Mook Prashna Indicates Early Return of the Missing Girl on the 26th May 2017

In this Article I am going to discuss the Whereabouts of the missing Persons using the Mook Prashna .


On the 26th Morning Friday Chennai a Girl Goes Missing wearing a blue dress  on her Honda Black Scooter . I have tried to get the Time of Disappearance but my effort go invain and I decide to take 2-3 options for the Time using Mook Prashna


Since the Native started in the Morning Hours it could be from 09-00 am to 12-00 am only

For a Query of Missing Person the as Per Mook Prashna the Query is for Jeeva  and the following Combination have to take place

For Odd Lagna the Navamsha has to be 3rd, 6th or the 9th

For Even Lagna the Navamsha has to be 1st,4th or the 7th

Now Gemini Lagna till 09-15 hrs

Cancer Lagna from 09-15 to 11.24 hrs

Hence I will work for the Time period between 09-10 hrs of Gemini Lagna with 9th Navamsha till 09-15 hrs  and 1st , 4th and 7th Navamsha of the Cancer Lagna and see what are the Possibilities of the Missing Girl being Traced   

Time of 09-15 hrs Chennai  I am taking Odd lagna and the 9th Navamsha for the Jeeva Query . The Time of the Missing girl is not available but it is assumed she left early Morning as per media report .

There are 3 very Strong Parameters in the Time of Leaving as 09-15 hrs asper Mook Prashna for immediate return

  1. Moon in the nakshatra of Rohini and asper the 28 Nakshatra Method the nakshatra id Andha , hence  the missing Girl will return with in 3 days
  2. Jupiter the Most benefic Planet placed in the 4th house  for the whereabouts of the Person for early return
  3. 7th Lord in the 2nd Half of the sign and about to become Stationary on the 5th June 2017 is extremely benefic Parameter for early return

See the chart below

For Missing Persons Lagna represents the Missing Persons and since aspected by Saturn shows the concern  pertaining to the whereabouts of the Person missing

4th house is the well being and the happiness of the Missing Person, and since Jupiter is Placed it is said to be good for early return and also shows that the native may have also gone in such circumstances  since Jupiter the 7th Lord is Retrograde , but definitely strong benefic for immediate return

7th house is the Path taken by the traveler and since has a malefic Saturn  the missing person is facing difficulties on the way and may be in depression since Moon is also afflicted but since exhalted , the native may return after Moon  Transits the Sign Gemini or Cancer

The Lagna is about to change to movable sign  hence the situations may change and for a Benefic change

Lagna is in the nakshatra of Jupiter , Lagna Lord in the Nakshatra of Venus and Moon in its own Nakshatra and Exhalted placed in the 12th house with Sun and Mars , not that malefic and the native may return when Moon goes in its own sign Cancer , hence after 3 days

7th Lord in the 2nd half of the sign and when becomes direct on the 9th June the where abouts of the Missing women can be known, Since the 7th Lord is in the Kendra the Native is with in the city

9th June Jupiter will become Direct and has ithasal with Moon and asper the Timing the difference is 4 degrees hence after 4days  or 4 weeks some whereabouts may be known for the missing Women, hence 29th-30 May 2017 the Girl may return back.

A Benefic in the 4th house indicates immediate return of the missing person, since Jupiter is there the possibilities that the missing women may turn up are definitely there .

An Exhalted Planet near the Lagna Degrees in the 10th house strongly indicates that the native is in happy state

Moon is in the 12th house and in Paap Kartari yoga , hence the journey does not materialize till moon in the 12th house  and indicates that the missing women is in Trouble and obstruction in journey due to Depression.


Lagna is Moving towards Movable sign hence the Captivity or Depression may be for 3 days and  may be temporary

For Safe Return the Following Parameters are essential

Lagna Lord Mercury in the 11th house and Kendras having benefics is strong combination for Early return , but Saturn offers hinderances till 21st June 2017 .

7th Lord Jupiter in the 2nd Half in the 4th house and becoming direct on the 9th June is a strong Parameter for Return safely and the whereabouts known

Benefic Mercury in the 11th house is a benefic Parameter for early return.

Moon in Ithasla with a Retrograde Jupiter is a Strong Combination for Return as mentioned  above around the  9th June 2017, Moon is also aspected by Jupiter but in Paap Kartari Yoga , hence the Women may mange to escape the clutches of the Person who has Kidnapped her , Since Saturn the Planet of Captivity is afflicted by Mars and Placed in the 7th house of Journey

Lagna Vargottam and Jupiter in the Navamsha Lagna  and both are shirshodayo signs

Hence from the above taking a positive stance the Missing Girl may return 1st Possibility 29-30th may 2017  2nd Possibility 5th June to 9th June 2017

Let us see the chart below  of  26th May 2017 09-31 of Even lagna and 1st Navamsha indicating a Jeeva Query. This chart is not condusive to give good results , but since the abobe chart shows strong Parameters for Early return , I will not analyse the Below Chart and the same will be taken up by me after 9th June 2017 only. 

The Chart btween the 09-16 to 11.24 is not an auspicious one . as stated above Moo and the Lagna Lord in Paap Kartari yoga along with 7th house in Paap Kartari yoga and and Both the Rashi and the Navamsha are Prishtodayo are strong Combinations for no return


Possible Direction where the Missing Girl can be found  along with Distance 

Counting from the Mount of Lord Shiva Taurus 3 signs  is Cancer and since Cancer does not have any Planet we have to look for Moon placement in the yama chart and Moon is Placed in the Yama of Virgo and hence the native has gone in the South West Direction with in 5 Km from her Residence

Name of the Person to whom she has gone 

The 7th Lord is in the Sign of Sagitarius and the name of the Person where she has gone will be starting from Yo, Ye,Bha, Bhi as per the Chart of )931 hrs and asper the chart of the 09-15 hrs  To, Pa,Pe, P

 1st Chart 3rd Dreshkanne of Gemini

Male Adorning many ornaments with Jewels

Skilled in Dance and Music, vocal and instrumental, Dry nails, feet and Palm ,unstable body.

Tall and Handsome, Hats women, stubborn and has many enemies , Carries some ammunition as well Dark Color Clothes


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