Celestial Drama Of Roman God Fallen Saturn, Red Planet Mars and Nodes Between June to Nov. 2017

by anil aggarwala

This is a Research Article and I am going to analyse the Planetary positions of Saturn, Mars , Nodes and Luminaries at the time of WW1 , WW2  from 1914 to the Gulf War in 1990 and the Planetary Positions between June to Nov. 2017 in the Present Context 

We all know Saturn, Mars and the Nodes when Afflicted can be explosive along with Affliction to the Luminaries who are the Life giving  force ..

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As Per my Research and findings from the Previous occasions when the War Took Place  I am further researching after my article https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/05/celestial-drama-of-planets-in-2017-what-they-foretell-as-compared-to-ww1-and-ww2/ for the War like situation in 2017

Let me write the Malefic Parameters at the time of WW1, WW2, Gulf War, War with China and War with Pakistan   to arrive at a conclusion what could these malefic planets have up their sleeves  between June to Nov. 2017.

Let me take up the Planetary Positions at the time of the WW1 on the 28th July 1914

  1. Fiery sign Leo afflicted by Placement of Mars, Ketu Venus and Moon  and aspect of Saturn from the Sign Gemini a Dual sign and its Lord Mercury Fallen in its own sign
  2. Saturn with Mercury , Hence Saturn was influencing  5 Planets
  3. Rahu and Ketu had just changed the Navamsha and were Vargottam, hence Leo was afflicted in Navamsha as  well
  4. Saturn aspect on Mars and in Navamsha Mars and Saturn together in Scorpio
  5. Saturn was in Mars Nakshatra and Rahu in Rahu Nalkshatra
  6. The Lord of Fiery sign Sun in Saturn nakshatra  aspected by Fallen Jupiter , in fact Moon has also changed to Virgo and is afflicted badly first by Nodes , Saturn, Mars  and then aspect of Fallen Jupiter 
  7. Jupiter the divine Planet Fallen , Debilitated and Retrograde and aspects Sun
  8. Fiery signs afflicted in the Rashi and Navamsha 
  9. All the Planets afflicted , specially the Luminaries life giving Force 
  10. At Least one Planet in Retrogression
  11. Leo sign Badly afflicted 
  12. Sign Capricorn the darkest sign of the Zodiac Having Fallen Jupiter 

Let us now have a Look at the Planetary Positions at the time of WW2 on the 1st Sept. 1939

  1. Fiery Sign Leo having Sun and Venus afflicted by Exhalted Mars by 8th aspect . In Navamsha also Leo sign afflicted by Mars and Saturn and having Sun Lord of Leo.
  2. Saturn and Ketu in Aries Fiery sign at degree conjunction at 7 degrees and Saturn Retrograde 
  3. Fiery signs Leo and Aries Influenced by Malefics Ketu, Mars and Saturn  and Total of 5 Planets influencing Fiery signs 
  4. Ketu in Aries sign and Rahu in Sagitarius Navamsha hence Rahu-Ketu influencing the Fiery signs majorly
  5. Saturn Influencing Retrograde Jupiter and Moon by Retrograde aspect .
  6. All Planets Afflicted by Nodes, Saturn and Mars 
  7. Mercury Fallen from Leo sign to Cancer sign having aspect of Mars 
  8. 2 Planets in Retrogression and One Planet Fallen  and Saturn will reach Gandantha Point in Retrogression in future and about to Fall in Pieces 
  9. Luminaries life giving Force in afflictions
  10. 10.Darkest Sign of the Zodiac having Mars Exhalted 

From the above 2 World Wars we come to the following Conclusion for Parameters for  WW3 in the Future 

  1. Affliction to Fiery signs and specially Leo in Rashi and Navamsha 
  2. Rahu-Ketu influence to these signs Leo in Navamsha as well or other Fiery signs 
  3. At least one Planet in Retrogression 
  4. At least one Planet in Fallen State 
  5. All Planets at the time of War afflicted 
  6. Luminaries under affliction 
  7. Ketu affliction or Conjuction with Mars or Saturn  almost in Degrees. Ketu affliction is a must  
  8. Capricorn Sign Affliction being the darkest sign of the Zodiac

Let us Now Consider the other Wars , India -China ,India-Pak and the Gulf War in 1990 and research the Malefic Parameters for War Like situations   

War with China on the 20th Oct. 1962.

