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My Name is Anil Aggarwala and I am an Engineer and have worked for Multinational Companies of Repute.  In the Year 1986 I came across an Astrologer who impressed me by his Predictions coming on dot. I then started to take Interest in Hindu Vedic Astrology and then when I was Relatively free from my profession in 2007 did Jyotish Alankar and  Jyotish Acharaya  from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi . I also did Research under the Guidance of Shri K N Rao and then spent 2 years with Pandit S Ganesh Learning Jyotish by Tamil Principles . I was Awarded with SAROJ MEMORIAL AWARD for  Best Research in Astrology in the year 2011-2012 by Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi. Unlike the Traditional Astrologers I Predict a Query by 14-15 methods of Prashna and about 5-6 methods of Natal Chart along with  Research Techniques . My Articles are Published in all the Leading  Astrological Magzines of the Country  along with the Astrological Magzine Of Joni Patry of the US. Apart from the Astrology Charts I also use the Omens and Shakuns at the time of the Query which are strong Indicators of the Future events.
ASTROLOGERS influenced  me most – Pundit Hardev Sharma Trivedi. Narayan Pandit Delhi , Pandit S.Ganesh.
 ASTROLOGY  is Science, Art, Shakun, Intution and Logic. Astrology is a Language of the mother nature , understanding it is  important. Life is Like a cow tied to pole, and the  path is  defined in circular motion  of 360 degrees., which cannot be altered. The Freewill is decided by the  Elasticity of the Rope . Stretchability factor, which is  decphisered by Astrology .Quality and Strength of Rope  is decided by our Karmas  in the Past. Astrology explains  it well. Nature guides us at every stance ,but we ignore and suffer. If we follow nature then success is assured.  Atma Enters the Horoscope from the 5th house carrying a bag having different compartments  having different dashas signifying our Past Karmas , Hence role of 5th house and Garbshista is immense in our life. Lagna is self activating, but 10th house has to be activated  , hence good Karmas are good life.

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Research In Astrology Award by Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi Year 2011-2012



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Education 2

Subjects you will excel, stream of subject to choose? Want to go abroad for further studies……ask all of these questions .


Career 1

Career Abroad or India. Time  of rise and fall in Career. Will change in job improve my Career ?



Conducive periods for Marriage . Will marriage Bring Prosperity  ?  Will it be Love or Arranged  ?



Child Birth , Condusive Periods and Good Time  etc.

Property and House Purchase


When is the condusive Period and Favourable Period to Invest in Property and Buy a house for own needs .

Matching of Horoscopes


 Matching the horoscopes for Prosperity,Longevity and Growth.

Diseases and Stressful Periods


 Blood Pressure or a Heart  Disease. Medical Science is only able to Diagnose when the Disease comes . Astrology can Predict the Stressful

Periods for bad health.

Court Cases and Legal issues


Any type of Court cases and Legal Issues  can be well seen form the charts . Astrology can Predict  every thing regarding the same and when you will   free from all these adversities.

Finance  and Wealth issues

Foreign Travel and Visa

Dealing An Adverse Period Through Astrology

Teaching Astrology By Tamil Texts Natal, Prashna, Mundane and Financial Astrology

Support through Astrology Consultation

Any  other type of Query is welcome .

Even if you dont have a Horoscope and Birth details ,we have the answer to all your queries using Prashna Jyotish which is the Backbone of Astrology

All Predictions of the clients are maintained with Secrecy

Disclaimer: Predictions are made on the Birth details given by the querist and Clients, The Website does not take the Responsibility of wrong birth dates and specially wrong time given by the clients, since even one minute of time changes the respective varga charts used in fine Predictions and Respective  Parametrs like, Marriage, Career, and other issues mentioned above

