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Predicting A Query By Tamil Texts

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In this article I shall be discussing the various methods which must be given emphasis to achieve good Results for the Query of a Native .

The Following parameters of paramount importance and must be analysed  religiously to  achieve almost 100% results. It is very important that an Astrologer must remember the Panchang Elements of the Day  so that he can give good  predictions on the spot.

Karteka is the Significator of Astrology and it is inferred that he had 6 heads  and hence there are 6 Vital Parameters in Astrology , may it be Prashna Jyotish or Natal Astrology .

Let me first elaborate the 6 Parameters in the Prashna Jyotish

Uday Lagna

Arudha Lagna

Chaitra Rashi

Navamsha Lagna

Spristanga Rashi

Janam Rashi

Now Let me elaborate the Additional Tools which can be used to hit the nail on the head to reach on dot predictions.

  1. Prashna Triangle (My Research) This Parameters indicates the planet influencing the Query  and in just 2 minutes the Astrologer can give the answer on a Mook Prashna . According to the Time of the Query a Triangle is drawn and allotted different numbers to the 3 Vertex and Prediction is given according to Numerology. The Number which is of Vital Importance indicates the Planet signified by it and the Relation of this Planet in the Birth chart and the Prashna Chart is seen to give the Answer of the Query
  2. Pancha Pakshi This Technique must be used to give the answer . There are 5 Birds  and one Bird rules the Day and  one at the time of the Query and there interrelation would give the Benefic or malefic Result. The 5 Birds in this Shastra are Vulture, Owl, Crow, Cock and Peacock. These Birds are engaged in the 5 activities at a given time , which are Rule, Eat, Walk, Sleep, and Die. The Bird is most powerful when it is in Rule state and least when in Die State. To find the Nakshatra Pakshi we need to know the Birth star the Moon in Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha and the Day of the Birth. Each Day of 12 hours is further divided in 5 parts called the Yaama and are allotted to different Bird in the 5 states and analysed accordingly . This Pancha Pakshai should not be confused with the Pakshi Shastra in which a Parrot is used in North India . Pancha Pakshai is a wonderful Tool also in the Matching of Horoscopes .
  3. Direction Faced by the Querist at the time of the Query. This Parameter is of vital importance as mentioned in the Tamil Texts , Krishneeyam, Shastra says that the Arudha Lagna calculated mathematically is only anumanit and may not give accurate results. To find the Arudha Lagna the Direction faced by the Querist indicates the Arudha Lagna as per the Yama chart. The Parameter gives vital clues about the Querist and is used to find out the Chaitra Rashi for hidden things and the Future of the Query.
  4. Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra are  drawn by the Astrologer from the direction faced by the Querist on a Particular day and giving the Benefic or malefic Results accordingly. Suppose On Sunday a Querist is facing East , As Per Naisargik Chakra East is Signified by Sun and on Sunday by Saturn , hence the Natural Relationship is seen between these 2 Planets along with Realtionship in the Prashna chart .
  5. Spristanga Rashi. This Parameter is according to the body parts touched by the Querist. Each body part is signified by a sign and the Planets influencing this sign is of vital importance. For Example Head is Signified by Aries and Ruled by Mars
  6. First Letter uttered by the Querist . The 5 Varga of the group of Consonants have 5 syllables each presided over by Vayu, Agni,Indra,Jala and Napumsaka  and the Results are given accordingly. For Example  The Query is ” I have applied for a Job , Will I get it ?”  The first letter is I and is signified by Jal Tatwa and is Favourable Tatwa , hence the Querist will get the Job.
  7. By Number between 1-108 .  If the Querist gives a Number 43  for example , then we have to divide by 9 and the Quotent is the Lagna and the Remainder its Navamsha , here the Quotent is 4 Cancer sign and the Navamsha is 7th hence Capricorn Navamsha , both are movable and Prishtodayo signs , hence  not good for the Query  vice versa if Both are Shirshodayo then we can predict good results .
  8. By the Breath  from Left or Right Nostril on a Particular day  . For Example Breath from Right Nostril on Sunday is Benefic.
  9. Hora Of the Day.  If the Hora Lord of the Day is Connected to Moon it is Favourable for the Query, Generally, Benefic Horas are good.
  10. Yama Lord Of the Day. The Yama Lord should be Benefic and the Lord of the Yama should have no connection with the Trik Bhavas and specially the 8th house  and indicates Failure in the case if connected to the 8th house and 8 type of Humiliations .
  11. Ashtamangla Number Between 100-999. In Olden Days Puja was conducted for 8 days before taking up Prashna, now a days a Number is asked from the querist between 100-999 and answers given on the dbasis of this Number and we can give amazing Predictions by this number using the Vedic Numerology and not the conventional Numerology , for example the number 2 signifies Mars and not Moon in Vedic astrology , Suppose the Number is 245 the left digit is Past , middle is Present and the Right digit is future , the Past was Bad since owned by Mars , Present is again an Even Rashi and not good for Present but owned By Mercury, hence some beneficiance . Future is 5 and Owned by Venus and in the Near future is excellent since in Transit also Venus is Exhalted and will over stay in Pieces from 27th Jan. to 31st May 2017, hence immediate future is excellent , attainment of Cherished desires and Luxuries all round . The Total of the Number is  2 hence in totality may not be good since the Past will influence the native as well for the significations of Mars . This ashtamangla number can give amazing results , by multiplying by 45 and dividing by 8 and the remainder gives the answer , mind you all these 8 numbers have different significations , in one case it was 2 and I predicted illness to children and it was on dot .. From this number we can find the Lunar day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Planet and the Bhuta and give the results  which are amazing .
  12. Noting with which Foot the Querist enters the Astrologer Room . This is most amazing and gives most accurate results . On Sunday the Native entered with Left foot first and the astrologer was Breathing from the Right Nostril and I Predicted Prosperity , amazingly the Results were on dot .
  13. Omens at the time of the Query . Narrating my experience , this tool in astrology is most important and gives vital clues at the Time of Predictions . In one case the Querist Drank full glass of water impatiently, I could Predict that he has consumed all the Liquid assets and is on the brink of Collaspe for want of Liquid wealth.
  14. The Activity of the Astrologer or the Querist at the time of Query. This has a major Impact on the Query .
  15. Color of the Clothes worn by the Querist  and accordingly the Planets signified tby the color of the clothes will be influencing the Querist Query , For Example Red  Tinge Mars , Yellow Jupiter
  16. The Touch Analysed along with the Direction
  17. Arudha Lagna is of Vital Importance and the whereabouts of the Girl in Question or any person for that purpose can be found out from this Lagna
  18. By Kaal Chakra  Analysis
  19. Prashna Chart , The 5 Limbs of the Panchang , UL, AL and CR of Vital Importance with Yama Chart  . The Ultimate analysis
  20. Birth chart and Prashna chart Influence with each other
  21. Rectification of Birth chart from Prashna Chart

