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Red Planet Mars, Roman God Saturn,Nodes Form Catastrophic Combination For Natural and Man Made Disasters

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This is with reference to my more than 15 Articles written on my webpage for the Adverse Planetary combinations taking us to the Brink of Most Explosive conditions of War, Explosions, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Natural Calamities and Man Made disasters.. My webpage Please also refer to the Article “Alarm Bells Ringing For Korean War As Roman God Saturn and Red Planet Mars Oppose Each Other on 26th  May 2017”

The War Mongering Countries will be instrumental in these affairs specially for Tensions between the Giants escalating into War . It is needless to mention here who are the War mongering Countries due to the Placement of Mars in their Foundation Charts having connection with the 12th, 3rd, 6th and the 7th houses or their Lords and the Dasha in operation connected to the same .

The Present Planetary position indicates Tension at the 2 Fronts . 1. Korean Peninsula . 2. The Second Gulf War around Syria . I am not Taking ISIS as it is a Terrorist Group and will be most Active as well for the Violent Frenzy Terrorism.

Tsunami Taking Places near the Coastal Areas as already pointed out in my article on the Prolonged stay of Venus for 124 days in Pieces.

Terrorism In the Europe, US, Pakistan, Afganistan, India,

Earthquakes where the Eclipses are taking place in the 1/7 axis or the 4/10 axis over the Lagna, Moon and Sun in the Foundation charts , it is difficult to take up all the charts of the Countries but the Prone Countries and I have already Pointed out the same in my earlier Articles

 War Saturn in the Jyestha Nakshatra in the sign Scorpio indicates Tension between Countries . Combination for War in Fiery sign are given Below . Saturn fallen from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 in Scorpio is most Venomous and worst then a snake bite

Just Read the Para Below and you would appreciate that the Planetary Positions are taking the world on the Brink of most Explosive conditions , WW3 May Happen or not. But the Planetary Positions are suggesting we are on the knife edge. Apart from War we are on the brink of Explosions, Terrorism, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Volcanos. The Conjunction of Mars and Rahu on the 27th August is a well know Angarak Yoga and cannot be ignored in a Fiery sign and Fiery Navamsha aspected by Stationary Fallen Saturn  from a Watery sign.


According to Astrology WW3 cannot take place till Conjunction of Mars with Ketu, Saturn with Ketu, Mars with Rahu, Saturn with Rahu Takes place in order of Strength , the First 2 Conjunctions are Most Explosive . Similarly the Conjunction of Mars and Saturn is more explosive then the opposition which would take place on the 26th May 2017.
The Planetary Positions in the Present State as Below
  1. Mercury becoming Direct in Sign of Aries in Gandantha  Most sensitive for actions since with  Uranus and Degree conjunction on the 9th of May 2017 may give lot of Surprises and unexpected events  and even reversal of Plans when Plans were made at the time of Mercury Retrograde on the 9th of April 2017, but since Mercury will be in Gandantha in Aries the first sign of Zodiac and a Fiery sign is not good for the Present Scenerio for War like events .Saturn was stationary during this Period , hence both will be most important in the Present Scenerio for the Global activities , In the Earlier Articles I have discussed the Date 9th June 2017 when both will be influencing each other in Navamsha as well degree wise  can prove explosive therefore. This is also Happening is discussed in the Chart of Kim Yong link since the Aspet of Saturn on Mercury is Prominent in the chart Of Kim President of North Korea and therefore may sprout surprising Results after 5th June and on the 9th-10th June 2017
  2. Rahu in forward motion from the 3rd to 6th May 2017
  3. 9th May Mercury and Uranus degree conjunction
  4. North Korea can Launch the 3rd Missile after the brawl between Trump and Kim on any Saturday on the 13th, 20th or 27th May 2017. The Date 27th Seems more explosive in May 2017 then the other dates, since on this day the Opposition of Mars and Saturn will be degree wise and further escalate the tensions for the brawl between Trump and Kim. Saturn is the Lord of Saturday and since April 2017 when Saturn was Stationary the Brawl Sprouted.
  5. 26th May 2017 Mars and Saturn Oppose each other degree wise in navamsha also.

