What Stars Foretell For Donald Trump For Presidential Elections of US

by anil aggarwala

The United States Presidential Election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58thquadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will elect a new president and vice president through the Electoral College. The term limit established in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the incumbent president, Barack Obama, of the Democratic Party, from being elected to a third term. Assuming President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden serve out the remainder of their respective terms, the 2016 election will determine the 45th President and 48th Vice President of the United States.

I am writing this article with Horoscopes available on the Net  and if Correct then the Predictions in this artcle may become True. It goes without saying that the Horoscopes of Politicians is seldom correct.

Horoscope of Donald Trump from the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmQYuJNZfYA discussed by vedic Astrologer Marc Boney of 14th June 1946 10-54 Jamacia NY

The Predictions based on these Parameters will be entirely on the euthenticity of the Horoscopes, but seems that since Eminent Astrologers have discussed the same the Possibility of the Incorrectness is not there but cannot be ruled out .

For the Sake of the Analysis I am writing this article to confirm my Earlier Predictions made for the Presidential Elections of US vide my article “What Stars Foretell For US As Per Vedic Progression Chart of July 2016” link  https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/06/stars-foretell-u…-chart-july-2016/

Before I take up the Chart of Donald Trump Let me take up the Eclipse Chart of 1st Sept. 2016, which will have  a major impact on the US Presidential Elections specially when the Eclipse is taking Place in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna Leo . The Eclipse has taken Place in a Royal Sign and the Eclipse point is 15.15 degrees in the sign Leo and 10th aspect by Saturn degreeswise at 15.58 degrees is the most sensitive Parameter in the Solar Eclipse chart

As Per Theory of K N Rao in the Book “The Nehru Dynasty” The Chapter Astrological Inevitability, when Eclipses take Place in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna  and Anter dasha of a Planet who has the capacity to kill or bring a down fall in the foundation chart of the Country then When Mars activates the Eclipse point then it Brings a Major change for the Country , what may not be expected by the people of the Country . US was running the Dasha of Mars -Ketu on the 1st Sept. 2016 , hence the Eclipse will bring a Major Change in the Country and the Specially the Kings and the Queens of the Country . Unexpected Events, Scandles will sprout with intensity specially when the Elections of the country take Place and around the time of Oath Taking Ceremony.

Mars works as an Ammunition dump and will aspect the Eclipse point on the 21st Nov. 2016 , Degree conjunction with Ketu on the 25th-26th Dec 2016 and Mars will exactly reach the Eclipse point Degrees of 15.15 in aquarius on the 31st -1st Jan. 2017  Could Sprout the Game of the Solar Eclipse and unexpected events . Rahu and Ketu will play an Important Role and as per my earlier Predictions the Period 23rd to 28th Oct. 2016 also sprouted unexpected Scandles for Hillary Clinton who is the much Preferred Candidate for the US Elections

In Nov. 2016 the Sensitive Dates for Rahu will be in forward motion will be from 8th to 10th Nov. 2016 the Time of the Elections and then when mars aspects the Eclipse point 15.15 degrees in Leo by 8th aspect  on the 22nd Nov. 2016 when Rahu will also be most Venomous and work like a snake bite for the Expected Candidate for US Presidential Elections.

Please also read my article “Solar Ingress in Aries Boon or Bane for the  Presidential Elections of US” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/10/solar-ingress-in-aries-boon-or-bane-for-the-presidential-elections-of-us/ dated 24th Oct. 2016 . I have also analysed the situations arising from the Day of Elections as per Article “Trump or Clinton in the Presidential Elections of US Using  Prashna Jyotish” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/10/trump-or-clinton…-prashna-jyotish/ dated 16th Oct. 2016 . I have clearly mentioned that there will be scandles sprouting between the 23td and 28th Oct.2016 and also at the time of the Elections . Rahu has acted accordingly and we have seen the  Breaking News By the FBI on the 28th Oct. 2016 for the Email Row of Hillary Clinton

