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Fate of the Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case in ICJ today at 15:30 hrs

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As Per Media Reports “Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case in ICJ today: How, what and why of the India-Pakistan tussle” link

The International Court of Justice will  take up New Delhi’s appeal against the death sentence given to ex-navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav by a Pakistani military court for alleged spying.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will set out on Monday the modalities to hear India’s challenge to a Pakistan military court’s decision to hang a former Indian naval officer on charges of spying.

It will be after 18 years that an India-Pakistan dispute will play out in the world court. India has stayed away from the ICJ and it is only the second time after 1971 that New Delhi has sought the intervention of the judicial arm of the United Nations against Pakistan.

What to expect on Monday

The Netherlands-based ICJ will likely take up Jadhav’s case at around 1pm India time in the Great Hall of Justice housed in the Peace Palace in the city of The Hague.

Both sides will get 90 minutes each to make their arguments, with India getting the first say.

The court is expected to take some provisional steps till the case is finally decided.

The 15-judge ICJ is not in session. Court president judge Ronny Abraham of France is expected to meet the agents or legal representatives of the two countries and decide on the procedural issues such as the time-frame of the case. Senior lawyer Harish Salve is representing India.

India says Jadhav, a former naval officer, is innocent. He was kidnapped and framed by Pakistan in total disregard of international laws.

The 46-year-old is a spy involved in terrorism and deserves capital punishment, says Pakistan.

Why India moved ICJ after 46 years

The imminent danger to the life of Jadhav, who was given the death sentence by a Pakistani military court on April 10, is India’s reason for moving the ICJ.

India says Pakistan precipitated the situation by ignoring 16 requests for consular access to Jadhav. His trial in the military court was a sham and didn’t follow international norms even though Jadhav is a foreign national.

India accused Pakistan of “egregious violations” of New Delhi’s rights under the Vienna convention on consular relations (VCCR) when it sought ICJ’s intervention on May 8.

The convention allows diplomatic representatives to visit their nationals held prisoner by the host country. India also argued that Pakistan had ignored a bilateral treaty on consular access. India has sought annulment of the death sentence. For the duration of the trial, it wants Pakistan to ensure that Jadhav is not executed.

Why India is cagey about ICJ

There is a reason why India hasn’t moved the ICJ in all these years. In September 1974, India spelt out the matters over which it would accept the jurisdiction of the ICJ, replacing a similar declaration made in 1959.

Among the no-go matters are “disputes with the government of any state which is or has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations”.

Pakistan, like India, is a member of the Commonwealth, a grouping of 53 countries most of which are former British colonies.

Also, moving the ICJ amounts to taking disputes with Pakistan to a multilateral forum, which New Delhi tends to avoid.

Experts see the latest move as a sign of India’s growing confidence in getting itself heard on international forums.

  1. “The situation is grave, it is urgent, and hence we approached this court at such short notice,” senior lawyer Harish Salve, representing India, told the UN court.
  2. India asked that Mr Jadhav’s death sentence be suspended immediately and be declared illegal under international law.
  3.  Pakistan, said Mr Salve, had repeatedly denied consular access to India and no document of Mr Jadhav’s trial process was given by Islamabad.
  4. Describing Mr Jadhav’s trial as “farcical”, Mr Salve said the Indian was given a lawyer when the trial was nearly over. “The basic rights of Jadhav were thrown to the winds,” he said.
  5. Last week, after India challenged the death sentence, Pakistan was asked by the International Court to put it on hold.
  6. India argued that Pakistan violated the Vienna Convention by denying India consular access to Mr Jadhav 16 times and denying him the right to defend himself.
  7. India has not approached the international court on any case related to Pakistan since 1971, but the government has said it had no choice as the life of an Indian citizen is at stake.
  8. Mr Jadhav, 46, arrested in March last year by Pakistan, was held guilty by the country’s military court of spying and subversive activities. India says that Mr Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran, where he was running a business after retiring from the Navy.
  9. The previous time the two countries faced off at the world court was when Pakistan’s maritime reconnaissance aircraft Atlantique was shot down by the Indian Air Force in the Kutch region in August, 1999; all 16 naval personnel on board were killed.
  10. After a four-day hearing, a 16-judge bench of the court in 2000 voted  to dismiss Pakistan’s claim, saying it had no jurisdiction in the case.

