5th The Prime House In The Horoscope

Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of heavenly bodies .These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of a sky map called the Horoscope. At the time of birth of a native the planetary configurations in the transit are freezed, and the soul enters from the 5th house carrying a bag having  different compartments with sanchit karmas in the form of Dashas. The different Dasha which are dependent upon our previous karmas generate the heat to stimulate the different planets to give the results. The Transit planets add heat to the planets to be activated and stimulated. The study of the 5th house/lord therefore acquires a special dimension along with Garbshishta


Garbshishta Planets apart from Lagna, Lagna Lord,5th house, 10L, Yogkarka, the Garbshishta planets are the most important parameters in the chart. Any promise in our chart, anything which we are going to attain in our life, any disease which we are going to suffer, the span of life, achievement , the losses, etc. everything is decided by these 2 planets only. They therefore acquire a special dimension and are the seeds of our life.

  1. 1. Connection of these 2 planets MD and AD with the 6,8,12 Lords and Paap grahas or sandwitched between paap grahas or losing strength in the basic chart and Vargas, the native will have a very miserable and uneventful life. By this we do not mean that Rahu or Saturn or a Krur graha or Paap graha spell doom for the native. If these grahas own good houses and get associated with good planets or yogkarkas they attain immense strength, and life will therefore have prosperity and upward movement, though there could be initial hinderances .

5th house

The Atma enters the horoscope through the 5th house and a native takes birth when it reaches the Lagna , hence the 5th house  acquires a special dimension. It is the first Trikona of he Horoscope, 5th house has the first Place . It represents the Sanchita Poorva Punya that is accumulation of past life Karmas. It should be well fortified and it reflects the Bank Balance as far as our Karmas are concerned. Our Poorva Karmas effect our Present life in every respect, hence 5th house acquires a special dimension .The Number of Progeny one will get is also decided by this house and for this reason it is also called the Putra Bhava.

5th house also shows how far our Atma is advanced in the realm of spirituality, not only this, it can further reveal how far a person is capable of enhancing the spiritual stature in learning Mantras.

Intelligence: How Intelligent a person is and how sharp is the  grasping power

Pitru Bhava : Since the 5th house is the 9th from the 9th it is also the house of Forefathers. Malefic in this house shows Pitru Dosh.

Sacred Knowledge : Sacred Knowlwdge one can acquire in this Life, since the Trikona Sthan of the Triangular Point of the Triangle of Dharma

Inclination towards Studies : Since it the Home of Learning

Affliction to Mother : Since the 2nd house from the 4th house , which is the House of Mother , therefore causes affliction to mother. Any Malefic Influence to this house and Moon increases the affliction for mother.

Younger Brother Success and Associations : Being the 3rd and hence success through own efforts

Spirtual Commitments : The 5th house indicates the asta and belief one has towards one religion, The Influence of Malefics and Benefics will sway accordingly

Mantra Shakti and Siddhi : Evocation to God for invoking Higher powers and attain Siddhi

Sacred Journeys : Being the 9th house from the 9th house , which is also connected to pilgramages

Holy Dip : If the 5th house is associated with Watery sign  or a Planet  and at the same time associated with the 9th house , then the native is inclined towards Holy Dip

Devalaya Pratishta : Whether the Native will be able to Erect a Temple or instrumental in making a holy sanctuary

Devata Pratishta : Pious Person who would install a Idol in a Temple and Not the Temple as above

Speculation: Earning out of Speculation is seen from the 5th house

Padchuti : It is also the house of Padchuti and Dasha of afflicted 5th house 5th Lord and MCL of 5th Lord brings adversity in life and Profession, if well fortified then Success and Status rise and Fame. Education, Self respect all come from this house

Strength of the 5th house 

The following parameters are indicative of a well fortified 5th house/lord                                         

  1. 5th house should have maximum number of Ashtakvarga bindoos and strong in shadbala
  2. 5th lord should be well placed, not connected to 6/8/12 houses.
  3. 5th house should be occupied by benefics.5th house should be aspected by benefics.
  4. 5th house is the seed of success and failure in our life. The ultimate achievement depends upon the 5th house, 5th lord, Mid Cusp Lord of 5th house. This MCL of the 5th house should be connected to a yogkarka planet. In case 5th Lord is not a yogkarka planet , it should be connected to Lagna Lord, or the 5th Lord.                                                                                               

 5.MCL of 5th house connected to 3,6,8 or the 12th house or cojoined with enemy or lost in planetary war, then is becomes evident of the person having Poorva Punya Dosha.           

 6.Third house is also taken into consideration as benefics in the 3rd ,6th,8th and 12th house get set and are the negative signs for benefics.                                                                                     

7..If 5th Lord is Deblitated, 5th house has a Deblitated planet then weak and afflicted                                             

  1. 5th house is a dagdha rashi then afflicted
  2. 5th house has a avyogi planet then also afflicted 


The native will not have success or happiness and will strive in life if the 5th house is not strong  .For the purpose of Parihar for PoorvaPunya dosha one has to see the navamsha and see where the 5th Lord of the birth chart is placed, then the Lords diety is to be propitated. Rahu placement in the signs 3,5,6 and 8 not good for a female in the 5th house. These are aputrabhav and not considered pious for the family. 5th house is the shookshan of the 9th house being the 9th from the 9th, it signifies the PitruDosha, if it has any malefic influence. It means that the native had some way or the other performed an act, that was not good and and therefore , incurred the wrath of the forefathers. The magnitude of this can be analysed by the gravity of the bad influence on the house and the 5th lord.                          

The afflictions to the 5th house are as under.                                                                              

Affliction in respect to Sun—Pitru Dosha.

