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Possible Horoscope of Kim Jong-un President of North Korea : What it Foretells

President Kim Jong- In  Celebrated his 33rd Birthday on the 8th Jan 2017 link

Though the young leader’s birthday is well-known throughout the country, it has yet to be celebrated with the kind of adulatory festivities that accompany the birthdays of his late grandfather and father.

Pyongyang residents did what they do every second Sunday of the new year — joined in sports events.

Kim Jong Un, who is believed to be 33 or 34 and the world’s youngest head of state, assumed power after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in late 2011.

The only time Kim has been honored in public on his birthday was in 2014, when former NBA star Dennis Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to him before an exhibition basketball game in Pyongyang

Read this also As per this he is Born on the 8th Jan 1984 or the 5th July 1984, but since he celebrated his Birthday on the 8th Jan. 2017 his Birth date is confirmed

Kim Jong-Un has been the unrivaled leader of North Korea since the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il in 2011. President Kim has ruthlessly eliminated all opposition to his rule through an internal policy of censorship, intimidation and murder.  It is unclear how stable his government is given his own unpredictability and its single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapons.  Western media have depicted him as a reckless and dangerous dictator who is capable of anything.

On 9 March 2014, Kim Jong-un was elected unopposed to the Supreme Peoples  Assembly. He is the first North Korean leader born after the country’s founding.

His horoscope indicates these depictions may not be far from the truth.  While his date of birth is not known with certainty, new information suggests that Kim Jong-Un was born on 8 January 1984 as per the above happenings and the link.  From a BBC report several years ago, his mother said he was the “Morning Star King”, hinting that Venus, often known as the morning and evening star, was visible in the sky before the sun rose on the day he was born.  Hence it is likelihood the he is born on the  8 January 1984 birth date  with  Sagittarius rising n the Lagna , which makes him a Dictator with the Combination of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in the Ascendant and the Aspect of Exhalted Saturn on it and Venus and Mars Exchange involving the 11th and the 12th house . Attaining his Goals by Hook or Crook. Sagitarius Lagna seems more prevalent since it shows a Person is Target oriented  and a Strong Lagna is essential with the above combinations which suits his personality . Never the Less I will be using the Planetary degrees of the Planet and Moon  and specially Mars, Saturn, Nodes and Jupiter since even if the Birth time is not correct the Slow moving Planets in the Birth chart and the Navamsha would definitely give a wealth of Information as compared to the Planetary positions in Transit of the above planets  

For Calculations and Predictions I am taking the Birth time as taken by other Astrologers at 07-00 am Pyongyang, though My concentration will be more on the Planets in the Navamsha and the Navamsha degrees which can pinpoint the events in ones life

The activation of the Planet degreewise in the navamsha are more concern then the Rashi chart , but when Influencing the Both then it indicates an Event taking Place , pertaining tp the Planet Significations

The Native is Born on Saturday but before Sun rise and hence He is Born on the Friday and the Planet is Venus , hence since the birth time is not confirmed I will take both the Planets in consideration as the Day Lords  which are influencing the Native in his life . As per the Present Scenerio ever since Saturn has ingressed in the Lagna on the 26th Jan. 2017 he has become more aggressive  . Venus has become Exhalted in the 4th house from the 27th Jan 2017. Hence both the Planets playing a major Role in his life .

Moon in Aquarius the Mool Trikona sign of Saturn and Saturn aspecting the Lagna will be having the Qualities if Saturn more so Saturn is activating the Lagna and the Natal Moon . In Transit Saturn in the Lagna reaching the Gandantha and crossing the Gandantha points 3 times may trigger the Aggression of Kim since Saturn in Transit over the Natal Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. The Natal Saturn is in the Sign Libra with Mars  and in Navamsha Saturn is 7.47 degrees in Aries a Debilitated sign of Saturn . In Transit the Transit Saturn will reach these degrees and over the Natal Navamsha Saturn on the 9th June  which may be most explosive for him to take any Decision , although earlier than that also Provocative Planetary Positions but 9th June will be explosive . See the Chart Below of the 9th June 2017 20-56 hrs Pyongyang

The Day is Friday  as can be seen from the Birth details and the Karna Lord Sun is the same .

Moon is Debilitated and in the 10th from the Natal Moon and over the Natl Navamsha Moon as in Transit Navamsha

Saturn and Mercury Connection as the Natal chart  and as per Natal Navamsha , See the Degrees of Saturn and Mercury in the Navamsha in Natal Chart and the same in the Navamsha Transit same conjunct in Aries sign .

Transit Mars aspecting the Natal Lagna , hence for this reason I have taken 7.00 am of the Birth Chart , since as per this time on the 9th June 2017 Mars will aspect the Lagna Degree wise , both the Rashi and Navamsha Lagna in Transit

In the Navamsha Natal Chart Mars and Venus are Conjunct and on the 9th June Maras and Venus are in 1/7 axis of the Navamsha Transit  and In Natal Chart Venus and Mars aspect the Jupiter in Navamsha , In Transit also the same effect on the Jupiter in Navamsha

Transit Sun and Mercury over the Natal Rahu in the sign Taurus .

In the Transit Navamsha Rahu-Ketu over the Natal Navamsha Sun and Saturn , hence most Explosive for the Violent Frenzy actions by Kim

This is an Research Article and I am trying my level best with leaving no stone unturned to give the finest Predictions for the Brawl between Kim and Trump and the Actions by Kim which could be explosive for the Peace of the world and shows Trump may write his future which is evident.Although the sufferings for US are not ruled out

The dates which could be explosive for the Aggression, War type events escalating I have already discussed the Date 10th June 2017 in my Previous article “Celestial Drama of Planets in 2017 : What They Foretell as Compared to WW1 and WW2” Dated 1st May 2017.

After Saturn Falls in Scorpio on the Date 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017  although seems Violent but shall discuss only after the 10th June 2017

At the time of Writing the Article Rahu is adverse from the 3rd to 5th May 2017 also calls for Attention .

This is a Research Article and may or may not fructify and in case it fails , it should not be taken as a failure of Astrology, since all depends upon the information available on the Media and Google  and can be wrong also.

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