflicted and relation with the Exchange with Sun, there could be Espoinage by Foreign Elements concerning Temples, Religious sentiments being adversely influenced and Stress between the 2 Communities related to Muslim since Rahu is all connected to the Muslim world , War and Terrorism.

The above Parameters acquire a special dimension along with an Explosive Parameter in the chart of 6th and 8th Lord Saturn and Mars squaring the Nodes and the Benevolent badly afflicted

Communal Roits, Terrorist Attacks cannot be ruled out. Some Political leaders will also have to   Bear the Burnt and Penalised   The Dasha of Moon -Mars starting from the 7th July will be Precarious as mentioned above and could Prove Explosive.&th house is house of War hence after 7th July the Country could Reel in war like situation, May also become the Target of ISIS and Pakistan Taking aggressive steps at the Boarder  .  

The conjunctions of Jupiter and Rahu, Mars and Saturn in the above chart will Force the Courts to take some Aggressive and Unexpected actions.

Mars and Saturn the 8th and the 6th lord Placed in the 3rd house attract our attention , due to the fact that the 10th Lord is Placed in the 8th house and Mars the 8th Lord is aspecting the 10th house by 8th Crucial aspect from the 8th house from 8th house the 3rd house , sending a Crystal Clear indications of  Political Turmoils , Boarder Issues, Terrorism, Rail accidents, Media, Attack on Political Leaders cannot be ruled out and all above could  be the Breaking News.

Earthquakes also cannot be ruled out and I have already written an Article specifying the Period from 26th to 28th Feb. and from 8th March to 10th March Crucial for the same along with Areas of Concern Globally.

Jupiter Affliction as the lord of the 9th and 12th house of the natural Zodiac and exchange with Sun placed in the 7th house and Jupiter in 12th house is indicative of Explosive events at the Places of Temples, Courts, Consulates. The Issues related to Ram JanamBhoomi  Ayodhaya  may also crop up . the Govt. together with Supreme court has to handle the situations with Caution.

3rd House is also Boarders, media, communications and all seem to be at risk due to Mars and Saturn Placement in this house , Rail Accident sabotage cannot be ruled out

The Exchange of the 7th and the 12th Lord and Jupiter and Sun involvement is indicative of Black money being recovered from Foreign Banks

Eclipses in the 6/12 axis over Jupiter 1/7 axis will be detrimental as per the dates of the Eclipses Below

March 9 2016: Total solar eclipse
March 23 2016: Penumbral Lunar eclipse
September 1 2016: Annular solar eclipse
September 16 2016: Penumbral Lunar eclipse

Mars aspecting the Eclipse Point 3 times of the Solar Eclipse of 9th March 2016 and Saturn aspecting the Eclipse point of 1st Sept. 2016 are some Explosive Parameters for India and also for the Globe . The Eclipses will further escalte the above issue with magnitude .

We have been witnessing that the Country is Performing well in Sports and Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the 3rd house will promote the same , specially when the Dasha of Moon the 3rd Lord is also in operation .

Let us also have a Look at the Chart of the BJP of 6th April 1980 11.45 hrs.



  1. The Foundation chart is of Gemini Lagna  above  chart is crystal clear showing that the Dasha of   Sun-Mercury a Turing Point in the Tenure of BJP members.
  2. The Lagna is dual and all Principles for dual Lagnas will be applicable as explained above. Both Mercury and Jupiter suffer in the Chart badly.
  3. Jupiter will behave as an mad Elephant as per the natal chart and in Transit , since the cycle of 36 years is completed  from 1980 april.
  4. The Chart is Precarious and will fall like a pack of cards in the present scenerio  , See the Planets Mars, Saturn, Jupiter  and Rahu in Leo  in the Foundation chart in the 3rd house  of Public opinion. All Retrograde and in Transit also from 25th March  Saturn in retrogression, Mars in retrogresson the 17th April and Jupiter all ready Retrograde in Leo over natal Jupiter at Saturn degrees who is also a fallen planet. Mars and Saturn in Square with Natal Mars and Saturn and natal Nodes and Transit nodes will be Explosive Parameter for BJP, specially when the Dasha Lord mercury is also afflicted and is the Lagna and the 4th Lord , the Party image will be at stake  after both mars and saturn are in Retrograde position between 24th March to 9th May 2016.  As mentioned Jupiter will behave like an Mad elephant and connected to the Lagna Lord Mercury and Eclipses taking placed in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna Lord  and Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and rahu-Ketu transitting over Natal Rahu -Ketu, there is hardly any room left for the good image of the party and there may be a Reshuffle of the Portfolios of the Ministers . There is also a strong possibility of the Head being displaced . The Possibility of Some top Member of BJP will also bring Disgrace due to involvement of Black money in a Foreign Bank. See the conjunction of Jupiter in natal chart with Rahu and all parameters explosive in the chart getting activated for the Chart to fall like a pack of Cards .
  5. Saturn , Mars, Jupiter  Stationary position over Natal Planets in the 3rd house on the 20th March to 30th March, 13th April to 16th April and then 5th May to 14th may 2016 will be instrumental  for the above happenings.
  6. Strict Vigil and Security measures should also be employed by the Govt. for Senior members of the NDA Govt.
  7. The party image will also suffer due to Global Recession on the cards as Predicted by me.
  8. Resuffle in the Portfolois is on the cards. Some Prestigious Ranks change .

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  19th Feb. 2016 10-30 hrs New Delhi

This is astrological prediction as indicated by the planetary Positions and not the opinions of the writer, This is for the Astrology lovers to see what astrology can predict according to planetary Positions. The writer of the article is not responsible for any event occuring out of the same