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Will The JNU Row Escalate When Red Planet Mars Squares Demons and Conjunct Saturn

Read my Article” Prolonged Stay Of Red Planet Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio: Crucial 211 days” dated 11th Feb. 2016. link

Mars Ingresses in Scorpio on the 20th Feb. 2016 at 16.42 hrs. and Conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio at 21.22 degrees hence in Navamsha Mars will be debilitated  and Opposing Saturn in Capricorn. Mars is the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord of the natural Zodiac and Satirn the 10th and the 11th Lord Thus connection of the 8th Lord and Bhadak is crucial in the Transit . Scorpio is watery Sign and Mars is also in the Navamsha of a Watery sign . Mars Transit in the sign of Scorpio will be for 211 days  a Prolonged Stay in Scorpio. Mars every 2 years and 2 months overstays in a Rashi, Last time it Over stayed in Libra for over 211 days or so. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are exterior outer Planets , since they are at a distance from Sun  they are slow in speed in their motion and take a long time to complete a revolution around the Sun. The Outer Planets and Superior Planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars  become Retrograde when in 120 to 240 degrees from Sun. Mars is a Planet between Earth and Jupter.

During Mars Stay in Scorpio the following Parameters acquire a special Dimension.

  1. Mars in Scorpio will Transit for 211 days from 20th Feb. 2016 to 18th Sept. 2016
  2. It will Join Saturn in Scorpio at 21.22 degrees and Debilitated Mars will be opposed by Saturn from Capricorn sign in Navamsha
  3. Mars will acquire Retrogression motion on the 17th April 2016 at 14.49 degrees  in the navamsha of Scorpio and will be in conjunction with Retrograde Saturn at 21.54 degrees in capricorn navamsha , hence both will be strong to give results of their signs in Retrogression.
  4. Mars will activate the natal Ketu in the India Foundation chart in the 7th house over natal Ketu at 5.45 degrees on the 5th March 2016 in the same navamsha
  5. Saturn and Mars in In  Retrogression will be in Kendra from Nodes  and Jupiter on the 17th April 2016 are Cruicial Parameters for Economy Meltdown
  6. At the time of Eclipses on the 9th March 2016  Mars will be aspecting the Eclipse sign and since in Retrogression it will activate the Eclipse point again and again and trigger the effects of the Eclipses , Specially for those Countries and Individual who have the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna , Moon and Sun and Anter Dasha of Planet  Rahu or a Planet afflicted by Rahu,
  7. Mars will be Fallen planet on the 18th June for 25 days in Libra, since it will fall back in Libra in Retrogression. A Fallen planet is most Venemous and like a snake bite and a malefic Mars Fallen is  considered Most afflicted , since it is also the Lagna lord and the 8th Lord of the natural Zodiac.
  8. Mars and Saturn both will be in Retrogression from the 17th April to 29th June 2016 Mars and Saturn both will be in Retrogression in Scorpio from 17th April to 18th June 2016 in Scorpio aftyer which Mars will be in Retrogression in Libra  for 25 days . This Period will be most crucial for the Globe.
  9. Mars and Saturn will be in Retrogression in the 7th house of the India independence chart, which signifies War, International affairs.This combination will be in the 8th house of the Foundation chart of Pakistan, hence mass happenings, coup of the Ruling Govt.,4th house of the  US the house of Oppositions, Permanancy house, 11th house of China the international Trade , 3rd house of Neighnbors for  Russia with Virgo lagna.
  10. On the 20th Feb. 2016 Mars and Saturn both will be in Kendra from Sun , hence their motion will become slower  and as mentioned this process of  Mars over staying in a sign takes place after every 2 years and 2 months and Retrogrades during this Period  for approx. 7-8 months . The long Stay of Mars is due to the eccentricity and Gravitational influences of the celestial bodies between Jupiter and Mars and its being in Square position to Sun. Saturn Mars Conjunction in Scorpio will take place after every 29.46 years , last time it occured on the 23rd Jan 1986 and it will happen again in the year 2046.

