The Fear Of Tsunami Looming Over the Countries After Roman God Saturn Fallen

by anil aggarwala

In this Article I will discuss the Fear of a Tsunami Looming over Japan, Indonesia, Spain ,Portugal and Morocco – with coastal areas in the firing line.

As Far as India is Concerned the Prone Areas UttraKhand ,Maharashtra Etc. and Coastal Areas of India cannot be ruled out. For India I will write a Separate Article . India has 5 Planets in the watery sign Cancer and Ketu in Scorpio. In navamsha , Mars Moon, Ketu in Fiery navamsha, Mercury  and Sun in Watery navamsha and North Direction is Prone to  Such combinations  , but all this changes with the Solar Ingress Charts

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Now I am taking the stance of the Tsunami in Spain on the 7th Sept. 2015

Flood in Spain on Monday, 07 September, 2015 at 14:07 (02:07 PM) UTC.

Let us see the chart of Spain as per the Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion to evaluate the cause of the same .

The chart of Modern Spain is often set for inauguration of King Juan Carlos on the 22nd Nov. 1975 a moment which was marked not only for the restoration of monarchy but of Parliamentary  democracy following the Franco dictatorship. The critical moment was when the King took the Oath at 12.45 for the allegiance of the Parliament.



Balance of Dasha is 2 years and 7 Months of Rahu-Sun

The Lagna Lord Saturn is Placed in the 7th house in Retrogression and aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees . The Navamsha Lagna is Aries and Saturn is placed in the Virgo Navamsha and aspecting the 8th house of the navamsha . If you see the Trishamsha the Trishamasha Lords of Saturn the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord Sun is Mercury, Hence Mercury Dasha is the most sensitive dasha for Spain. Dasha of Mer-Mer-Sat started from 22nd July 2015. Mercury, Sun and Jupiter are in Sarp dreskanne as well. Jupiter  placed in total watery  sign in its own house if fallen as well and supposed to be most malefic to give the Results regarding Water, Floods and Rains. In Transit we all know that the Eclipses have taken place in Watery sign Pieces  and the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th Sept. 2015 is also taking place in the Pieces sign . Jupiter Lord of Pieces sign ingressed in the 8th house of the chart on the 14th July 2015 and sprouted a Tsunami like event on the 7th Sept. 2015

Now read my article ” Saturn Stationary in Transit: What it Foretells” link You would appreciate the significations of a Stationary Planet and that of the slowest moving planet  for the Results when it activates certain degrees  3 times  when it is also stationary. The planet is capable to  give the results with strong force  almost 3 times  then the normal transit .

The current dasha is Mercury -Venus till 5th Oct. 2019

Let us study the Cart of the 7th Sept. 2015 14.07 hrs . which caused the event

Now Let us see the chart of the Event on the 7th Sept. 2015 at 14.07 hrs. below

Spain Transit7th Sept 2015


The following were the critical points in Transit  for the Floods disaster.

1.The Most Critical Parameter in the current transit is that of Mercury. I have written in all my articles that Mercury ingressed in Virgo on the 23rd August 2015 when Rahu in Virgo was in Forward motion and most malefic  and afflicting Mercury totally till 29th Oct. 2015.

2. Mercury is the Trishamsha Lord of Saturn the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord Sun in the foundation chart and see the Transit Trishamsha chart, amazingly Mercury is also the Trishamsha Lord in transit on the 7th Sept. 2015.

3.  Transit Saturn over the 8th Lord Sun , Mercury and Gulika in the Natal chart who have been activated on the 6th August 2015 at very close degrees and same navamsha .

4. 7th Sept. 2015 Mercury was in Debilitation in the Pieces sign the full watery sign in Trishamsha . All is crystal clear of the happenings and as predicted by me , for the basic Parameters . it is very difficult to write for all the countries , but all Parameters written by me are satisfying the conditions for the event.

5. My Research Principles of the 8th house/lord, navamsha Sign and the Lords when afflicted by Rahu-Ketu, Mars and Saturn bring havoc for the countries and individual depending upon the number of Parameters afflicted the strength will depend upon them. In the case of Spain  8th house , Lord, Navamsha sign all  afflicted in transit.

6. Moon the Activator of the vents on the natal Moon and Mars in the chart who is Debilitated in Transit  and in the Cancer sign with Fallen Venus  afflicting the Watery sign  aspecting the Lagna and thus  damaging the  Vehicles. In the natal chart Venus is Debilitated and aspected by Mars Retrograde.

7. 17th Sept. Mercury will be stationary since it will become Retrograde and Rahu in Conjunction will be in Forward motion from 15th Sept. to 23rd Sept. 2015 will again be a sensitive time frame for the country

According to my Research  the following combinations give rise to Earthquakes, Tsunami and other Major Natural and in Natural Calamities .