Hearing Started at 13-00 hrs of Monday the 15th May 2017 as per IST time

The Decision will come today at 15:30 hrs as Per IST and as per Hague Netherlands 12-00 hrs. +2.00 GMT  as per the News

Kulbhushan Jadhav Case: At 3.30 pm Today, UN Court To Rule On India vs Pak link


  1. Kulbhushan Jadhav sentenced to death by Pak army court
  2. India asks top world court to stop the execution
  3. Pak has argued the UN court does not have jurisdiction

 India will find out today if it has won its case against Pakistan at the UN’s top court over the execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav, a former naval officer, who has been sentenced to death after being convicted of espionage by a Pakistani military court.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague, which heard arguments from both countries on Monday, will deliver its verdict at 3:30 pm today.

India said that Pakistan has violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by denying Mr Jadhav, 47, access to legal and other assistance from India, and that Pakistan should be ordered to stop his execution.

 Pakistan responded that the court should decline jurisdiction in the case.

The case has sharply escalated tension between Delhi and Islamabad.

Pakistan says Mr Jadhav was arrested in March 2016 in the restive province of Balochistan. There has been a long-running conflict in Balochistan between Pakistani security forces and a militant separatist movement.
According to Islamabad, Mr Jadhav confessed to being tasked by India’s intelligence service, the Research and Analysis Wing or RAW, with planning, coordinating and organising espionage and sabotage activities in Balochistan “aiming to destabilize
A brief statement posted on the ICJ’s website said: “A public sitting will take place at 12 noon at the Peace Palace in The Hague, during which Judge Ronny Abraham, President of the Court, will read the court’s decision.”
Let us Have a Look at the Chart when the decision comes of the 18th May 2017 at 12-00 hrs. Hague Netherlands  GMT +2.00
In this Article I am going to use the Prashna Jyotish Technique by Tamil Texts to evaluate the Results before the Court Gives the Judgement
Panchang of the Day
The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter placed in the Lagna and in the yama of Virgo, which is the Lagna of the Event Chart and the Yama Lord Mercury is Placed in the 8th house of Humiliations. Mercury is also the Lagna Lord and Placed in the 8th house is not good for the Positive Fructifications of the Verdict for India
Tithi is KP-8  Not Good
Nakshatra  Dhanishta Lord is Mars and the Lord of the 3rd and the 8th house
Yoga  Bhrama  Not Good
Karna Balav and is not connected to the 10th house for the good Fructifications of the Event
Uday Lagna is Shirshodayo is Good But the Lord in the 8th house
ArudhaLagna is Scorpio and the Sign is Shisrshodayo is Good but has  aspects of Mars, Sun and Saturn by Retro aspect. Mars is also 8th Lord
Chaitra Rashi is Aquarius and having Ketu and has aspects of Saturn and Saturn as the Lord of the Chaitra Rashi has aspects of Mars the 8th Lord is Extremely bad for the Future of Relations Between India and Pakistan
The Placement of the Sign Aquarius is not well placed from the Uday Lagna or from the Arudha Lagna and Failure of the Results for India may be there . Saturn the Most Malefic Planet in the chart aspects the Uday Lagna, Chaitra Rashi and even the Arudha Lagna by Retro aspect and hence not condusive to give good results for  India it so seems
Bhav Bala of Uday Lagna is 545 Arudha Lagna 352 and Chaitra Rashu 407, From the above it seems that even if the Court Favours India, the Future of the same may not be good for India since Pakistan may defy the Order
For Favourable Results for the outcome the Lagna Lord and the concerned House Lord should be in the same Navamsha and other Varga charts for the Good Fructfications in the Favor of Indiai and since missing the results may not be in favor of India .
In case of Disputes the Person who goes in the Court of Law is the Plaintiff  and the Person against whom the Case is there is called the Defendant
The Houses Represented by the Plaintiff are from the 9th to the 2nd House and the Houses for the Defendant are 3rd to the 8th house
The Number of Benefics for the Defendant  Pakistan are more then the Plaintiff India, hence the Case may go in favor of Pakistan it so seems
The Houses 6th and 11th denote victory for Plaintiff and not connected
The Houses 2,3,8 and 12 denote conviction and Punishment
Sun is Judge, Mercury the Lawyer and Rahu the Jail
Nature of Judgement
Lagnesh and the 10th Lord Mercury is Placed in the 8th house  is not good for the Plantiff
Saturn in the Kendra and in the 4th house and has aspect of Mars unfair Judgement .
Plantiff will lose Due to the following Combinations
Lagnesh in the 8th house
Mars in the 9th house .
Dispute may Prolong
Lagnesh and the Moon are not related at all
Lagnesh in the 8th house and the 7th Lord Retrograde .
The Parameters for the Bail for  Kulbhushan
There are  Combinations of the 6,10th and the 11th Lords in the DBA, since the Dasha of Mars-Saturn-Ketu and 2 of then Related to 6th house
Nut Shell
From the above it seems that there are Poor chances for the verdict in favour of India  and even if it is Favorable for India considering the Uday Lagna Strong having Strong Bhav Bala as per above  , Pakistan may defy the Orders and the Future  is Extemely bad  for the 2 Countries  for the above case and Tensions can escalate further .
Aquarius Chaitra Sign and Future Sign is afflicted Badly and the Lord is going to Fall after 21st June 2017 and Rahu to Join Saturn in Navamsha after the 5th June 2017 and Saturn and Mars opposition after 26th May 2017 may be explosive for the Relations between India and Pakistan

