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Planetary Positions in the Month of August to Oct. 2016 Catastrophic For the Globe

This is in continution to my Article  regarding the 2 Solar Eclipses Taking Place in March and Sept. 2016. Also read my article “What Red Planet Mars Foretells For Terrorism  From 17th June to 18th Sept 2016 ” link…e-18th-sept-2016/  dated 10th June 2016 

In this article I am going to Discuss the Planetary  positions in August -Oct.. 2016  which could prove explosive for the Globe .  The Following are the Parameters.

Mars entering back as fallen Planet in Scorpio on the 12th July 2016 could also prove explosive for the Globe, since Mars will work like a Painting Brush and repeat the events when it was in Scorpio. Mars is Know for its significations and I need not eloborate the same .  The Lunation charts of 4th July and 20th July 2016 are also not condusive to give good results rather Repeat of Terrorism, Bloodshed, Natural and Unnatural Disasters,Political Turmoils , specially when it aspects the Lumanaries in Transit in Gemini Sign and Gemini Navamsha till 16th July 2016.What ever happened when Mars Ingressed in Scorpio on the 20th Feb.2016 could be repeated after 12th July 2016 and till it crosses the Retrogression mark on the 22nd August 2016 . 

  1. Saturn Stationary from 8th August to 18th August at 15.41 degrees in the nakshatra of Anuradha . The Stationary Point of Mars in  Scorpio is 14.49 degrees on the 17th April 2016
  2. 18th August 2016 Lunation chart of Scorpio all planets afflicted by Rahu-Ketu  except Jupiter . Mars also aspects Moon and Ketu and Saturn aspects Sun, Rahu, Venus and Mercury . A Strong Earthquake  Tornado, Fire , Explosions Terrorism could Sprout with Magnitude.
  3. Mercury the Planet of Communication , Weather, Stock market will ingress in Virgo  on the 19th August and go in retrogression on the 30th August at 4.58 degrees and will fall back in Leo on the 9th Sept. 2016 . It will join back Virgo on the 3rd Oct. 2016  , This could Be explosive for Weather, Earthquakes, Communication and the Stock markets
  4. Mars and Saturn Degree conjunction on the 23rd August 2016 at 15 degrees which is also the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse of the 1st Sept. 2016 At this Pont Both will be also Vargottam in Scorpio. Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Solar eclipse of the 9th March 2016 of 24.50 degrees on the 9-10 Sept. 2016
  5. 28th August 2016 Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter almost degreewise
  6.  On the 1st Sept. 2016 Saturn will activate the Eclipse point of 15.15 degrees by Saturn almost degrees aspect.
  7. 9th Sept. 2016 Mars will activate the Eclipse point of 24.50 degrees of Solar Eclipse of 9th March 2016
  8. Mars will activate the Eclipse point Much before the Eclipse on the 23rd August 2016  are some Explosive Parameters .
  9. 26th Sept. 2016 Degree conjunction of Jupiter and Venus which is Considered as a Combination of Blood shed as Per the Mundane Classic Myur chitram
  10. 7th Oct 2016 Jupiter will be hellicaly  set
  11. Planetary Cycles of Planets will be completed on the 7th Oct . 2016 , Jupiter completes its 7th cycle from 1932, Rahu completes its cycle 5th Cycle in Leo from 1929 from Leo to Leo and Saturn was in Leo in 1932 and Now aspects Leo sign
  12. The Opposition of Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo and Pieces  3 times in 2010 and 2011  degreewise will be completed after 7th Oct 2016 and the Effects of Saturn and Jupiter influencing the Virgo and Pieces sign will be completed . The Logic is Saturn aspects Scorpio from Virgo and Jupiter aspects Pieces sign after 11th August 2016 and Saturn  will further Aspect Virgo after 27th Jan 2017 , Hence Basically the Planetary cycles will be completed first on the 7th Oct. 2016 and then 27th Jan 2017. The Dates 8th to 10th Nov. 2016 will also be critical with 21-22nd Nov. 2016  and then 1st to 5th Jan 2017  For Financial Stagnation

The above Planetary combinations are indicative of the Following Happenings in the Globe

