ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Dead Or Alive

by anil aggarwala

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Killed In US-Led Air Strike: Report

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This is with reference to my earlier Article “The Brutality of ISIS ,Red Planet Mars and Saturn In Retrogression Explosive” link…rn-retrogression/

The News Come on the Eve of the Solar Ingress of Sun in Gemini on the 14th June 2016 and also when Venus has just ingressed in Gemini on the 13th June 2016. The Third Parameter is the Saturn in Mrityu bhag ,  hence these 3 Parameters acquire a special dimension . Let us see the Chart of ISIS  to see what emerges from the Same . Let me reproduce the Text what I had written earlier for ISIS 

Now have a look at the chart of ISIS  below 

The above is the map of Middle East Countries and it so seems that the War on Terrorism will continue in the year 2016 and concentration in the above Countries for eradication .

ISIS origin

The Above chart shows from 2000 to 2014 when Large parts of Syria were captured by ISIS and  Abu-Bkr-al-bagdadi came in power on the 29th June 2014

As per the chart of ISIS below taken from Shri VishVijay Panchang Solan 2015-2016

On 29 June 2014, the organisation proclaimed itself to be a worldwide caliphate. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—known by his supporters as Amir al-Mu’minin,

Chart of ISIS

The Lagna is Sagitarius a Codand Rashi  at 21.10 degrees in the nakshatra of Venus who is the 6th and the 11th lord placed in own sign in the 6th house . The Lagna Lord is Exhalted and placed in the 8th house with Moon who is also the 8th lord , indicative of Secret Mission , The Conjunction is also aspected by Saturn from the 11th house who is in Retrograde Motion with Rahu. Saturn is also Marak and Connected to 8th house and the  Lagna Lord Jupiter along with 8th Lord Moon is a Malefic combination for the Longevity of the Organisation. Jupiter is Exhalted and also vargottam and is stronger then the 8th Lord , hence the ISIS group may sustain for some time frame . The aspect of Mars and Saturn on the Lagna is showing the struggles  and Pains what the Founder and the organisation will face due to militancy from time to time ans specially till 18th Sept. 2016 till Mars and Saturn Transit the 12th house Scorpio.

Mars as 5th and the 12th Lord  the planet of Wars is Digbali and Placed in the 10th house in its own nakshatra aspects the Lagna gives strength to Fight makes it war mongering as 12th lord and very close to the MEP of the 10th house  . 5th house has Ketu aspected by Saturn retrograde a marak. Ketu is also aspected bt Mars by 8th aspect, hence Ketu is badly afflicted in the 5th house of Thought Process. Saturn also aspects the Lagna along with Mars makes the ISIS a war prone Organisation . Lagna is also aspected by 9th Lord Sun  and 7th Lord  Mercury in Retrogression who is about to fall back in Taurus sign the 6th house of the chart . Sun and Mercury is a Rajyoga, but since Mercury is weak and about to fall is also showing the weakness. the 4th Lord in the 8th house and movable sign shows , the Founder will change his working place and Residence as time passes and is subject to Attacks. 4th Lord is also with 8th Lord Moon . All the 4  Parameter Lagna Lord , Moon, Mercury and the 5th house are aflicted badly shows the mental condition of  Abu-Baker-Al- Bagdadi at the time of announcement . . Mars and Saturn aspecting the Lagna and Mars aspect on Herchel in the 4th house makes Mars Explosive for Wars, hence bloodshed is inevitable , more so after Mars transits over natal Mars after 3rd Nov. 2015 with  Venus . At the time when these 2 planets ingress in Virgo, Rahu is already Placed there , making the combination explosive for Wars, Blasts and Bloodshed.

The Most Critical factor in the chart of the ISIS foundation chart is that Mars is a fallen Planet in the 10th house Digbali and Most Malefic being the 12th and the 5th Lord It has the Capability to bring about warlike conditions for the Group itself and for the World , But it has been observed that such a Planet causes more harm to others , Mars was in Airy sign and has fallen in Earthy sign , hence It will create war on the Earth and Air. In Libra it was with Rahu and Saturn . Hence Mars will create havoc when with Rahu and Saturn in Transit  and in the sign Libra where it had conjunction with Rahu and Saturn   . It had ingressed in Libra on the 4th Feb. 2014 and became Retrograde on the 1st March 2014 at 3.28 degrees and Fall back in Virgo on the 26th March 2014, It became Direct on the 20th May 2014 at 14.58 degrees . On the 1st  March 2014 Mars was very close to Rahu and Saturn when it was Stationary before going in Retrogression at 3.28 degrees . Rahu was 5.22 degrees in the same Navamsha and Saturn at 7.05 degrees , Hence when Mars Transits Libra on the 24th Dec. 2015 and Reaches these degrees could create havoc for the Globe and the countries ISIS plans  Terrorism  Mars will Cross 3.28 degrees on the 30th Dec. 2015 , Hence from 30th Dec. 2015 to 1st week of Jan 2016 will be the Most Sensitive time for terrorism.

Navamsha and Dashamsha  Jupiter lagna Lord of Rashi Chart  is strong in both the charts , 10th Lord of Foundation chart is strong in Dashamsha along with 10th lord od Dashamsha , hecne the ISIS will fight with Strength , irrespective of the Outcome, Since they will produce disasterous conditions in the globe and Financial Recession, Escalation in the Prices of Petrolium Products and Blood shed is on the Cards .The 1/7 axis of the Navamsha with 8th Lord Moon of the Rashi chart opens the mission the ISIS may have . I have already written a separate Article on the Financial Stagnation in the globe after the 9th March 2016 Eclipse.

