Fate of the Stock Markets in Nov-Dec. 2016 A Research Analysis

by anil aggarwala

An unclear election result would be worst outcome for stocks  link http://www.marketwatch.com/story/an-unclear-election-result-would-be-worst-outcome-for-stocks-2016-11-05 After going through the above article  along with What happens after the S&P 500 falls 9 days in a row?  link http://www.marketwatch.com/story/what-happens-after-the-sp-500-falls-9-days-in-a-row-2016-11-04?mod=mw_share_facebook

and http://www.nbcnews.com/id/37740147/ns/business-stocks_and_economy/t/historic-bear-markets/

I decided to have a look at the Planetary combinations at the time of big fall in the Stock Markets on the following Dates



1. 28th Oct. 1929 the Wall Street Crash  The Great Depression

2.19th Oct. 1987 Black Monday

3. 6th Oct 2008

My Findings as below

Date 28th Oct. 1929


  1. Rahu in adverse Motion from the 22nd to 27th Oct. 1929 and Stationary on the 28th Oct. 1929
  2. Sun Debilitated
  3. Rahu  in Aries , Dispositor Mars also in Rahu-Ketu axis .Sun and Mars, Ketu .
  4. Dispositor of Sun also afflicted by Saturn   and also Debilitated
  5. In Navamsha Rahu in Virgo and its dispositor also Combusted
  6. Longitudnal Distance of Venus and Mercury  7 degrees
  7. Saturn just shifted to Sagitarius from Scorpio
  8. When Saturn was in Scorpio sign in 9th Navamsha in Pieces it was in Rahu-Ketu axis in Navamsha
  9. Mercury and Venus in Bearish signs
  10. Moon in Leo sign, if we take the aspect of Rahu the the Royal sign Leo was also afflicted by Rahu
  11. Jupiter in Taurus and 2/12with Rahu

Date 19th Oct. 1987

Chart below


  1. Rahu in Forward motion from 16th Oct. to 22nd Oct 1987
  2. Sun Debilitated
  3. Rahu in Pieces and aspects by Mars in Virgo with Ketu
  4. Dispositor of Rahu Jupiter also aspected by Mars , Jupiter is also Retrograde and in Gandantha and about to fall
  5. Rahu in Virgo Navamsha and Debilitated in Navamsha and in Rahu-Ketu axis, along with Dispositor of Sun Venus
  6. Sun in Libra Navamsha also and aspected by Mars
  7. Saturn in Scorpio aspecting the Royal sign Leo
  8. Mercury Retrograde and Longitudnal distance between then less then 2 degrees
  9. Jupiter in Aries and 2/12 with Rahu

Date 8th Oct. 2008

Chart below


  1. Dispositor of Rahu Saturn in the royal Sign Leo, in 6/8 axis with Rahu. Rahu aspected by Mars by 4th aspect
  2. Sun in Virgo with Mercury Retrograde and Totally combusted
  3. Dispositor of Sun afflicted in Rashi and Navamsha .
  4. In navamsha also Rahu aspected by Mars and Saturn  along with Mercury and dispositor of Rahu in Navamsha  Moon
  5. Rahu goes in Dagdha Rashi in navamsha
  6. Longitudnal difference between Venus and Mercury  31 degrees
  7. Jupiter in Sagitarius and 2/12 with Rahu

Now let us see what could emerge out of the Planetary positions in Nov -Dec. 2016

In Dec. 2016 the Dates are critical from 11th to 13th Dec. and then  25th-26th Dec.2016 and the 1st Jan 2016

Dates 8th, 9th,10 Nov. 2016

Rahu is in Adverse motion and capable of unexpected untoward happenings , Terrorism, Scandles , Espoinage,Vandalism cannot be ruled out , specially when the US Presidential Elections are taking place . ISIS May be aggressive . US is a War mongering Country  due to the Placement of Mars in the chart and Mars and Saturn Return aspect is there in the Natal chart and Mars in Transit is Exhalted and has exchange with Saturn. Hence Terrorism cannot be ruled out

Refer to My article “Rahu Demon Becomes Most Venomous Like Snake Bite in Nov.-Dec. 2016” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/11/rahu-demon-becom…-in-nov-dec-2016/ dated 4th Nov. 2016


Chart below of 9th Nov. 2016


  1. Rahu in the Royal sign of Leo , in Dagdha Rashi,
  2. Rahu in Forward motion from 8th Nov. to 10th Nov. 2016
  3. Dispositor of Rahu  Sun Debilitated
  4. Rahu aspected by both Mars and Saturn
  5. In navamsha also Rahu aspected by Mars and Mars in Rahu-Ketu axis
  6. Dispositor of Rahu in Navamsha again Sun and dispositor of Sun again in Rahu-Ketu axis
  7. Longitudnal Difference between Venus sna Mercury again 31 degrees
  8. Jupiter in Bearish sign and 2/12 with Rahu.

Chart of 22nd Nov. 2016


All Parameters as the 9th Nov. 2016 but the Most Critical Parameter is the Rahu in adverse motion and Mars Aspect on the Eclipse point of 15.15 degrees of the Solar Eclispe of the 1st Sept. 2016

The Stock Market will entirely depend upon the above Parameters , although the chances may be less but cannot be ruled out. If there is no adverse situation and as it Looks Hillary may win the Elections initially the Stock market may take a new High till 22nd Nov. 2016. the Most crucial Dates are the 1st to 5th Jan. 2017

Chart of 1st-3rd Jan 2016


  1. Rahu in Forward motion from 3rd Jan. 2017 to 5th Jan and then from 15th Jan to 21st Jan 2017
  2. On the 1st Jan. 2017 Mars Degree conjunct with Ketu and Neptune in Aquarius and aspecting the Eclipse point in Leo at 15.15 degrees  will be the Most explosive Date in the Present Scenerio
  3. Rahu in Dagdha Rashi
  4. Rest all Parameters as mentioned above

Hence from the above it is evident that similar Situations may arise in the Stock markets between the 8th to 10th Nov. 2016  then 21st to 22nd Nov. 2016 and then the 1st to 5th Jan 2017  for the Global Stock markets.

The Probability there fore will be in the increasing order in the above Dates

  1. 8th to 10th Nov. 2016  Terrorism , Espoinage, Scandles Possible , but the chances are less then the other dates mentioned below, but cannot be ruled out .
  2. 22nd Nov. Mars activates the Eclipse point of 15.15 degrees hence the Possibility of the Scandles, Espoinage and untoward Happenings increase
  3. 1st to 5th Jan 2017 is the worst in the Present Scenerio , since Mars and Neptune are degree conjunct with Ketu at 15.15 degrees and they aspect the Eclipse point of 15.15 degrees in Leo , Can be most Explosive for the Globe  as far as the Financial Stagnation, Untoward happenings are concerned  and they will take place with magnitude . Surprises after Surprises . Unexpected Events Related to the US Presidential Elections , Earth Quakes, Tornados , Natural Calamities cannot be ruled out . It is really scary. Stock Markets Taking an ugly turn on the Dates mentioned above when Mars activates the Eclipse Points

Please bear in mind this is a Research and it looks as it is will happen due to the Planetary positions , for some Reasons the Market does not take a hit , I should not be responsible for it. no Astrologer has worked for Research till date .

Rahu is capable of Even Taking the Stock markets to New Levels , since unpredictable  as has been doing in the Past from 20th Feb. 2016

Please also refer to the Dates critical mentioned in the Article Rahu Demon Becomes Most Venomous Like Snake Bite in Nov. 2016″ https://www.astrodocanil.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4641&action=edit

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