June 2017 Catastrophic Planetary Combinations.Roman God Saturn Falls Back In Scorpio Most Venomous

by anil aggarwala

My Predictions in the Month of May 2017 have been on Dot for what ever I have written, May be it is ISIS, Nifty, Kulbhushan Jadav Verdict, Earthquakes, ISIS aggression even as per the Date mentioned . The Most recent Case of Gunaam Nair disappearing in suspicious Circumstances also prove on dot. Read all my Detailed Predictions on the webpage for what ever you want in the search link on the top right hand side . ASTROLOGY IS AMAZING. In all cases I have used the Tamil Texts unlike the Traditional astrologers.

As Time passes by and Saturn in Gandantha on the  21st June 2017  for the 2nd time as a Fallen Planet could be most Explosive.What Saturn has up its sleeve will be unfolded.  First time it passed through these Gandantha Points on the 26th Jan. 2017 as a Normal Planet . The Third time it will pass through these points as a Fallen Planet on the 26th Oct. 2017. Hence  the worst of the Period from 21st June  to 26th Oct. 2017  for the Significations of Saturn. Saturn the Kaal will be fallen in the 8th house of the natural Zodiac as the 10th Lord and the 11th Lord as bhadak. It is Karka For Longevity for the 8th house and in inimical sign when aspected by Mars from the sign Leo on the 26th August 2017 will be most explosive. Presently Mars and Saturn are in 1/7 axis and from the 11th July they will be in 6/8 axis , Hence 21st June -23rd June 2017 will be explosive for Brawl between the Giants. North Korea is Bound for Creating Trouble and escalating the Tensions between the Countries to finally take a shape at the time of the Eclipses in August 2017 and also when Mars activates the Eclipse point on the 2nd Sept. 2017. The Mars Rahu Conjunction is Known for Explosions and Fire Disasters , Sun Joining the Conjunction on the 17th August and Fallen Saturn aspect on the Eclipse in Leo where the Conjunction is taking place may Prove most explosive , although as pointed out by me in my earlier Articles the War like situations in Early 2019 will be more Catastrophic then the Combination of Planets in August-Sept. 2017 , but war like situations cannot be ruled out. US will be involved in War like situations since war mongering and Dasha connected to the Combination of Planets in conjunction with Mars . I have already mentioned a Second Gulf war is also on the Cards and ISIS will also be Active during this Transit for its ultimate decay slowly till 2020

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and Specially for Saturn

The Following Parameters are Explosive in June 2017

  1. Venus Passing through Gandantha Points  on the 31st May to 1st June 2017 . Significations of Venus will suffer the Most . It is also Karka for Marital Relations ,Luxuries of Life, Prices and Value
  2. 3rd June Mercury goes in Taurus , Jupiter and Mercury were in 6/8 axis for a Long time .
  3. Jupiter the Divine Planet will be in Stationary motion from the 6th June to 13th June  and will be aspected By Mars and Saturn , On the 5th June 2017 Jupiter with Moon a Gajkesri yoga and aspected By Mars and Saturn
  4. 5th June Rahu and Ketu change Navamsha , Saturn and Rahu joining Aries Navamsha again a Fiery sign explosive for Disasters.
  5. 6th June 2017 when Jupiter is Stationary influenced by Mars and Saturn in navamsha as well . Possibility of the Financial markets taking a new High or Low
  6. 10th June Mercury sets in the East , 30th June it Rises in the west. Influence on the Stock market
  7. 15th June Saturn and Sun opposition and Saturn at 180 degrees  in slowest Motion, Strong Bhandan Yoga . Gandantha Saturn connected to Sun, Moon, Ketu  very close at the time of Solar Ingress. I have already mentioned that this Ingress may not be a Good one.
  8. Jupiter in Earthy sign in Stationary mode and aspected by Mars and Saturn after after 5th June to 13th June could prove disasterous and even after 15th June and 21st June 2017 for Terrorism , Earthquakes, Tsuamis, Tornados around the Coastal Areas of the world where People go for marry making . Reference Article “Extended Stay of Venus in Pieces, Tsunami and EarthQuakes” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/03/extended-stay-of…-and-earthquakes/ dated 2nd March 2017. Terrorism on the Cards and Not Ruled out . US, Paris, Europe. India, Pakistan, Afganistan  Prone to all this . Earth Quake Prone Countries Japan, Indonesia, Coastal Areas of the World. Pakistan Has Aries Lagna and Saturn falling in the 8th house is extremely malefic and there could be Terrorism with Magnitude after 21st June -23rd June then the Dates in July are 5-6th July and then 19th July 2017 are the Worst dates Globally
  9. Delhi has Scorpio Lagna and Fallen Saturn in Scorpio will be Most malefic for Delhi since the Earthy signs will be afflicted , Capricorn By Saturn , Virgo by Mars . Strong Earth Quake can also be ex[ected in Delhi and near about areas and those States when the Lagna is Scorpio, this is also applicable for Global Countries . After 15th June and 21st June 2017 most malefic 
  10. For Stock market Read my article ” Stock market Trends and the North Node Rahu in the Fortnight From 26th Feb. 2017″ link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/02/stock-market-tre…om-26th-feb-2017/ Gann Theory May Prove on Dot of Nifty Crossing 9700-9800 Mark, but after 21st June 2017 unpredictable.
  11. Read also my article https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/05/red-planet-mars-roman-god-saturnnodes-form-catastrophic-combination-for-natural-and-man-made-disasters/

