Analysing the Prashna For Missing Persons By Various Techniques

In this Article I am going to Discuss the Various Techniques to Analyse  The whereabouts of the Missing Person .

I got a Call at 15.27 hrs on the 12th Feb. 2017 . The name of the Person is Sumit  and Left Home at 17.30hrs from his house on the 10th Feb. 2017

The Chart is Below

My Analysis Using the Following Techniques and Parameters

  1. Andha, Mandha , Madhya and Sulochana  Nakshatra . Since the nakshatra  is P .Phalguni and Nakshatra 11 Sulochana , the Results are Failure
  2. Hora Lord is Sun. Placed in the 8th house of Capricorn a Sign of Darkness and Losses and Not Connected to Moon for Favourable Results , hence No chances of Return.
  3. Yama Lord of the Day . The Day Lord Sun is Placed in the Yama of Leo and the Lord is again Sun and Placed in the 8th house  and in an inimical sign , hence Failure of Results . Leo Sign has Rahu in Forward Motion  is Most Malefic for the Query .The Yama Lord is Malefic for Missing Persons and very weak chances for the Missing Person to Return
  4. Query at the Time of Lunar Eclipse  Failure with in 3 Days is not considered Pious for the Results
  5. Name of the Missing Person is Sumit and according to Vedic Numberology  Su stands for 75 dividing by 12 the Remainder is 3 and that of Mercury and Mercury is Placed in the 8th house , but has Exchange with moon Nakshatra , Hence Only Possibility is when Moon Ongresses in the 4th house on the 13th Feb. 2017  Weak Posibility but cannot be ruled out. Reversing the Number 75 to 57 using the Katapayadhi Method and Dividing By 12 the Remainder = 9  Hence Jupiter , who is the 7th Lord hence when Jupiter Becomes Direct the native Information can be Known after 9th June 2017.
  6. By the Name Aksharas and the Planets signified by them, Moon and Sun for Su and Both are afflicted badly and are life giving Forces
  7.  Number of Hours from Sunrise  8 hours have Passes hence counting from the Mount of Lord Shiva the Sign is Sagitarius and Saturn is Placed there  and the Direction in the Yama chart is North East . The Missing person has gone in the North East Direction . Lagna is in the 9th Navamsha hence with in 13+52 =65 Km from the Place of Missing
  8. 8th house / 8th Lord .Lagna Lord Mercury in the 8th house, Moon with Rahu  and Dispositor of Moon in the 8th house and 8th Lord aspecting the Lagna is strong Negative for the Missing person to Return  8th Lord is stronger than Lagna Lord and Moon hence Negative Results  for Return
  9. Prashna Triangle  The Planet influencing the query is Pluto and indicates deep rooted Search and readjustment and is Placed in the 7th house of Travel and Native has left after 7th Lord has gone in Retrogression on the 6th Feb. 2017
  10.  Panch Pakshi  The Ruling bird is Cock and the Friendly Bird is in Death condition at the time of the Query, Hence the Possibility of the Return is Minimum
  11. Lagna Lord is Not Related to Moon hence the Native has not gone of his own willingness, Saturn in the 7th house causes Miseries to the Missing Person.
  12. Location of the Missing Person . The Missing Person can be traced near Parks, Gambling Dens, Temples, Railway Waiting Room
  13. Counting from Sun to Lagna is 6 Even hence negative Results for the Return
  14. Lagna Aspected by 6th and the 8th Lord Mars and Saturn respectively , Bad Parameters for Return , Since Lagna Represents the Missing Person
  15. 7th House is Path of Missing Person Saturn Placement is extremely bad
  16. Navamsha Sign is Prishtodayo hence negative for his return
  17. Arudha Lagna .. This sign has Moon and Rahu, The Missing Person may be with a Bad Lady  and a Low Person Mars and Venus in the 8th house from Leo, hence the Native is Hurt and his Clothes are soiled in Mud and Separated from his loved ones . Mars also Indicates he met Army People .
  18. The Timing of Return When Moon goes in the 4th House Tomorrow the 13th Feb. 2017 or 0ne day After the Solar Eclipse on the 27th Feb. 2017, or when the 7th Lord Becomes direct on the 9th June 2017, al though Weak Possibilities but not Ruled out
  1. anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012
  2. 12th Feb. 20172017  16-15 hrs. New Delhi  
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