Is The World Inching Towards Most Catastrophic Situation ?

by anil aggarwala
Red Planet Mars In the 7th house of Wars over the natal Mars in the Foundation chart of China and Fallen Saturn aspecting the Lagna along with Natal Saturn in the 8th house is any bodies Guess in Astrology. Ketu will add fuel to the fire on the 8-9th Sept. 2017 when Ketu and Rahu join the Capricorn -Cancer axis , Provoking War like Conditions. I have been mentioning that Capricorn being the Darkest sign of the Zodiac when afflicted then untoward happenings take a toll, but till any Planet ingresses there the situations will start the germination of war like . Hence Mars ingress in Cancer on the 11th July 2017 will be the turning point in the Global Conflicts. I have written Tons of Articles on this even when there was no such sign. I have been following the Planetary positions and all is happening exactly what the Planets are indicating and predicted by me . Mundane Astrology is one of the most difficult subject in Astrology and unlike the Natal Astrology where only one chart has to be studied for an individual, in Mundane astrology the Foundation chart of the Country , the 24 Paksha Kundalis, the 12 solar Ingresses , the Hindu New Moon chart , The Yearly Progression chart , The Sun ingress in Ardra Nakshatra and the Various Chakras are to be studied . This Study is most complicated and much depends upon the Correct data available . I rely on the Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion. In some cases as the Book states the time of the Foundation of the Country is also not mentioned , hence some Predictions are bound to go wrong not because of Astrology but the incorrect Data Available . I am Trying my level best to give the Most accurate Predictions , also I cannot change the Planetary positions are in the Present Scenario most of them are negative Predictions , Please excuse me for writing , since In Astrology there should not be any discrimination between the good and the Bad . The Idea is to fore warn the future. 
At the time of Mahabharat old times each and every person had a knowledge of astrology . Giving you the example of Karna who was a shudra but he had knowledge of astrology. At the time of Mahabharat war when lord Krishna went to Karna for Pandav support because Karna was brother of Pandavs at that time Karna told Lord Krishna Hey Krishna ! I am looking at a big change of the future because Duration of the fortnight 13 days and 2 eclipse were taking place one lunar and one solar (A paksh is of 15 days normally), so from this we get a clue for the eclipses, and knowledge of the old Shastras. Even then Negative or Positive Predictions were made . Coming to the Twin Eclipses in the Month of August 2017 I have already written an Article Situations are inching towards the most tragic situations . Let me have a look at the foundation chart and other related charts of China in this Article to see if the World is inching towards the most tragic situation . I have already studied the Foundation charts of US, North Korea , South Korea.  China has Capricorn sign in the Ascendant in the Foundation chart and is going to be under acute affliction hence all the more the Studying the Chart of China acquires a special dimension together with US since the Eclipses will take place in the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant and the Moon in the 7th house and close to Moon Longitude in the month of August 2017 
AN arms race for North Korea’s nuclear weapons could lead superpowers China and the United…
 I have already written an Article “Roman God Saturn Fallen and Red Planet Mars Joining Debilitation Sign and China in War Mood” link…hina-in-war-mood/ dated 2nd July 2017 
Let me reproduce some part of the same here below

What is happening ? Saturn on the Steering wheel and Mars about to join its Debilitation sign on the 11th July and Rahu in Leo about to Join the junction point and then join Cancer and Sun ingress in Cancer sign could unfold some Aggression by the Giants and Specially China . The Planetary positions are taking explosive turn . It is said that when the Capricorn Darkest Sign of the Zodiac is Afflicted then war like conditions prevail, specially when the Malefics Transit this sign . Unfortunately Ketu will transit Capricorn and Rahu in Cancer on the 9th Sept. 2017. Saturn , Rahu Positions will be most Damaging since connected to the Watery and Fiery signs and then Mars also joining Leo on the 26th August at junction points can work as ammunition dump. I am afraid to write Ketu in Capricorn and aspects By fallen Saturn at very close degrees after 9th Sept. 2017 could Explode the situations , Since Rahu and Ketu both have been aspected by Saturn . Saturn aspects Ketu in Aquarius when Saturn ingresses in Sagitarius on the 26th Jan. 2017 , then on the 21st June as a Fallen Planet Saturn started to aspect Rahu, now Saturn as a Fallen Planet will aspect Ketu after 9th Sept. 2017. Ever since Saturn has fallen he has Punished and Rewarded so many and brought about changes in the alignment of the Countries . Take the Example of Qatar isolated by 6 Countries. The Brawl between Trump and Kim taking ugly turn and now China also wants to join. The Situations are sickening and can take the most ugly turn. Mars Activating the Eclipse point on the 2nd Sept. 2017 of the Total Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017 Could further act as a catalyst to take the situations to land in oblivion. Let me write this  Article for the catastrophic Planetary positions for Heavy Rains, Tsunamis ,Earthquakes ,Natural and Unnatural Calamities , War on Sea giving weightage to  “CHINA IN WAR MOOD” .