Scorpio is a negative sign of Mars being the 8th house of the natural zodiac and is a Watery sign. It is a sign of negative source and power. A sign of regeneration. Saturn is a discipline, responsibility , limitations  and stability , where as Mars is a Planet of Energy, Courage and assertion. Saturn is slow moving and also cold, where as Mars is Fast responsive and a Fiery Planet. The conjunction often Produces contradictory effects on the Human beings.


Mars  Represents Armed Forces, Navy Air commands, Police, Engineers. It is a Planet of War, Strife and represents Violence in every form  including fires, explosions, Armed conflicts. It is also a Planet of Assassination, Coup, Criminals, Accidents, Murders, Abductioin, Rape , Militancy and Dacoity. It represents Proxy war and Terrorism in all Forms, Mass Happenings, Political disturbances

In Minerals it represents Copper and Gold

In Commodities it represents Masoor dal, Red Chillies, Weapons, Guns. When Conjunct with Saturn it gives extremely evil Results like  Wars,  Mutiny,Earthquakes,Epidemics, Civil Strife and Terrorism of every kind.

It has been observed that Wars have followed  when Mars  is closest to Earth and when in Retrogression. In the 20th Century  Mars closest approach to Earth was on the 20-11-1990 and the historic UN Security Council Resolution Sanctioning use of Force against Iraq for its aggression against Kuwait was made on the 29-11-1990. Mars was then in Taurus aspecting Scorpio. On the 27th August 2002 Mars was closest to the Earth  and in the sign of Leo with Sun and Europe was reeling in the spell of Extreme heat , not witnessed in Centuries before. . Wild Fires in Spain, Portugal and Italy in Early August 2002. Civil War took place in Liberia in which more than three hundred thousand  people died . There was Total breakdown in authority .


Saturn signifies death, national calamities, contradiction, disease,war,loss or gain of Terrority, agitation, strikes, labour class, democracy,. It has been noticed that the first conjunction falling in each triplicity , which is also called a” Great Mutation” has a very important and lasting effect  and when lunation and Eclipses take place important events are triggered  Saturn Stands for D Democracy, Death, Dictators, being the Lord of the 10th house of the natural zodiac, it has much to do with  Rulers of the Country, hence Death of Rulers

Mars -Saturn conjunction and Previous Events 

When there is Conjunction of malefics then they unleash the evil forces, hence Mars and Saturn conjunction is an evil one. it is considered as most inauspicious. Even Jahangir- the Mugal King  of India  was afraid of this conjunction . it is mentioned  in Jahangir Nama”Since the conjunction of two malefics Mars and Saturn had occured I ordered Gold, Silver and other metals and all sort of grains  to be given to  the poor and needy and distributed throughout the realm”

 Battle of  Haldighat in the year 1576 took place when mars and Saturn conjunction took place in Sagitarius and Jupiter was in Debilitation and and Squared by Rahu in Aries

21.3.1739 Nadir Shah invasion and general massacre at Delhi  (Katle aam) The carnage begun at 9.00 am and the Persian Soldiers  forced their way in shops and houses killing  the occupants   and laying violent hands of any thing of value. the money changer Bazaar  and shops of jewellers were set on fire . The massacre continued for 6 hours . The dark day has become proverbial in the history of India and Nadir Shah stands for symbol of Cruelity

All this happened when there was conjunction of Mars and Saturn in a dual sign of Gemini and both Mars and Saturn were in the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn in navamsha  respectively.  Capricorn sign was afflicted by Rahu nand by aspect of Mars  and Jupiter in square with Rahu and Moon was with Rahu and thus Rahu in adverse motion and Sun was aspected by Saturn 10th aspect.

5th June 1984 Blue Star Operation 

1984 Blue Star operation took place in which the Golden Temple was stromed by the Indian Army. At that time there was almost degree conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra at 19.36 degree and 17.12 degrees respectively . Both were in Retrogression in the nakshatra of Rahu in the navamsha of Pieces . Rahu was then in Taurus in Rohini the nakshatra when afflicted causes massacre.

The operation  was another black day , since it was on the holiest shrine of Sikhs and involved killing of hundreds of Sikhs alienared the whole  Sikh Community and led to militancy , which took a long time to supress.

The Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905) was fought between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over rival imperial ambitions in Manchuria and Korea. The major threats of operations were the liaodong Peninsula and Mukden in Southern Manchuria, and the seas around Korea, Japan, and the Yellow Sea. Mars was in Scorpio on the 5th Sept. 1905 and Square with Sarurn , Sun and Rahu.

Murder of  King and Queen  of Portugal .Portugals Black Day on the 4th Feb 1909 when Mars was in Scorpio  6/8 axis with Rahu, there was exchange of Mercury and Mars Nakshatra .

Since the Rahu-Jupiter conjunction is also taking place in Early Jan. 2016 and this Ingress of Mars in Scorpio with Saturn Conjunction will be in Square position with Rahu and Ketu it is most malefic Transit for 211 days.

Attack on America-World Trade Centre on the 11th Sept. 2001   took place on the 07-58 hrs . Mars was with Ketu in Ketu Nakshatra in Sagitarius and in Square with Jupiter and Rahu. In the chart below at the time of Mars ingress in Scorpio Mars is square with Jupiter and Rahu and Mars is afflicted and aspects Ketu in Aquarius.

Now see the Chart of Mars ingress in Scorpio on the 20th Feb. 2016 at 16-42 hrs

Mars Transit in Scorpio

Mars aspects Ketu and Sun in Aquarius and Saturn aspects Rahu and Jupiter  at the time of ingress of Mars and Mars and Saturn in opposition in navamsha and  Moon is also afflicted in navamsha along with Sun. Till 20th Feb. 2016 Mars has also been afflicting Ketu in Transit navamsha hence this transit will be crucial for Mars aspect on Ketu in Aquarius , specially Aquarius being the Sign of the Eclipse sign of the 9th March 2016. Mars Influencing this sign 3 times will be crucial between 20th Feb. to 13th July 2016

Eclipse Point 

The Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse of the 9th March 2016 is 24.50 degrees. Mars will activate this Point after 7th Sept. 2016  in the same navamsha and reach these degrees on the 9th Sept. 2016 and in the same navamsha till 12th Sept. 2016. On the 12th sept. 2016. Mars will be aspecting the eclipse point in degrees and Sun will also be in Leo at the same degrees of the Eclipse  and will be with Rahu is most crucial Parameter in the Ingress of Mars in Scorpio.

Chart of Solar Eclipse of 9th March 2016 07-25 hrs.

Solar Eclipse of March 2016

1st Sept. 2016  14-33 hrs.Solar Eclipse Mars will be aspecting Ketu degreewise and Saturn aspecting Rahu and Sun in degrees. Critical Parameter for Mars to Trigger the Results Like pressing of a Button for Electricity

See the chart below

Solar eclipse 1st sept. 2016

It is needless to explain the above as is crystal clear of the affliction by Mars on the Eclipse point along with Saturn and acquires a special dimansion to sprout untoward happenings.

Degree Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio

There will be degree conjunction of Mars and Saturn on the 23rd -24th August  2016 and Mars and Saturn will be in square position from both Rahu and Sun and in navamsha on the 23rd August Mars and Saturn will also be influencing both the Lumanaries in Taurus since both Mars and Saturn  will also be vargottam and very strong  hence untoward happenings possible for the significationed mentioned

The Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio will therefore not be a benefic one . The following will be the effects in a nut shell.

  1. Adverse effect on the Stock Market and  hence Economy Meltdown.
  2. Scorpio sign is  Debt and Money and issue regarding the same will crop up for 211 days with magnitude specially when both are Retrograde for 42 days  .
  3.  Oil Prices will become Volatile since Scorpio sign also rules  Natural resources  like oil, coal or issues of things found underground.
  4. Issues connected to Necular safety.
  5. Strong Political Turmoils , specially the conjunction taking place in the 7th house of the India Foundation chart , hence issues of International Trade, War, Espoinage by Foreign Elements, Terrorism.. Issues regarding Labour class , Strikes, Agitations . Hardik Patel could be active in this Period and as already predicted may face failures , but will be instrumental in damaging the Public Property .
  6. Earthy sign when ever in Affliction there will be Earthquakes, Tsunamis during this Period of 211 days and more so when both will be retrograde from 17th April to 29th June 2016 for 42 days  and Periods mentioned above when the Eclipse Point  is activated by Mars and Saturn. South Eastern Countries could face these Disasters with magnitude .
  7. Since Both Mars and Saturn will be in Square Position with Nodes the Sex Related issues could sprout in this Transit.
  8. Middle East War and ISIS will be more active during this Period for 211 days and Terrorism may Sprout with magnitude in the 42 days mentioned above