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NftCl5UWQE&feature=youtu.be

Let us see the Chart of Donald  Trump 14th June 1946 10.54 hrs. Jamacia IL NY


Dasha at Birth

Mer-Saturn Mercury is ill placed from 10th house , 10rth Lord , but Saturn is well placed from 10th house and 10th Lord

10th house from Lagna has Sun the Lagna Lord who is also the 10th Lord from Moon  and is digbali in the 10th house  Forming a Rajyoga , aspected by Jupiter , Sun is also a Yogi Planet and hence Rahu and Mercury also become Yogi Planet  and Placed in good houses will bestow good and Strong Results .

Sun and Rahu in close Degrees is also a Strong Rajyoga , such a person does not leave any stone unturned for his meeting his goals

Moon Debilitated is in Neecha Bhang rajyoga , but will give initial hickups

Another Rajyoga in the chart is the 10th Lord from Lagna is Placed in the 9th from Moon is another Rajyoga

From Moon sign of Scorpio the 9th and the 10th Lord are Moon and Sun and their connection in the 4/10 axis is another yoga and that to at Poornima is excellent yoga involving the 10th house from Lagna .

Trump is Born on a Eclipse day  and in close degrees when Sun is very close to Rahu then it is a special Rajyoga and the Person is born to do  Thing in Life . In Transit Rahu is Transitting in the 10th house from Moon and the dispositor Sun when aspects the 10th house in Transit will give a Rise to tne Native  which would Happen on the 16th Nov. 2016 Hence it seems that Trump will succeed in attaining a special Status Rise

The Dasha Present is Rahu-Mars . Both Raj yoga giving Planets in the Birth chart and Rashi Tula Navamsha , Dashamsha also has the Rajyogas from the Scorpio in the Dashamsha in the 1/7 axis

10th House of the Birth chart has gone in the 8th house of Dashamsha , hence the native will face Financial difficulties regarding the Country

Rahu The dasha Lord is with Debilitated Sun will make Rahu very strong . The Rajyoga Connection of Sun and Moon for Scorpio moon of 9th and 10th Lord connection is very strong . Connection of the 9th and the 10th Lord Mars and Venus is also good but in the trik bhavas is weak but there .

Let us see the Transit Chart of 8th Nov. 2016  for Trump 

Transit Trump 8th Nov

The Dasha Lord Rahu in Lagna and in the 10th from Natal Moon and dispositor Sun in Transit in the 3rd house Debilitated and in Exhaltation with 10th Lord Venus in Navamsha . Sun will ingress in Scorpio over natal Moon on the 16th Nov. 2016 to activate the Rise in Status  The Sun-Moon connection in the horoscope will also be activated on the 16th Nov. 2016 to attribute a Strong Status rise in Life .5th house and Lord of the 5th house are also not afflicted to give him Poorva Punya dosh at the time of Status rise .

YogKarka Mars in Exhaltation in Transit in the 6th house of Competitions and with Moon aspected by 6th and the 7th Lord Saturn the

In the Birth chart Dasha of Jupiter starts from 14th Nov. 2016 , Jupiter is Placed well from 10th house 10th Lord and aspects the 10th house , it is Debilitated in the Dashamsha  and as the 8th Lord from Lagna and 8th Lord from the 10th house will give hurdles to Trump for his Performance .Jupiter is the 5th Lord from Lagna and also the 5th Lord from Moon and for Politicians the 5th House and Lord should be strong since the House of Padchuti . Trump has strong 5th Lord Jupiter  calculated as below

As Per Tamil Texts the Jupiter Varga chart is Below


The chart above is clearly showing the Strength of Jupiter in its own Moola Trikona sign and aspecting the 10th house , thereby expanding it , Lagna Lord Mars Placed in 11th house of Achievements and the 10th Lord Sun  in Lagna , Hence the Success for Donald Trump will Touch him when Sun Ingresses in Scorpio  after 16th Nov. 2016. 10th Lord Sun in the Lagna is a Rajyoga , \Hence the Dasha of Jup-Jup-Jup will bestow extremely good Results immediately when Dasha of Jupiter  starts from 14th Nov. 2016

