North Korea or Iran Who is More Deadly For US ?

by anil aggarwala

Yesterday Night The Breaking News ‘This country is WORSE than North Korea’ Rudy Giuliani says US fears new ‘biggest enemy’  link dated 15th July put me on alert to see if Really Iran could be more deadly for US then North Korea

I opened the Chart of IRAN of the 1st April 1979 15-00 hrs. from the Book of World Horoscopes and Wrote on my Facebook page as follows —–

Iran has Cancer Lagna and Ingress of Sun Joining the Lagna with Mars and Mercury over the natal Jupiter can prove Explosive for the Country entering in to War like conditions . The 8th Lord from Lagna Saturn is Transiting in the 5th house from Lagna being the 8th from the 10th house and aspecting the Natal Saturn and Rahu in the Sign Leo being the 8th from the 7th house of Wars ,Further Rahu Transiting over the Natal Lagna could further add fuel to the Fire ignited By Transit of Debilitated Mars ingress in the Lagna on the 11th July 2017, Hence from 16th July when Sun ingresses in the Lagna and to 9th Sept 2017 when Rahu Transits in the Lagna and Ketu in the Darkest sign of the Zodiac as has aspects of Fallen Saturn from the 9th Sept to 26th Oct 2017 will be a period of Iran taking an aggressive stance and entering War Mongering activities since the Transit of Sun, Mars, Mercury will be in the Trine from the Natal 9th house Placement . The Dasha of Jupiter -Mercury connected to Mars in the 9th house of the Natal chart makes the Country War Mongering since Mars is connected to the 9th, 3rd, 12 th house and aspected by the 6th and the 9th Lord Jupiter . Navamsha is no better Mars Debilitated and Navamsha Lord of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury is Sun who is Placed in the 9th house with Debilitated Mercury in the Rashi chart  . Writing an Article now since this News is definitely of Concern

THE United States fears what one country will do even more than North Korea, an adviser to…

Read this News as well ‘The United States CREATED terror cult ISIS’ World leader claims”

Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei claimed the US has caused major instability in the Middle East, adding the country’s fight against ISIS is “a lie”.

 He reportedly told high-ranking Iranian officials the the US and its “agents are the source of instability in the Middle East… who created Islamic State? America… America’s claim of fighting against Islamic State is a lie.” And the Iranian Fars news agency quoted him saying: “The American government is against an independent Iran… They have problems with the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran… Most of our problems with them cannot be resolved.”

The Iranian leader also said the US and Saudi Arabia are in partnership when it comes to funding Sunni militants.

His comments come just after jihadis armed with guns and suicide bombs attacked the Iranian Parliament in the capital city of Tehran, killing 17.

But Saudi officials have denied any involvement while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has condemned it without laying any blame as yet.

This is one of a number of outlandish and unbelievable attacks Khamenei has directed at the US.

Let us have a Look at the chart of Iran  First and also North Korea already discussed on my webpage

Chart of IRAN of the 1st April 1979 15-00 hrs 

Cancer Lagna. Mars is placed in the 9th house with 3rd and 12th Lord Mercury. Mars   aspects the 3rd  (neighbours) and the 12th  (intrigues & losses) house which makes it prone for war mongering tendencies . I have already Explained above the Present Dasha and the Transit.

The Navamsha gives crystal clear  Results of the Dasha of Jup-Mercury  placed in the 7th house and the 8th House of the Rashi Chart rising in Navamsha 

D11 Chart Rudramsha Chart 

Jupiter is the significator of Expansion and Gains Placed in the 7th house of Gains from the Public and opponents 

The Affliction to Lagna by Rahu and Ketu and the 8th house by Debilitated Mercury and the Dasha in operation would bring Akal Mrityu and hence the Country will get involved in War like conditions.

For New Ventures the Dasha In operation has to be seen from the 10th Lord Venus in this case and Jupiter is ill placed  and for Achievements the Dasha has to be seen from Sun and Mercury is Placed in the 6/8 axis is not good and may face Failures in its Ventures specially in the Dasha of Jupiter and Akal Mrityu in Jup-Ketu which will start from the 16th July 2018 

Let us have a Look at the Vedic Progression Chart for the year 2017-2018 below 

The Dasha Lords are Influenced by Mars Placed in the 9th house aspecting the 3rd,12th 

The Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis of the Rashi Chart with Saturn and in Transit also Rahu-Ketu over Rahu-Ketu and Saturn Fallen aspecting Rahu from the 4th house in Transit and Transit Mars over the Dasha Lord Jupiter with Mercury and Sun from the 16th July is Prone to give Aggressive stance for War Mongering by the Country 

The Transit Rahu-Ketu are also Influencing the Rahu-Ketu in the Navamsha is a Serious concern and the Rudramasha Chart opens the secrets , Moon afflicted in the Lagna by Rahu-Ketu , hence Mental inclinations will not be balanced . Both the Dasha Lords Jupiter and Mercury are Debilitated in the trik Bhavas and 6th house is house of enemy and gains from them

All the above shows that the Country will try to gain from its enemies and face Failures 

US Has Leo Lagna and Moon is In Aquarius and Iran has Cancer Lagna and hence 2/12 axis and 

Moon is 4/10 axis , but the Nakshatra are IRAN Rohini 1st Pada and US Dhanistha 3rd Pada, hence Not Compatable and works out Viput