Affliction with respect to Rahu—Putra Dosha.                                                                              

Affliction in respect to Jupiter is Putra dosha and Deva Dosha.                                               

Affliction inrespect to Saturn—–Kuladevata Dosha.                                                                      

Venus afflicted will give one Matru or associated Goddess Dosha.


5th house an affliction as stated above, then the native has Poorva Janma Dosha. Dasha at birth and the connection of the 5th house 5th Lord connection to the Lagna ,Lagna Lord one can come to know if a native is immedaitely born after previous Janma death. If there is no connection, then the soul was wondering and is not an good indication in this Janma for Success and Tranquility.

Let us discuss a specific case for the above Parameters in the Chart Below . For Reasons best known I am not disclosing the Birth Details 

  1. Day Sunday Day Born Sun is strong , but an Avyogai Planet in the 9th house and Connected to Garbshishta
  2. Tithi KP-6 Moon is weak
  3. Nakshatra Jyestha Moon is In Gandantha, Debilitated and in Rahu-Ketu axis, Dispositor of the 5th house is Mars and Combusted, In Paap Kartari yoga and in Gandantha
  4. Yoga Variyan
  5. Karna Gar Lord is not connected to the 10th house for Good Fructifications in Life
  6. Since Day Born the benefics are strong

7.Garbshishta Dasha at birth Mer-Sat-Rahu  7 m 29 days (Less than one year is not good Dasha ) since Moon in Gandantha

  Remarks Saturn and Mercury in Miserable condition, But Saturn gets a relief as in Pushkar Navamsha and as Malefic in Sandhi

Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are neither connected to Lagna or the Lagna Lord Moon, hence the Native will not get any success and tranquility in life , though he may be born to very rich Parents , since the Connection of Mercury and Jupiter connection of Exchange as per Garbshishta.  This  Dainya Yoga  is malefic and not good , though this may be good for the Father when he is Born

The Native has Poorva Punya Dosh as per the Parameters explained above

  1. Moon Debilitated Planet in the 5th house
  2. 5th Lord in Paap Kartari yoga
  3. 5th Lord Conbusted
  4. 5th Lord in Gandantha

10th Lord Mars is not connected to the Dasha at Birth and 2/12 from all the 3 Dasha Lords , hence the Native will suffer in his Career in the Dasha of Mars  for 7 years , since Mars is also the 8th Lord and 5th House and this Lord Mars is afflicted , hence most Crucial dasha . The Most Powerful Planet for Cancer Lagna is  Mars being a Yoga Karka and not connected to dasha at birth and Afflicted badly shows that the Native is not Karmsheel and will suffer due to Poorva Janma Dosha in the Dasha of Mars  since all his efforts will go invain. 

Moon Dasha was  also not good since afflicting the 5th house but Placed well from the Dasha at Birth hence this Dasha was not Bad but Moon-Sun Dasha Gave him losses , since Sun and Saturn is a Bhandan Yoga  in the 9th house

8th house rising in D9 Such Natives even if Skating in life  till the Period of 42+- 3 years  Fall in life and  miserable events in life

Native Suffered huge Losses in the Dasha of Moon-Mars  and then Mars Total Dasha the native suffered huge losses and Buisness came to a standstill and had to Close the  Buisness .


5th House affliction and 10th house and Lord weak are the Sensitive areas in life

Rajyoga at Birth Jupiter and Mercury in Kendra from each other and Exchange, hence rise and Fall of the native after Fathers dealth

  1. Special points in the horoscope Dagdha Rashis or Zero rashis Aries and Leo 2nd and 10th house
  2. Yogi point in the 8th house 
  3. Yogi Graha Jupiter  
  4. Avyogi  Sun

Group of Planets yogi


Sun-Rahu-Mer This Group of Planets should be in Vipreet Rajyogas  and Debilitation of Mercury is Good

Ven-Mars-Sat Neutral Planets

One Group of Planets is Neutral and one Group of Planets Avyogi

Yogi Planets should be strong and Not Placed in Trik Bhavas, Avyogi to be Placed in Trik Bhavas to give Vipreet Rajyogas , Avyogi Debilitated good for Vipreet Rajyogas

Yogi Point should not be in the 7th and 8th house, since the highest point in the Horoscope


  1. Pushkar Navamsha Planets Ketu, Saturn and Mercury


  1. Shree Lagna Cancer and the Lord is Debilitated and Mercury the Dasha at Birth is 5th Pyartari Enemy not good Health, wealth and Prosperity in life


  1. Indu Lagna  Sagitarius and in the 6th house , wealth may not be retained by the native , More over Shatak Yoga 13. Pak Lagna.    Scorpio Afflicted badly

13. Dasha Sequence  Mer, Ketu,Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu

14. D9 Lagna Rising Aquarius the 8th house of the chart making the native unconventional Methods adopted in life and failure in life at the age of 42 +3 years and in the dasha of Mars

 64 N Gemini

22DK Libra

Sarp D3  Sun and Ketu  most malefic , Lagna Lord , Moon and Sun should not be in this State Suffering due to Sun Significations and Emotional Hurdles in life . Ketu is Disease Karka and in Sarp Dreshkanne it is not good for Health more over Mars is Placed in the 6th from Ketu

D3 Chart  Also Tells us about the Poorva Punaya PDosh

Has Debilitated Planet Mercury in the Lagna  along with Saturn , The native has Poorva Punya Dosha The Native will not be successful in life without the Guidance of a Good Guru or his Spouse if Virtous.

Dasha of Rahu is connected to Debilitated Moon and Dispositor in the 8th house  who is ill placed from the Garbshishta and Rahu is ill placed from the 10th house and the Lord Mars, hence total Closure of Buisness.

Hence from the above we can say that the Role of the 5th house is immense along with the Garbshista Planets and are the seeds of our Life .

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