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ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Match Between India and Pakistan

As per the Link The match between India and Pakistan will take place  on the June 4 (Sunday) – India Vs Pakistan (Edgbaston) – 3 PM IST

Let us have a look at the chart of the time of the Start of the Match of 10.30 hrs. London  with Emphasis on the Rudramsha chart
This is a Research Article  and when Match is played in a Place other then the Countries of Origin then it is difficult to Predict the Outcome, Never the Less I will use the Rudramasha Chart of the Two Countries to evaluate the Out come of the Match
First of all the Planetary Positions at the time of the Match
The day is Sunday and Placed in the Yama of Gemini the 12th house of the Event chart and has aspect of Saturn the 8th Lord  and the Yama lord Placed in the 11th house  with Sun. The aspect of 8th Lord Saturn on the yama sign is most malefic.
Tithi is SP-11
Nakshatra  Haste
Karna  Vanija the Lord is Placed in the 10th house
 The Lagna is in Paap Kartari yoga
Between the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord the Lagna Lord is Stronger , hence the Team Represented by the Lagna will be the winner, but it seems that there can be disruption in the match  due to Rain since  Watery signs  Rising in the Rashi Chart and the Navamsha but since both signs are benefic the results will be concluded .
Watery signs  Cancer in Paap Kartari yoga
Scorpio sign aspected by 8th Lord Saturn by Retograde aspect
Pieces sign Lord Retrograde and Placed in the Bhadak sign from itself and aspected bu 8th Lord  , more so the Total watery sign rising in the navamsha .
Moon is connected to 2 Retrograde Planets
7th House also in Paap kartari yoga
Moon is Strong in all the Sapt Varga charts Hence Lagna is Strong
The Issue is who represents the Lagna. Hence we have to look at the Foundation charts of Both the teams to conclude the results
India is Running the Dasha of Moon Mars
Pakistan Running the Dasha Of Venus -Rahu .
Now Have a Look at the Rudramsha Chart to evaluate who will be the Winner in Transit
Now Have a Look at the Chart of Pakistan and Specially the Rudramasha Chart and the Placement of the Venus-Rahu and Sun in the Foundation and Transit chart
Venus Rahu Dasha Lords have to be well placed from the 10th Lord and Sun   The Dasha Lords are not well placed from the 10th Lord and Sun to give good Results ,Specially the Rahu is ill placed from Sun and Venus , But in the Transit Rudramsha they all are placed well and in the 8th house of the Rudramasha chart and Sun in the 2nd House Shows that though there is little promise to win the Present Transit is Favourable
Let us have a Look at the chart of India Foundation chart below
The Dasha Lords Moon Mars are Well placed from Sun and Mars , although Moon ill placed from Mars
In the Event chart Moon and Mars are placed well from the 10th Lord Mars but ill placed from the Sun from the above we can say that India has Better chances to win the match as per the Promise in the Foundation chart and Pakistan has Better chances to Win the match by Transit only
Promise is most Important and unless there is Promise the Fructification does not take Place
Hence there are chances that India may win the match but there may be some bottleneck created by Rains it so seems , since there are Paap Kartari yogas and Moon connected to 2 Retrograde Planets and the Day Lord in the yama of Gemini which is aspected By 8th Lord Saturn most malefic Parameter for the game and the Day in Totality
This is a Research Article and Failure of the Predictions may not be taken as Failure of Astrology 

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