Roman God Saturn Fallen from 21st June-Nov. 2017 May Prove Explosive for Financial Markets, Natural and Unnatural Calamities

by anil aggarwala

In this article I am going to analyse the events which occured when Saturn was Fallen , in Gandantha Position in the Fiery signs  from the Year of Depression 1929 to 2017

This is again a Research Article and there are no Texts available on this account . First of all I will list down the events at the time of Saturn in gandantha and when Fallen

  1. 29th Oct. 1929 The Great Depression year . The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place during the 1930s. The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations; in most countries it started in 1929 and lasted until the late 1930s.

The depression originated in the United States, after a major fall in stock prices that began around September 4, 1929, and became worldwide news with the stock market crash of October 29, 1929 (known as Black Tuesday). Between 1929 and 1932, worldwide GDP fell by an estimated 15%. By comparison, worldwide GDP fell by less than 1% from 2008 to 2009 during the Great Recession. Some economies started to recover by the mid-1930s. However, in many countries, the negative effects of the Great Depression lasted until the beginning of World War II

Chart of the 4th Sept. 1929 w.r.t US  link

Parameters acquiring Special dimension in the Present Context 

  1. Saturn in Fiery sign Sagitarius and in Gandantha . In Navamsha it is also in Fiery sign and with Ketu . Absolutely similar Planetary Positions with respect to Saturn in the Present context till 21st June 2017 . Saturn in Fiery sign Sagitarius in Gandantha and in Navamsha also in Aries sign with Ketu as the case of 1929 
  2. Jupiter at 21.57 in Taurus  in 1929 and Present Jupiter 19.09 degrees stationary on the 9th June 2017 in Earthy sign aspecting the same point as per degrees  from 5th June to 13th June 2017  
  3. Transit Mars in Gemini  Presently in June 2017 will aspect the Mercury in the Sign Virgo at the time of 1929 in close degrees

Chart of the 24th Oct. 1929

Analysis of the above chart  

Jan 2016 also the Market had a Break Read my article “U.S. Stocks Join Global Rout As Predicted.Economy Meltdown Inevitable” of Jan. 2016 and My Predictions were on Dot for the Stock market. Now go through the Following links

Dow Sinks 390 Points in Global Selloff, Crude Falls Nears $29 dated 15th Jan. 2016

Oil fall drags Sensex 318 pts, Nifty to 19-month closing low

Some Parameters at the time of 24th Oct. 1929 and on the 14th Jan 2016  and Now between the 13th June to  21st June 2017 Planetary Positions

  1. Mercury about to fall, Jupiter Stationary on the 1st Oct. 1929 Mercury was stationary on the 6th Jan 2016 before going in Retrogression and aspected by Mars and Saturn in a Bearish Sign Capricorn  on 14th Jan 2016 Mercury is totally combusted , Fallen and also in Paap Kartari yoga. 1st Oct. 1929 Mercury was about to fall in Virgo a Bearish sign for Stock market. Now  In the Present Transit Mercury with Mars and aspected by Saturn in Gandantha  and Mercury in a Bearish Sign Between the 15th and 21st June 2017
  2. Jupiter was stationary  between the 5th Jan to 11th Jan. 2016 and also the Dispositor of Mercury when Fallen. Rahu ingressed over Stationary Jupiter on the 9th Jan 2016. In the Present Circumstances Jupiter stationary in Bearish Sign, Dispositor also in Bearish sign and Both Jupiter and Mercury connected to Saturn and Mars 
  3. In 1929 and 2016 Both Mercury and Jupiter are Retrograde and ill aspected and in state of malefic stance. Now Presently in June 2017  Jupiter Retrograde till 9th Jan 2017 and Stationary till 13th June 2017 could be responsible for a similar Break
  4. Eclipses Taking Place after the Day of Great Depression the 24th Oct. 1929.  the Eclipse took place on the 18th Oct. and 1st Nov. 1929 and Mars activated the Eclipse point and both Mercury Fallen and Jupiter Retrograde and when Stationary. Present Transit Mars will activate the  Eclipse point of the Total Solar Eclipse on the 2nd Sept. 2017
  5. Now Twin Eclipses taking Place in August 2017 and Twin Eclipses have already taken Place in Feb. 2017
  6. 2 Malefics slow moving in Fiery signs  Saturn and Rahu . In the Present Transit we have Saturn in Sagitarius and Rahu in Leo and Jupiter aspecting the Sign Leo by Retro aspect
  7. The Pattern of Planets In June 2017 are some what like the Oct. 1929