Effect on the Countries


The conjunction taking place in the 7th house over natal Ketu  and as explained above, War, Terrorism, Internatioanl Trade,Espoinage by Foreign elements, Strikes, Agitations,Terrorism Political Turmoils, EarthQuakes  and  Sex issues will crop up

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  1. Mars Placement in the 3rd house aspecting the 6th, 9th and 10th house and aspecting the Lumanaries is a Crucial Parameters for Terrorism, War like situations, Religious indifferences sprouting since Jupiter affliction in the Asendant and both Lumanries in the 6th house .(Sun is Lagna Lord as well). They coud take a serious shape after mars ingressing in Scorpio and aspecting the 7th house of war, international trade and affairs.

We have already  seen the JNU episode of Religious indifferences sprouting  and the involvement of the neighbors where mars is placed in the Paksha kundali aspecting the crucial houses .

Article “Solar Ingress of Sun in Capricorn: What it has in Store for India” link…-store-for-india/

Read this in the above Article ”

Guru Chandal Yoga

The avove chart has Guru chandal yoga aspected by Saturn  and the most sensitive Parameter is the Close Proximity of Rahu and  Jupiter degreewise . Jupiter is also  at the mouth of Rahu. At the time of Rahu ingress in Leo Jupiter will be  Stationary motion and in very close Proximity with Rahu and aspected by Saturn. This yoga is capable of Producing the Most malefic results since jupiter is also the 8th Lord in the Foundation chart and the 6th Lord in the Solar ingress chart. As per the Foundation chart this combination is taking place in the 4th house and the effects are as follows “Guru chandal yoga 4th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 4th house:  shows good education and native will be sharp, intelligent, witted and government job. Person will have own house or property, if aspected by benefic planets. If Jupiter is malefic, there will be disturbances in family life and may involve in immoral deeds. The combination is aspected by Saturn hence there will be acute disturbances in the country and the Peace will be disturbed for a long time  .

As per the Solar ingress chart above it is taking place in the 11th house and the effects are as follows .”Guru chandal yoga 11th House or Jupiter Rahu conjunction in 11thhouse: Guru chandal yoga in 11th house not good. This placement may give huge amount of money but from wrong places. Sudden loss and gains of money also seen from this yoga. If this Yoga is strong and benefic in the eleventh house, there will be influx of money, though the money may come through wrong channels. The native will enjoy a luxurious life.” Hence the corruption will be on its heights.  The worst effect of this Yoga will be after Mars transits in the Scorpio after 20th Feb. 2016 and  the time of the Eclipses of March 2016, Mars aspecting the Solar Ecliopse of 9th March 2016 and Saturn aspecting the 23rd March Lunar Eclipse. The Money may come  to Youths from the ISIS organisations to lure them in Terrorism.Religious Provocations and Terrorism between to Countries can sprout , For India Pakistan can be responsible for it.

Now the Last  Para

The Paksha Kundali of 8th Feb. 2016 is an Enigmatic one and all above events can sprout with magnitude 