  1. Terrorism taking a greater dimension ,
  2. Abnormal weather, Earthquakes, Tornados, Volcanos will sprout with dimension
  3. Global Economy in Stagnation .
  4. Political Turmoils
  5. Kings and Kingly Countries suffering
  6. Real Estate Suffering
  7. Fight amongst nations
  8. ISIS  Active and Terrorism in the Prominent Countries.
    ISIS will continue to attract  youths from all over the world including India. In the Chart of ISIS Mars and Saturn aspecting the Lagna crystal clear indicates that there will be huge destruction of the land it has snatched from Syria and Iraq. ISIS  has been forced out of about 55 places where it once had control, including four major cities, since it made rapid advances across the two countries in 2014.Bangladesh Attacks could be seen Repeated .
  9. Natural and Unnatural disasters
  10. Countries which will be influenced most will be India AAP and Arvind Kejriwal may suffer as mentioned by me on my webpage  , Military Coup In Pakistan, China Natural and Unnatural disasters , US Terrorism Natural and Unnatural disasters Political Turmoils , UK Political Turmoils Financial Stagnation , Europe Political Turmoils and Financial Stagnation
  11. Earthquakes in Japan, Mexico, Himalaya Terrain  India , Indonesia, China , Tibet
  12. Death of Important Leaders and Celebrities .
  13. USA There will be many more cases like 3 Dec 2015 San Bernardino, California attacks
  14. Pakistan as I have already Predicted on my webpage in my previous articles what all I am writing here  that there could be a Military Coup and Nawaz Sharif may have to Step down ,Transit  Mars and Saturn in the 8th house of the Foundation chart
  15. Europe and Paris Attacks  Can repeat  and would not be a surprise
  16. Global Stagnation in Economy cannot be ruled out after completion of Planetary cycles in Oct 2016.
  17. China Untoward happenings connected to Natural disasters
  18. Mars will continue to Target  and will be on the wheels with Magnitude . Arvind Kejriwal  could be influenced adversely since he has Debilitated Mars
  19. Hilary Clinton Vs Donald Trump . Possibility of Trump may finally lead as per the horoscopes available and already Predicted on my webpage
  20. Brexit :Lunation charts of 4th and 20th July 2016 Foretell Protest Against Brexit Vote may not bring results .  All the above has already been predicted by me long back on my webpage in the different articles .                                                                                                                                                                              From the above it is clear that Certain Countries the Effect will be Phenomenal and some countries will have a Little effect , those countires where Saturn , Mars, Nodes will be influencing the natal Degrees of the Planets specially the Nodes,Mars and Saturn in Stationary motion the Effect on those country will be Maximum along with the Most effective Point at 15  or 22 degrees Rahu Ketu at these Degrees and any planet at these degrees will be Maximum influenced to sprout the Results, The Good and Bad Results will depend upon the Degree of Affliction as mentioned above , the more the affliction the more the effects

On top of above the 2 Solar eclipses taking Place on the 9th March and 1st Sept. 2016 will be crucial Since Mars and Stationary Points will be 14.49 and 15.41 degrees and The Eclipse Point of the 1st Sept. 2016 will be aspected by Saturn  . see the chart below

Eclipse of Sept 2016

When  Saturn , Mars, are Stationary at 22.00 or 15 degrees in Scorpio or about to come in Stationary motion for the above countries or any other Country where the Eclipses are taking Placed in the 1/7 axis or the 4/10 axis then there will be Earthquakes  followed by  Cyclones, Trunami with Magnitude . Mercury Fallen  can give and give abnormal conditions in the weather , Watery sign affliction in the Present Scenerio is Scorpio. This is strong Possibility of the above combinations 

Planetary cycles of all planets will be completed when Jupiter and Mercury will be both in Virgo on the 4th Oct. 2016 and Jupiter Rises Helically on the 7th Oct. 2016 could Sprout very strong Parameters for the Kingly Country and the Globe and significations of the Signa Virgo, Pieces the 6th and the 12th house of the natural Zodiac ,Jupiter and Mercury sprout Loudly.needless to write the details since written in all my Articles on this.

The Dates Mentioned in the article are most Explosive for the Globe may it be Terrorism, War Bloodshed, Stock Market, Bad Weather, Earthquakes , Natural and Unnatural Disasters

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

7th July  2016 16-20 hrs. New Delhi 



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