5.The First Conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Navamsha would take place on the 1st June 2017
6.The First Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in navamsha will take place on the 5th June 2017 till 22nd June 2017 when Saturn will fall in Scorpio sign and conjunction of Mars and Saturn will take place in the Navamsha , there are opposing each other already since the 27th May 2017.
21st June Fallen Saturn will aspect Rahu in Leo till 10th Sept. 2017 is Most Venomous and like a snake bite
7. 27th June Mars will join Rahu in the Aries Navamsha , this could be explosive on the 28th June 2017 since then Rahu and Mars will be degree conjunction even in Navamsha and Rahu will be in Forward motion from the 28th June to 1st July 2017.
8. 16th July Sun and Mars Conjunction in Cancer and Cancer Navamsha  is also explosive
9. 26th July to 30th July Rahu in Forward motion
10.27th July 2017 Degree conjunction of Mars and Sun in Cancer and Mars joins Ketu , Sun and Venus in navamsha . This Date in the Present Scenerio is most explosive since Fallen Saturn will influence Rahu in Leo and Debilitated Mars will aspect Ketu by 8th aspect and in navamsha also afflict Ketu in Navamsha as pointed out in the above lines .
11. Mars will be with Ketu in Navamsha till 1st August 2017. Hence this Period will be more Explosive then above combinations
17th August Sun Ingresses in Leo and will be in Degree conjunction with Rahu.

12. The Twin Eclipses in August 2017 will add fuel to the fire for the tensions between the Countries and the Moment Mars the Ammunition Dump activates the Eclipse point after the 31st August on the 3rd Sept. 2017 could prove most Explosive  
13. Saturn Stationary from 20th August 2017 to 25th August 2017 when it will become Direct and then gain stationary Motion till 29th August 2017.
The Most unfortunate Part is that Mars joins Rahu in Leo on the 27th August when Stationary Fallen Saturn will aspect Rahu, Mars, Sun and Combusted Mercury Retrograde. Mars will be with Rahu in Aries Navamsha as well.  Rahu will be in Forward motion from the 26th August till 7th Sept. 2017. Hence the Transit Planets gearing up for War as per the above Planetary positions and finally Mars will act as a ammunition Dump for the Angarak Yoga it will form with Rahu in Forward motion and aspected by Fallen Saturn and in Stationary motion. This combination definitely indicates that some thing Big can happen during this Transit of Planets .
From the above it is clear that the Planetary Positions are getting worse day by day . The Dates already pointed out by me 26th May, 9th-10th June  and the Dates as per the above with special focus on the 14th to 18th June 2017. 27th August to 5th Sept. 2017 most explosive in the year 2017 and after 21st June 2017, though there may be aggressive actions taken by the Countries involved and may be Military infancies before  Final Explosions.
The Planetary Combinations between the 30th April to 8th May 2019 will be more explosive than the Present one since then Saturn and Ketu will be in a Fiery sign Sagitarus Degree conjunct and Mars will be with Rahu in the 7th from it , This Combination does show WW3,the Present Combination also show but lesser than the 2019 April-May 2019 Combinations.
I have been mentioning that the 3rd Missile launched by Kim could escalate the brawl between Trump and Kim on any Saturday and th Dates 13th, 20th and 27th are explosive out of which 27th is most explosive in May 2017, on the 13th the Planetary Positions are not that explosive that it gives birth to WW3 , but starting from 26th May onwards the Planetary positions will reach a point of no return and specially after Saturn is Fallen in Scorpio on the 21st June 2017. Saturn will then Cross the Gandantha point twice. This crossing the Gandantha point is like first taking an Iron Bar in a Furnace and heating uto a temp. of 900 degrees and the all of a sudden immerse in ice cold Water. The Iron Bar will develop Stresses and Cracks, hence Saturn will then attain and become double Malefic then the Present Status,its aspect on Ketu till 21st June and then same day on Rahu will be explosive , for the Nodes to become more explosive then the Present Status. When Satun crosses the Gandantha point the 3rd time on the 26th Oct.2017 will be most Explosive for the Brawl between the Trump and Kim and other Natural and Unnatural calamities. All my Dates Pointed earlier of August ad Sept . 2017 from the 31st August to 5th Sept. 2017 will be the Key Dates  taking a toll on the 26th Oct. 2017
All the above Dates may Sprout Global activities  For Tsunami, EarthQuakes, War, Man Made Disasters, Tornados, Volcanos and Terrorism and a Hasty Retreat for ISIS  and their decay as well.

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