1.When 2 or more  Planets are there in Watery signs and Fiery signs  both in the Rashi and Navamsha , they Give Strong Earthquakes and Tsunami.

2.Declination of Planets Plays an Important Role at the time of Major Events , specially of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Jupiter 

3. When Planets are in Gandantha  from Fiery to Watery and Vice versa 

4. The Dasha of Such Planets Dasha in operation 

Parameters in the chart of Spain

1.The Dasha in operation is  of Mercury -Venus-Sun and Mercury and Sun Placed in Scorpio and Venus Debilitated and aspected By Fallen Jupiter  from Pieces the Lord of the Total Watery sign.

2. Jupiter activating the natal Jupiter on the 5th July 2017 and exact degree aspect on the natal Jupiter in Transit on the 23rd July 2017. At this Point Jupiter will be in Watery sign in Navamsha 

3. Venus and Jupiter almost degree aspect in the natal chart and as per Venus Extended Stay in Pieces for 124 days till 31st May 2017  in Transit Fallen Jupiter has been activated by Venus 

4. Venus will Join Taurus sign on the 29th June 2017  and aspect Sun and Mercury in Scorpio Natal chart where Saturn will be transiting in Fallen State. Venus will reach the 7th Navamsha of Cancer on the 18th July 2017  and will be over the Natal Venus in Navamsha 

5.Mercury will be in Cancer sign on the 3rd July 2017 . On the 5th July it will change the navamsha will be a critical Parameter for Spain 

6. 5th July to 19th -23rd July 2017 will be the most Explosive period for Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Valcanos in the Globe specially Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines , India  Spain ,Portugal, Britain , Mexico ,Turkey, Russia, China, Korea Peninsula and Morocco – with coastal areas in the firing line. It is very difficult to name all the countries but the Countries which may be influenced with magnitude are listed above . The Paksha Kundali of the 23rd July 2017 is an enigmatic one 

7. After 20th June 2017 the Signs of Tsunamis and Earthquakes will be seen along with Explosions with intensity

8.The time of the twin Eclipses  in August 2017and when Rahu is in forward motion from the 7th August to 25th August 2017 a Strong Earthquake cannot be ruled out   In the Coastal Areas  and the Countries already mentioned by me are most Prone and specially China the Conjunction of the Rahu and Mars in the 8th house over the natal Saturn  could be explosive from 26th August to 9th Sept. 2017.

9.Apart from the Natural disasters the Country is also Prone to Terrorism in the month of August between the Twin Eclipses and specially when Sun ingresses in Leo on the 17th August 2017. North Node Rahu will be in forward motion from the 7th August to 25th August and then from the 28th August to 8th Sept. 2017 are most prone for Natural and Unnatural Disasters . Terrorism cannot be ruled out in any case In Europe and specially, Spain, London and The Coastal Areas as explained in the Article above.


Now Let us see the Chart of Saturn Fallen on the 21st June 2017 below

As per the above chart all planets fall, in the Preview of Fallen Saturn after 21st June except Venus who also falls in the trap of Saturn when Ingresses in Tairis on the 29th June 2017

Hence After 20th June , then after 29th June and then after 5th July to 19th July 2017 one of the most Explosive times for heavy Rains, Tsunamis,Earthquakes, Fires, Explosions and Volcanos. 

Similar happenings when Rahu ingresses in Cancer after 8th Sept. 2017 and when Saturn changes sign on the 26th Oct. 2017  and Mars activates the Eclipse point on the 2nd Sept. 2017 of the Total Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017

Rahu will be instrumental when in Forward motion to add fuel to the fire in the month of June , July, August and Sept. 2017

Hence the Fear looming for Trunamis and Earthquake is Correct and may a Cause of Concern in the Transit of Saturn from the 20th June to the time when it is out of the Gandanths Degrees in Sagitarius on the 6th Nov. 2017

I have not discussed the other Charts since same Planetary combinations are bound for them . An Earthquake with Intensity of more than 8.0 is on the Cards

Japan and Indonesia have been discussed already . Saturn is getting into this Stage after 59 years and bound to influence the Globe in Totality . For the Month of August and Sept. 2017 I will write another Article . Russia had Virgo Lagna  and China has Capricorn Lagna , hence during this Period of Saturn Fallen may also bring Tragedies Natural and Unnatural ones .. All the Major Countries may be involved some way or the other it so seems , specially after Mars Joins its Debilitation sign on the 11th July 2017.

After Saturn joins Scorpio on the 21st June 2017 there could be the worst of Fires, Volcanos, Tsunamis, Earthquakes since Saturn falling in a Watery sign is like Heating it to 900 degrees and then immersing in water . The Countries mentioned above could experience the worst of these untoward happenings 

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