Chart of North Korea as per the Book of World Horoscopes is Below 12th Sept. 1948 12-00 hrs

The Present Dasha the Country is running the Dasha of Jup-Rahu.  Dispositor of Jupiter is Mars and  both connected to the 7th house of Wars. Mars is the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord  and connected to Rahu hence Dasha of Jup-Rahu will be explosive till 22nd Nov 2018 after which Dasha of Saturn will come in operation which is forming a Bhandan yoga 

Placement of Mars makes the country most War Prone 

The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house is Bhandan Yoga , unless this Country has support  will not be able to survive and has to be dependent upon other Countries . Navamsha Fiery and Rashi Watery  is not good for the Country and shows as per Placement of Mars , the Country is War Mongering . The Sun-Saturn in the Navamsha is aggravating the bhandan yoga and the Country is bound for Trouble .Mars is Totally Eclipsed in Rahu-Ketu axis and is with Ketu is Most Dangerous for the Country Trying More Nuke Tests in the South Sea

D11 Rudramasha Chart 

This Chart is stronger than Iran , hence although Iran has more Grudge with US, The Damage which can be dome by North Korea will be More than IRAN 

The Dasha Lords in the Rudramsha Chart are connected to Sun and connected to 10th Lord Jupiter and the Combination of Mars and Rahu in the 10th house makes the Nuke Research and Tests and use all the more possible , 10th House are the rewards and the punishments , this Parameter is Explosive in the Chart of North Korea 

Dasha till 22nd Nov. 2018 is Provocative and the Country can be involved in War mongering activities with dimension and more than IRAN

IRAN dasha and the D11 is Not good hence IRAN may provocate into War like conditions earlier then North Korea by its Involvement in the Gulf War 


In the Natal chart of the Country Transit Saturn has activated the Natal Sun and the Jupiter along with Natal Saturn today on the 21st June 2017 . Saturn is Fallen in Transit will Produce most malefic Results also Sun and Saturn were in 1/7 axis till 21st June 2017. Mars -Saturn also in 1/7 axis till 21st June  2017 is activing the 10th house of the Country  and hence Kim will be adamant in his actions  and will not change its stand easily

 The Transit Mars on the 11th July will activate the Natal Mars from the 9th house in Debilitation and will be over the natal 7th Lord  Venus . Fallen Saturn will aspect Rahu in Leo and Rahu Transiting over the natal Sun in close degrees can sprout war like conditions for the Country . The Month of August will be still worst when there is Eclipse in the 1/7 axis of the Natal Sun on the 22nd August in very close degrees of Sun  and Mars reaching the 10th House Leo and activating the Eclipse point on the 2nd Sept. 2017 can escalate the issues concerning the Nuke  Research and launching of Missiles and war like conditions  hence this Period will be full of Aggression by the North Korean President.

The Worst Period will be when Rahu and Ketu Change signs to Cancer and Capricorn on the 9th Sept. 2017 and Saturn aspects Ketu in Capricorn the Darkest sign of the Zodiac and sign for wars 

The Situations may be out of Control till Sept. 2017 and May take Explosive Shape as per My Article “Eclipses in 2017 Bane or Boon”

The above is also indicative of that when Ketu Joins Saturn in Sagitarius  could Prove Most Explosive for the Nations around April-June 2019

Hence from the above we can say that after 7th July 2017 since the Planetary positions become explosive after this Date there are possibilities of the Korean War in 2017

Vedic Progression chart from the Sept 2016 to Sept 2017  of North Korea


The above Chart makes every thing crystal clear , 7th Lord Moon connected to Mars Placed in the 12th house most War Prone Parameter and also the Dasha Lords Connected to Mars 
The Transit of Ketu -Rahu in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna of the Rashu chart and the axis of the Navamsha of the Nodes will be most critical after 8th Sept. 2017
I need not explain that Transit Fallen Saturn over the Sun in the 11th house aspecting the Lagna Lord Placed in the 8th house  
D11 Rudramasha Chart 
Dasha Lords are Placed well from the 10th Lord Mars But not well placed from Sun hence though North Korea may be successful in its mission there will not be any achievement and Gains 
Hence from the above it seems that since the Planetary positions are violent for Iran more then North Korea , Iran may Jump into war like conditions earlier than North Korea. North Korea may continue its Nuke activities and Provoke US , but Iran has affliction so IRAN can Jump into war like situations after 16th July 2017  after Ingress of Sun in Cancer today 
 between the 2 North Korea is More War mongering and can pose greater Threat to US than Iran 
Affliction in the chart of IRAN may push the Country towards Fall of the Country . Iran is also disgruntled from US as per the Media reports hence US has to be alert from both the ends Iran and North Korea and Transit of Ketu in Capricorn may be the adding Fuel to the Fire for War like conditions from the 26th August to 26th Oct. 2017 for a Period of 60 days 
The cat will come out of the bag after 8th Sept. 2017 and  Wars and conflicts in the Globe , US-North Korea, US- IRAN  Gulf War , India-China-Pak.
 We all know Iran has the support from which Countries and needless to write there they may all unite against US  and Pose a Greater Threat to US then North Korea  US will be cornered from both sides and face the Consequences . The above can turn out into a Big game Plan in May-June 2019 as Mentioned by me in my earlier articles . Hence it is correct to say that Iran Posses a Greater Threat to US then North Korea

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