Dealing With Speculative Markets Through Astrology

Ever since there has been exchange from the 28th Nov. 2016 of Jupiter and Mercury in Transit ,Queries for the Prosperity through Stock Market has been pouring on me.The simple reason is that Jupiter is Karka for wealth and Mercury the Karka for Stock Market . Let me write the Parameters for the  Title “Dealing With Speculative Markets Through Astrology ” 

Lottery, Shares, Gambling and  Speculation are Risky methods employed for sudden gains. While hidden treasures and unexpected inheritance also accounts  for sudden prosperity  and richness.

Parameters for sudden and expected gains in Astrology


  • 2nd house: income, inflow of finances, Self earned wealth and  worldly possessions
  • 4th house: Happiness ,comforts,Fixed assets, land, vehicles
  • 5th house:  sudden gain, lottery, gambling, speculations etc.
  • 7th house: Buisness and Business travels
  • 8th house: Shares, hidden transactions, other people’s money, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, finances through unfair means, inheritance
  • 9th house: Easy gains, fate and Support from Father
  • 11th house: Accumulated wealth, fluctuating money gains
  • Sun: Sudden gains from royal or govt. sources.
  • Moon: Gains from liquid or glazy types of things, gains from abroad.
  • Mars: Sudden prosperity from engineering, publications, police, landed properties agriculture, accounts, investment in medicines
  • Mercury: Sudden gains from intellects or creative nature of mankind, specially through Stock Market
  • Jupiter: Gains from saints or bank men, rules banking shares, money, gold and other precious saleable items like diamonds and precious gems
  • Venus: Sudden gains from music, cinema, vehicles medicines, literary activities, scented items
  • Saturn: Sudden money
  • Rahu: trigger the unexpected events in the life, sudden gains from evil sources, fluctuating gains

The Double Transit of Saturn and Jupiter activating the 11th house or the 11th Lord

Different ways responsible for sudden gains in life:

Unexpected inheritance

Inheritance is seen from the 2nd house /2nd Lord and connection of Saturn and Jupiter is a malefic parameter for the Fructification of the Fixed assets of the Parents , while for Movable assets it may not be malefic Combination

  • The Moon, 4th /2nd/5th houses/lords are related, indicates sudden inheritance from mother.
  • Lords of 2nd and 4th combine in ascendant indicates sudden gain from mother.
  • The lords of 2nd and 8th lords are related, gives unexpected gains.
  • Leo ascendant with 12th lord in 8th house gives the formation of Vipareeta Raja yoga which results in unexpected enormous wealth gain.


Lottery and Gambling


  • Strength of 5th house /lord is the important significator of gains in lotteries and gambling.
  • The other significator houses for lottery gains and gambling are 2nd, 6th, 8th and 11th.
  • Moon is posited in 5th house and aspected by Venus, indicates sudden gain from lottery.
  • The 6th house/lord has an important role in gambling. If the 6th and 11th lords are together occupying 11th house, the native wins in lottery and gambling. The combination of the strong 6th and 11th lords is always good for gambling and lottery.
  • The 6th and 9th lords combine in 11th house, the native owns enormous money through lottery or gambling.
  • Favourable combination of Saturn and Rahu favours gambling especially in indoor games.
  • The lords of 6th and 11th and Saturn are in the 11th house, the native wins in dice game or cards through underhand tricks and by puzzling or mesmerizing his opponents.
  • Mercury being 5th lord occupying 6th house causes loss in speculations. If the 5th lord Venus is in the 12th house with 6th lord the native will lose in gambling being addicted to the same. If there are many malefic planets placed in 12th house the native should not invest money in gambling or lottery as he will always lose.
  • The Lords of 5th and 2nd house exchange places.
  • Mercury in 11th house in own sign conjoined with 6th lord.
  • Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu conjoined in Virgo.
  • All planets occupying 2th/6th/8th/12th signs.
  • The lord of 5th and 11th conjoined in 5th house with a node [Rahu/Ketu].
  • 2nd and 11th lords conjoining in 5th with benefice aspects
  • Jupiter alone in 5th or 8th in exaltation or own house is able to give sudden, unexpected gains.
  • The Ascendant /5th/8th/11th lords placed in the same houses.
  • The 5th and 8th lords exchange signs, and the lord of ascendant is in good aspect with either of the two.
  • 2nd lord in the 5th, 5th lord in 11th, 11th lord in 2nd house (or 2nd/5th/11th lords conjoined in 2nd).
  • The lords of 5th and 11th houses exchange houses.
  • The lords of ascendant, 2nd and 5th are related or conjoined.
  • The lords of ascendant, 5th and 9th conjoined.
  • The Ascendant is strong and 2/5/8/11th lords in exaltation.
  • The benefices planets occupy 5th and 8th houses.


Underground , hidden treasures beneath or buried in the Ground


  • Lord of ascendant is placed in 2nd house, Lord of 2nd is placed in 11th house and lord of 11th is posited in ascendant, the native will get sudden enormous hidden treasures in his life.
  • Lords of 2nd and 4th are posited in 9th house, with a benefice.
  • Lords of 11th and 2nd placed in 4th house, with a benefice.
  • Lord of 11th is placed in 4th house, combines with a benefice.


Stock Market and Speculations


  • The Moon, Mercury and 6th lord in 11th house indicates money through share market.
  • Lords of 6th and 11th combine in 12th house indicates loss in speculation.
  • Ascendant’s lord, Moon, Sun and are being in benefice aspects
  • The Moon-Mars combine in 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house.
  • The Jupiter in 2nd, the Mercury in 5th and the Moon in 11th house respectively.


For Dealing in Stock Market the Following Combinations acquire a Special Dimension

2nd house , 5th house and the 9th House should be well fortified .

2nd house in the natal chart indicates the money and wealth that will be made by ones own efforts. The Trinals houses the 5th and the 9th give information regarding money to be made through speculation. The 11th house gives information for the likely gains to be made . To deal in speculative markets  one should have a strong combinations in the Natal Chart together with strong Combinations in the Navamsha and the Rurdramsha  chart to make money in the Speculative markets .

The Best placement of the 5th in the 5th itself and the placement of the 9th in the 9th itself are essential parameters to achieve gains in the speculative Markets . The Other Combination of the Moon and Jupiter Placement from Each other is the fructifying Factor. The Shatak Yoga and the Moon in the Shukla Paksha is a strong negative Parameter for the Speculative Markets

Besides the above Parameters  There should be good combinations for a good Cash flow  from the Classics

  1. Moon, Jupiter Lords of the 2nd ,4th, 9th , and 11th  houses  are placed well in the 2 charts Rashi, Navamsha and the Rudramsha chart .
  2. Lords of the 2nd and 9th are placed in the 11th house
  3. Exchange of 2nd and 11th house   the Parivarthana yoga
  4. Jupiter the Karka for wealth Placement with respect to the above houses
  5. Lords of the above Houses in Strong Position and not in the 6 states of Malefic stance
  6. In Sarvashtak Varga the Bindoos in the 11th house should be maximum and 12th house should have the least Bindoos.



 I am writing this article to alert the Natives involved in the Speculative Trading in the Stock Market ,  as lot of  Querist approaching me have suffered huge losses

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