Supreme Court Verdict Today For Dec. 2012 Gangrape Case, Stars Say they Will be Hanged

by anil aggarwala

The 16th  Dec. 2012 Delhi gang rape case a fatal assault that occurred in Munirka, a neighbourhood in South Delhi, when a 23-year-old female Physiotherapy intern was beaten and gangraped in a private bus in which she was travelling with a male friend. There were six others in the bus, including the driver, all of whom raped the woman and beat her friend. The woman died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore. The incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely condemned, both in India and abroad. Subsequently, public protests against the state  and central governments for failing to provide adequate security for women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces. Similar protests took place in major cities throughout the country.

Let me first bring to light the Astrological parameters which give birth to such happenings  .                                                                                                                                               

Mars and Venus are  important planets for Rapes. Mars represents the erotic passions, while Venus  represents the Lust part. When ever these planets are connected in Transit and  afflicted or influence of Rahu-Ketu connection then such  activities take place.  The Rapist has Aggression nature and such parameters also present in the horoscope of the native .The houses involved in such activity are the  7,8,12 to have aggression for  such an act. Rapist will have maximum number of Planets being influenced by these house or house Lords.

Signs which are important Gemini and Scorpio

Planets Mars, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Rahu
Houses 12th,5th, 7th and 8th house of the chart
Signs Gemini This signifies union of a boy and a girl. . Mars, Venus, Rahu in these signs , indicates high sex drive . Specially when Mars is in this sign and houses mentioned above the sex drive goes high. Mars and Venus or Rahu Venus, Mercury in this sign indicates high sex drive, Person will like to experiment in sex with new partners.
Scorpio is a deep passion sign and Mars and Venus in this sign then high sex drive and will stick to normally a person , but frequency level will be high.
Mars in Cancer and this sign and the above mentioned houses will also take chance to have extra sex in life. Since deb. Mars gives fickle mindedness
Rahu, Venus and Mercury in the Gemini and Scorpio in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th extra sex drive Mercury and Venus in Gemini all types of vices and high sex drive.
Moon represents the mind and in these signs and houses also makes one to have a mind on these lines
Mars, Venus combination conjunction specially in the signs of Scorpio and Gemini and specially in the above houses mentioned give abnormal sex drive. The married life is mostly unsatisfactory.Girl with Mars and Venus in the 8th house should be matched with a boy with similar combinations for marriage matching. Mars , Venus together in any sign is also not good specially in the 7th, 8th and the 12th house .Moon affliction is mostly seen in the horoscopes of Rapists, 3H from Lagna , 3rd house from Moon affliction is also very important .

We can see the Sexual inclinations in the Somnath Dreskanne also.

1.  Lagna of this chart afflicted by malefics or in Paap kartari yoga.

2. Venus the karka for lust afflicted by malefics.

3. 3rd house should have malefic to give courage to indulge in these activities.

4. Dasha Sequence very Important . Dasha of planets afflicted by malefics give perversions during critical age.

5. These dasha lords occupy malefic D60.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I had given my predictions in ”  Second fort-night of December 2012 and astrological forecast “. link
for women to be alert after 13th Dec. 2012 in the capital

The  event took place on the 16th Dec 2012  India was running the Dasha of Sun-Sat-Venus. As already explained Sun is combusting Venus and is the nakshatra Lord of Rahu Placed in Lagna , Sun will give the results of the Combusted Planet. Saturn and Sun both creating a Paap Kartari yoga for Venus .          Transit    Venus was with Mercury and Rahu in Scorpio the 7th house of the foundation chart of India, Sun and Saturn creating Paap kartari yoga for the 7th house and the 3 planets in Scorpio. Venus Placed in the 12th house from Mars badly afflicted in Rahu-Ketu axis.

The victims, a 23-year-old woman, Jyoti Singh, and her friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey, were returning home on the night of 16 December 2012 after watching the film Life of Pi in Saket, South Delhi. They boarded an off-duty charter bus at Munirka for Dwarka that was being driven by joyriders at about 9:30 pm (IST). There were only six others on the bus, including the driver. One of the men, a minor, had called for passengers telling them that the bus was going towards their destination . Pandey became suspicious when the bus deviated from its normal route and its doors were shut. When he objected, the group of six men already on board, including the driver, taunted the couple, asking what they were doing alone at such a late hour.

