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Roman God Saturn Transit In Sagitarius : Boon or Bane


Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player moves to Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017 at 19:31 hours till 24th Jan 2020 and finally transits to its own sign Capricorn on 25th Jan 2020

Saturn transits Vrischika to Dhanu January 26, 2017 (Thursday) at 21:34
Saturn transits Dhanu to Vrischika June 21, 2017 (Wednesday) at 01:37
Saturn transits Vrischika to Dhanu October 26, 2017 (Thursday) at 18:11

Saturn takes 29.46 years for one full round of the Zodiac, So it shows its influence for 30 Years per sign, starting from the Birth sign. This amounts to proportionately one year per degree, so an 11degree natal Saturn indicates 19 years of influence left on the natal sign  in terms of age. Accordingly the Next sign will be from 19 years to 49 years.

It is Very interesting to note that many secrets of Hindu Astrology are found abundantly in the Nadi-Granthas what we call Nadi Principles

According to Nadi Principles Saturn Transit results can be delineated from 4 different Phases as follows

1.House wise Results of Saturn

Meaning that the House from which the 8th house when Transited by Saturn and the other 3 houses from which the respective 8th house when aspected by Saturn, suffer afflictions. To understand the above verse, we have to take the house from where the Saturn is Transiting and the 3rd house which Saturn is aspecting.

When Saturn Transits the ASC, it is the 8th house from the 6th house ,Saturn 3rd aspect falls on the 3rd house, it is the 8th from the 8th house. Saturn 7th aspect here will be on the 7th house , it is the 8th from the 12th house and the 10th aspect falls on the 10th house , which is the 8th from the 3rd house , Hence When Saturn is Transiting in the Lagna , it is most malefic and unfavorable in matters connected to 6,8, 12 and the 3rd house. Saturn also does not have Digbala in the Lagna and for this Reason Saturn Debilitates in the Lagna of the Natural Zodiac and not considered good in the Lagna. In the Present Context Saturn Transit over the Sagitarius Lagna and the Sagitarius Moon sign in Lagna may not be good for the Matters related to the 6,8,12th and the 3rd house , Specially in the Nakshatra of Ketu .

2. Saturn Transit Results as Counted from Chander Navamsha Rashi. When Saturn Transits the Chander  navamsha Rashi in the Birth chart or the sign occupied by Moon in the Rashi chart, the native suffers from fear from enemies, mental anguish, humiliation from secret blemish, meaning when Saturn Transits the 8th house from Chander Navamsha Rashi, the native will suffer great calamity during Rahu Dasha period and will have termination of some running favorable  YogPhala or Yoga Bhang Results.

When Saturn Transits the 7th house from the Chander Navamsha Rashi, the native gets obesity during Mars Anter dasha of Rahu Period

3. Degree wise Results of Saturn over the Trines to the 7 planets  and the nodes

When Saturn Transits over a position which is identical degree wise to the natal position or its Trine position, it gives unfavorable results

The Natal Planet (As Significator)

The House owned by the Planet

The house occupied by the Planet

4. Degree wise Transit Results of Saturn over the Lord of the 8th house or its Trines

Mental upsets due to denial of Results, signified by the house, Inheritance, Gada hua Dhan. When Saturn coincides with the natal  position, it gives Trouble according to the Houses in the natal chart

See the Chart below for Saturn Transit In Sagitarius.



Let us also See the 5 limbs of the day when Saturn ingresses in Sagitarius

Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter

Tithi is KP-14

Nakshatra P Shadha

Yoga Vajra

Karna Shakuni , hence the Lord here is Sun in the 6th house

SunRise is 07-21 hrs , hence the Day Lord Jupiter is in the yama of Scorpio  the 4th house of the Ingress chart and the Lord is placed in the 8th house .The 8th Lord is also Badly afflicted by Both Mars and the 2nd House .This Parameter is  Strong Malefic  for the Significations of the 2nd house and Jupiter. This is indicative of Financial Recession which may Escalate after the ingress of Saturn in Sagitarius more so since Saturn is the 10th and the 11th Lord of the natural Zodiac and Jupiter is the 9th and the 12th lord of the natural Zodiac, and the aspect of  Bhadak Saturn on Jupiter afflicts Jupiter badly . Saturn 10th aspect is also very Powerful , Hence till Jupiter is there in Virgo till 17th Sept. 2017 the Financial Growth may not be there.

Saturn will Transit in the 9th house of the natural Zodiac as a Bhadak and also Aspect the 9th Lord Placed in the 6th house Virgo, Hence there could be Communal Differences Sprouting and Temples and Mandir under Threat from untoward happenings, In fact Relation of Saturn aspect on Jupiter is not good , hence till Jupiter is there in Virgo till 17th Sept. 2017 the Growth may be restrained to a large extent.