Let us see the Planetary combinations . One Special parameter  Saturn was Fallen in Sagitarius in Sept. 1961 and at the time of War Saturn  Crossed the Retrogression point in Capricorn the Dark Sign of the Zodiac

  1. Luminaries afflicted badly , Moon with Mars and Rahu in Cancer and aspect of Saturn . Sun Debilitated and aspected by Mars and Saturn 
  2. Saturn with Ketu Degree conjunction at 11 degrees and Mars with Rahu at 11 degrees
  3. Capricorn Darkest sign afflicted  
  4. 6 Planets under affliction including  Jupiter 
  5. Mars and Saturn both afflicted and in 1/7 axis
  6. Mercury Exhalted and Venus in Scorpio with no affliction

War with Pakistan on the 1st Sept. 1965 Let us  see the Planetary combinations 

  1. Leo having Sun and Saturn aspect from the Sign Aquarius  and Retrograde  at 174 degrees from Sun. Leo sign having Sun and aspected by Mars in navamsha .
  2. Aries sign in Navamsha having Saturn and Moon
  3. Luminaries afflicted
  4. Scorpio Rahu afflicted by 8th aspect of Mars and Ketu by 10th aspect of Saturn  retrograde
  5. Mercury Fallen from Leo to Cancer  afflicting the Darkest sign Capricorn along with Mars and Saturn by Retrograde aspect from Aquarius
  6. Venus Debilitated ,
  7. Jupiter aspecting Saturn and Mars and Jupiter no affliction , hence 8 Planets under affliction
  8. In navamsha also Rahu aspected by Mars
  9. Mars 13.51, Sun 14.45 , Rahu 15.53 and Saturn 20.53 degrees
  10. One Planet Saturn in retrogression
  11. Conjunction of Mars Ketu or Saturn Ketu not there as the case of WW1 and WW2

Indo Pak War over Bangladesh  on the 3rd Dec. 1971

1. Sun and Saturn in 1/7 axis and at 171 degrees . Saturn Retrograde

2. Mars aspecting Saturn and Saturn aspecting Mars

3. Leo sign being aspected by Mars , Saturn influencing Aries by Retrograde aspect

4. Saturn aspects Ketu in Cancer

5. 6 Planets under affliction

6.2 Planets Mercury and Saturn Retrograde

7.Capricorn sign having Rahu

8. In navamsha Mars and Rahu in Aries , Sun in Sagitarius a Fiery sign

9. Conjunction of Mars-Ketu, Sat-Ketu not there 

10.Affliction to sun and Jupiter

Gulf War 2nd August 1990 

  1. Aries and Sagitarius signs having Mars and Saturn Respectively and Saturn Fallen from Capricorn Sign when it was with Rahu
  2. Rahu in Capricorn , Ketu in Cancer and Ketu and Sun almost Degree conjunct aspected by Mars  in close degrees
  3. Luminaries afflicted
  4. Sagitaius sign afflicted By Saturn Fallen in navamsha as well
  5. Affliction to the Darkest sign Caprocorn by Rahu and Saturn till 20th June 1990
  6. 7 Planets in affliction
  7. Conjunction of Rahu and Saturn till 20th June and then Saturn Fallen  sprouted the war on the 2nd August 1990
  8. Fallen Saturn in Fiery sign main Parameter 
  9. Sun and Ketu degree conjunction another Parameter

Now Looking at the Present Planetary positions after 5th June 2017 the Planetary positions which acquire a special dimension with reference to the above

1.Jupiter the Divine Planet will be in Stationary motion from the 6th June to 13th June  and will be aspected by Mars and Saturn , On the 5th June 2017 Jupiter with Moon a Gajkesri yoga and aspected By Mars and Saturn

  1. 5th June Rahu and Ketu change Navamsha , Saturn and Rahu joining Aries Navamsha again a Fiery sign explosive for Disasters  Saturn in Sagitarius Sign and Aries Navamsha , both Fiery and Influence on Rahu-Ketu.
  2. 6th June 2017 when Jupiter is Stationary influenced by Mars and Saturn in navamsha as well
  3. 10th June Mercury sets in the East , 30th June it Rises in the west.
  4. 15th June Saturn and Sun opposition and Saturn at 180 degrees  in slowest Motion, Strong Bhandan Yoga . Gandantha Saturn connected to Sun, Moon, Ketu  very close at the time of Solar Ingress. I have already mentioned that this Ingress may not be a Good one.


See the Chart of the 15th June of Solar ingress in Gemini at 05-33 hrs

The Above chart is making clear of the Happenings  till Sun in the sign Gemini. It is said that the Sun ingress in the cardinal signs are more important but if in an Solar ingress chart the Placement of Sun and the Planets aspect them are malefic and owning malefic houses as the case in the above chart Sun in the Lagna with Mars the 6th Lord and aspects of Saturn degree wise and at 180 degrees is a Parameter which cannot be ignored.

