Rahu Gives Results Like a Strong Bouncer As Predicted. What Stars Foretell for Paksha Kundali of 14th Nov. 2016

by anil aggarwala

This is with Reference to my Article My article “Rahu Demon becomes most venomous like a snake bite in Nov.-Dec. 2016 link https://www.astrodocanil.com/…/rahu-demon-becomes-most-veno…/.
Read these line written in the Article —-8th to 10th Nov. Rahu Attains the Status of Most malefic State and becomes Stationary and then Direct. Ready to give its Results with Magnitude . We have already seen the Effects of Rahu between the 23rd Oct. 2016 to 28th Oct. 2016. All Kingly persons have been trapped in Scandles . Govt. Can take some strong actions.
Cyrus Mistry of Tata
Smajwadi Party Split
Hillary Clinton E mail Row
All have happened when Rahu was in Forward Motion and strong to give negative results .
11. 9th Nov. 2016 Rahu again in Dagdha Rashi will above Parameters as explained becomes Most Venomous
12. Rahu in Leo Dagdha Rashi, Sun also aspected by Mars in Navamsha , hence from 8th to 11th Nov. 2016 most Explosive in the Present Scenerio

My Prediction for the US Presidential Elections also comes True  link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/11/mars-activating-eclipse-point-twice-on-22nd-nov-and-1st-jan-2017-bane-or-boon-for-us-presidential-elections/ and many more Articles written before any Astrologer Predicted Trumps Win  way on the 13th June 2016 My first Article . I had used 4-5 Methods to Reach my final Conclusions in the Above Article

Coming Back to the Article For the Malefic State Of Rahu in Nov. and Dec. 2016

All the Black money will go to the Govt. and Banks Maximum and he has imposed 220 % Penalty on the Amount deposited over Rs 2.5 Lakhs, There is no need to Devaluate the New Rs 2000 /- Note as some mentioned , Govt. will come out with More Strict Rules for the Day to Day to work and next attack will be on the Control of the Pollution and Heavy fines for Motor Vehicles Owner , Venus is in Paap Kartari yoga in the Paksha Kundali. Writing an article on the Paksha Kundali of the 14th Nov.19.22 hrs
No one could dream what has Happened in the fortnight from 30th Oct. 2016, when I have given Date wise the Planetary positions and which would work like a snake Bite since as mentioned above Rahu attains the Status of Sun as a First Rate Bouncer

I have also Mentioned the Following Dates , Let me produce the Text here again

13th Nov. 2016 In navamsha Sun aspected by Mars and Dispositor of Sun Mercury with Rahu

14. 16th Nov. 2016 Rahu reaches the Eclipse point of 15.15 degrees of the Solar Eclipse of the 1st Sept. 2016 and the Most important Parameter since Eclipse was in Leo sign

15. Sun is afflicted in the Rashi Transit and Navamsha by Mars and Saturn

16. 20th Nov. 2016 Sun Joins the Leo Navamsha with Rahu and aspected by Mars  

17. 21st -22nd  Nov. 2016  Rahu attains the Direct motion and also aspected By Mars in Navamsha and Sun with Rahu in Navamsha will be the Most Explosive Period in Nov. 2016 apart from other dates mentioned above in bold Letters

18. 22nd Nov. 2016 Moon is also Conjunct with Rahu in Rashi Transit and also in Navamsha with Sun in Leo where Rahu is also there . The Kings and the Queens of the Country will suffer the Most  and Scandles and Disgrace will sprout with Dimension. Mars aspects the Eclipse Point Degreewise on the 21-22nd Nov. 2016 , Hence Terrorism, Espoinage will take place with Magnitude . Relations of India with Neighbors will be on maximum Tension apart from above Parameter written in bold for the Dates

19.26th  Nov. 2016 Sun in Debilitated navamsha

20.29th Nov. 2016  Mars becomes Debilitated in Navamsha

In the month of Dec. 2016 the Dates Critical are the 3rd Dec. 11th Dec. 2016, Degree conjunction of mars and Ketu on the 25-26th Dec. 2016 and Mars activating the Eclipse point 15.15 degrees on the 1st Jan 2017 could also be most Explosive for Disgrace of the Kings and Queens, Scandles Sprouting

Apart from the Kings and Queens suffering , there is a possibility terrorism with magnitude in US by ISIS , India Terrorism and Tensions with Neighboring Countries. Earthquakes with intensity

Pakistan will be the most Suffering Country , since Possibility of Nawaz Sharif to step down due to Military Intervention and Public Frustrated.

