Solar Ingress of Cancer : Bane Or Boon

by anil aggarwala

Hindu Astrologers have great Predictive techniques  available with them, which are unknown to western Astrologers . It is for this reason that Indian Astrologers who have their roots  in great spiritual traditions of India score over the western rivals and therefore can make brilliant predictions .  It is some times very important to know which particular month in the life of the nation is likely to become historic in terms of achievement and disaster .

The Transit of Sun in the Cardinal signs therefore acquires an important dimension.

Special attention is paid to the position of Sun Benefic and Malefic influence on the Sun. The Matters pertaining to the house  where Sun is located  would figure Prominently during the year and the influence of the houses the Planets are owning .

Let us have a Look at the chart of the Solar ingress in Cancer a Watery sign  on the 16th July 2017 at 16-25 hrs.

The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Sunday and the Lord is Sun Placed in the yama of Virgo  the 11th house of the chart and Jupiter the 2nd and the 5th Lord is Placed .The Yama Lord is Placed with the 10th Lord Sun and with Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord which is Bebilitated is the Most Malefic Parameter in the Chart . The Connection of the 6th and the 8th Lord with the Sun . The Connection of the 6th Lord with 9th house, 3rd house and the 12th House is not good specially when it is Mars debilitated and with Sun and the yama Lord . This ingress may not be a good one the Significations of the 11th, 8th, 6th and the 9th house may be be experienced . Mars is also combusted .

The General condition of the Country is seen from the Lagna and the Lagna has Fallen Saturn  the Lord of the 3rd and the 4th  and aspected By Venus the 12th and the 7th Lord , Hence Espionage from Foreign Element . Venus is aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees and afflicted by Fallen Saturn 

Maximum number of Planets are influencing the Watery signs in the Rashi and Navamsha , 

Lagna is in Gandantha of Watery and Fiery sign , See the degrees of Lagna 19.39 and about to change to 7th Navamsha 

Rahu in Leo in Gandantha at 0.27 degrees 

Mars is also in Nakshatra Gandantha , Mars is Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord 

 The Malefic Parameters are the Sun with Debilitated Mars , Mars in Nakshatra Gandantha, Lagna In Navamsha Gandantha from Watery to Fiery , Rahu in Gandantha ,  Saturn Fallen from Fiery sign to Watery sign .

All the above Parameters indicate that the Places of Supreme  Court , Judges, Temples, Embassies, Long Travel , Religious Places , Air Travel , will be adversely influenced . 

Mars and Saturn influencing the 3rd House Boarder Clashes with Magnitude 

Terrorism  Looming over the Country 

Heavy Rains and Floods  and 5th July to 19th July Earthquakes and Tsunami like events till August 2017

The General condtion of the Country may not be good 

Strikes and Resentments for GST

Since Fallen Saturn in the Lagna  Time of Emergency , National Disasters

Lagna with Malefic and Sun with Malefic Mars is Explosive Parameter for this Transit and will influence minimum for 3 Months  

Condition of Cabinet , Malefic Planets in the Lagna dissensions in the Cabinet 

Discontent amongst the People 

Reallocations of the Portfolios

Changes in the Ministry of Home Affairs due to Terrorism  which may take place 

Lawlessness since Rahu in the 10th house  and aspected by Fallen Saturn , Party in Power faces Challenges 

Prime Minister Faces challenges

Earthquake, Tsunami like Event ,Terrorism, Boarder Issues may be the main issue also with Discontentment in the General Public.

Kashmir Issue may take explosive dimension 

Religious Provocations and clashes 

Hence in totality the Ingress is not a good one . I am Afraid to write all this here . The worst Months June , July and August 2017 

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