Heart Throbbing Predictions In Unique Way

“Heart Throbbing Predictions In Unique Way”

This Article has been Published in the Express Star Teller In the May 2016 Edition on the Page 51 
Heart-throbbing predictions in unique way
by Anil Aggarwala

I am Reproducing the same here again 

In the Year Jan. 2007 I joined Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Astrological Institute New Delhi. I was Lucky to have a Teacher  for Teaching Profession.  One fine class I was called on the Blackboard to Put a Chart . I put my Own chart of 4th May 1948 08.23.20 hrs New Delhi. I had not even put the degrees and the Dasha . He immediately predicted that the person whose chart has been put would have faced issues relating to Profession due to his Superior and his Father in the Dasha of Mercury-Ketu. . Which was 100% correct .10th house is 12th from Mercury and and Ketu is Placed in 8th from 10th house and in nakshatra of Jupiter 10th and 7th Lord , Saturn aspecting Sun Karka for Father and Superiors was the reason for the same .


During the course of Study in Astrology in the year 2011 to 2013. In one class I remember I wanted to put a Chart of a Native born on the 10th April 1966 14-03 hrs. New Delhi and before the chart  could be put on the Board or on the Software, he gave the following Predictions immedaitely .

1. The native is married to a Girl in other caste, elder in age by 13 months and is very Fair and from other city.

2. The native will  not have the blessings of his father with in the span of 4 years after marriage . I was amazed at the 100% Predictions  and asked him how he predicted this when even no Chart was  put. He gave the following Explanations.

For Point number 1 he said marriage  when Sun is in Pieces is not Good and since the Native is Born with Sun in Pieces along with Saturn and Sun is 26 degrees , Marriage out of caste due to conjuction of Sun with Saturn, as Saturn had just entered Pieces, , Sun has a Declination of 18 years and is at 26 degrees and short of 4 degrees to reach Exhaltation sign the Girl in question will be 14 months elder and Because of Sun going in Exhaltation and in the Lagna of the Natural Zodiac, she will have very fair and golden complexion.

Point Number 2 He answered Sun and Saturn together and in the 9th house suggest Pitra dosh and according to Vedic Progression charts Mars will become the 9th Lord in the Vedic Progression chart  and  will be totally combusted  after 4 years.

The Predictions made by him were 100% correct as the native was married to a Girl with golden complexion, elder in Age by 14 months and out of caste  and out of city . His Father Expired after 4 years of marriage .

Another predictions he made about me were as follows in the year 2013. In  Jan 2013 I went to HongKong and on the 9th Jan 2013, my wife experienced a lump in her left breast, on the same day I lost my Diamond Ring in the Hotel. After coming back to India. I went to my Guru and told him that my Wife was diagnosed with Brest Cancer  on the 25th Feb 2013. He asked me the following questions.

1. Did I buy Diamond or Lost Diamond ?

2. Is your Age in multiples of 8  ?

3. Are you Running the dasha of Venus/ Rahu  ?

4. Is your Venus Related to 7th house/7th lord   ?.

5. As an Astrologer have you held back some negative predictions and not apraised the Querist ?

I was Taken aback as all the above questions put were related and were correct 100%.. I then asked him how he reached all these conclusions when he did not have my birth chart or neither any Prashna chart was put.

He answered as follows   Losing Diamond or Buying  is not good for Marital Relations, and depends upon  afflictions on Venus in the chart. , Diamond has 8 tips and also has a declination of 8 years , hence Venus in the birth chart will be exactly over Venus in the multiples of 8 years and I had  completed 64 years of age and running in the 65th year and Venus was over Venus as per Declination . Venus is Related to Diamond and my Rahu is also in Venus Nakshatra ,Amazingly I was Running the Dasha of Venus-Rahu then . My Venus is Placed in Lagna and aspects the 7th house and 7th lord Jupiter Forming a Panch Mahapurush yoga in Sagitarius. Venus in Gemini is an affliction as per Nadi Jyotish on this he also gave another remarkable prediction Once i told him my Venus is in Lagna and in Gemini. You would never buy a New Vehicle. Amazingly I started dealing in Cars immedaitely after marriage and I Had the Best Used  Cars in  town and hence there was no question of my buying a New Car, In fact this was my additional Buisness of Selling Cars along with my Job in an MNC. I am still into this Buisness but with low interest .I had also  held back a Prediction of a Client whose wife was to have Abortion after Still born child after 4 months . I immedaitely Told the client to take utmost care of his Wife and Show her to the best possible Doctor as the 4th month is significant in Pregnancy. Hence 100 % Predictions without Birth chart and Prashna chart made by my Esteemed Guru . He then Guided me to for the  Operation in Anuradha nakshatra and the Chemotherapy and Radiations according to the Thithis . I am Extremely thankful to my Guru for the insights he has given to me by his Valuable and a far reaching  knowledge, which most of the Astrologer lack. my Wife recovered fast but after  all the necessary Completion of the above necessary for Cancer .  I again Stand up to offer my Gratitude and Ovation to my Esteemed Guru.

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 26th April 2016 10-00 am  Singapore

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