Pakistan May take a foolish step  as already mentioned in my articles for an Aggressive step and a Mini War type and not war also seems on the Cards

Stock Market could be taking a Twist with Magnitude  even worse then 1980 , Rahu is the King Maker and hence  till Sun is afflicted in Rashi and Navamsha and till Sun Goes in Pieces on the 15th March 2017. There will be scandles and Disgrace for the King and the Queens of the Country already Suffering after 1st Sept. 2016 Solar Eclipse  and specially those who have the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Sun, Moon and the Lagna. But one thing I must mention Rahu is upredictive as far as the Stock Market is concerned and the the twist can be on either side but expected to take a big hit

I have also analysed the Paksha Kundali of the 30th Oct. 2016 in my article “My Research For Using the 5 Limbs of the Day” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/11/research-using-5-limbs-day/

Venus has Lost In Planetary war with Saturn the 7th and the 8th Lord from the 5th house of the Money of the People , Hence Strict Rules and heavy fines regarding Pollution and Road Traffic will follow soon and  will be the target of the Govt.

Rahu has to act Like a Bouncer as mentioned by me in my articles

Let us now Have a Look at the Paksha Kundali of the 14th Nov. 2016 of 19.22 hrs below


The 5 Limbs of the Day

Day is  Monday and moon is Placed in the 12th house aspected by Mars from the 9th House who is also aspecting the 3rd house of neighbors . This depicts espionage from the Foreign Elements and Terrorist Groups becoming more active . Moon is also in the yama of Scorpio and in 6/8 axis is most crucial Parameter in this Fortnight ans Tensions with neighbors may aggravate , Terrorism may also Rake place on the Rail and Air Transport .

Tithi KP-1 Not good for Wealth Related issues

Nakshatra  Krittika and the Lord is Debilitated in the 6th house  and the dispositor Venus  of Sun in the 8th house. Rahu to give Results of the Sun in this Fortnight Relating to Venus significations . Venus is also Lagna Lord is in the 8th house most crucial Parameter in this Fortnight and Relating to Venus and hence Rules and Regulations for the 4th house and Pertaining to Venus  and therefore Motor Vehicle Act may even be amended for Stricter Pollution Standards and Traffic Rules   

The General condition of the Public will not be good due to these Rules implemented for Traffic and Pollutions , although it is good for the Country , This also shows the Pollutions Norms for the City may cross the highest limits in the Metropolitian cities

Yoga  Variyan In auspicious

Karna Karna Lord is influenced by the 7th and the 12th Lord hence Terrorism Cannot be ruled out in this Fortnight

Hora of Venus Placed in the 8th house who is Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord , hence events Pertaining to these houses as explained above

Yama Lord  Mars Exhalted and aspects the 12th, 3rd house and Owns the 12th and the 7th House and is Exhated , Mars also Has exchange with Saturn in the 7th house hence Terrorism, Road Traffic Conditions will be Put to Strict Rules and Regulations

Jupiter and the 5th house of the wealth of the Public is in Paap Kartari yoga Effects on the Bank Accounts and Lockers and wealth of the Public

Venus in Paap Kartari yoga and in the 8th house Vehicular Fire Accidents  including Air Disasters

. The Most amazing Part of Astrology is that I have mentioned in my Articles that from 8th Nov. , 21-22nd Nov. and then  31st Dec. -1st Jan 2017 are the most Crucial Dates and look the Currency effect came on the 8th Nov. and People have to deposit the Money before 30th Dec. 2016

The Dates 21-22nd Nov. and then 3-4th Dec. , 25th-26th Dec. and then 1st Jan to 5th Jan 2017 are the most Crucial Dates for the Govt. to take further steps in the Law and Order Changes , Currency control , Untoward happenings can also Take Place as mentioned above on account of Terrorism and tensionswith the neighbors and specially Pakistan and China

Rahu Predominant in the 4th house , hence results of the 4th house will be more predominant for the fortnight and pertaining to the Public

Stock markets will also swing up and down  accordingly and Surprises after Surprises as Rahu becomes extremely strong to give the Results like a strong Bouncer


Real Estate  News

Mars just Nearing the Natal Mars in the foundation chart of India as Per Declination Method and Property Prices may take a Severe hit  till 2017 End. Sun will be in the 4th house as fourth Lord as per Declination method.Ofcourse the effect of Jupiter and Saturn as well in opposition in 2010-2011 and Saturn reaching Sagitarius to aspect Jupiter in Virgo , where Saturn was there in 2010-2011
2018 -2020 will be the time to Purchase again, but mind you those days are gone when we expected a surge in Property prices . May improve after 2021 at a very low pace only

Surprises after Surprises  due to Rahu in Leo. Cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu Completed and a Strong Change in the world is on the Cards which may sprout it final Stage till Dec 2020 Starting after 28th Jan 2017, in fact the change has already  started since Saturn gives its results 2-3 months before  its ingress in the next sign .

All the above Predictions are in Line as predicted by me in the Vedic Progression Chart of India By Manu Smriti as per link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/08/vedic-progression-chart-by-mannu-smriti-for-india-what-it-foretells/ Dated 11th August 2016



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