Eclipses In Sept. 2016 Signature Alarm Bells For War With Pak

The Present Scenerio Between India and Pakistan is Taking an ugly Turn as already mentioned by me in my articles on my webpage since Sept. 2015
As Per Varahamihra when Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2016 and Specially in Sept. 2016 Signatures Alarm Bells . I have already written an Article cited below dated 17th March 2016 for Alarm Bells Ringing for the world and specially for India and a war with Pakistan. For the Reasons explained in the Below Articles
Please read the Following Articles in this connection and note the Time Frame mentioned by me for a Mini Kargil war with Pakistan Dated 15th August 2016 Dated 11th August 2016 dated 7th August 2016 dated 24th July 2016 dated 7th July 2016 Dated 11th April 2016 dated 17th March 2016 Dated 1st Feb 2016 17th Sept. 2015

Let me give a Briefing what I have mentioned in more then a Dozen Articles  using the following Parameters.

1.Hindu New Moon Pieces Chart of 2016 for India

2. Vedic Progression chart My Manu Smriti

3. Solar Ingress chart of Leo

4.Eclipses Charts of Sept. 2016

5. 15th August 2016 the Day of Celebrations  as Per Prashna

6. Prolonged Stay of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio the 8th house of the natural Zodiac  in the 7th house of India Foundation chart and in the 8th house of the Foundation chart of Pakistan . Specially when India is Running the Dasha of Moon-Mars from 9th July 2016 to 7th Feb 2017 and Pakistan Running the Dasha of Venus-Rahu till 20th Feb 2018. Dasha connected to the 7th House brings war specially when the Eclipses are taking Place over the Sensitive Parameters in the Horoscope , For India Mars the Anter Dasha Lord is the Lord  of the 7th house and for Pakistan the 7th Lord is Venus  and Rahu dispositor is also Venus

7. Mars and Saturn Activating the Eclipse Points of the Eclipses . On the 1st Sept. 2016 Saturn will be aspecting the Eclipse point Degreewise at 15 degrees and Mars has already aspected this Point of 15 degrees on the 24th August when it was Degree conjunct with Saturn on the 24th August 2016 , Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse point of 24.50 degrees on the 9th Sept. 2016 and again aspect the Eclipse Point at 15 degrees in Leo on the 22nd Nov. 2016 and Reach Aquarius sign 15 degrees on the 1st Jan 2017 , Hence these Dates become Explosive for the Tensions between India and Pakistan to Sprout with Dimansion in the Shape of War . China may not be directly involved in it but as per the Media and The News Channels China is Supporting Pakistan, Needledd to Discuss China it is self Explainatory .

8.Mars Saturn conjunction Squaring Nodes and Sun Explosive for War and Terrorism.

Chart of India  below India

Moon is the Lord of the 3rd House of Boarders of the Country and Mars is the 7th Lord hence Dasha of Moon -Mars could Prove Explosive

Chart of Pakistan  14th August 1947 00.00-01 hrs Karachi

Pakistan  Pak

Pakistan has the Risk of Loosing Azad Kashmir(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)  and Baluchistan  in the Dasha of Venus-Rahu

Chart of Jammu and Kashmir


The Chart is Enigmatic  one and a Trouble ridden chart since Mars and Saturn are Placed in the 7th house

Dasha of Moon -Venus in operation till  19-12-2017, Moon is the 7th Lord and Venus aspected by  Debilitated Mars from the 7th house

Chart of Narinder Modi

Narinder Modi is Born on the 17th  Sept. 1950 Mehsana Gujrat Time 12.00 noon

Now see the birth chart of Narendra Modi

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari Saturn 10 year 4 months and 4 days.

There has been a controversoy among the astrologers over the Janama Lagna (birth ascendant) of  Shri Narendar Modi , There are a number of Birth time in circulation. Narendara Modi was born on 17-September-1950 , in the afternoon around 12 noon at Vadnagar in Mehsana district . He is running the Dasha of Moon Saturn , Both are connected to the 7th house of Wars . This Dasha s till 12th Oct. 2016 and an Enigmatic one . It is Said that when Dasha of 7th Lord is in operation of the Foundation chart of the Country and the Prime Minister then there are War like conditions in the Country


Looking at the Planetary Positions and the Parameters mentioned above, the Time Frame mentioned  is Sensitive for  Escalation of Tension between the 2 Countries and Alarm Bells are ringing  for a Mini Kargil War as already mentioned in all my articles

Nawaz Sharif may also suffer a Military intervention and may have to stepdown  from Power . Pakistan is Heading for a disaster i have already mentioned in my Articles . God Bless

The Planetary Positions are not only bad for India and Pakistan, there could be similair Activities between the Countries having Similair Combinations and Goes with out saying that ISIS will also be active during the above Time Frame and Terrorism with Magnitude could also Sprout due to Terrorist Groups around the world and I have already mentioned and written Articles on this also.

Sensitive Dates as Mentioned above are Till 29th August 2016 then 1st to 9th Sept.  then after 18th 13th Oct . 2016 then 22nd Nov. 12th Dec. 2016 andthen 1st Jan 2017 . The seed of the War element is already sowed in August 2016 as mentioned in my earlier articles 

Rahu is in adverse motion 1st to 5th Sept. and then 13th to 16th Sept.2016  then 23rd to 29th Sept. 2016  in the Present scenerio 

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25th  August 2016  20.30 hrs. New Delhi 



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