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What Future Awaits Trump and US in 2017-2019 ?

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This is with reference to my Articles  on the Fallen Saturn in Scorpio the 8th house of the natural Zodiac as the Lord of the 10th and the 11th House  written on my webpage. A Fallen Planet is like a Car going up the hill and all of a Sudden loses motion and Starts to Roll back and fall from the hill. Any Planet when 125 to 235 degrees from Sun Becomes retrograde specially the Slow Moving Planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn  and when in Retrogression a Planet falls back in a sign is most Venomous and can be like a snake bite and called a Fallen Planet. Apart from being Fallen it will pass through the Gandantha Points of the Scorpio and Sagitarius 3 times, this passing of the Saturn through the Watery and Fiery signs is like heating an Iron Bar to a Temp of Red hot and then immersing in water. The Results are obvious what ever is happening to much Fire and then To much Rains , Floods,even Earthquakes and Tsunamis   . Last time it Fell back in Scorpio was 59 years back on the 2nd June 1958 and When it fell back  the Luminaries and Jupiter received the aspect of Saturn Fallen , In the present Context Saturn fell back on the 21st June 2017 and  Influenced all the Planets the same day except Venus which also came in  its  Aspect on the 29th June 2017 . Please refer to my earlier Article “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link…ne-1958-unfolded/ dated 11th June 2017

Saturn Fallen between the 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 is Most Venomous and can be like a snake bite for Mundane activities and those having a Fallen Saturn in the signs aspected by Saturn Transit and owning Malefic houses will be extremely malefic for them where ever it is Placed . Saturn will be activating the Sign Scorpio and the Activities from 2nd Nov. 2014 when it was in Scorpio and specially when it was 27 to 30 degrees in Scorpio from the 30th Dec. to 26th Jan 2017

Let us have a Look at the chart when it was fallen in Scorpio 59 years back on the 2nd June 1958

Fallen Saturn on the 21st June 2017  04-41 hrs. IST  The chart below                           Parameters acquiring a Special dimension as per above chart

1.   Ketu,Mercury, Sun, Mars and Jupiter got the aspects of Saturn from Sagitarius sign on the 21st June 2017 before getting Fallen .

2. After getting Fallen the same Day Saturn aspects Rahu and Moon

3. Saturn was in Ketu Nakshatra and Ketu got the aspect of Saturn before it fell back in Scorpio, and a parallel aspect like the 1990 when the Gulf War took place and Saturn was Fallen in Sagitarius  27 years back

Since The Years 59-60 is divisible by 12 and 30 the Position of Saturn and Jupiter is same

Before Fallen , Mars and Saturn were in 1/7 axis and in June  1958 they were in Square position

Saturn behaved in most Venomous Manner in 1958, may it be Politics, War, Earthquakes  etc.  when only the Luminares  and Jupiter was connected .

The Following Major Events took place when  Saturn was  Fallen from 2nd June 1958 to 7th Nov. 1958

There was a Pakistan India border skirmish in 1958

Revolt in Venezuela 1958

Communal Riots in Ceylon 1958

Thai-Cambodian Border Clashes 1958

Military Coup in Sudan 1958

Exile Insurgency in Paraguay 1958-1959

Lebanese Civil War 1958

Achinese Rebellion in Indonesia 1958-1959

PRRI Revolt in Indonesia 1958-1961

Iraqi Army Revolt 1958

The French Officers Revolt in Algiers 1958

Army Coup in Burma 1958

1958 in the Vietnam War Link

The 1958 Lebanon crisis was a Lebanese political crisis caused by political and religious tensions in the country

Let us see what could be the effect of the Fallen Saturn on Donald Trump as per the Natal chart of 14th June 1946 10.54 hrs. Jamacia IL NY


Mer-Saturn Mercury is ill placed from 10th house , 10th Lord , but Saturn is well placed from 10th house and 10th Lord

10th house from Lagna has Sun the Lagna Lord who is also the 10th Lord from Moon  and is digbali in the 10th house  Forming a Rajyoga , aspected by Jupiter , Sun is also a Yogi Planet and hence Rahu and Mercury also become Yogi Planet  and Placed in good houses will bestow good and Strong Results .