The Dasha at the time of Formation of the Organisation is of Saturn who is Exhalted, Retrograde, Marak and with  Rahu indicates the Future and their mission. The Dasha at the time of  Foundation is Saturn-Venus-Mercury, Mercury the Sub Sub Dasha Lord  Mercury with Sun the 9th Lord shows the Mission  for  the War . Dasha of Sat-Sun, Sat-Moon, Sat-Mars and Sar-Rahu  and then Sat-Jup till 24-12-2023 ,but the Periods of Sat-Sun till 27th Nov. 2015 and then Sat-Moon from 27th Nov. 2015 will be crucial for the Globe since there will be Bloodshed in this Period , which is likely to be continued till 6-8-2018  a Period of Sat-Mars from 27-6-2017 to 6-8-2018 will be worst. In fact when Mars Transits Libra on the 24th Dec. 2015 could bring about more terrorist activities by the Group. A Period till Mars is over natal Mars could also be a Period of Blood shed by the Organisation .Mars transit in the sign of Scorpio from 20th Feb. 2016 for a Period of 211 days could also escalates the war like situations  specially when it becomes Retrograde and fall back in Libra over Natal Rahu and  Saturn .The Eclipses in March 2016 and Mars Activating the Eclipse point again and again , since in Retrograde motion and then in direct motion will prove fatal for the Globe and specially between the Shia -Sunni Countries . Needless to mention the Countries . 

Mars Stationary will aspect the Natal Venus and Sun in the 7th house in very close degrees between 13th April to 21st April 2016  and When Mars is Fallen between 17th June to 3rd July for 25 days will fall on Natal Saturn will be the most Explosive period for the world , since then Mars will be over the natal Saturn and Rahu.. The dasha of Saturn -Mars from 27th June will there be explosive for the World till 18th Sept. 2016 and Explosive in August 2016 between 23rd to 29th August 2016

As already pointed out ISIS will keep on shifting their  activities since the 4th lord is Placed with 8th lord in the 8th house of the formation chart of ISIS. The Countries Prone are already discussed in my article dated 25th March 2016

The 2 Paksha Kundalis of 22nd May and 5th June 2016 Could be Explosive for ISIS for  triggering the events along with other Parameters 

All the above as Predicted earlier is Proving 100 % and My Predictions coming True

The Present Dasha Running is Saturn-Moon-Jupiter

In Transit Mars and Saturn in the 12th house in Scorpio, Moon on the 12-13th June with Jupiter and Moon in the 9th house in Transit aspected by Transit Saturn . In the Natal Chart Saturn also aspects Jupiter and Moon in the 8th house

10th and 7th Lord Mercury shifted in the 6th house on the 9th June 2016, 10th Lord is also represented by the Head of the Institution , Hence it is Possible that the news may be a correct one , since all the Dasha Planeta are connected to the 8th house .

As Per

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Born on the 28th July 1971 

Since he has died as per the link

The following Parameters acquire a special dimension

Ayudh D3  Weapon

8th L, LL and Saturn in association with Ayudh D3  person will face unnatural death  by weapon, dying out of blast , fire

Now The Parameter which acquire a special dimension are as follows in the chart of Bagdadi

  1. Lagna Lord has to be in the 10th house to Form an Institution
  2. 10th Lord or 10th House has to be strong to give a Status of Bagdadi and Preferably any Planet who is Digbali in the 10th house or in the nakshatra of Sun or Mars
  3. Since Bagdadi has died in an Explosion  LagnaLord, Saturn or 8th Lord has to be in Ayudh Dreshkanne
  4. Mars and Rahu Explosive  Conjunction in the 10th house  and Rahu at 21.oo degrees and aspected by Transit Saturn degreewise
  5. With Aries Lagna  and in the 7th Navamsha suits the Character  of Bagdadi and fufilling all the above requirements . Let me draw the assumed Chart as Below of 28th July 1971                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bagdadi

From the above it is crystal Clear that the Transit of Mars and Saturn in the 8th house of the chart activation of the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord By Saturn in Mrityu Bhag in Transit and Saturn at Lagna Degrees in the MEP of 8th house  aspecting the Natal Saturn who aspects the Natal Ketu in the 4th house and Saturn in Transit aspecting Rahu at exact degrees at MEP of the 10th house , Transit Mars over the Jupiter almost at the same degrees , who is the 9th and the 12th Lord and aspected by Saturn Marak

Saturn and Jupiter connection for Aries Lagna is Explosive since Saturn is Malefic as 11th Lord it should not be connected to jupiter the 12th Lord so Jupiter here Instaed of becoming a Yoga Karka as 9th Lord has attained the Malefic qualities of 12 th house and Transit Of Lagna and 8th Lord and Saturn over it Brings Disaster by Blast since Lagna Lord and 8th Lord both in Ayudh Dreshkanne and Moon also in Virgo is Ayudh Dreshkanne and on the 13-14 June Moon is in Virgo .

One Principle at the time of Death which has been researched is Saturn in transit aspects the Natal Saturn, Sun, Moon , 8th Lord , In Transit it has already Influenced Lagna Lord , 8th Lord , Sun and Moon on the 12th June 2016, Natal 8th House , Lagna Lord and 8th Lord and Saturn have been activated 

Dasha of Planets at Death in affliction and in Sarp Dreshkanne 

Hence from the above It seems that the ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Killed In US-Led Air Strike It so seems 

There are no authentic Details of Birth Time of Bagdadi, I have tried my best to reach the Chart of Bagdadi and seems to be correct sinc ethe Navamsha is also as the character of the Person 


anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

14th  June 2016 09-40 hrs. New Delhi 



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