Now Read this Link also ICJ lacks jurisdiction in Kulbhushan case

Pakistan can definitely take an Aggressive stance and go ahead with there plans to Execute Kulbuhushan
The Predictions are made as per the time given by the media and in case the time of the Verdict Changes with Navamsha since after few Minutes the Navamsha May be Pieces , the Predictions can go haywire and in that case it may not be taken as a Failure of Astrology, but Failure of the Media not giving the Exact Parameters . Astrology cannot fail under any Circumstances . I Can Speak loudly on this with My Predictions on Dot

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  • Written on 17th May 2017  Time 22-00 hrs . Singapore. and Published at 04-00 hrs. 18th May 2017 . Results will come at 18-00 hrs as per Singapore time  and as per India 15.30 hrs on the 18th May 2017
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  • Added the Following Content after the Hearing on the 18th May 2017 at 19-00 hrs. Singapore

Read this link

The Proceedings Started at 15-32 hrs. IST and 12.02 hrs. Hague, The implication on the Predictions will be discussed in a Fresh Article since the Navamsha Changes from Aquarius to Pieces. I would like to write a Fresh Article on this Now for the Exact timing and the Detailed Predictions , although the Following Predictions are on Dot.

The Court Preceding as per the Media started at 15-32 hrs. and not at 15-30 specified earlier therefore the navamsha changes. Hence the Predictions will change never the Less, Some Major Predictions are on Dot.
1. Dispute will Prolong
2. Kulbhushan has been Granted Bail like Verdict.
3.Lagna Bhava is the Strongest among the Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna and Chaitra Rashi, hence the Present cameout Favourable . I would have Given better Predictions if the Exact Time was Known, since the Navamsha has changed and the Predictions have changed
4. One Thing is clear that the Tensions between the 2 Countries will escalate as per the time mentioned by me
5. On Getting the exact time of the Hearing I will now Predict the Future of the Kulbhushan Jaydav more Precisely
6. On the face of It Now since the Navamsha changes to Pieces  and both the Rashi and Navamsha are Shirshodayo and Benefic the Court Gave Stay for the Case and asked Pakistan not to Proceed with Hanging Kulbhushan till ICJ gives the Final decision
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