Read My Articles
Above Articles depicting on dot what ever is happening

Let me take up the Foundation chart of China  of 1st Oct 1949 15.15 hrs. Peking 

China is Running the Dasha of Saturn -Jupiter-Jupiter   and from the 14th July it will be in the Dasha of Sat-Jup-Sat

Saturn is the Lagna Lord and Placed in the 8th house of the foundation chart , Jupiter is placed in the Last degrees in the 12th house and about to join Moon the 7th Lord placed in the Lagna. In the Bhav Chalit chart Jupiter will join Moon. In the Navamsha Jupiter aspects Moon in the Lagna . The Connection of the Anter dasha Lord with the 7th Lord of Wars can sprout Aggressive actions by China specially when the Dasha of Saturn-Jupiter Saturn starts since Saturn is the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter and Jupiter aspects Saturn in the 8th house . The Connection of Debilitated Mars in the 7th house makes the Country war mongering and specially aspecting Moon the 7th Lord in the Lagna

The Transit Planets  Fallen Saturn in the 11th house aspects the Natal Saturn in the 8th house  and Mars transit in the 7th house over the Natal Mars on the 11th July 2017 could be explosive for China taking an aggressive stand and hence will be in total war mood . China has already posed a Threat to India on the Sikkim and Bhutan Front very recently . Read this News Item “Sikkim standoff: India pushes troops in Doka La in longest impasse since 1962 ” link

India has pushed in more troops in a “non-combative mode” to strengthen its position in an area near Sikkim, where its soldiers have been locked in a standoff with Chinese troops for almost a month now in what has been the longest such impasse between the two armies since 1962.
India brought in more troops after the destruction of two of its bunkers and “aggressive tactics” adopted by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), sources said. In a “non- combative mode”, the nozzle of a gun is placed downwards.
Giving details for the first time about the events that preceded the face off between the two armies, the sources said the PLA on June 1 asked the Indian Army to remove the two bunkers set up in 2012 at Lalten in Doka La, which falls in the vicinity of Chumbi Valley at the corner of India-Bhutan- Tibet tri-junction

Read this News also ” STAND DOWN: China launches WARSHIPS to intercept US destroyer  ” link The Situations are becoming grim day by day.

As per the above Planetary combinations the Following Dates are Prone for Aggressive actions by China in the Present Scenario along with Natural and in natural Calamities in the Country , Tsunami like events, Earthquakes , Fires etc.

11th July 2017 for Triggering of Events

29th July Most Provocative for War like situations

13th Sept. 2017 and the Worst Combinations at the Time of 25th Sept. 2017

Periods when Rahu is in Forward Motion around the above dates

The Total Annular Solar Eclipse is taking place in the 8th house of the Foundation chart of China and could be most Explosive since it will also be over the natal Lagna Lord 

Let us have a look at the Solar Eclipse chart of the 22nd August 2017 00-00-00 hrs. IST 

Special Parameters at the time of the Eclipse 

1.The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars is Placed in the Yama of Aquarius sign where Ketu is Placed in the 10th house of the chart for India aspected by Mars  by 8th aspect