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.The Highest concern  in the Progression chart is the Lagna is in the nakshatra of Saturn  the 7th and 8th Lord Placed in Lagna with Debilitated Mars the 10th and the 5th Lord .Moon in the nakshatra of Sun , Sun the sigificator of the Head of the country in Debilitation aspected by Mars Debilitated , Moon in Vishghati.  Affliction to the Lagna and Moon are serious Parameters in the Progression chart and are indicative factors that  there may be an attempt on the life of the Head of the Country,the State  or Important dignitaries concerning the  Courts, Temples Embassies. The general atmosphere in the Country will not be good, there will be issues sprouting one after the other . Religious Provocations
2. Mars aspect on Venus almost at same degrees and Mars also  aspecting Venus in navamsha..In transit Mars and Venus will be in Virgo the 3rd house of the Progression chart at same degrees on the 3rd Nov. 2015 and in the same navamsha of Capricorn, which is the 7th house of the chart. The conjunction will be till 30th Nov. 2015. Hence This Period will be sensitive for Torture on women specially. Vehicular Accidents. Mars ingressing in the 3rd house over Rahu in Transit can sprout Boarder tensions with Pakistan and neighboring countries . Religious Provocations and issues  between India and Pakistan may escalate 

Also Read this Para “In wake of the serious affliction in the Vedic Progression chart and Eclipses approacing and on the 3/9 axis will sprout serios untoward happenings concerning the significations of the 9th and the 3rd house, Neighbors, Air and Rail Traffic, Temples, Religious Places, Courts, Embassies, Diplomats and issues related to Religon. I dont want to eloborate this issue and is self explainatory . Home Ministry should take the threat of Pakistan seriously and take appropriate measure. Financial Stagnation is also attributes around the time when Sun will enter Libra till 18th Oct. 2015 and after 28th Sept. 2015 the Lunar Eclipse. Mercury Transit in Virgo is also a sensative Parameter over the 3rd house till 29th Oct. 2015 . Mercury goes in Retrogression on the 17th Sept. 2015 and will be in Stationary position as well with Rahu in any case is not good since Pakistan will be instrumental in Terrorism in india with the help of militant Groups using Latest Equipments in the field of Electronics, since rahu with Mercury Exhalted. All the above can also escalate after Solar ingress in Capricorn after 14th Jan 2016 and in the fortnight begining 8th Feb. 2016 ”

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Summary By the Vedic Progression Chart 

In nut shell the following would be more prevelant in the year till August 2016

1. Terrorism, Tension with Neighboring countries.

2. Havoc from Rains and Floods in the Coastal  Areas and Areas signified by Leo, Gemini and Scorpio Signs .Leo rashi will bring heavy rainfall in the state of Gujarat.  Havoc because of  flood in Delhi-NCR region, Uttarpradesh, Assam,Bihar, parts of West Bengal and Orisha. On the onset of the Fortnight Cyclone and Tornado cannot ruled out

3. Head of the States and King and Queen under humiliations and attack by opposition  to bring them down from power , needless to mention the names here , specially the Women Leaders .

4. Issues Pertaining to Religon , Court, Justice, Diplomats cannot be ruled out .

5.Prices of Crude oil could go up  Bearish and Bullish  and Bullish after 20-2-2016 and then  Mars transits the sign Leo on the 15th Sept. 2015.

6. Prices of Real Estate will be Bearish and no Escalation

7. Prices of Gold will improve when Sun and Jupiter in Leo after  15th Sept. 2015

8. 2nd Lord debilitated in the 4th house is worst for the Financial position of the country . Sun goes in Debilitation after 18th sept. 2015 hence depression in the financial position of the country is on the cards.

Critical Periods and Charts when the Planets in the Vedic Progression Charts are activated and indicative of Untoward happenings .

Now the Planets important in the DPYH chart are

  1. Moon in the nakshatra of Sun aspected  by Mars
  2. Moon aspect by Mars and Saturn
  3. Sun with Venus and Mercury aspected by Mars
  4. Mars in nakshatra of Mercury
  5. Sun in Nakshatra of Mars ,
  6. Venus in Nakshatra of Rahu
  7. Saturn in nakshatra of Mercury
  8. Venus and Mars at same degrees

Sun is in Libra with Mercury , Venus and Mars at same degrees on the 6th Nov. 2015

See the Chart below Some Sensitive Parameters are getting Activated as per the Progression chart

Transit 6th Nov. 2015

5th Nov. 2015 very sensitive day for India for Untoward happenings , then 20-21st  Nov. Mars will activate the eclipse point of the 28th Sept. 2015 is another sensitive Date 

The Next Date is 19th Jan 2016 , See the chart below


Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn, Sun aspected by Mars .