Roman God Saturn when Fallen in Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958 . Saturn entered the Sign Sagitarius on the 7th Feb 1958 and became Retrograde and was fallen on the above date .It reentered Sagitarius on the 7th Nov. 1958. the Stock Prices of the Stocks Soared link


From the above it seems that the Stocks can become unpredictable till Saturn is Fallen in Scorpio and can turn either side , extreme high or Low and  take a reversal after Saturn joins Back Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017

Satrun on the driving seat what it has up his sleeves is unpredictable , in the year 1958-1959 there was a surge in the Market of US, Jupiter was aspecting the Leo sign by Retrograde aspect and was about to fall in it , normally when Jupiter and Saturn in Fiery signs the Market drops, it was the reverse , Saturn in Watery sign and Jupiter in Virgo about to Fall in Leo did the Miracle in 1958, Now Saturn in Sagitarius and about to fall in watery sign and Jupiter no connection with Fiery sign , hence it may be unpredictable. The Market may move in either direction , but seems it may break after reaching a Top figure of 9850-9900 or even more or break from here , There are no researches and , no astrologer works on the Fallen Saturn in Stock Markets , how it may behave is unpredictable since Fallen Planet is most venomous and can go in any direction. As far as the Declination is concerned it is the same as the 1958, which indicates the Markets may surge beyond expectations

2. Saturn Fallen in the sign Sagitarius on the 17th Sept. 1961 and there was War with China on the 20th Oct. 1962 when Saturn crossed the retrogression degrees in Capricorn

3. Depression Year 1980

The United States entered recession in January 1980 and returned to growth six months later in July 1980. Although recovery took hold, the unemployment rate remained unchanged through the start of a second recession in July 1981.] The downturn ended 16 months later, in November 1982.] The economy entered a strong recovery and experienced a lengthy expansion through 1990.]

The early 1980s recession describes severe global economic recession affecting much of the developed world in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The United States and Japan exited the recession relatively early, but high unemployment would continue to affect other OECD nations through to at least 1985.] Long-term effects of the recession contributed to the Latin American debt crisis, the savings and loans crisis in the United States, and a general adoption of neoliberal economic policies throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The economy was already in weak shape coming into the downturn, as a recession in 1980 had left unemployment at about 7.5 percent. Both the 1980 and 1981-82 recessions were triggered by tight monetary policy in an effort to fight mounting inflation..

The Parameters at the time of Recession in Early 1980 was Basically Saturn falling in the Sign of  Leo from Virgo  on the  15th March 1980 the Chart is below and explosive one 

The chart need not be analysed since crystal clear . Saturn Fallen in a Leo Fiery sign and in Sagitarius Navamsha  Explosive  for Financial Markets . Jupiter in Fiery sign is also the Parameter which acquires a special attention.

4. 19th Sept. 1985  Earthquake shakes Mexico City link

On this day in 1985, a powerful earthquake strikes Mexico City and leaves 10,000 people dead, 30,000 injured and thousands more homeless.

On the 20th June 1990 Saturn was fallen in Sagitarius  see the chart below 

Saturn Fallen and  204 degrees from Sun and aspecting the Sun and Jupiter who is also aspected by Mars

Similair situations on the 15th June 2017, Jupiter afflicted By Mars and Saturn and in Stationary mode till 13th June and in very slow motion. On the 15th June  Sun, Moon, Jupiter , Ketu  aspected By Gandantha Saturn  and on the 21st June Saturn again in Gandantha in Scorpio aspects Rahu in Leo . All Planets except Venus will be afflicted Between the 15th June to 21st June  By Fallen , Saturn in Gandantha and Specially the aspect on the Jupiter and Mercury could sprout the Malefic Results for the Financial Markets . There is no Research available and all is upon the Parameters derived from the above happenings during Crashes . Hence  the Financial Markets can have an impact by the Planetary positions after 15th June 2017. They could also take unexpected Turn 

A second Gulf War cannot be ruled out  as already predicted by me  as Seen from the Fallen Saturn  in Scorpio and Joining back in Sagitarius 

8.Financial crisis of 2007-2008

This article is about the financial crisis that peaked in 2008. For the global recession triggered by the financial crisis, see Great Recession.

