My Research On Stock Market and Celestial Drama of Planets in 2017

In this article I am going to Discuss the Planetary Positions in the year 2017 which will have an impact on the Stock market Trends . Let me first Put the Parameters which influence the Short term Trens in the Stock Market .

Experienced stock market analysts who use mathematical models predict stock market trends have observed that despite all calculations by computers etc. the short term trends in the stock market are difficult to determine as they are primarily dependent on the phychology of the investor. Human phychology is closely related to MOON and MERCURY in astrology. Moon is Karka of mind and Mercury is for intelligence, nervous and emotional system .When ever Mercury becomes retrograde, there is tendency for the native to think irrationally and commit errors in the judgement for any thing . Thus Mercury holds the key for unraveling the mystery of short term trends in the stock market. We should not jump at any conclusion depending upon a single input. Some inputs based on these principles may give positive indications, while others may give negative. We have to see the picture in totality, and we have to consider all inputs in a holistic manner. For evaluation of short term trends MERCURY is the key player.

1.MERCURY AND VENUS Mercury and Venus always move very close to Sun during their transit. It is observed that Mercury does not move away from Sun beyond 28 degrees and Venus does not move away from Sun beyond 48 degrees. Therefore the maximum inter planetary distance between Mercury and Venus during transit can be 28 plus 48 = 76 degrees. During transit they also come close to each other till they conjunct at the same degree. When ever Mercury separates from Venus and the interplanetary distancekeeps on increasing , then there is a tendency for the stock market to be bullish.——- This holds good in 60 % cases. Conversely when ever Mercury and Venus come together or the distance between then is decreasing, then the stock market tends to have bearish trend.. This also holds good for 60 % cases.

2. MERCURY VENUS AND JUPITER When ever transit Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter or transits in a sign which is trine with Jupiter there is likely to be a bullish trend in the stock market. This holds good in about 50 % cases. Similarly when Venus conjuncts Jupiter or transit in a sign which is trine from Jupiter , there is bullish trend.

3. MERCURY RAHU KETU When ever transit Mercury conjuncts Rahu or transit in a sign which is a trine from Rahu there is likely to be a bullish trend in the stock market. Conversely when ever transit mercury conjuncts with transit Ketu or in trine from it then there is a bearish trend. Similar results appear to hold good for outer planets too. Uranus behave in a similar way as Rahu and Pluto and Neptune behave like Ketu with Mercury.
4 . MERCURY RETROGRADE AND VENUS RETROGRADE It has been observed that when ever transit Mercury retrogrades , the stock market tends to become reverse of the trend that existed before it became retrograde. Similar phenomenon is observed in case of transit of Venus. This means before Mercury or Venus become retrograde, if the stock market is bullish then it will turn in bearish soon after the planets become retrograde. Similar results are observed when these planets become direct after retrogression. This holds good for 60 % cases
5. PANCHAKA AND SHORT TERM TRENDS when ever Moon transits aquarius and Pieces—– Dhanista 3 and 4 quarter, Satabhisha all the 4 quarters and in Revati all the 4 quarters , a phenomenon called PANCHAKA occurs. This is valid for 5 days. Occurs every month on 27 day cycle. Stock m arkets are effected in general , and found to be good in about 50 % cases . a . If stock markets are are bullish in the first half then it will be bearish in the second half . b. Vice versa c. When ever panchaka period starts on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday stock market is likely to be bullish through out panchaka period. d. When ever the start of panchaka period is on Monday, Wednesday , Friday the stock market will have bearish trend through out.
6 . BHINASHTAK VARGA CHART of Mercury and Venus of the natal chart of the country has to be seen . This is a subject of Research and lot of work has to be done on this with the above parameters.

