Bhrigu Bindu And Timing of Events

Nadi Jyotisha‘ is a unique and a mysterious system of Astrology developed by our  great sages, centuries and centuries back. Even today, there are many valuable manuscripts collecting dust in Oriental libraries at Baroda, Pune, Madras Mysore, Trivandrum, Varanasi etc. The manuscripts of this system contain certain techniques, usable in predictive astrology which can be rarely found from other sources. Some modern intellectuals having deep interest in astrology, such as C. S. Patel,have utilized the same along with various Nadi Granthas and rare old books and  are transcribed into Devanagari and English from their local languages. The efforts of such intellectuals brought to light many principles for the first time not known to many so far. The Research thereafter on these Principles proved their application with amazing Results .

One such principle told in ‘Bhrigu-Nandi Nadi’ is about prediction of Transit results of a planets on an imaginary mid-point between Rahu and the Moon, which is known as Bhrigu-Bindu.

Method of Calculation of Brigu-Bindu

It is calculated after finding out how far the Moon has progressed from Rahu, after the last conjunction in the natal chart.

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary midpoint of the Rahu – Moon axis and is calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon.The difference is divided by 2. would indicate the midpoint of Rahu-Moon  and  called Bhrigu Bindu.

Let us Take the Example of a Native whose Horoscope is given Below


Brigu-Bindu as Per J hora

As Per  J Hora Soft ware above  the Brigu Bindu is Virgo 21 degrees 46 minutes and 24 seconds

Let us do the Calculation for the above chart

Longitude of  Rahu Aries 21 degrees 7 minutes

Longitude of Moon Aquarius 22 degrees 25 minutes

Now Substracting the Longitude of Rahu from Moon Now = 22s  22.25-12s 21.7 = 10s 1.18 degrees =301 degres and 18 minutes =301.3 in decimals  now dividing by 2 = 150.65 degrees = 5s  19.5 degrees  Hence Virgo sign is Brigu-Bindu. If we do the exact calculations and also take the seconds then it will be Virgo  21 degrees 46 minutes 

This point is very sensitive and called the Brigu-Bindu. When any planet, benefic or malefic (including Rahu & Ketu) during transit aspects or conjuncts this mid-point, some favourable or unfavourable event takes place respectively. The effects of transit by ‘Conjunction’ are more potent than those by  ‘Aspect’. Sometimes, when two or more benefic planets simultaneously transit over, or aspect to this Bhrigu-Bindu, the Potency  of the favourable result increase manifold, Same way if two or more malefic planets transit or aspect to this point, the Potency  of unfavourable results increases.

In the Present Transit who so ever will have Brigu-Bindu in the sign Virgo will be benefited manifold since Jupiter has already Transitted in Virgo on the 11th August , Mercury Exhalted on the 19th August and Venus will Transit on the 25th August 2016 , making the Potency of the Brigu Bindu most Potent to give Strong Benefic Results

Jupiter will remain in this sign till 12th Sept. 2017  ans will aspect the Sign Pieces, Capricorn and Taurus as well but the aspect of Other Planets specially Saturn and Mars in Scorpio and aspect on the other signs will give the results accordingly.

As mentioned above Virgo Sign having Brigu-Bindiu will be most Benefited

Conjunction or aspect by various planets to the Bhrigu-bindu may produce following results:

JUPITER: This slow moving benefic planet may give favourable results such as progress in studies; birth of brethern; getting employment; marriage; birth of a child; promotion in service; profits in business; expansion of industry; pilgrimage; recovery from long standing sickness; fulfillment of long cherished desires etc.

MERCURY & VENUS: These fast moving benefic planet may give favourable results such as meeting relations after long time; small gains of wealth; short pilgrimages; festivities and rejoicing with close relations etc.

SATURN: This slow moving malefic planet may cause long sickness; disagreement with spouse; her sickness or seperation; sudden loss of wealth; death of near relations; harm to native himself; etc.

SUN & MARS: These fast moving malefic planets may cause minor sickness or injury; temporary seperation from nearer relatives; loss of money; quarrels or misunderstanding etc.

RAHU & KETU: May cause both favourable or unfavourable results, all of a sudden, on a very big scale and from unexpected sources; bite by snake or poisonous insects; mental sufferings; enforcement raids by Govt.; theft of valuables; harassment, degradation in or termination of service; family dissensions; misunderstandings with spouse


When more planets transit over the Bhrigu Bindu transit simultaneously over or aspect this point the effects are magnifies the benefic or malefic results to a very great extent depending on the nature of planets conjoining/aspecting.

The duration of the effects would prevail during the time the planets conjunct/aspect the point  within 3 degrees 20 minutes ( one Navamsa) around the Bhrigu Bindu. Maximum impact would be at the time immediately after the planet crosses over the Point

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22nd  August 2016  20.30 hrs. New Delhi 



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