See the Chart of the 15th June of Solar ingress in Gemini at 05-33 hrs

The Above chart is making clear of the Happenings  till Sun in the sign Gemini. It is said that the Sun ingress in the cardinal signs are more important but if in an Solar ingress chart the Placement of Sun and the Planets aspect them are malefic and owning malefic houses as the case in the above chart Sun in the Lagna with Mars the 6th Lord and aspects of Saturn degree wise and at 180 degrees is a Parameter which cannot be ignored .

The Lagna Represent the Nation as a whole  and shows the General condition of the country will not be good

Rahu-Ketu in the afflicting the 3rd and the 9th house and Saturn aspecting the Ketu and Moon in the 9th house  of Religon, Law, Embassies and Dharma  could be issue framing .

See the degree of the Planets . In Navamsha also it is repeating hence this Ingres of Sun in Gemini may not be a good one for the Country as a whole

For India Lagna Lord in the 12th house . For the Global effects this Solar Ingress falling in the 6th House of any Country could be explosive

21st June Most Explosive since then Fallen Saturn will aspect Rahu in the 3rd House of Neighbors hence Boarder clashes cannot be ruled out with magnitude 

Fallen Saturn in Gandantha is like heating an iron bar to 900 degrees and then immersing it in Cold water , it will develop Stresses and Cracks and hence the significations of Saturn will suffer to a large extent 

Saturn Significations

Agriculture, Land, Real Estate, oil, iron core , underground mines, minerals, old people, diseases of old age, democracy and all sorts of democratic institutions, municipal elections, strikes, labor class, famines, droughts, emergencies, tragedies, Earthquakes, Tsunami , Volcanos, Floods, Fall in Country exports, difficulties in Foreign Exchange , Rationing , death of Prominent Leaders in the Politics , over throw of Rulers , Judicial System,

In commodities — Till, Wool, Leather

Loss or Gain of Territory in War

Market Conditions Get Depressed

Country may Pass through Stagnation and Economic Decline

Saturn has been designated as a Dukh Karka  by Kalidas

Saturn Passing through Nakshatra Of Ketu and aspected by Mars . It will fall back in Jyestha Nakshatra most Malefic for Politicians . Harm will be 3 times since Saturn is in Retrogression and also becomes Fallen on the 21st June 2017. A Fallen Planet is Most Venomous and worst then a snake bite 

Another malefic Parameter is the Transit of Mars and Saturn in the dual signs and both aspecting the Divine Planet Jupiter , hence Financial institutions may suffer as well .

Chart of Saturn Fallen  on the 21st June 04-40 hrs  

Saturn ceases to be any Char Karka as per Jaimini Sutra, Rahu attains the Status of Dara Karka and when afflicted in Transit will attribute explosive results  speciallt when with Mars and in Forward motion the most Crucial Parameter

At the tome of the Saturn falling back in Scorpio the Sign Taurus is rising and Mars and Saturn will be influencing the 8th house of the Foundation chart and then Saturn will also ingress over the natal Ketu in the 7th house of Wars will become Explosive Parameter

Rahu will be in forward motion from the 15th June to 19th June Prone for all disasters  and then 27th June to 3rd July 

The Following Parameters could Escalate for India

  1. Ram Ayodha Mandir 
  2. Tripple Talaq
  3. Kulbhushan Jadav Case by Pakistan
  4. Boarder clashes 
  5. Financial Stagnancy, Fall in the Production of Oil
  6. Stock markets can be all time high and then can take a reversal in June 2017 specially the 21st to 23rd June 2017
  7. War on the Sea Navy can be active 


  1. South China Sea Taking a Greater dimension
  2. Tension between Giants 
  3. Brawl between US and other countries and specially with Noth Korea Taking a new dimension
  4. ISIS activation for Terrorism. Already discussed the Prone Countries 
  5. Earthquakes, Tsunamis. I have already discussed in my previous Articles the Prone Countries . Coastal Areas of India  Most Prone 
  6. Economic Slow down
  7. H1B Visa issues 
  8. Immigrants 
  9. Explosions and Disasters 
  10. Mass Deaths 
  11. Pakistan Will defy the ICJ verdict and Boarder Clashes with Magnitude 
  12. Those Countries where Saturn will Transit over Natal Saturn when Fallen will be most Catastrophic 
  13. Attack on the Embassies of the Countries by Terrorists , this may even happen after 31st May any time 
  14. Earthquakes, Tornados, Volcanos, Tsunami , Duststroms from 31st May 2017  till Saturn in Gandantha in July 2017

Saturn will  be Most malefic in the Month of June 2017 it so seems  from 5th June onwards and after 15th June 2017 and then 21st June 2017

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