Transit of Planets and Specially Saturn is the fructifying Factor for the Promise in the Chart along with Condusive Dasha

Transit of Saturn

As Far as the transit of Saturn is concerned we have to analyse it in the following Ways

Saturn gives Benefic Results in upchaya houses 3,6 and 11

Saturn gives Results as as Follows

From Lagna Placement 20%

From Natal Moon 65-70%

Ashtvarga 10-15 %

Saturn gives Bad results in 4 ways

  1. Over Natal Moon
  2. 7.5 years  Sade Sati
  3. 3.Ardha Ashtam Shani
  4. Ashtam Shani  8th from Natal Moon

The Influence on the Individuals will be by the following Transit Influencers 

1.The Ascendant 

2.Nakshatra Tara

Excellent Results  when Transiting in the Following Taras from the Natal Tara 2,4,13,17,18,20,22,24

Good Results  6,8,9,11,18 ,26, 27

Bad Results 3,5,12,14,16,19,21,23, or 25

Worst Results 1,7,10

3.Sign Transiting Friend or Enemy 

Taurus, Gemini,Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius Friendly

Aries,Cancer, Leo, Scorpio Inimical

and Rest Neutral

4.Ashtak Varga Strength According to Individuals chart .

5.Transit From Moon  3,6,11 house benefic Results.

6.Moorti Nirnaya 

It is the Tale of the 2 Moons , Natal Moon and the Moon at the time of Transit of Saturn , which is Sagitarius

Now Transit Moon from Natal Moon

Swarna  1,6,11  Sagitarius ,Cancer,Aquarius  Excellent

Rajata  2,5,9   Scorpio, Leo,Aries Good

Tamra  3,7,10 Libra,Gemini,Pieces  Average

Loha     4,8,12 Virgo,Taurus,Capricorn Bad

7. Saturn also gives results as per the vehicle it is riding

Supposing the Nakshatra of Narive is Vishaka and the Saturn Nakshatra is Mool , Hence counting from Vishaka to Moola is 4, if More than 9 divide by 9 and the remainder to be seen

Saturn has 9 Vehicles , In case of this Example since it is 4 the vehicle is Baffalo and Mixed Results  will be seen

Results of the remainder as follows

1  Vehicle is Ass  Losses

2.Horse Success

3 Elephant Comfort

4 Baffalo  Mixed Results

5. Loin  Destruction of enemies

6.Fox Sorrow, Worries

7. Crow Quarrels, Strife

8 Peacock  Good Fruit

9 Hans   Pleasure

2nd Method

Count Birth star number  to Saturn Star number and divide by 9  and Results asper above Remainder

8. Saturn also Gives Results asper the Paraya  and in the 1st Sade Sati it is generally bad for the Grand Parents , second for the Parents and the 3rd for Self

Saturn is retrograde during these dates:

From April 7th 2017 to August 5th 2017

 Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius on 7th April and re-enters Scorpio on 21st June 2017. From 21st June to 27th Oct Saturn continues its journey in Scorpio and transits to Sagittarius yet again on 27th Oct 2017.The Period of  Saturn Re-entering  in Scorpio is most Venomous since then Saturn will be a Fallen Planet. Saturn will be most malefic specially when in Ketu Nakshatra and when Fallen from Sagitarius to Scorpio

Saturn moves in retrograde motion, yet again from 19th April 2018 to 6th Sept 2018. Thereafter Saturn continues its direct motion in Sagittarius till 1st May 2019. From 1st may 2019 to 19th Sept 2019, Saturn moves in retrogression and finally transits to its own sign Capricorn on 25th Jan 2020.

In these long years Saturn will be in the nakshatras ruled by Ketu, Venus and Sun.The transit over Mool Nakshatra may not be auspicious . The Transit over the Venus snd Sun Nakshatra may be less troublesome then Transit in Mool Nakshatra

Saturn crosses over to Sagittarius on Jan 26th 2017. It will be stationary on April 6th 2017 at Sagittarius 3°42′ and then it is retrograde. It re-enters Scorpio in retrograde motion on June 21st, 2017. Retrograde motion continues goes till 2745’ on August 25th 2017 when it would become direct again. It finally would be out of Scorpio and and would cross over to Sagittarius on October 27th 2017. During this period from June 20 2017 to Oct 27th 2017, the transit effect of Scorpio rashi will be felt again.

Saturn will be stationary on the 6th April 2017 at 3.42 degree

 The Stationary Points of Saturn are sensitive Points

Have a Look at the chart of Solar ingress of Gemini  on the 15th June 2017 and Saturn about to fall back in Scorpio as a Fallen Planet and most Venomous , Most Explosive for untoward happenings in the Country and War like situations  with Neighboring Countries Pakistan and China . I will write a Separate Article on this . Mars, Saturn ,Sun, Rahu-Ketu in Dual Signs most Malefic when afflicted  .

Nadir Shah General Massacre in Delhi  took place in Delhi on the 21st March 1739 , Mars and Saturn were in Gemini.