The Following Parameters acquire special dimension comparing with the time of War like situations in the charts of  War with Pakistan, Gulf War ,and Indo Pak war with Bangladesh.

  1. Sun and Saturn at 180 degrees and Saturn Retrograde ad in Gandantha after 10th June 2017
  2. See the degrees of Sun, Saturn, Moon , Rahu and Ketu extremely close  and aspect of Saturn on Sun and Moon along with Ketu degree wise 
  3. Saturn and Mars in 1/7 axis and in Navamsha both influence each other along with Nodes and the Luminaries 
  4. Mars and Saturn aspect the divine Planet Jupiter who has just become direst on the 9th June 
  5. 2 Planets till 9th June Retrograde  Saturn and Jupiter 
  6. After 21st June 2017 Saturn Fallen  and will aspect Rahu and Mercury also , hence except Venus all planets will be afflicted between the 20th t-21st June 2017.
  7. The Most Explosive Parameter will be Mars -Saturn in 1/7 axis  and Saturn aspecting Ketu, Moon, Sun and Jupiter and after 21st Saturn will aspect Rahu and Mercury also . In this Position Saturn will be Fallen and in Gandantha . Planets in the initial and the last degrees are very sensitive Parameters 
  8. Darkest sign Capricorn will also be afflicted by Mars and the Saturn after being fallen 
  9. In navamsha all Planets are afflicted except Venus
  10. Jupiter Stationary in Virgo and aspected by Mars and Saturn explosive , specially when Saturn is in Gandantha and about to be fallen from 5th to 13th June 2017

The above Parameters lead to war like situations  as discussed above but not as explosive as the WW1 and WW2 but definitely like the Gulf War and other Wars discussed Between India -Pak and India -China .

Researching the above there are no Planetary Conjunctions of Mars-Ketu or Saturn- Ketu in the year 2017. The Conjunction of Saturn- Ketu is more dreaded since both will remain in a sign for a longer period .  Mars Ketu and Mars  Retrograde will also be dreaded since both will be in conjunction for a longer Period . This conjunction is Taking Place on the 21st April 2019 , 30th April 2019, 12th June 2019  could be explosive and some what like the Big War. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on the 20th Jan 2020 is also not a healthy one and will be discussed when the reach there .

Talking about the Present Transit from the June 7th June 2017  the Malefic Planetary positions start from the 15th Jun 2017 and 21st June 2017 and take an Explosive shape after 28th August 2017 and till Rahu and Ketu are in Leo-Aquarus axis till 10th Sept. 2017 . The Mars and Rahu Conjunction will be for a Short period  from 27th August to 10th Sept. 2017 aspected By Fallen Saturn is most Explosive 

On the 28th August 2017 Could be Explosive in the Present Scenerio. The Planetary Positions are Explosive but not like the World War type where Conjunctions of Mars-Ketu or Saturn Ketu are capable of Producing the worst which cannot be imagined . Mars Rahu Degree conjunct is angarak yoga  and aspected by Fallen Saturn in Stationary mode could also Prove explosive for Explosions Disasters with magnitude . North Korea, ISIS  and Gulf Countries may be Instrumental in all this . US may jump into an aggressive mode and Enter into war like situations. Terrorism with Magnitude cannot be ruled out in US and the other Prone Countries. Natural and Unnatural disasters already discussed in my other articles are also on the Cards with magnitude like  Earthquakes , Volcanos, Tornados apart from Brawl between the Countries  . US, China, North Korea, Russia, Syria and the Gulf Countries will be definitely  be influenced by this Transit from 15th June to 10th Sept. 2017 and till Saturn passes through the Gandantha points till Nov. 2017 .

The Brawl between 2 Countries will, escalate after 15th June 2017 .India -Pak , India-China  not good it so seems till end of the year specially Saturn transiting the 7th house of Wars over the natal Ketu.

Nut shell

I don’t think any thing more can happen for Provocative launch of Missiles by Kim at the point when Saturn is at the door knocking for Trouble ahead . What Fallen Saturn could do is beyond our imagination specially when it is passing through Gandantha points  and will influence  Ketu , Rahu and Mars the same day on the 21st June 2017 
It is scary. But looking at the Past Parameters of WW1 and WW3 it may not be a WW3 but start of it definitely which may take an most ugly shape in  2019 . The August 28th Parameters are also scary but for a short while when Fallen Saturn will be stationary aspecting Mars , Rahu in Leo from 27th August to 10th Sept. 2017 and When Mars on the 2nd Sept. 2017 activates the Eclipse point of the Total Solar Eclipse on the 22nd August 2017. Saturn will continue to be in malefic state in Nov. 2017 when it will be in Gandantha points

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