Sun and Rahu in close Degrees is also a Strong Rajyoga , such a person does not leave any stone unturned for his meeting his goals and is Born for some special mission and he will complete till he is the President of the Country , Although for this he may have to pass though many hurdles , obstructions and his stay may look on the verge of fall ,but he will complete his mission  

Moon Debilitated is in Neecha Bhang rajyoga , but will give initial hickups

Another Rajyoga in the chart is the 10th Lord from Lagna is Placed in the 9th from Moon is another Rajyoga

From Moon sign of Scorpio the 9th and the 10th Lord are Moon and Sun and their connection in the 4/10 axis is another yoga and that to at Poornima is excellent yoga involving the 10th house from Lagna .

Trump is Born on a Eclipse day  and in close degrees when Sun is very close to Rahu then it is a special Rajyoga and the Person is born to do  Thing in Life . In Transit Rahu is Transitting in the 10th house from Moon and the dispositor Sun when aspects the 10th house in Transit will give a Rise to tne Native  which would Happen on the 16th Nov. 2016 Hence it seems that Trump will succeed in attaining a special Status Rise

The Dasha Present is Rahu-Mars . Both Raj yoga giving Planets in the Birth chart and Rashi Tula Navamsha , Dashamsha also has the Rajyogas from the Scorpio in the Dashamsha in the 1/7 axis

10th House of the Birth chart has gone in the 8th house of Dashamsha , hence the native will face Financial difficulties regarding the Country

Rahu The dasha Lord is with Debilitated Sun will make Rahu very strong . The Rajyoga Connection of Sun and Moon for Scorpio moon of 9th and 10th Lord connection is very strong . Connection of the 9th and the 10th Lord Mars and Venus is also good.

As Per Rudramsha chart The Dasha Lord Jupiter is very well Placed in the Chart and in the 7th house and Gains from the Public at Large  and shows that the Jupiter Dasha will bring Success in the Presidential Elections. this article was written much before the elections and my Predictions for him were on dot.

Now at Present the Dasha of Jup-Jup-Saturn from the 26th Feb. 2017  till 30th June was bad since Saturn in the Rudramsha chart is Debilitated  and Moon is also afflicted , hence his mental Balance was disturbed and therefore Dasha of Jup-Saturn  from the 3th Jan 2019 may not be a good one for him. As Per Tamil Texts Saturn is the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter and hence the Dasha of Jup-Sat may  bring struggles and obstacles for him. Looking at the Future On the 20th Jan 2020 Transit Saturn will activate the Natal Saturn and also the Natal Jupiter which is also aspected by Natal Saturn ,  and Transit Saturn and Jupiter in Conjunction in 2020 could be a Challenging Period  for Donald Trump and US  it so seems.

In the Present Context Saturn Fallen is activating the Sun, Moon , Rahu , Ketu at very close degrees and Trump is also Running a Sadesati, but the aspect of Saturn on the Sun and Jupiter simultaneously may safe guard him after 26th Oct. 2017 , but till then he could Face Charges of all types . The Eclipse of the 22nd August in close Degrees is an Auspicious one for him since the Transit Solar Eclipse is also Forming a Rajyoga in his chart , close degrees of Rahu and Sun. Hence Basically he has to bear  till the Eclipse only and till Saturn activates Natal Jupiter on the 26th Oct. 2017 . Trump is Born for a special mission as per his chart and till his mission is completed he will remain in the President of US it so seems. The Dasha of Jupiter-Saturn could be with turmoils  not  a good one for him as mentioned above  from May 2019 to 2020