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Name Anil Sain Aggarwala

D.O.B  May 1948
SCHOOLING – DPS Mathura Road.
PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS BSc. Engineering Production (B.E) – Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh – year 1971. One Year Buisness  Marketing From Faculty of Management Delhi University
TRAINING- Suzuki Motor Corpn. JAPAN, Daweoo Int. Corpn. KOREA – year Dec 1986-1987.
BUISNESS – Automobiles- year 1987.
ASTROLOGY -. Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Institute of Astrology New Delhi -Year Jan 2007 Tripited Jyotish Alankar and Repeated Jyotish Acharaya and then 2 Years of Research in Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi 2007 to July 2012. Jyotish Alankar , Jyotish Acharaya .
ASTROLOGY RESEARCH Guidance Shri K.N.Rao 2 years ,

ASTROLOGY AWARDS  Saroj Memorial Award for Best Research in the Year 2012 from Bhartuya Vidhya Bhawan ASTROLOGY
ARTICLES– JOURNAL OF ASTROLOGY Feb. 2012 http://www.saptarishisastrology.com/articles.php Vol 9 article no. 170 Amazing Astro Experiences and Prashna .
Websites http://www.mundaneastro.org/ Till March 2015

I am different then the Traditional Astrologers who only depend one one system of Predictions and only Birth chart by Parashar and not any Tamil Texts which are the Core of Astrology. I use 15 methods of Prashna and 9 Methods of Birth chart to give a consolidated Report 

Information Needed For Professional Consultation through Prashna Chart and Birth Chart

 1.D.O.B Place of birth and Time of Birth,

  1. Direction Facing w.r. t. Sun rising from East at the time of Query
  2. Your activity . Body parts touched by you at the time of writing or consulting me for query
  3. One to one Talk will be better for queries .
  4. Query should be asked with Pious Mind and the one Bothering you most. The Query should be in one line Put in Inverted comas.
  1. Number between 1-108
  2. Any Recent happening of Vital Importance with Date to be given after I ask after looking at the charts
  3. Colour of Clothes worn at the Time of Query
  4. Any Omens and Shakuns(Happenings) at the time of Query Around you. Please write what ever is Happening Predictions through Birth chart and Prashna Chart
  5. A Number between 100 to 999 may also be chosen and sent to me with above information.

Please also mention what is the activity at the time of Putting the Query by mail or Phone

Please read my Article https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/02/predicting-a-query-by-tamil-texts/ on my website www.astrodocanil.com

I follow a different Procedure for analysis of a Horoscope than the conventional Astrologers who use only Birth charts only.  

Following methods are used

Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts and Not Parashar

1.Prashna Triangle

2.Kala Chakra          

3.Panch Pakshai        

4.. Naisargik and Tatlika  Chakra for Direction from which Querist has put a Question.

5. Spristanga Rashi

6.Nakshatra Number

7. Color of Clothes 

8. First word uttered by the querist when approaching the astrologer for query.

9. Prashna Kundali.

10. Shakun Astrology

11. Panchang of the Day and Using Tamil Shastra For the analysis

12. Correlating the Planets of the Birth chart and the Prashna chart

13.Yama chart

14. Arudha Lagna and the Chaitra Rashi.

15.Then Proceed to Birth chart, since Prashna shows the Present Karma and Birth chart the Previous Karmas and Time of birth is often wrong as the Varga Charts change by the change in birth Time.

16. Astrologers Breath.

17. Ashtamangala Prashna

18.Correction of Birth time by Prashna Chart

19.Parashara and Nadi Predictive analysis.

20.Jaimni astrology

21. Nadi Progression charts Called the DPYH Charts to evaluate the Future and the Present

22. Mathematical Analysis of the Dasha Periods not by conventional methods by Tamil methods for Making Charts to seen the effects of Dasha

23. Analysing Dasha Period By Bodhkan, Vedhkan,Poshkan and Karkan Tamil Methods  

All the Analysis is on the Tamil Texts .

 Professional Fee  Depending on the Query Based on the Prashna chart and the Birth chart . Please send Query  For Professional Fee

anil aggarwala BSc.Engg. P.E.C Ch.

Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

Website :www.astrodocanil.com

Email: astrodoc.vedicastrology@gmail.com

Video on Planetary cycle on https://youtu.be/YpD2jMWCO_Q

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Award Winner in Research in Astrology in Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi

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