Prashna Jyotish

Amazing Results By Mook Prashna Using Tamil Texts

A Prashna  was raised on the 1st July 2017 at 14.31 hrs . The Querist did not share his query or any Birth details , but most amazingly the Mook Prashna answered the Queries and opened the secrets in the mind and answered them which were found on dot. .

The Chart is below

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Saturday Lord is Saturn Placed in the 2nd House and mutual aspect of  the 8th Lord  Venus who has just entered the 8th house . Saturn is also aspecting Rahu who is in forward motion till 2nd July 2017 is most malefic Component in the Prashna Chart

Nakshatra  Haste  and the Lord is Moon Placed in the 12th house with Jupiter the 3rd and the 6th Lord  and aspects the 4th house

Tithi SP-8

Yoga Pariga

Karna Lord is Sun has no connection with Moon the 10th Lord .

DBA Planets Moon-Mer-Saturn  10th Lord, 9th Lord , 12th Lord and 4th Lord , 5th Lord

Hora Lord Saturn  Most Malefic connected to 8th Lord Venus  and Rahu Adverse in the 11th house

Yama Lord      Yama  Gandantha  Negative for the Query and the 4th Yama of Virgo who is placed in the 9th house in own sign but Combusted and Ill placed from Day Lord Saturn.  Day Lord Saturn aspected by 8th Lord Venus , who is Placed in the Yama of Scorpio where Saturn is Placed . Venus in the Yama of Scorpio and 2/12 with Mars . Day Lord Saturn is ill Placed from 9th House, 9th Lord and the Yama Lord is also a malefic Parameter for fructifications . Saturn the Day Lord is also ill placed from 7th house 7th Lord , hence not good for Dealing with Public

Moon is Placed in the 12th House with Jupiter and  has aspects  By Mars , Moon is in own Nakshatra , Moon is Connected to the 2nd House Lord  and the 7th Lord and the 3rd and the 6th Lord  Jupiter

 Malefic Parameters in the Chart

Lagna In the Nakshatra of Rahu and Rahu Placed in the 11th house in Forward motion and aspected by Fallen and in Gandantha Saturn

Lagna Lord Placed in the 8th house and has just moved a day before the most malefic parameters .

Moon Placed in the 12th house in Dagdha Rashi and aspected by Mars , Moon was with Rahu just 2 Days Before when Rahu Turned Forward hence Moon is also most Malefic in the chart

Navamsha of the 4th house rising and Venus here represent the 8th Lord and Placed in the Lagna and a Prishtodayo sign  and Kendra have Rahu and Ketu in Forward motion a Most malefic Parameter

As Per Navamsha Rahu-Ketu come in the 1/7 axis of the Prashna chart and ruining the Results and Complications

UL is  Libra the Lord in the 8th house

AL Sagitarius the Lord in the 12th house and AL aspected by Malefics more than Benefics

CR Aquarius has Ketu Most Malefic as Per Tamil Shastra 


 Mook Prashna Analysis

Main Parameters

  1. Moon in own Nakshatra and Lord of the 10thhouse placed in the 12th house having Poorna ithasla with Jupiter the 3rd and the 6th Lord
  2. Moon with 3rd and 6th Lord Jupiter and aspected by Mars Lord of the 2nd and the 7th house
  3. Between the LL and the 11th Lord Venus is stronger and counting from Venus to Moon is 5 , hence the Query Relates to the 5th house where Ketu is Placed
  4. From 28th June to 2nd July Rahu and Ketu are adverse  and Poison , Ketu Placed in the 5th house of Thought Process
  5. Hora Lord is Saturn Placed in the 2nd house and Lord of the 4th and the 5th house having Mutual aspect of 8th Lord Venus
  6. Yama Lord are both Leo and Virgo since Gandantha  and a Most malefic Component  Leo has Rahu Adverse motion and Virgo has Sun, Mercury and Mars and Mercury about to join the 10th house on the 2nd July and will aspect the 4th house .
  7. Planet closest to Lagna Degrees is Sun Lord of the 11th House  Hence Gains
  8. The Hora Lord , Yama Lord , Day Lord , Jupiter , Mars and Saturn aspect the 4th house  is the main Concern in the Mook Prashna
  9. Since the 5th house is most important house and 5th Lord  aspects the 4th house from the 11th house from the 4th house  and Mars and Jupiter also aspect the 4th house  and Yama Lord Mercury  of Virgo also about to aspect the 4th house on the 2nd July 2017 the Query is Relating to Gains from the 4th house and hence through an old built-up property through a Broker. Jupiter Poorna Ithasla and aspect on the 4th house is also the 3rd and the 6th Lord represents a commission agent for Property    .