Now see the chart after the Solar Eclipse of the 13th March 2016


All the Malefic Parameters in the DPYH chart of the August 2015 are activated

Moon about to change sign and get asp-ected by Mars and Saturn , Sun aspected by Mars along with Mercury and Venus as the case was at the time of DPYHJupiter was in Rahu-Ketu axis  100 % Parameters activated , hence there will be untoward happening with strong dimension  .

Hindu Muslim Roits

Financial Stagnation , BJP under Threat

Mass Happenings

8th Lord Jupiter  afflicted ,  Navamsha sign of 8th Lord Taurus afflicted by Mars and Saturn . 8th Lord of Navamsha Venus afflicted it is also the Lord sign of Jupiter the 8th Lord , Saturn the navamsha Lord of Venus afflicted

Conflicts due to religion

Now Read this Media News

JNU row: Forget the #SeditionDebate, here’s why the charge isn’t worth the paper on which it is written


Also Read this Again. Journalist Beaten At JNU Hearing, Same Lawyer Involved: 10 Facts

Here are the latest developments: as per above Post.
  1. Rival groups of lawyers clashed and a journalist alleged that he was beaten up. Policemen in riot-gear tried to control the crowd.
  2. One of the groups shouting slogans of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and “Vande Mataram” was led by Vikram Chauhan, one of the lawyers who had assaulted JNU teachers, students and reporters on Monday.
  3. To prevent another bout of violence, the Supreme Court had restricted the number of people to be allowed in court today.
  4. The Supreme Court had allowed only five reporters and two supporters of the arrested student to attend the hearing.
  5. The court acted on a petition that had alleged that the police were a “mute spectator to the brazen display of brute force” on Monday.
  6. On Tuesday, a group of journalists met Home Minister Rajnath Singh and complained that policemen at the court allowed the attacks to continue, did nothing to intervene as reporters were kicked and beaten with sandals.
  7. Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU students’ union president, was arrested last week on sedition charges for allegedly raising slogans at the event on February 9 to mark the anniversary of the execution of terrorist Afzal Guru in 2013.
  8. The Delhi Police is carrying out searches in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir for other students accused of shouting slogans at the controversial event.
  9. “We have identified the ringleaders. There is reasonable indication that outsiders were also involved,” said police chief BS Bassi.
  10. Eight students have been named in the university’s own report. Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar said the students had been asked to appear before the JNU’s inquiry committee.

The main cause of the JNU Row is the Jupiter affliction since 9th Jan. 2016 as mentioned by me in all my articles. Jupiter is the significator of Children, Students, Teachers and under strong Affliction and being the 9th and the 10th Lord acquires a malefic state for the all the above happenings and hence the events may escalate after 20th feb. 2016 , Around the Eclipses and till Jupiter Leaves the sign Leo on the 12th August 2016 . Dasha of Moon -Mars  from 10th July 2016 is more Frightening then the Present Dasha of Moon -Moon , but this Dasha in the Foundation chart will work as a Seed and the fruits after 10th July 2016 for the Escalation of Events related to Espoinage and war with Force with neighboring countries and Pakistan. The Period in which all the 3 Planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will be Retrograde from 24th March to 9th May 2016 is also very Critical  and May sprout all events with force. Jupiter Retrogression and aspect  by Retrograde Saturn will be crucial , since the Students, Educational Institutions are involved signified by Jupiter , the Intensity of Events will also be high and after 5th June 2016 again Escalate when Jupiter and Rahu will be again in the same Navamsha, Hence the Period after 5th June is More critical after which the Dasha of Moon-Mars will also be in operation, till then the issue may escalate , but the Situations Taking an Explosive shape will be in this Period .  

Earthquakes , Volcanos expected after 8th Feb 2016  and more so around the critical dates mentioned in the article. Most critical for a strong Earthquake in the Hindu Kush Area God Bless

Jyotish acharaya anil aggarwala Date 17th Feb. 2016 10-30 hrs 


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