The financial crisis of 20072008, also known as the global financial crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

It began in 2007 with a crisis in the subprime mortgage market in the US, and developed into a full-blown international banking crisis with the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008. Excessive risk-taking by banks such as Lehman Brothers helped to magnify the financial impact globally. Massive bail-outs of financial institutions and other palliative monetary and fiscal policies were employed to prevent a possible collapse of the world financial system. The crisis was nonetheless followed by a global economic downturn, the Great Recession. The European debt crisis, a crisis in the banking system of the European countries using the euro, followed later.

Biggest falls in Indian stock market history

The rise and fall of the Sensex has been dizzying. The markets are back to the point it scaled three years ago. . . The BSE Sensex on Friday crashed by 1,071 points to close at 8,701 points. This has been an incredible year for the markets, after scaling the 21,000 peak in January 2008, the markets are at 8,000 now.

On Friday, the Reserve Bank of India gave the markets its biggest blow as it left key interest rates unchanged and lowered the GDP target to 7.5-8% for 2008-09.Markets across the globe crashed on Friday. Japan’s Nikkei shed 9.6% (812 points) to 7,649. Hang Seng plunged 6% (822 points) to 12,939. The Seoul Composite index tumbled 10.5% (111 points) to 939.

The worst hit stocks were DLF, Ranbaxy Laboratories Hindalco Industries, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries and Mahindra & Mahindra.

On Thursday, stock markets plunged following sustained capital outflows, shaky global markets, poor company results, and the International Monetary Fund’s warning that economic growth in advanced nations will be close to zero. The BSE Sensex fell by 398.20 points, or 3.92%, to fall to 9,771.70.

We take you through the BIGGEST falls in the Indian stock market history.

October 24, 2008: The Sensex plunged by 1070.63 points (10.96 per cent) to close at 8,701.07. The National Stock Exchange’s Nifty ended at 2,557.25, down 13.11 per cent or 386 points. The BSE Midcap closed 8.38 per cent lower and BSE Smallcap Index ended 7.66 per cent down.

March 17, 2008: The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex crashed by 951 points to close at 14,809 on weak cues from the overseas markets. Unabated selling saw the index slip below the 15,000-mark.

March 3, 2008: The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex witnessed its second-largest fall ever losing 900.84 points to close at 16,677.88 on frantic selling by funds, triggered by deepening concern over United States recession and some Budget-related concerns.

January 21, 2008: The Sensex saw its highest ever loss of 1,408 points at the end of the session on Monday.  The Sensex recovered to close at 17,605.40 after it tumbled to the day’s low of 16,963.96, on high volatility as investors panicked following weak global cues amid fears of the US recession.

January 22, 2008: The Sensex saw its biggest intra-day fall on Tuesday when it hit a low of 15,332, down 2,273 points. However, it recovered losses and closed at a loss of 875 points at 16,730. The Nifty closed at 4,899 at a loss of 310 points. Trading was suspended for one hour at the Bombay Stock Exchange after the benchmark Sensex crashed to a low of 15,576.30 within minutes of opening, crossing the circuit limit of 10 per cent.

February 11, 2008: The Sensex finally ended with a loss of 834 points (4.8% ) at 16,631. The NSE Nifty slipped over 5% (263 points) to 4,857.

May 18, 2006: The Sensex registered a fall of 826 points (6.76 per cent) to close at 11,391, following heavy selling by FIIs, retail investors and a weakness in global markets. The Nifty crashed by 496.50 points (8.70%) points to close at 5,208.80 points.