2. Saturn is Stationary and as a Malefic and Fallen is Most Venomous

3. Tithi Pratipada and Karna Malefic Kimstughana

4. Degrees of the Nodes and the Luminaries are very close

5. Mars will activate the Eclipse point between the 2nd Sept to 5th Sept. 2017

6. Mars and Rahu Conjunction from the 26th August 2017 to 10th Sept. 2017 Explosive and is capable to give Explosions, Terrorism with magnitude , war like situations for short time cannot be ruled out

7. See the Degrees of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars very close

8. Eclipses taking place in a Fiery sign and Planets in Earthy signs and Navamsha , specially the Luminaries in Navamsha aspected by both Mars and Saturn the Significations in a Fiery signs will sprout with intensity

9.Saturn at the time of the eclipse will be in the 8th house of the natural zodiac and fall from the 9th house a fiery sign and house of Religion, Dharma, Courts, Embassies , all these areas will be highlighted during the Eclipse and start when Saturn falls back on the 21st June 2017 and more so after 10th June 2017

10. Significations of Saturn will suffer the most  as already mentioned by me in my earlier articles  

7. Rahu in Forward motion from the  12th July to 17th July, 25th July to 31st July, 8th August to 15th August, 17th August to 21st August , then 27th to 31st August and then upto 6th Sept. 2017 most Explosive specially the Month of July , August and Early Sept 2017 are Explosive since the Planetary positions are disasterous

Most Explosive Dates from 20th August to 2nd Sept. 2017 when Saturn will be Fallen Stationary and Aspect Rahu, Mars , Mercury Sun In Leo. Mars and Rahu Degree conjunct and both in Gandantha

Have a look at the chart below of the 28th August 2017

The above chart is is opening all what can happen 4 Planets in Magha Nakshatra in Agney mandal   aspected by Fallen Stationary Saturn with Debilitated Moon . Saturn influencing 5 Planets and the Luminaries the Life giving Force , also see the Navamsha no better

On the 2nd Sept 2017

Mars will be activating the Eclipse point of the Total annular solar Eclipse is another crucial date

The Next Crucial date is the 9th-11th Sept. 2017

When  Fallen Saturn aspects  Rahu in Gandantha will aspect Ketu in the Darkest sign of the Zodiac Capricorn where Ketu will ingress on the 9th Sept. 2017, Saturn aspects on the Ketu in the Aquarius from Sagitarius on the 21st June and then Aspect Rahu the same day  is another Parameter which cannot be ignored , hence 21st June  and 9th Sept. 2017 become the most Explosive dates for activation of the events connected to the Nodes and specially in Sept.2017

15th Sept. 2017

Saturn will aspect Sun degree wise and Saturn connection with 4 Planets Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus and Moon with Rahu Explosive. Return aspect of mars and Saturn , crucial for US   

As Per Particular combination of the Countries 25th Sept. 2017 war mongering activities 

Next Date  the 6th-8th Oct. 2017 

Saturn aspects Ketu in Capricorn exact degrees and Return aspect of Mars and Saturn at exact degrees , Mars and Venus at almost same degrees in Leo 

Saturn also aspects Moon in Taurus  28-29 degrees of Planets Moon , Saturn, Mars ,Venus , Rahu and Ketu

All the above most crucial for Terrorism, Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Wars, Explosions , Earthquakes and Tsunamis 

