Is This The End Of The Days ?

by anil aggarwala

Turbulent Times when Trump has the Keys of the Nuclear weapons. Puttin Looming in the East ,The Far Right are on the rise in Europe and Kim Jong-in developing Nuclear weapons of his own and causing Threat and Provocations to US and the World. Is this the END of the Days ? The Answer is No. There  are no Planetary Combinations that can END the World, but the Planetary combinations are definitely taking a most Turbulent and Explosive stance after 59 years . The Most Critical Parameter in the Present Scenario is the Roman God Saturn is going to Fall in the 8th house of the Natural Zodiac as the Lord of the 10th and the 11th house. Saturn is in the Gandantha in a Fiery sign and about to fall in a Watery sign as a Fallen Planet . Let me explain a Fallen Planet . It is Like a Car Going up the Hill losses motion and then starts to go back and in the opposite direction and then Falls from the hill. Saturn entered the Sign of Sagitarius on the 26th Jan 2017 and started to loose motion and Retrograde on the 6th April 2017 at 3.42 degrees of Sagitarius  and before it started to go back it was in stationary motion from the 2nd April to 10th April 2017. Saturn will fall back in the sign of Scorpio on the 21st June 2017 at 04-40 hrs IST. As Per Tamil Shastra a Fallen Planet is most Venomous and like a snake bite . The Crossing the Gandantha signs 3 times will make it worst . Meaning crossing the Watery sign to Fiery sign , then Fiery sign to Watery sign and then Again when it Finally goes back in Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017 . During the Time when Saturn is in Scorpio at 29.36  degrees and 0.24  Degrees in Sagitarius  will be in Gandantha. This Period will be like heating an Iron Bar at a Temp of 900 Degrees in a Furnace and then Immersing in water , the Iron Bar will develop Cracks and Stresses so will Saturn the Karka for Longevity of every thing in this world . Please  read my Articles on Saturn on my webpage by just writing Saruen in Search  and you will get all the Articles related to Saturn  Link

59 years Back Roman God Fell in the same sign on the 2nd June 1958 to 7th Nov. 1958. Read my Article “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link

Let me give here the 2 Charts for analysis  below of Saturn Falen in 1958 and 2017

Chart of Fallen Saturn in Scorpio on the 2nd June  1958 to 7th Nov. 1958

Fallen Saturn on the 21st June 2017  to 26th Oct. 2017. The chart below


1958 Saturn Fallen

1.Parameters acquiring a Special dimension as per above charts 

1. In 1958 Before Saturn was fallen Retrograde Jupiter  was fallen from Libra in Virgo and aspects  the Leo as a Fallen Planet had aspects of Saturn in Gandantha .

2. After Saturn was Fallen it was with Debilitated Moon and Sun was getting aspects from Saturn by the 7th Aspect hence Saturn was nearest to the Earth.

3. Saturn was in Square position with Mars before it was Fallen.

The Planetary Positions in 2017 are worst as compared to 1958 hence this Transit in 2017 will be Like a Whirl in the sea with Magnitude and Fallen Saturn will be worst then a snake bite 

The Following Happenings took place .in 1958-1959

There was a Pakistan India border skirmish in 1958.

The Location of Skirmish was Tehsil Brahmanbaria(Now District) part of District of Sylhet in area Akhura near village Lakshmi Pur.

Revolt in Venezuela 1958

Communal Riots in Ceylon 1958

Thai-Cambodian Border Clashes 1958

Military Coup in Sudan 1958

Exile Insurgency in Paraguay 1958-1959

Lebanese Civil War 1958

Achinese Rebellion in Indonesia 1958-1959

PRRI Revolt in Indonesia 1958-1961

Iraqi Army Revolt 1958

The French Officers Revolt in Algiers 1958

Army Coup in Burma 1958

  1. 5th Feb. 1958Tybee Bomb, a 7,600 pound (3,500 kg) Mark 15 hydrogen bomb, is lost in the waters off Savannah, GeorgiaMarch 1 – The Turkish passenger ship Üsküdar capsizes and sinks in the Gulf of İzmit, Turkey; at least 300 dieMarch 11 – A U.S. B-47 bomber accidentally drops an atom bomb on Mars Bluff, South Carolina. Without a fissile warhead, its conventional explosives destroy a house and injure several peopleApril – Unemployment in Detroit reaches 20%, marking the height of the Recession of 1958 in the United States.April 3Castro‘s revolutionary army begins its attacks on Havana.