In the Birth chart the Atma enters the Horoscope from the 5th house and the Native takes birth when the Atma Reaches the Lagna , then he works and grows up till he finally  Atma goes out of the Horoscope from the 9th house when he dies. In the Birth chart all the 11 houses are activated but the 10th house is not activated , it is not self activating and has to be activated by our Karmas. The birth chart shows our Karmas of the Past Janma , for this Reason we have to see the Prashna chart since it signifies what is the Status of our Present Karma. In the Prashna chart we have 12 house to see the same as per the above Techniques which give amazing results to evaluate the Present Status of Our Karmas. The Relation of the 5th and the 10th in the Prashna chart along with Jupiter is excellent combination in good houses for a person who will rise due to his good Karmas of the Past and the present.

The Six Parameters in the Natal chart are as Follows which are of Vital importance

1.Garbshishta Planets

2.Lagna and Lagna Lord

3.10th Lord

4.5th house

5.Yoga Karka Planet


Any thing we are going to achieve in our life and any promise in our life is dependent upon the Garbshishta Planets , they are the seeds of our life  the inter-relation of the Garbshisha with the other 5 Parameters will decide our course of Life.

The Other Parameters required to Judge the Strength of the Horoscope

  1. The Panchang of the Birth chart
  2.  Yogi and Avyogi Planets
  3. The Strength of the Rashi chart and the Saptvarga Charts
  4. The Dasha Sequence
  5. The Role of the 5th House
  6. Rajyogas
  7. Promise, Condusive Dasha and then Favourable Transit

The Tools Used to Evaluate the Results .

Varga Charts

Dasha Analysis  by the following Methods .Normally the Dasha of the Lagna Lord, 10th Lord and the Exhalted Planet brings Prosperity for the Native

The Following are the Ways to find the Results of the Dasha of the Planets

  1. By Tamil way of Analysis of Dasha by Bodhkan,Vedhkan,Pashkan and Karkan Planets , I have discussed the same in my Article “Analysing the Dasha of Mars through Tamil Texts
  2. Mathematical Calculations for Dasha Varga Chart . I have discussed the same in the above mentioned  Article . nother Example is for Rahu Dasha we have to Draw D18  and Saturn Dasha D19 and the Method is different then the conventional system and not available in the Astrology Softwares.
  3. For Career we have to Calculate the D6 of D10  to See the hardships in the Career
  4. Mathematical Navamsha is an Excellent tool to evaluate the Results of the Planet in the Rashi Chart from the Mathematical Navamsha Chart. For Example the Lagna of the Navamsha Lagna is 4th Navamsha if Cancer , then we have to see in the Mathematical Navamsha Chart who is the Nakshatra Lord and its Strength in the Rashi Chart would show the Marriage related parameters , similarly we can see the other parameters .
  5. Rudramasha Chart which is the D11 Chart and the Labhamsha Chart for gains and Losses in life .
  6. Vedic Progression charts by Manu Smriti Charts seen for the Yearly Predictions
  7. Jaimini Sutra By Tamil Texts and Not the conventional Method where any Planet is Retrograde is taken as a chara Karka , in fact it  loses to be a Char Karka and then Rahu irrespective of the Degrees attains the Status of Dara Karka as per Jaimini Sutra
  8. We can also evaluate the Yogini Dasha

Any Planet Influencing the Prashna chart, Natal Chart and the Vedic Progression chart is of Vital importance and Predictions are given after taking into account the strength of this Planet.

From the above it is crystal Clear that the Prashna chart and the other methods Employed give wealth of Information about the Native Query then the Birth chart which is seldom Correct and accurate . In the absence of the above parameters if an Astrologer is making Predictions is like a half cooked rice and cannot give accurate results. The day to day answers of the Querist can only be answered by the Prashna charts and the other methods mentioned above accurately.

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