1st World War took place on the 28th June 1914 Saturn and Sun were in Gemini

11nd World War Sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Pieces and Saturn in Aries Retrograde

World Trade Centre 9/11 on the 11th Sept. 2001 Mars and Ketu in Sagitarius Rahu,Moon and Jupiter in Gemini and Saturn over Rohini Nakshatra

Earthquake of Gujrat , Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagitarius

There was Solar Eclipse on the 25th Dec. 2000 and in 13 days there was Lunar Eclipse  and there was mass destruction , since the Eclipse took place in the sign of Sagitarius the 8th house of the Foundation chart of India , Moon, Ketu and Sun were there in Sagitarius

Hence the 2 Charts indicate Massacares in 2017 and 2019


It has been Observed that when Mars and Saturn are in Dual Signs it is not good and Specially when Saturn is with Ketu. Ketu Joins Saturn on the 24th March 2019 and Mars Joins Rahu on the 7th May 2019 and 6th June 2019 most crucial date

See the Chart of 6th June 2019 most Crucial For wars . Will Write a Separate Article on Wars in 2017-2019


Total Annular Solar Eclipse on the 21st August 2017


Eclipse taking Place in the 4th house Of India and aspected by Fallen Saturn , Hence June and August 2017 most Explosive

Now Let see the General effects on the Various Rashis

Aries The Transit in the 9th house from your Natal  Moon has  potential to positively impact your wealth and overall prosperity, as that house signifies general luck and good fortune.
Taurus The Transit in the 8th house from your natal Moon can help you enjoy inheritance, spousal income and pleasure, sudden wealth, longevity and metaphysical affairs.It is also Ashtam Shani  and Fear from enemies , Results together with above Parameters explained in the article
Gemini The Transit in the 7th house from your natal Moon may prove lucky for business partnerships and professional efforts and bring positive changes to your money, relationships and spouse., For Gemini it is also Kantak Shani and not very good , Results together with above Parameters explained in the article in detail
Cancer  Transit in the 6th house from natal Moon ,Classical authorities predict all-around happiness in life during Saturn’s favorable transit in the 6th house. This transit could involve dramatic shifts in your fortunes, for the better. In upchaya sthan in general good
Leo The Transit in the 5th house from your natal Moon could bring you the warmth and support of loving relationships and prosperity in terms of wealth, business prospects and  growth.
Virgo The Transit in the 4th house from your natal Moon can help you with repayment of loans, winning over enemies, career growth after hard work, recovery from illness and to be more organized in your professional life. Kantak Shani , see more as per above Parameters also
Libra The Transit in the 3rd house from your natal Moon could bring  fortunes, abundant gain of wealth, sound health, heroic victory over enemies, happiness, and overall. Upchaya sthan in general good
Scorpio The Transit in the 2nd house from your natal Moon could bring you wealth and prosperity, gold and gems, profits through lands, gain of houses and vehicular comforts.Sade Sati Effects also and above Parameters also as explained above in the article
Sagittarius The Transit in your house of natal Moon is said to possibly load and enrich you with money and riches. You could overcome the roadblocks and delays in your career.This is Mosr sensitive Transit and not good for the matters related to the 6,8,12th and the 3rd House
Capricorn The Transit in the 12th house from your natal Moon signifies bed comforts and expenses, frequent travels, diverse expenditures, pilgrimages and abundant sensual pleasures.
Aquarius The Transit in the 11th house from your natal Moon is a most advantageous transit by all ancient accounts. Many blessings could shower on you- lots of happiness, gains and honor can be expected. Upchaya stan in general good
Pisces The Transit in the 10th house from your natal Moon representing career, income, honor, and karma, may bring you exactly the kind of prosperity you have been working hard for over the past few years.

 Saturn will be Venomous from the 26th Oct. 2017 to 4th March 2018 since in the Eclipsed Nakshatra of Ketu at the time of the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017 and Most venomous for US and those countries whose Moon is in Ketu Nakshatra , Aslesha, P Phalguni

Global Effect

Saturn may repeat the  effects like the 1929 Great Depression of the World, Wars like  Indo- China War and War like the  Gulf War  in 1990. Saturn in Sagitarius brings Fall in the Production and Dispute in the Global Countries for Trade Specially after 26th Oct. 2017 and May Behave like the 1959 Pattern when it was Fallen in Scorpio from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 and hence the Stock market will follow the 1959 Pattern and big Surge in the Stock Market till it is in Scorpio and when it is about to cross the Gandantha point in Sagiatrius it may prove most Venomous for the Globe  for wars and Break in the Financial Markets . Till Saturn in Sagitarius till 25th Jan 2020 there will also be Deep Recession in the Real Estate since Mars will also reach the Declination point  as in 1990 when there was Crash in the Property Prices , Hence 2018 to 2020 may be most Venomous for the Globe in Totality . 

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