Stock Market Trends and The Celestial Drama of Planets From June to Dec. 2017

by anil aggarwala

In this Article I am going to discuss the Trends in the Coming Months  from June to Dec. 2017 for the Financial Markets. This also has reference to my earlier Article

Retrograde  Planets In the Stock market Give Bullish Trends

Saturn went in Retrogression on the 6th April 2017  in the sign Sagitarius  and will remain in Retrogression till 25th August 2017

Jupiter was in Retrogression in Virgo from the 6th Feb. 2016 and became Direct on the 9th June 2017 and ever since that Day the Market is hovering around the 9600 mark of Nifty since Both Saturn and Jupiter are in very slow motion

Venus was in Retrogression between the  4th March to 15th April 2017 in Pieces.

Mercury was in Retrogression from 9th April to 3rd May 2017

The above 5 Planets were responsible for the Surge in the Market specially Saturn and Jupiter , more so Jupiter had aspects of Saturn made the Market on a Bullish Trend since both were Retrograde and influence of Saturn on Jupiter is a Parameter which takes the Financial Markets on the Path of Bullish Trends

Saturn will become direct on the 25th August 2017  will therefore cast a shadow on the Financial Markets and More so when it Joins the Fiery sign Sagitarius  on the  26th Oct. 2017

Jupiter will be in Virgo sign till the 12th Sept. 2017 and after 26th Oct 2017 Jupiter and Saturn will be in the 3/11 Position

Other Planetary Parameters which acquire important Parameter is the Motion of Planets  Specially when Rahu is adverse it has the capacity to turn the tables upside down specially when the Market reaches the Top figure around the 9950 Mark after 16th July to 25th August 2017

Slow Motion and Fast Motion of Mercury


As Per “Bhavishya Phal Bhaskar ”  this Transit of Jupiter would Bring Bearish Trend in the Gold Prices.

When Saturn will be in the Fiery sign Sagitarius and Jupiter aspect on the fiery sign Aries would also impact number of Products would fall specially Oil, Cotton

Rahu is Transiting in the Fiery sign in Leo till 9th Sept. 2017 and was with Jupiter at the time of Transit on the 9th Jan. 2016 and since then the Prices of Gold have gone up unsteadily. Since Rahu will ingress in Cancer on the 9th Sept. 2017 will impact this Trend which was there from the 9th Jan. 2016 and the Prices of Gold may become bearish and unsteady.

As Per our Classics Vypar Ratna when Rahu Transits the sign Cancer the Prices of Metals Fall.

From the above it is clear that from the 25th August 2017 when Saturn turns Direct, and then on the 9th-12th, Sept. 2017 Rahu  and Jupiter  Changing signs would cast a shadow on the Financial Markets in a big way specially when Saturn joins back Sagitarius a Fiery sign on the 26th Oct. 2017 .

This Transit can bring a Global Fall in the Stock Markets of the world  from 25th August 2017 to 26th Oct. 2017 and when Saturn crosses the Retrogression mark in Dec. 2017

Present Trend and Research from 15th June 2017

My Research For Fallen Saturn 59 years back for Present Transit from 21st June 2017 to 25th August 2017  can be Explosive  as seen from 59 years back Saturn Transit of 2 cycles being completed 

Roman God Saturn when Fallen in Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958 . Saturn entered the Sign Sagitarius on the 7th Feb 1958 and became Retrograde and was fallen on the above date .It reentered Sagitarius on the 7th Nov. 1958. the Stock Prices of the Stocks Soared link

Period from 15th June to and specially 21st June 2017 when Saturn enters Scorpio as a Fallen Planet the Stock markets can become unpredictable and can touch New high or Low  specially till 25th August 2017. The Nifty can cross the 9850-9900 mark as per the Gann Cycles. The New Moon Chart of the 23rd July 2017 is Enigmatic  and after Sun ingress in Cancer will be the Most important Period for the Stock Market specially when Rahu is adverse since has the capacity to turn the Tables upside down

In the Month of July North Node is Adverse on the 13th to 18th July  and then 26th to 30th July 2017 these dates are Important for July 2017

August 2017 8th to 14th August 2017 then 18th to 23rd August 2017, 1st to 5th Sept. 2017, then 14th to 18th Sept. 2017

Saturn Fallen in Gandantha and aspects Rahu who is in Forward motion from 28th June to 2nd July can be most unpredictable for the Stock Market . On the 29th Evening Venus will also come under the shadow of Fallen Saturn . Saturn has already activated the remaining 7 Planets on the 21st June 2017. Lets see which way the wind Blows for the Stock market


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