Chart of the 16th Dec. 2012 at 21.30 hrs

The Day was Sunday and the Lord was Placed in the 6th house with  Mars about to go in the 7th house of the Sex activities and Sun was in the Yama of Scorpio whose Yama Lord is Mars and aspected by Saturn the 7th and the 8th Lord showing the Event.

Tithi Sp-4 Rikta a malefic Tithi

Vishti Karna and Lord is Saturn aspects the Lagna for the gruesome act. Tithi and Karna Malefic make the worst combinations

Look for the Planets placed in the 5th house in the sign Scorpio an aggressive sign for sex activities. Venus, Mercury and Rahu . The  same has been explained above.

Moon in the 7th house of Activities of Sex has just come out of the 6th house when it was under the influence of Mars, Sun and Saturn , badly afflicted . Moon is also the Lagna Lord and Saturn from the 4th house as the 7th and the 8th Lord aspects the Lagna

The Planet closest to the Lagna degrees is Mars and aspects the Lagna

Look for the Planets who are close to degree wise . Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn

The 8th house of the event chart is rising in Navamsha  Aquarius having Saturn Low class Natives involved in the gruesome act and aspects Venus in the 7th house .

Timing of the event as Per Prashna and the Time of the Event

The Major decision will come when Saturn goes in the sign Sagitarius and Transits over the natal Sun degree wise , which is Happening today at the time of writing the Article.

The Navamsha Lagna is Aquarius and the Lord is Saturn and  for Timing Saturn takes one year for giving the results and since it has crossed the 4th Navamsha  and to be exact it is in the 4.25 Navamsha Hence the Major Results for the culprits will come after 4 years and 4 Months . The Girl Died on the 29th Dec. 2012 and 4 years 4 months are exactly as per calculation 16th-29th April 2017 and then we have to Place the Moon for the Fructifications and connected to the 8th house for the Hanging of the Culprits and is in the Sign of Sun with Rahu in Forward motion on the day of the Verdict by the Supreme Court on the 5th May 2017. Astrology is Proving and specially the Prashna Jyotish

Look for the Dwadamsha of Sun at the time of the act on the 16th Dec. 2012 which is Sagitarius and the same Parameter to be seen at the time of the verdict  on the 5th May 2017  which is the same Sagitarius , confirms that Culprits will be Hanged  due to the Following Parameters

  1. Saturn the Planet of Justice aspects the Sun in Sagitarius sign at the time of act  and  on the day of Hearing over the Sun at almost very close degrees and the same Navamsha  on the day of the act. Saturn 3.01 degrees over Sun
  2. Saturn at the time of the Act was also aspecting Sun at very close degrees as per navamsha also . See the above chart of the event  and the Sign of Sun with the degrees and the aspect of Saturn on Sun in Sagitarius.  The Supreme Court is going to Give the decision when Sun will be in Aries Sign aspecting the Sun at the time of the event in the Navamsa on the 5th May 2017 and the Navamsha degrees are also very close

Today when the decision has to come see the chart below of 5th May 2017     

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus and in the 8th house

My Predictions as follows on the Face book link at 3 Hours Before writing this Article at 11.30 hrs New delhi

The decision has also come exactly at the time taken by me in this article as 15-00 hrs. with Leo Lagna

Rahu Kaal from 10-38 to 12-17 and Rahu in Leo in Dagdha Rashi and Mars aspects it and both in conjunction in navamsha , Rahu is with Moon and in Venus Nakshatra placed in the 8th house from Leo sign. Rahu is adverse today and 12-42 to 14.59 Leo sign is rising and Mars in the 10th house , hence starting from 12-00 hrs to 15-00 hrs , most crucial for the Convicts . Crucial Punishment is on Cards for the Convicts.If the Court gives the Verdict of Hanging then they may be hanged  after 23rd May to 26th May 2017, since then Sun will be in the Dwadamsha of Leo  as per the Time of the Verdict and Leo Sign rising . God Bless

The 2 Charts are matching 100 % see from the date of the Event Sun degrees and Dwadamsha of Sun and today the Saturn over the Sun at same degrees in Transit

On the 16th Dec. 2012 Sun was in Sagitarius Dwadamsha and Today at the time of the Verdict Same Hence they will be hanged  . On this basis I had Predicted that they will be Hanged as per the Verdict of the Supreme Court

On the Basis of the Parameters of Timing Discussed above I can safely Predict Supreme Court will give a Verdict of Hanging till Death for the 4 accused


anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

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