  • Prime Minister’s Assassination in Ceylon 1959
  • Pan-Arab Revolt in Iraq 1959
  • Rebellion in Kirkuk: Iraqi 1959
  • USR Secession in Maldives 1959-1962
  • Revolution in Rwanda 1959-1961
  • “State of Siege” in Paraguay 1959-1960
  • Communist Insurgeny in Thailand 1959-Present
  • Uprising in Chinese Occupied Tibet 1959
  • On the 7th Nov. 1958 Saturn was back in Sagitarius  and sprouted the above 
  • From the above it is clear that Saturn may sprout Wars , Coup  and Happenings similar to the above listed 

2017 Saturn Fallen

  • In the Present Transit on the 21st June 2017 the Following Parameters acquire a special dimension and most explosive 
  1. Before Saturn Falling in Scorpio on the 21st June the Planets which receive the aspects are Sun, Mars, Mercury , Jupiter , Ketu.
  2. Saturn in Fiery sign in the nakshatra of Ketu aspecting Ketu in close degrees and Saturn and Mars in 1/7 axis and Mars in Rahu Nakshatra .
  3. Sun, Mercury in Mars Nakshatra  and Saturn reaching the 180 degrees from Sun will be the Most Crucial Parameter in the Present Transit
  4. Hence 6 Planets inclusive of Saturn influenced before falling
  5. After Saturn is Fallen  on the 21st June 2017 It will aspect Rahu and Moon the same day, This Parameter is Most Crucial since leaving Venus all the Planets will be influenced by Saturn on the 21st June after -4-40 hrs IST. Venus will also come in its preview on the 29th June will further escalate the turbulence and Explosive events  like a whirl in the sea with Magnitude and all the Planets will be trapped in it make the worst combinations 
  6. In 1958 the Planets Influenced were only Jupiter , Moon and Sun. Jupiter was influencing the Leo sign By Retrograde aspect at28.54 degrees and Jupiter was also Fallen from Libra  the Stock Market of US surged
  7. In the Present Scenario Jupiter was Stationary  and received the Aspect of Saturn in Gandhantha  and Jupiter stopped influencing Leo. The results could to Contrary to the Results in 1958 as far as the Stock Market is concerned since Virgo is a Bearish Sign and Saturn aspecting  may prove a Bolt from the Blue . I have already written in my earlier Articles that this Transit can be unpredictable and the Stock market can take either route  up or Down from here
  8. From the Above it is Crystal Clear that the transit of Saturn from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 and till it crosses the Retrogression Mark on the 2nd Dec. 2017 could sprout Explosive situations in the Globe with more Impact on US, North Korea, Russia, China, Japan , Gulf Countries  specially War Prone and Torn Syria. The Coastal Areas of the World can Have Tsunamis, EarthQuakes, Tornados, Volcanos with Intensity and an Earthquake with an Intensity over 8. seems to be on the Cards . We have already seen the Fire in Grenfell Tower in London  like the 9/11 effect  link

I am Afraid to Write any Further since at the time of writing this Article  there are heavy rains and indicates that Rain will also create Havoc meaning Tsunamis in the Prone Areas along with Earthquakes with intensity. Hurricanes cannot be ruled out.

Saturn is the Lord of the 10th and the 11th and From 9th house falling in the 8th house , hence the significations of these houses will be sprouting with dimension along with Saturn as Kaal . The focus will be on the Courts, Embassies, Religious Places, Temples  Long Travel Air Traffic , Rail Traffic, Terrorism, War like conditions between countries , Coups  and Assassinations  

Masses will be influenced by the Atrocities of Saturn Kaal

Democracy will suffer

Production and Industries will suffer slowdown

Masses strikes and Revolt

War like situations cannot be ruled out. Brawl Between US, North Korea, Russia, China , Japan will escalate 

2nd Gulf War cannot be ruled out 

Financial Markets unstable and high or Low . From the Planetary positions it seems the Stock market may enter  low after Untoward happenings as mentioned in this article. The Dates are mentioned in my article s relating to Saturn  

Natural and Unnatural Tragedies Japan, Indonesia, Australia , Mexico, US in Totality, Pakistan . Those Countries who have Sagitarius and Scorpio Ascendant

ISIS will be very active , since  ISIS has the Sagitarius Ascendant and Terrorism with Magnitude will take place in the Prone Countries needless to mention the Names . US, UK, India , Gulf Countries, Pakistan, and Europe

Political Tug of War, Coups, Assassinations of Top Leaders

US, Trump, N Modi, ISIS, Japan, are few of then whose Ascendants I Remember , China has Capricorn ascendant and could also be influenced by this Transit

It is very difficult to Write the names of all the Countries but  if you go through my articles on my webpage I have listed lot of them

Hence it is not the End of the Days but certainly a Big Jolt which could be felt by the Nations and across the Globe in all respects since except Venus all the Planets are influenced by Saturn and Venus will also come in its Preview on the 29th June 2017, which makes the Present Scenario and the Month of June and July most Explosive apart from the Period of the 2 Eclipses in August and the Total Solar Eclipse over US on the 21-22nd August 2017 and Mars Activating the Eclipse pint on the 2nd Sept. 2017 could Prove ammunition Dump

In Totality till Saturn Crosses the Retrogression  Mark of 3.41  degrees of Sagitarius Saturn may prove to worst then a snake bite since most Venomous in the Present Scenario. God Bless us all 

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

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