Following Parameters most important in the Prashna 

The Planets changing signs are most important and the ones who are in initial degrees or Last Degrees or about to change signs . Hence following Planets become most important .

  1. Venus Lagna Lord Going in the 8th house and acquires the role of 8th house since gone in as 8th Lord
  2. Mercury about to change on 2nd July 2017
  3. Saturn R and Last degrees of the Sign and Fallen
  4. Rahu Ketu in initial degrees and in adverse Motion
  5. Moon and Jupiter Poorna Ithasla . Moon has Future ithasla with Mars and Mercury
  6. Moon has Ishraaf Yoga with Sun the 11th Lord
  7. Rahu is stronger than Venus
  8. Saturn the Day Lord , Hora Lord Connected to Venus as the 8th Lord and from 8th house . The 3 Girls will be wanting separately the Built up house  through a Property dealer .

The Whereabouts of the Girls want to Hire  as Follows .

the First Girl who will approach through the Broker will be eldest in her family and eldest among the 3 Clients for the Property . She will be living with an old man till 29th June 2017 and separated due to Marital discords , Saturn and Venus were in 6/8  axis till 29th June 2017 and Venus the Karka for Marital Relation in the 8th house and under affliction by Fallen Saturn , Her Age will be in the Multiples of 9 and hence less then 45 years  and as Per Venus her age around 40+16Months  hence around 42 years.

The Other 2 Girls will be in the age Bracket of 27-30 years   Since Sun is Placed in the 9th house  hence the age is 30 years  and as per Saturn Fallen  age will be more then 27 years  as per declination  and Transit of Planets

One of the Girls will also have Some issue in the Leg due to Saturn Fallen and since Saturn is 29 degrees in Scorpio the Planet is young  and hence Young Girls

Venus the Karka for Marital Relations is in Mrityu avastha hence 2 of them will have Marital issue and one who hads a defect in her leg will be young and devoid of any marital relations

Saturn is Retrograde and aspects Rahu  who is stronger than Venus hence Problems in marital relations , Saturn Retrograde hence 3 Girls since aspected by Venus from Female sign

Saturn aspects Rahu in the 11th house hence one of them eldest in the family and eldest among the 3 Clients wanting to hire the Appartment

Ketu Placed in the 5th house who acquires an important dimension as per Mook Prashna and Chaitra Rashi .


I told the Querist that the Delas are not good since the 5th House is afflicted badly since Chaitra Rashi also and Placement Of Ketu most malefic and the  2 Girls in question are of Questionable Character  and the 3rd one is of Saturn significations and from other Religion then Hindu and May be from a State which we may not Prefer in the Present Scenerio

Most amazingly what ever was Predicted Turned 100%  Since I questioned the Querist and asked the details of the 3 Clients for the apartment


The Clients wanted the House on Rent = 2x 9  Moon in the navamsha of Mercury and Mercury in 9th Navamsha = 18 months

Saturn Significations also there and when Saturn Transit in Sagitarius after 26th Oct. 2017 will be bad  The Arudha Lagna and aspect the CR will be extremely bad

Advise Not to Give the House on Rent till Ketu in the 5th house , since the Prashna has been raised 

The Above description turned 100 %correct about the 3 Girls who wanted to hire separately but came almost same time with in a Gap of 5 minutes who came with Brokers

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3rd  July 2017  19-05 hrs. New Delhi

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