This Period till 22nd August and 26th Oct. 2017 will be  full of Turmoils after which it seems there will be some respite since it is said that when Saturn Aspects the Sun and Jupiter simultaneously , he brings Respite from all Ill happenings and Takes the Person to top heights , Hence Till Saturn Aspects the natal Jupiter on the 26th Oct. 2017 there will be Pain for Trump and things may look against him  and will be lucky to come out with Flying Colors after 26th Oct. 2017. In Fact when Saturn was in Scorpio till 26th Jan 2017 , the Natal Sun received the aspect of Saturn from Scorpio and on 26th Jan. 2017 Jupiter got the aspect of  Saturn , this Principle has worked amazingly well for Trump and Brought him to the highest Level  Of a President of the Country in the Royal Country . Transit Saturn in Retrogression will review what ever he has given to Trump and the US between the Period it was in 27-30 Degrees , specially because Saturn also gives results in the Last degrees . Taking about the End July from 23rd to 27th July is a Precarious Period and may get into hot waters , but due to the strong Rajyogas in the Chart and the Transit he may come out of them and till he completes his Mission he will be the President of the US it so seems.   

Now Read this — Donald Trump rocked as SECOND major ally quits as White House crisis worsens

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Donald Trumps Slogan ” America First, Buy America Hire America”  may influence the Globe . Saturn Ingress in Sagitarius and Mars Ingress In Pieces and in Kendra from Each Other may also Influence US in a Big way , since In the chart of US also Mars and Saturn are in Square Position  and both will be activated . War Mongering attitude may sprout with some Countries specially Mexico, and those  Countries In Trade with US may suffer Trade  specially China .

Oath Taking Chart and Simhasan Chakra

Saturn should not be afflicted  and in malefic Nakshatras Saturn in the chart is in Aggressive Nakshatra and in Gandantha . Placement of Saturn is very important since it is a Planet of Masses and Democracy, but also significator of Death and Destruction, It should no way afflict the Lagna, Moon or the 10th house , or aspect on Jupiter or Sun is a Malefic Parameter , In the Chart above Saturn is Placed in the Lowest Nadi Aadhar  the base place of the General Public and in the 8th House in an inimical sign aspecting the Sun in the 10th house is a definitely a malefic Parameter  and has the Capacity to Create Evil till 26th Oct. 2017 and when Saturn Transits the 10th House and Sun is Placed there on the 20th Jan 2020 

In the Case of Lal Bahadur Shastri Moon was in Simha Nadi  and Aspected by Mars ,which is exactly same as Donald Trump . Shastri Loved Wars . The Result is King is like a Loin. During his Tenure he gave Pakistan a  Humiliating Defeat

Saturn was in Rahu Nakshatra in Simha Nadi he died Mysteriously after Conclusion of Peace Talks in Tashkent

Jupiter is Placed in the Highest Nadi as per the Planetary Positions and not in the Aasan Nadi to give Protection to Donald Trump

Hence Though Donald Trump may act as a Loin there will also be evils specially when Saturn goes in the P. Shadha Nakshatra Around March 2018 in the Assan Nadi and also afflicted  and Bad for the Kings and as mentioned above .

Saturn Transit in the Sign of Capricorn may not be good For Donald Trump after 20th Jan 2020, since Saturn will reach the sign where Sun is placed and aspects Sun from the 8th house  and as explained it is a most malefic Parameter . As Per Vimshottari Dasha in his Birth chart Period of Jup-Sat may not be very good for him from and the Period I have mentioned may be Crucial for him. The Swearing in Ceremony Chart Saturn aspecting Sun in the 10th House is a Malefic Component and Since Saturn represents Democracy , Masses and in the Lowest Nadi of the Masses Masses may not be in his favour and after 20 Jan 2020 can be a bolt from the Blue from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017

Let us Have a Look at the chart of US Below Used By Mr. K N Rao and as per Book of World Horoscope