As Per another method Of Analysing the Dasha as per Vimshotarri Tamil Shastra Uses the Bhodkan, Vedhkan, Pashkan and Karkan Planets for a Particular Dasha . As Per this system I find that the Bhodkan, Vedhkan, Pashkan are well Placed from each other and Satisfy for the Person coming in Power with strength but the Planet Karkan has neutral Relations with Pashkan, Hence the Person will come with Power and rise to the occasion but as far the  Materialistic happiness and Accumulation  of wealth is concerned may not be very good , This Planet also to keep the Outcome of the Dasha  or the Sustaining ability , Since Neutral in the Chart the Sustaining Ability may not be as Required. But the Bodhka, Vedhkan and Pashkan are extremely strong to Push the Resuts in the Dasha of Jup-Jup-Jup

Similarly we can also make a Dasha Varha chart for Jup-Saturn Dasha  and also the Calculations as done above , Since not required in the Present Context I will write another article for the Same

Vedic Progression chart of Trump from 14th June 2016 to 2017 

Transit Trump DPYH

The Chart is crystal clear pointing out that Trump Has in store of a Status Rise . The Rajyoga of Moon and Mercury Ecchange and Mercury with Yoga karka and Jupiter the Dasha Lord in Lagna and aspecting the Moon the 10th Lord shows Status rise for Trump 

From the Vedic Progression charts it seems that Trump will do well since the consective years also the Rajyoga formation and Moon Joining the 10th house would strenghteen his position .

Kota Chakra Trump

Kota Chakra Trump

Kota Paal Moon Placed well and Kota swami in the Fort  but exiting , even that is not Bad , the Position on the 16th Nov. 2016 when Sun enters Scorpio is most excellent for Trum .

Hillary Clinton chart is not reliable never the Less the Chart of her Daughter of 27th Feb 1980 11.24 PM shows disgrace and scandles sprouting for her Mother

The Birth charts , Progression chart anfd Transit Charts are more favourable for Trump  Hence the Probability of Trump Coming out with Flying Colors is what can be seen

One Parameter Rahu Adverse on the 8th to 10th Nov. 2016 has the Capacity to Turn the Tables in favour of what is not expected but also hang the Election Results due to Scandles sprouting one after the other .

My experience Rahu does effect when Stationary and Direct motion and some times becomes unpredictable.3 Examples in the recent Scenerio

1. Cyrus Mistry Tata Row.2.Smajwadi Party Split. 3. Clinton Email Row . All the above have taken place between 23rd to 28th Oct. 2016 when Rahu was Very strong to Sprout scandles

1. Direct motion . 2. Dispositor Sun Debilitated 3. Aspected by Saturn.4. Dispositor of Rahu Mercury in navamsha Totally combusted and also Debilitated in Navamsha ,5.After 1st Nov. still worse since also aspected by Mars also and on the 8th to 10th Nov. 2016 again such situations . For US Presidential Elections I have used the charts of  Trump with Leo Lagna , Progression chart of US, Solar Ingress chart of Aries and the Time and Date of Start of Elections and then Gave the final Predictions.

Still Rahu can make the things worse since in the royal sign of Leo and the Lord Debilitated and other parameters as mentioned abobe make Rahu extremely strong for all events till Sun is Debilitated , for those who have risen in this Period they have a strong Rahu in their birth chart hence Strong Rahu is needed for the Presidential Elections

The Dates mentioned in the above article 8th to 10th Nov. , 21-22nd Nov. 3rd Dec. , 25-26th Dec. , 31st Dec. 2016 and 1stJan 2017 are extremely explosive for the Presidential Elections and Scandles sprouting and Disgrace for some


All the above Predictions are based on the assumption that the Horoscopes are Correct 


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