December 17, 2007
:  A heavy bout of selling in the late noon deals saw the index plunge to a low of 19,177 – down 856 points from the day’s open. The Sensex finally ended with a huge loss of 769 points (3.8%) at 19,261. The NSE Nifty ended at 5,777, down 271 points.

10 October 2008: The markets crashed by 801 points to close at a low of 10,528. The crisis in the global markets, a fall in the rupee and poor IIP numbers led to the fall.

October 18, 2007: Profit-taking in noon trades saw the index pare gains and slip into negative zone. The intensity of selling increased towards the closing bell, and the index tumbled all the way to a low of 17,771 – down 1,428 points from the day’s high. The Sensex finally ended with a hefty loss of 717 points (3.8%) at 17,998.  The Nifty lost 208 points to close at 5,351.

January 18, 2008: Unabated selling in the last one hour of trade saw the index tumble to a low of 18,930 – down 786 points from the day’s high. The Sensex finally ended with a hefty loss of 687 points (3.5%)  at 19,014. The index thus shed 8.7% (1,813 points) during the week. The NSE Nifty plunged 3.5% (208 points) to 5,705.

November 21, 2007:  Mirroring weakness in other Asian markets, the Sensex saw relentless selling. The index tumbled to a low of 18,515 – down 766 points from the previous close. The Sensex finally ended with a loss of 678 points at 18,603.  The Nifty lost 220 points to close at 5,561.

August 16, 2007: The Sensex, after languishing over 500 points lower for most of the trading session, slipped again towards the close to a low of 14,345. The index finally ended with a hefty loss of 643 points at 14,358.

April 2, 2007: The Sensex opened with a huge negative gap of 260 points at 12,812 following the Reserve Bank of India decision to hike the cash reserve ratio and repo rate.  Unabated selling, mainly in auto and banking stocks, saw the index drift to lower levels as the day progressed. The index tumbled to a low of 12,426 before finally settling with a hefty loss of 617 points (4.7%) at 12,455.

August 1, 2007: The Sensex opened with a negative gap of 207 points at 15,344 amid weak trends in the global market and slipped deeper into the red. Unabated selling across-the-board saw the index tumble to a low of 14,911. The Sensex finally ended with a hefty loss of 615 points at 14,936. The NSE Nifty ended at 4,346, down 183 points. This is the third biggest loss in absolute terms for the index.

Saturn was fallen from the fiery sign Leo to Cancer on the 10th Jan 2007  the Chart is Below

Jupiter had Conjunction with Mars till 9th Jan. 2007

It has been observed that the Basic Parameters Saturn in Fiery sign and then Fallen or Saturn in Gandantha in Watery or Fiery sign and Jupiter under affliction brings Market  Crash , one of them has to be in Gandantha or Fallen

Affliction to Jupiter, Luminaries  and Mercury is Must along with Saturn in Fiery sign afflicted 

Parameters which acquire special dimension

1.Saturn in Gandantha  from Fiery sign to Watery sign like the Present Transit of Saturn falling from Sagitarius to Scorpio 

2. Rahu-Ketu over over the Aquarius -Leo axis . Rahu and Ketu on this axis till 10th Sept. 2017. Jupiter under affliction or Connected to Fiery sign or Saturn and Jupiter in 6/8 axis 

Chart of 24th Oct 2008 

Saturn and Jupiter both in Fiery signs and Saturn after being Fallen joins back Leo

Hence from the above the Following Parameters acquire a special dimension For the Stock Markets 

1.Saturn and Jupiter have to be in Fiery signs

2. Saturn or Jupiter about to be Fallen , Saturn and Jupiter in 6/8 axis

3. Rahu-Ketu influencing the Rashi or Navamsha of Fiery or Watery sign

4. Luminares under affliction

5. Mercury The Karka in the Bearish sign or Under affliction

At the time of the Crash of the Indonesian market and other Asian markets on the 8th Oct. 2008, Both Mercury and Jupiter were afflicted by  Mars, Mercury stationary and lost in Planetary war with Mars . The Longitudnal Distance between Mercury and Venus was minimum