Let us have a look at the Planetary positions at the time of 25th Sept. 2017 

The Transit Parameters acquiring a special dimension are as follows 

  1. Rahu-Ketu in Transit over the 1/7 axis of the Foundation chart 
  2. Ketu in the Darkest sign of Capricorn and aspected by Fallen Saturn in close degrees 
  3. Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis  over the Natal Rahu and Ketu  as per Transit  of Rahu-Ketu in Navamsha
  4. Transit Sun over the Natal Sun
  5. Mercury, Mars, and Venus over the natal Saturn in the 8th house and have a look at the Degrees of Mars Transit and Natal Saturn almost same and hence in same navamsha
  6. Transit Moon Debilitated and with Fallen Saturn
  7. Saturn and Jupiter in 2/12 axis
  8. Transit Moon the 7th Lord of Wars has activated both the Dasha and anter dasha Lord along with Sub-sub dasha Lord Saturn
  9. On the 22nd August at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse Sun was over the natal Saturn and Mars ingress over the Natal Saturn and the Eclipse point on the 2th Sept. 2017 can prove an ammunition Dump
  10. The Mercury Transit is also very important and has to influence Sun natal or the Navamsha Sun  and on the 23-24th Sept. 2017 that is also done
  11. Saturn Fallen aspects Mercury at exact degrees on the 25th Sept 2017
  12. Have a Look at the Planetary positions in the Navamsha they are Explosive and need not be explained  
  13. Nodes in the Rashi and Navamsha activated  on the 9th Sept. 2017
  14. Indo-China Dispute may escalate into war like situations 
  15. US-China May be at Daggers Drawn
  16. US-Russia Aggression Brawl may increase beyond limits 
  17. US-North Korea Brawl may take a New Dimension
  18. The Next Date could be 8th-10th Oct. 2017

Please also read my Article “What Fallen Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars and Nodes Have Up Their Sleeves In July-Nov.2017” link…in-july-nov-2017/Dated 11th July 2017

The Natural and In natural Calamities, Fire, Tsunami, Explosions, Earthquakes cannot be ruled out in the Globe  and this Transit may not be good for the World in Totality . China will be in war mood and the Giants , US, Russia, China may be responsible for War type Escalation of Activities . I have already mentioned in my articles that from 30th April to 5th May 2019 are most Provocative Period then the Present Scenario  hence if the Tensions begin now from these planetary positions they will explode in May 2019. Needless to mention the Countries Prone to Natural and In natural calamites since already articles have been written , This Transit will be applicable to all those articles as well, May be it is For India-China, US-Russia, US-North Korea, US-China. Gulf Countries , Syria , Qatar will be the worst affected . The alignment between the different Countries will be disturbed .

The Explosive effect on the Stock market cannot be ruled out and Economy may suffer 

The effects on Trump and N Modi in particular may be seen since Saturn Fallen is Transits over their Natal Moon in Scorpio and also Influences the Lagna and the 10th House in both cases.

US and China Compatability is not there due to the following Reasons 

  1. Lagna 6/8 axis , US has Leo the 8th house of the China Foundation chart and China has Capricorn Lagna the 6th house of US.
  2. Us Moon is in the Aquarius sign and China in the sign of Capricorn hence 2/12 axis 
  3. The Eclipses of the August are taking place in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna and close degrees of Moon and Fallen Saturn aspects the Lagna at the MEP for  US
  4. Eclipses in the 8th house of China and as explained above 

China will be facing the worst of the Natural Calamities since the Mars has now ingressed in the Debilitation sign and Havocs from  Tsunamis like situations as already predicted and Proving on dot . Read Below —–…/Major-flooding-in-Beijing-afte…
1.59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ? link…ne-1958-unfolded/
2.The Fear Of Tsunami Looming Over the Countries After Roman God Saturn Fallen…ld-fallen-saturn/
Read this Para Japan and Indonesia have been discussed already . Saturn is getting into this Stage after 59 years and bound to influence the Globe in Totality . For the Month of August and Sept. 2017 I will write another Article . Russia had Virgo Lagna and China has Capricorn Lagna , hence during this Period of Saturn Fallen may also bring Tragedies Natural and Unnatural ones .. All the Major Countries may be involved some way or the other it so seems , specially after Mars Joins its Debilitation sign on the 11th July 2017.
On Dot Predictions . ASTROLOGY is amazing

Major flooding in Beijing after the heaviest rainfall in 60 years.

Hence from the above we can come to the Conclusion that there can  be  possibilities of the World inching to the most Catastrophic condition in the coming Months for a short while from the 26th August to 26th Oct. 2017 strictly , but could linger on till Saturn crosses the Retrogression mark on the 2nd Dec. 2017. The Planetary combinations in the Early May 2019 are more explosive then the Present Ones , but never the Less Saturn Fallen , Rahu in Gandantha and Mars in Debilitation and affliction on the Nodes by Rahu and Ketu from the 11th July 2017 are Key parameters for inching towards Catastrophic conditions 

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