Reasons he has Taken the Leo Lagna

  1. The Royal Sign of the Zodiac and the Most Powerful sign
  2. No Planet gets Kendradhipati dosh, since Venus as the Lord of the 10th gets relief  and Malefic ownership of the Kendras is the Best along with Jupiter ownership of the Trikona
  3. Lagna Lord Placed in the 11th house with Yoga Karka  and the Strong Combination of the Karmadhipati and Dharmadhipati Mars and Venus in the 11th house with the Lagna Lord makes the Country extremely strong
  4. When Rahu and Ketu ingressed in the 1/7 axis and Saturn reaching the Lagna Degrees brought about a change in the President of the Country In Nov. 2016 and the Oath was taken on the 20th Jan. 2017
  5. As Per Book of World Horoscopes  The Chart no. 367  has been taken which states 4th July 1776  and the Likely time is 10.30- 11.00 am , The Virgo Lagna Does not suit US , Also Sagitarius Lagna is a Codand Rashi and not a strong one also the Lord of the Lagna Jupiter Exhalts in the 8th house of the chart and cannot bestow good results as the Status of US . Take the case of ISIS of the 2014 where Sagitarius Lagna is rising and the Lagna Lord and Moon both in the 8th house. The Exhaltation of the Lagna Lord going waste and we all know that ISIS is slowly perishing . 
  6. Read this Para in the Book of World Horoscopes  Page 358  . In View of the Fact that Jeffersons  Account appears to conflict with Sound Documentary evidence and cannot be discredited by a vital inconsistency, Paul Smith, the Director of the Manuscripts of the Library of the Congress is convinced  that the declaration was passed in the Morning hours. of the 4th July 1776. The examination of all the evidence provides no reason to doubt that the committee had indeed been appointed”this Morning of the 4th July 1776″ and considerable time elapsed between Adoption and Declaration and the Appointment of the committee. Shri K. N Rao has rectified this time to 10-20-30 hrs. taking the 9th Navamsha rising , where Rahu and Ketu are Placed and when ever Rahu and Ketu Transit in these signs it brings a Great Transformation for the Country. As per my Research also the Navamsha has more to do as compared to the Lagna , since it shows the actual strength of the Planets  and transits as per Navamsha give Amazing good Results  as per my Research .
  7. The War Mongering Attitude of US. As Per K.N Rao .Mars Placement in the horoscopes of Nations is most important and Mars getting connected to the 12th, 3rd, 6th and 7th house or Lord  makes the Country War mongering and this Parameter also fits well in the chart .

The above is the Foundation chart of US 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs as Taken By K N Rao

The Dasha running is Mars -Venus both Placed in the 11th house making Combinations for War mongering activities

At the time of the Eclipses in August 2017 The Transit Rahu and Ketu are close to the Natal Moon who is at 2.19 degrees and Rahu and Ketu at 6.24 degrees . On the 5th June 2017 Rahu and Ketu will be over the Natal Moon very close and Ketu over the Natal Moon in the same navamsha. 

It has been observed from the Past that when ever Rahu-Ketu Transit over the Natal  4 Planets in the Sign Gemini -Sagitarius axis there comes a Big Transformation and Dasha of Rahu will also start who is Placed in the 12th house of Losses. The Natal Rahu and Ketu will be activated after 8th Sept. 2017

Rahu and Ketu will transit the Gemini and Sagitarius sign after April 2019 will bring lot of Transformation for the Country .

Hence from the above it seems the Present period for Trump is full of Hurdles and Obstructions till 26th Oct. 2017 but after that the Facts will come out for US and Trump may come out of all the Hurdles and Obstructions  After April 2019 the Country may land in Troubles and war like conditions 

The Solar Eclipse on the 22nd August 2017  for the Country may not be a good one since in the 1/7 axis of the Moon and the Ascendant and Dasha also of the Planets which signify War mongering Tendencies, due to the placement of Mars .