In continution of my article “Fate of the Stock Markets in Nov-Dec. 2016 A Research Analysis” dated 4th Nov. 2016 Proved on the dot. Now let us analyse the Planetary positions in the year 2017 for the trends in the Stock Market

In Mundane ASTROLOGY the role of the Saturn and Jupiter is immense and when even they are conjunct , in opposition and influence each other there are major changes in the Globe. Saturn will ingress in Sagitarius on the 26th Jan. 2017 and will aspect Jupiter in the sign Virgo . The Changes in the Globe are inevitable and since we are discussing the impact on the Stock markets they will also be influenced.. In the Hindu Classical Texts , the effect of the Signs, Nakshatra have been explained in detail for the Mundane events . Saturn Transit in the Fiery Signs 1,5,9  when it does not have an aspect of Jupiter brings about Scarcity of Food Grains , Draught and Wars  specially in the Nakshatra of Moola . In the Fiery signs it also has an impact on the Economic Situation and brings a slow down and since Karka for oil brings down the Production levels thereby soaring the Oil Prices

As Per my Previous Article “Fate of the Stock Markets in Nov-Dec. 2016 A Research Analysis” dated 4th Nov. 2016 I had Pointed Out for the Stock market Down ward Trend which was on Dot.

I had also discussed the Previous charts when there was Financial Stagnation In the Stock market Globally . It has been found that When ever Saturn is Influencing the Fiery Signs By way of 10th Aspect or Transit in the Fiery Signs there has been a Stagnation in the Financial Markets. Let me reproduce the text here for a ready Reference

Planetary combinations at the time of big fall in the Stock Markets on the following Dates are as Follows

1. 28th Oct. 1929 the Wall Street  Crash The Great Depression.  Saturn was in Sagitarius and in Moola Nakshatra at 3.47 degrees and in the Present Scenerio Saturn will become Retrograde and cross these degrees on the 6th April 2017

2. 19th Oct. 1987 Black Monday. Saturn in Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra at 23.40 degrees  and aspecting Fiery sign . In the Present Scenerio on the 8th Nov. 2016 Saturn was 21.03 Degrees in the Nakshatra of Jyestha

Hence from the above It is evident that when Saturn Retrogrades on the 6th April 2016 is a Crucial Date along with Saturn Falling Back as a Fallen Planet in the Sign Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra and In Gandantha and aspecting the Leo sign will be crucial on the 21st June 2017

3. 6th Oct 2008. As Per this Date Saturn was in Leo at 22.06 degrees and this Point was activated on the 8th Nov.2016 in the Present Scenerio.

In all the Cases above Jupiter has also been Influencing the Fiery signs and Jupiter will become Retrograde in the Present Scenerio  on the 6th Feb. 2017  till 9th June 2017 , hence the Period Becomes crucial for Stock Markets

Role of Nodes  Rahu or the dispositor of Rahu in Fiery sign  as seen from the above Dates of Depression , Dispositor Of Rahu in the Present Scenerio is Sun and its Transit in the Fiery signs or aspect on the Fiery signs could be crucial in the Present Scenerio.

Talking about Saturn  In the year 1940 Saturn was in Aries along with Jupiter  Korean War Crisis

1978 Saturn in Leo and Jupiter in Genimi Iranian  Revolution and Oil Crisis

1988 Saturn in Sagitarius  and Jupiter In Gemini Fall of USSR and Eastern Europe Recession

2008 Saturn in Leo  and Jupiter in Sagitarius  Housing Bubble and European Sovereign -Debt Crisis and the Stock market Crash

In all the Cases there were slow down of the Economy . From the above it is clear that when Ever Saturn will be in a Fiery sign and Jupiter aspecting the Fiery sign there will be Economy Stagnation

Retrogression of these 2 Planets may bring Volatile and Bullish Trends  , Hence after 6th Feb and 6th April there are chances when both will be in Retrogression .

When Saturn enters again in Sagitarius on the 26th Oct 2017, there will be economy slow down  since then Jupiter will also be in Libra from the 12th Sept. 2017 . The Pressure of the Global Economy may be faced by many Countries and those Struggling with Growth Rate since the Ingress of Saturn in Scorpio from the 2nd Nov. 2014

Gold Prices

Bhavishya Phal Bhaskar a Classical Text indicates that when Jupiter ingresses in Libra the Prices of Gold May Fall  along with Cotton oil and Milk Products  ,hence Prices of Oil will fluctuate then after 12th Sept. 2017

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