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Oath Taking Chart Of Ram Nath Kovind: What Stars Foretell

National Democratic Alliance’s Ram Nath Kovind will took oath as the 14th President of India on the 25th July 2017. The swearing-in ceremony of Ram Nath Kovind, who defeated opposition’s Meira Kumar in the presidential election, will begun at 12.15 PM in the Central Hall of Parliament House. The Press Information Bureau  hosted the live streaming of Ram Nath Kovind‘s swearing-in ceremony.

Ths has also reference to my article “Presidential Election 2017 Today Ram Nath Kovind, Meira Kumar Battle : What Stars Foretell” link…t-stars-foretell/ dated 17th July 2017 08-15 hrs. My Predictions  for the above on the dot .

In an historic development Ram nath Kovind became the President of the India and he took Oath on the 25th July 2017 at 12.15 hrs. New Delhi

Let us have a Look at the Oath Taking chart  below

Panchang of the day

The Day is  Tuesday inauspicious  and the lord is Mars and in the oath taking chart it is Totally Combusted and Debilitated and Placed in the Yama of Leo the 11th house of the chart where the  Moon and Mercury are Placed and Totally Eclipsed By Rahu and the Yama Lord Sun is Placed in the 10th House with a Debilitated Planet Mars , Due to the Placement of Sun in the Kendra the lagna is adhomukh and the Placement of the Lagna Lord in the 8th house and aspected By Fallen Saturn who is in Retrogression  are strong malefic Parameters for the Oath Chart. Lagna is Shirshodayo is good but the Placement of the lagna Lord in the 8th house is Humiliations  specially when the Lagna is also Adhomukh and a Malefic Lagna Rising in the navamsha whose Lord is Debilitated in the Muhurat chart

Tithi is SP-3  Not Bad

Nakshatra Magha  The Day and Nakshatra Lord are Inauspicious for the Oath taking

Yoga Vyatipath  Inauspicious

Karna  Taitila Lord  is Connected to the 10th Lord but not the 10th house and is Eclipsed with Rahu   and Both Moon and Karna Lord in Dagdha Rashi  are again strong Negative Parameters

Hora  Jupiter  Is Placed in the 12th house and no connection with Moon But aspects the Lagna Lord in the 8th house  Lagna Lord

The Day Lord is Ill Placed from the 9th house and 9th Lord  Mercury  and also from the Karna Lord

The Exchange of the the 10th and the 11th lord is Good Bit both under malefic influence hence , though the Exchange is good it may not be for Good Purposes

DBA Planets   Ketu-Moon -Moon  the day Lord Mars is ill Placed from these DBA is Most malefic Parameter in the chart  and seems that during his Tenure there will be untoward happenings  in the Country

There is Ishraaf Yoga Between the Saturn the Yoga Karka for the Chart with 8th Lord another Most malefic parameter .

Saturn is at 27.50 degrees and Venus 28.37

Lagana Lord in the 8th house and Moon eclipsed and with Rahu and in a Dagdha Rashi are most malefic Patrameters

In the yama chart The Moon is Placed in the 6/8 axis with the Muhurat Moon is another most malefic Parameter  for the Oath Taking

Fortunately the Muhurat is in Abhijeet  is the Only Component Benefic in the Oath Taking Chart

The Navamsha is Scorpio and a Shirshodayo sign, but a Malefic sign and a fixed sign and the Lord in the Rashi chart is Totally afflicted as explained above

When Mars goes in the Sign Leo on the 26th August 2017 there will be Malefic Results in the Country  and when it goes in the Lagna on the 29th Nov to 16th jan 2018 will be a period  and indicates Political , Disturbances , Natural and Unnatural disturbances in the Country , The Lagna Lord in the 8th House and the 7th Lord In combustion and Debilitation aspect on the Lagna effects of the 7th House taking a Special dimension more so the Navamsha of Mars is rising .

The Lagna Lord Venus is also Debilitated in the Navamsha  and the 12th house of the Muhurat chart

In the Rudramasha Chart the Dasha Lords Ketu and Moon have to be seen with Respect to the 10th lord and Moon is Ill placed from the 10th Lord and the Lagna Lord Jupiter is Placed in the 6th house

The Lagna Lord is in 5 Malefic Vargas in the Sapt Varga  Charts hence from the above we can say that the Oath taking chart for the President is not a Benefic One . In the # Important Varga charts also Venus is in Malefic Vargas.

The Dasha of Ketu -Mars from the 20-2-2018 will be a malefic one till 7-8-2019 and to be specific till 19-7-2018

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