The Period from the 20th August to 30th August 2017 and specially on the 26th August when Mars Joins the sign Leo in the 7th from the natal  Moon can be explosive for the country entering in War like conditions , The Ingress of Mars and Sun in Cancer sign over the natal Rahu and Mercury the 12th house in Transit after 11th July and 16th July is not good and we have seen what ever is happening in US. The Dasha of Rahu for 18 years starting from 14-10-2018 may not be a good one since Rahu is Placed in the 12th house of Losses and the Ingress of Rahu and Ketu over the natal Rahu and Ketu and then over the Navamsha Lagna in 1/7 axis  in April 2019 may bring lot of Transformation in the country .

The Period from 20th August to 26th Oct. 2017 will there fore be an enigmatic one for the US and Donald Trump. The Birth chart and the Oath chart strongly show that the Period from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 will be full of Hurdles, Obstructions and Bottlenecks Trump and the Country may face , But since he is born for some mission by the Divine God he may come out of it due to the Transit Saturn aspecting Sun and Jupiter natal the same day on the 26th Oct. 2017.  

In the Present context all the Planets are activated by Saturn and on top of it the Twin Eclipses in August 2017 and then Ketu ingressing in Capricorn sign the Darkest sign of the Zodiac and  will receive the aspect of Fallen Saturn after 8th Sept. 2017 to 26th Oct. 2017. The Worst Parameter is the Stationary Fallen Saturn will aspect the sign Leo where the Solar Eclipse is Taking place and Saturn with its 10th Powerful aspect will influence Rahu in Gandantha, Sun, Moon and Retrograde Mercury. Mars will Join this Sign on the 26th August 2017 and add fuel to the Fire. The Degrees of Sun and Moon are very close  and Mars Joining this sign and reaching the Eclipse Point on the 2nd Sept. 2017 can be Explosive for Specially US Because of the Following Reasons

  1. Moon in the chart of US is in the Sign Aquarius and the Eclipses will take Place in the 1/7 axis of the same and very close degrees of Moon
  2. As Per K. N Rao the chart of US is sof Leo Lagna and the Eclipses will also fall in the 1/7 axis of the Acendant .
  3. Lagna is 29.57 degrees and Saturn in Transit as a Fallen and Stationary Planet will aspect the Lagna at very close degrees .
  4. Saturn in Retrogression and Fallen will revaluate when it was in Scorpio after 2nd Nov. 2014 and specially when Saturn was in the 27-30 degrees from 30th Dec. 2016 to 26th Jan 2017 when it shifted in Sagitarius . This was the Time when the US had Elected the New President Donald Trump
  5. As Per the Chart of US it is the Moon sign Lord and Going in the 11th house and then Falling Back in the 10th house is definitely a Matter of Concern  for the President of the country since it will aspect the 10th House from the 4th house and  hence Vulnerable for him 
  6. The Laws of the Universe are concerned with bringing balance and what is necessary for the good of mankind will occur even if it is destruction .No Astrology texts say Mankind will finish. We have to keep in mind that  Shiva is the destroyer and sometimes destruction is necessary.
  7. It seems that Trump will face challenges from all directions , but till he completes his mission he will be the President . The Period 2019-2020 will be most Turbulent for him more than what is happening in the present ScenarioThe Rajyogas in the Natal Chart of Trump  of Rahu and Close degrees of Sun and in the Transit the same Rajyoga in the Lagna on the 22nd August 2017 may save him apart of the Transit Saturn Aspect on the Sun and Jupiter simultaneously the same day on the 26th Oct. 2017.  Strong Moon in the Oath Taking Chart and Simhasan chakra are  good for Working as a Lion but the Placement of Saturn in the 8th house of the chart is Precarious in the Oath chart and in the Simhasan Chakra in the lowest nadi. Saturn Transit in the sign of Capricorn may there for not be good for him when his Dasha will also be of Jup-Saturn, It seems that US will be in War like conditions after 20th August 2017 to 26th Oct. 2017 and after which Things may ease for some time frame , but after the Dasha of Rahu in operation placed in the 12th house there may be war like conditions and Losses for the country  from Jan 2019 onwards 


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