Till 9th June 2017 Saturn in Fiery sign and Jupiter aspecting the Sign Leo by Retro aspect and Stationary and connected to Fallen and in Gandantha Saturn . Jupiter is also aspected by Mars

After 15th June and Till 21st June – 23rd June all the Planets except Venus are connected to Saturn in Gandantha and about to be fallen seems to be a most critical parameter. Jupiter Stationary and in Retrogression connected to Saturn in Gandantha . Mercury Karka also connected , Hence expectation of a fall in the Market. This is only a research and may or may not happen . Please note this .…-and-earthquakes/ Please read this article  and the Point no.18 Jupiter in Earthy sign in Stationary mode and aspected by Mars and Saturn after after 5th June to 13th June could prove disasterous  and even after 15th June and 21st June 2017 for Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornados around the Coastal Areas of the world where People go for marry making   

Now Let us see the Chart of Saturn Fallen on the 21st June 2017 below

The Period from 15th June 2017 and then from 12th Sept. 2017 to Nov. 2017 will be critical for the Financial Markets , we can also say the Nifty after crossing 9800-9850 may break any time after 15th June to 12th Sept. 2017 it so seems  . Please treat this Article as a Research and  for Astrology lovers and not for Investors as they will be doing it on their own wims and Fancies . The writer does not hold himself Responsible in any way a nd hence also read the Disclaimer clause on my website

From the above analysis  we can boil down to the following Parameters 

  1. Transit of Saturn in Fallen state and Gandantha may Produce similar events as discussed in this article 
  2. Financial Markets taking a Hit or Take a route like the 1958 cycle and then Fall after 26th Oct. 2017. They may also turn Unpredictable . In 1958 the stocks became soar  Parameter added on the  13th June 2017 21-00 hrs 
  3. Earthquakes, Tornados , Volcanos, Tsunami and Terrorism with Magnitude 
  4. 2nd Gulf War
  5. Brawl Between the Countries may escalate beyond limits US, North Korea, Russia, China and Japan mainly . The Brawl between India and Pak may also escalate  due to reasons best known and discussed on my webpage 
  6. War like situations 
  7. Religious Discriminations , Courts , Places of Temples , Embassies under Threat of Terrorism 
  8. Mass Influence of Saturn significations 
  9. Abnormal weather conditions 
  10. Saturn as the Lord of the 10th and the 11th house in the 8th house of Natural Zodiac people may be losing their jobs  or Struggles and bottlenecks in Profession
  11. Navy War Possible 
  12. Calamities due to excessive rains or no rains 
  13. Politicians suffering the Most 
  14. BJP Political Party has Fallen Saturn in the 3rd House will be activated and cancels all Rajyogas in the Chart hence the 3rd house of Co workers and Members may fight and bring a bad name for BJP 
  15. A Research Article for the Financial Markets, Brawl between the Countries , War  and Natural Calamities . I have discussed from the Depression year 1929 to 2017 with what ever data is available . it seems this Transit of Saturn may not Produce good results for the financial markets , and the Brawl between the Countries may escalate beyond Control and Natural Calamities as discussed in the Article may sprout with dimension A strong Earthquake with 8.1 Intensity is not ruled out in the Countries where the Ascendnt is scorpio. Delhi could also be influenced . But Prone Countries near the Coastal Areas , Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Australia and other Countries may be influenced by this Transit  

16.This Period will be crucial for the Globe for Terrorism from the ISIS and the other Terrorist groups operating in the various Parts of the world. Needless to mention here that there will be escalation of Terrorism, Brutality and War in the Middle Eastern Countries.

17.Countries most influenced will be US, Russia, China , India, Pakistan , UK and Europe .The year 2017 has started with untoward happenings and it is said that coming events cast their shadows before and Rahu is shadow and has already cast its full shadow on the Sign Leo and will be aspected by Saturn

From the above Analysis it seems Saturn Fallen between the 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 will definitely create havoc it so seems  and similar happenings as before discussed above

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

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  • Financial markets may touch an new high as seems from the 1958 -1959 cycle of Saturn Fallen. It may become unprectable   Parameter added on the 13th June 2017 at 21-00 hrs 







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