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What Stars Fortell Using the Rudramsha Chart for WW3

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I have been writing on my webpage that the Planetary positions are getting explosive from April to June 2017 ,8th to 10th June Provocative and then In August and to be specific the 1st Sept. 2017 most Explosive date . The Dates In in April and June could be like firing a cracker but August-Sept. 2017 will be explosion of these crackers ,Although 4th May-13th May 2017 also be explosive  for the WW3 . US Pouncing on Korean Peninsula, ISIS and Syria. North Korea Could also taking an aggressive stance cannot be ruled out in any case

Let me evaluate the Planetary Positions as per the Rudramsha Chart.

Rudramasha Chart This chart is known as the Labhamsha  or the Rudramsha Chart. 11th house is the house of gains of all types . It is called Rudramsha chart since it has 11 types of Rudra. It is seen for unearthed income, lottery, Speculation, War , Elections . In this chart the Taurus sign is left out completely . Taurus sign is the sign of Bull and is the mount of Lord Shiva. Rudra means Tears  and is the terrific form of Lord Shiva. These gains can bring tears  also  and show their terrific form. The important characteristic of this chart is the suddenness and happenings which are unexpected . This can Predict the Outcome of Wars.

Jupiter is the significator of Expansion and Happiness. A strong Jupiter is essential for gains .

The Indu Lagna of the Birth chart is seen in this chart.

Outcome of new ventures , the Dasha running to be seen in relation to the 10th Lord in this Chart , for Good fructifications the Dasha is to be seen from Sun also.

In this Article I shall be discussing the Rudramasha Chart of US and North Korea for the Possibility of the Escalation of the Brawl between Trump and Kim

The Foundation chart of Us with D11 the Rudramasha Chart is Below . The Chart of Us is 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs. Pheladelphia

The Present Dasha Running is of Mars-Venus till 8th Nov 2017.

In the Rudramasha Chart the 6th house is Owned by the enemies and since Placed in the 11th house of Gains , shows Gains from Enemies  of all Types , Mars is also the 11th  Lord

Sub Dasha Lord is Venus , Lord of the 12th house and the 5th House placed in the 7th house , Hence gains from Speculation   and the Public at Large

Moon should be strong to maintain the mental Balance, here in the Chart Moon is with 6th and the 11th Lord , Hence Trump may lose his mental balance to achieve gains from the Enemies

From 12th April the Dasha of Mars-Venus-Jup comes in operation till 8th June 2017 and Since Jupiter is in the 6th house and aspected by Mars  it will expand the 6th house significations, Jupiter aspects the Lagna Lord in the 10th house  as well , Hnece there are possibilities of War Escalation . Dasha of Mars-Venus-Saturn will start on the 8th June 2017 and can Prove disastrous since Saturn the 8th and the 9th Lord is afflicted by Sun in the 3rd house . The Lagna Lord is Debilitated in the 10th House , This is Reward and Punishment  both , Hence from the Chart above , it seems that after 8th June 2017 the Scenerio between Trump and Kim may take an Ugly shape although the Present Circumstances for the Planetary positions are also not good and Warlike situations may escalate.

For any Venture the Dasha Lords have to be seen from the 10th Lord and Sun , Mars and Venus both ill placed from the 10th Lord Jupiter in Rudramsha , though placed well from Sun, hence the Venture may not bring good results , if Trump takes and aggressive stand may lead to Losses . Sun is also with Saturn the 8th and the 9th Lord , which itself is shows there may be Failures for the Kim to Stop the Nuk Activities

Let us also See the Rudramasha Chart in Transit as per Chart of US  Below . The sensitive points will be when the Mars , Venus and Jupiter are afflicted in Transit in the Rudramsha chart

The above Chart of  Rudramsha Transit as per US chart is crystal Clear showing Disputes escalating , 8th house afflicted , 8th Lord in the 10th house  , Dasha Lords all afflicted

Trump it seems will take an action any time now  as per the above Planetary Positions, specially till Mars remains in the8th house of the  Rudramasha Chart  till 28th April 2017 or when it joins the 8th Lord Saurn

Let us see the 13th May 2017 as Predicted by Some Mystic

Rudramsha chart Analysis

From the above it is crystal clear , 8th Lord over Natal Mars in Rudramsha , Moon over Natal Mars  at Degrees as per the Rudramsha Chart and Saturn just changed the Rudra. Lagna Lord Debilitated and 8th Lord Afflicted badly and is also Debilitated , gives Akaal Mrityu and hence war in the Present Scenerio

Let us also see on the 10 June 2017 what is the Status of the Planets as per Rudramasha chart of US in Transit . The chart is below

8th house of Rudramsha chart and the 8th Lord Badly afflicted for Akal Mrityu and War like conditions . Dasha Lords in the 8th house of D11 Rudramasha on the 8th June 2017 Lagna Lord Mercury in the 8th house with Mars , hence from 8th to 10th June 2017 could be explosive for US taking an aggressive stand for Korean Peninsula and even Syria  which seems to be more possibility

The Rudramasha Charts on the 26thApril, 13th May and 8th-10th June 2017 are Explosive ones specially of the 26th April and 10th June 2017 . Hence Trump will take an aggressive stand on these dates and the Brawl between Trump and Kim May escalate into a War and attackes on Syria and the Gulf War .

Foundation chart of North Korea with Rudramasha Chart of 10th Sept 1948 12-00 hrs. Pyongyang North Korea  Taken from Book of World Horoscopes

The Present Dasha Running is of Rahu-Mercury  till 12-3-2019

The Dasha Lords are Placed well from the 10th Lord Saturn who is Placed in own sign in the 11thhouse , it is also Placed well from Sun

From the Above it seems Trump actions will not be successful  in Combating the Nuk Activities of Kim and the Brawl between Trump and Kim may escalate into war like conditions and US May be aggressive and may take an Action, since Moon is afflicted in the Natal Rudramasha Chart  

In Transit the 8th house of Rudramasha Chart Transit  with Scorpio sign is not afflicted as per above Dates of 26th April , 13th May and 8th to 10th June 2017 in the Present Scenerio. It goes with out saying that the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017 is an Explosive one and Mars activating the Eclipse point on the 1-2nd Sept. 2017 could be most explosive for Nuke War since Mars and Rahu will be degree conjunct in Leo a fiery sign aspects by Fallen Saturn from Scorpio.

US in Aggression may take a Step as early as the 26th April 2017  or as other Dates Discussed above it so seems  and Kim may Retaliate  with Force.US May also be aggressive and Pounce on Syria and on ISIS on the Dates mentioned above , thereby escalating the Gulf war

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